Polycarboxylate High Performance Water Reducer

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Detailed Polycarboxylate High Performance Water Reducer Description:

Polycarboxylate high performance water reducer
Specification: Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent ; Type: water reducer ; Usage: Plastic Auxiliary Agents, Building mater. ; Appearance: Red liquid ; Soild content: 45% ; Water-reducing rate: 24-40% ;
Product is the base material carboxylic acid grafted polymer as the main body of water-soluble composite water-reducing agent. With super plasticizing, high and low, and the characteristics of GaoZengJiang contraction,can be employ different strength grade of concrete,Particularly suitable for preparation of flow pattern, high strength, high durability,and high performance of concrete, The product performance accords with the GB8076,JG/T233,JC473 high-class product standard. Meet technology base [2005] 101 technical requirements of Ministry of Railways.
Basic mechanical design feature:
    Efficient water, reduce water rate of 25 ~ 40%
    High flow, and high, restrain slump and the loss is small When the concrete slump.
    Distinctly effect on the sclerosing of concrete, 3d strength can improve 50 ~100%,7d and 28d strength can improve 30-50%, later strength can still Steady growth.
    The new mix concrete have good peaceability,and no segregation, no peneration, easily flow.
    No chloride, low alkali and non-corrosive to steel bars.
    Significantly improve the frost concrete, antiseep, carbonation resistance, and shrinkage index, which can prolong the service life of concrete.
    The product has good adaptability and adaptive multiple varieties of cement, especially suitable for mixing fly ash, fine ores and other admixture of flow pattern, high strength, high performance concrete.
    Product avirulent, harmless to health and the environment are safe.

Polycarboxylate High Performance Water Reducer
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  • Post date: Apr 15, 2011
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