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Detailed hydrogen peroxide Description:

Commodity:Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 Chemical Formula:H2O2 Appearance:Colorless liquid   Packing:In 30/35kg PP drum, 20MT/20 FCL Usage:Hydrogen Peroxide is used to bleach textile, bleaching paper and paper products, etc.Hydrogen Peroxide is also used for industrial waste treatment.   Specification: Items 35% 50% H2O2(m/m) 35% 50% Dissociate Acid (m/m)% 0.04 0.04 Un-volatile matter (m/m)% 0.08 0.08 Stability % 97.0 97.0 pH value Slightly acidic Slightly acidic

hydrogen peroxide
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of hydrogen peroxide in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Address: 8, The third avenue ,TEDA,TIANJIN,CHINA
Region: Tianjin, China
Contact Person: Lee
Telephone: 86-22-25631799

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