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Detailed Icariin Cas No.: 489-32-7 HPLC>98% Description:

Plant original : From the Dry leaves of Epimedium sagittatum Maxim

Chemical Properties
Chemical Formula :C33H40O15
Formula Weight: 676.6 g/mol
Cas No.: 489-32-7
Appearance: Yellow crystal powder
Chemical Family: Flavonoids

HPLC Detection:
C18( 4.6 ×250mm)
Mobilephase: Acetonitrile: water:(28:72)
wavelength: 270nm
Product Name Purity Size Stock Price(USD$)
Icariin HPLC> 98% 20mg In stock
Icariin HPLC>98% 1000mg In stock
Icariin HPLC>98% 1kg In stock

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  • Model: 489-32-7
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  • Post date: Nov 4, 2014
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Company: Shaanxi Huayu Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd
Address: No.2 Chencang Road,Baoji Shaanxi China
Region: baoji, China
Contact Person: Ting Wang
Telephone: 0917-3676029

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