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Para Chloro Phenol Cas No.: 106-48-9
Para Chloro Phenol CAS NO.: 106-48-9 Specification: CAS No.: 106-48-9 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Purity: 99.0%min ; Application: pharma and dyestuffs manufactureri. ; light yellow: crystal powder ; Para Chloro Phenol (PCP) CAS NO.: 106-48-9 high quality raw material for pharma and dyestuffs manufacturering Specification: purity: 99.0%min. Phenol: 0.2%max ortho chloro phenol: 0.1%max 2.4-dichloro phenol: 0.1%max 2.6-dichloro phenol: 0.1%max ...
Company: Hangzhou Hengyuan Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

1.2.4-1H-Triazole Specification: CAS No.: 288-88-0 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Pharmaceutical In. ; Purity: 99%,95% ; Certification: ISO9001 ; We Yancheng City Huaou Industry Ltd., Co is a famous chemical products manufacturer and exporter based in china, we also a ISO9001-2000 company, We have three chemical factories ,we manufacture more than 3000MT 1.2.4-1H-Triazole annually and enjoy high reputation for the product's quality, we have long term and good business relations with ...
Company: Yancheng City Huaou Industry Co., Ltd.    China

TDI Specification: CAS No.: 584-84-9 ; Other Names: TDI,Toluene Diisocyanate ; MF: C9H6N2O2 ; EINECS No.: 209-544-5 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99.8% ; Application: Manufacture of polyurethane foam p. ; Appearance: Colorless or pale yellow liquid ; 1.TDI,Toluene Diisocyanate 2.CAS NO.584-84-9 3.Packing:in 250kg drum, 20MT/20"FCL 4.Short delivery 5.Made in ChinaSpecificationsToluene Diisocyanate It is an aromatic isocyanate, a precursor to ...
Company: Shijiazhuang Arier Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Maleic Anhydride For Pbt
Maleic Anhydride for PBT Specification: CAS No.: 108-31-6 ; Other Names: MA ; MF: C4H2O3 ; EINECS No.: 203-571-6 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99.5% ; Application: mainly use for Polymer, Copolymers. ; Appearance: white briquettes/flakes ; Appearance: white briquettes/flakes ; Molecular weight: 98.058 ; Formula: C4H2O3 ; CAS: 108-31-6 ; EINECS NO: 203-571-6 ; Maleic Anhydride for PBT maleic anhydride Synonyms: MA, cis-Butenedioic anhydride, 2,5-furandione, ...
Company: Shijiazhuang Tilin Technology Co., Ltd.    China

High Quality Dimethyl Sulfoxide
High quality Dimethyl Sulfoxide Specification: CAS No.: 67-68-5 ; Other Names: DMSO ; MF: C2H6SO ; EINECS No.: 200-664-3 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99.9% ; Application: intermediate ; Appearance: Colorless transparent odorless liqu. ; Dimethyl Sulfoxide(DMSO) 1.Molecular Formula:C2H6SO Molecular Weight:78.13 Properties:Colorless transparent odorless liquid with little bitter,low toxic 2.Dimethyl Sulfoxide Purity(DMSO)% 99.90Min ...
Company: Panjin Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.    China

Aniline 2.5-disulfonic Acid Mono Sodium Salt/intermediates For Dyestuffs&,oba
Aniline 2.5-Disulfonic Acid Mono sodium salt/Intermediates for dyestuffs&amp,OBA Specification: CAS No.: 24605-36-5 ; Other Names: Aniline 2.5-Disulfonic Acid mono s. ; MF: C6H6NNaO6S2 ; EINECS No.: 246-349-4 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Purity: 90%, 95%, 98% ; Application: Intermediate of Dyestuff;Whitening. ; Appearance: White Powder ; Product Name: : Aniline 2 .5-Disulfonic Acid mon. ; Water insolubilities: : ≤0.1% ; Purity: : 99% min ; Prodcut name: Aniline 2.5-Disulfonic ...
Company: SJZ Chenghui Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Tert-butyl Chloroacetate,intermediates
Tert-butyl chloroacetate,intermediates Specification: CAS No.: 107-59-5 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Purity: 99% ; medicine intermediate: cas#107-59-5 ; Feature: 1)chemical name : tert-butyl chloroacetate. 2)CAS#107-59-5. 3)Color:colorless transparent liquid . 4)content(GC):>=99.0% Water:<=0.10. 5)acid number(Chloroacetic acid)<=0.10. 6usage:as a medicine ,pesticide, dye intermediate. If you are interested in our products , please do not hesitate to
Company: Zhejiang Huangyan Zhongxing Flavors & Fragrances Co., Ltd.    China

Purity Min99% Liquid Cyclohexene In Liquid Crystal,medicine,battery
purity min99% liquid Cyclohexene in liquid crystal,Medicine,Battery Specification: CAS No.: 110-83-8 ; Other Names: purity min99% liquid Cyclohexene ; MF: C6H10 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: min99% ; Application: pharmaceutical industry,as catalys. ; Appearance: Colorless or yellowish liquid ; Molecular Weigh: 82 ; 1. Product name Cyclohexene Molecular Formula: C6H10 Molecular Weight: 82 CAS NO. 110-83-8 Appearance: Colorless or ...
Company: Jinan Runquan Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Dimethyl Disulfide
Dimethyl Disulfide Specification: CAS No.: 624-92-0 ; Other Names: Dimethyldisulfane ; MF: C2H6S2 ; EINECS No.: 210-871-0 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99.5% ; Application: Versatile sulfur-containing organi. ; Appearance: Transparent liquid almost no color . ; Molecular Weight: : 94.2 ; Character: transparent liquid with specific gravity of 1.062 to 1.065. Items specification Appearance Transparent liquid content % ≥99.5% ...
Company: Taizhou Sunny Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Stearic Acid Rubber Grade
stearic acid rubber grade Specification: CAS No.: 57-11-4 ; Other Names: octadecanoic acid ; MF: CH3(CH2)16COOH ; EINECS No.: 200-313-4 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% ; Application: production of stearic acid salt,et. ; Appearance: Soft flakes ; Molecular Weight: 284.48: Color: white ; stearic acid rubber gradeMolecular Formula: CH3(CH2)16COOH Molecular Weight: 284.48 CAS No: 57-11-4 Specification: Index 200TriplePressed 400doublepressed ...
Company: Henan Premtec Enterprise Corporation    China

Bis Trichloro Methyl Carbonate
BIS TRICHLORO METHYL CARBONATE Specification: CAS No.: 32315-10-9 ; Other Names: TRIPHOSGENE ; MF: C3Cl6O3 ; EINECS No.: 250-986-3 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% MIN ; Application: Pesticide,Medicine,Polymer materia. ; Appearance: WHITE CRYSTAL ; Molecular Weight: 296.76 ; Melting Point: 79-81℃ ; BOILING POINT: 203-206℃ ; Density: 1.78g/cm3 ; Specifications: APPEARANCE:WHITE CRYSTAL ASSAY: 99% MIN. ODOR: IRRITATING ODOR BOILING ...
Company: Yangzhou Yangtai Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Silane Coupling Agent 151
Silane Coupling Agent 151 Specification: CAS No.: 78-08-0 ; Other Names: A-151 ; MF: mixture ; EINECS No.: n/a ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 95-99 ; Application: Excellent integral adhesion promot. ; Appearance: Colorless or yellowish transparent . ; Silane Coupling Agent 151, equivalent to USA A-151. Chemical Name: Vingyltriethoxysilane For more product details, we are warmly welcomed to receive your inquiry.
Company: Anhui Herrman Impex Co., Ltd.    China

M-hydroxybenzoic Acid
m-Hydroxybenzoic acid Specification: CAS No.: 99-06-9 ; Other Names: 3-Hydroxybenzoic acid ; MF: C7H6O3 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: ≥99% ; Appearance: white crystal powder ; m-Hydroxybenzoic acid Synonyms: 3-Hydroxybenzoic acid; CAS No.: 99-06-9 Apperance:White Crystal Powder Assay: >99% used in preparation of herbicide bactericide antiseptic and pharmaceutical production, and so on Our factory is the largest producer in China for it.
Company: Jiangxi Qilin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Butyl Acrylate
Butyl Acrylate Specification: CAS No.: 141-32-2 ; Other Names: n-butyl acrylate ; MF: C7H12O2 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: >99.5 ; This is suitable for manufacturing coating, spinning and weaving, papermaking, leather, domain and so on construction bond! Standard number ZBG 17011-87 chemical formula: CH2==CHCOOC4H9 Specification rank A project superior grade level The content is bigger than is equal to % 99.599.0 Chromaticity: Is smaller than is equal ...
Company: Beijing East Guangming Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

ASBI Specification: CAS No.: ASBI ; Other Names: Naphthol ; EINECS No.: ASBI ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Application: Synthetic organic pigments ; Naphthol: ASBI ; Pigment Intermediates: Naphthol AS-BI is mainly used for synthesis of ketone containing benzimidazole groups of red azo pigment, 99% product content can be directly used for the synthesis of organic pigments, has a very broad application prospects. Product name and structure 5 - [2 - hydroxy -3 - benzoyl amino] ...
Company: Liaoyang Dongwang Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

L Acid
L ACID Specification: CAS No.: 117-59-9 ; Other Names: L ACID ; MF: C10H8O4S ; EINECS No.: 204-199-7 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Purity: ≥40% ; Application: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Appearance: Grey paste ; FORMULA: C10H8O4S ; APPEARANCE: GREY POWDER ; 1-NAPHTHOL-5-SULFONIC ACID L-ACID CAS NO.117-59-9 M.F:C10H8O4S MW:224.23 APPEARANCE:GREY POWDER Purity:>40% Used for:Dyestuffs ONE LOT QUANTITY: 1000KGS Product Details: CAS No. ...
Company: Dalian Huacheng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

1,5,9,10-hexabromocyclododecane Specification: CAS No.: 3194-55-6 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Other ; Purity: bromine content 74% Min. ; Appearance: white crastalline powder ; 1,2,5,6,9,10-hexabromocyclododecane CAS NO.:3194-55-6 bromine content: 74%-75% usage: used as flammable inhibitor for EPS, polypropylene fibre and atyreneresin, adding agent of fiammable inhibitor for polyethylene, poly carbonate, unsatureated polyester and so on.
Company: Orchid Chemical Supplies Ltd.    China

Isophthaloyl Dichloride
Isophthaloyl dichloride Specification: CAS No.: 99-63-8 ; Other Names: Benzene-1,3-dicarbonyl chlorid ; MF: C8H4Cl2O2 ; EINECS No.: 202-774-7 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Application: organic synthesis ; Appearance: white crystal ; Isophthaloyl dichloride Synonyms: :Isophthaloyl chloride; 1,3-Benzenedicarbonyl chloride; ICI; 1,3-Benzenedicarbonyl dichloride; Assay :99.9%(GC) Appearance : white crystal Performance and Application: our company produces high-purity terephthaloyl ...
Company: Shanghai Yancui Import and Export Co., Ltd.    China

Schaeffer's Acid Sodium Salt
Schaeffer's Acid Sodium Salt Specification: CAS No.: 135-76-2 ; Other Names: Sodium 6-hydroxynaphthalene-2-sulf. ; MF: C10H7NaO4S ; EINECS No.: 205-218-1 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Purity: 99% ; Application: dyestuff intermediates ; Appearance: white crystal powder ; Appearance:white crystal powder Content:85%min Purity(HPLC):99%min 2-naphthol:<0.1% R+G Salt:<0.3%
Company: Shanghai Licheng Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

EDTA-Mn Specification: CAS No.: 15708-41-5 ; MF: EDTA. MnNa2 ; EINECS No.: 237-865-0 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 13% ; Appearance: crystalline powder ; Chemical name: EDTA. MnNa2 Chemical formula: EDTA. MnNa2 Molecular weight: 389.1 CAS No [15708-41-5] Synonyms: Physical properties: EDTA. MnNa2 is a Light Pink crystalline powder and soluble in water, zinc stay in chelated form. Applications: As a raw nutrition material, it can be used in agriculture ...
Company: Shanghai Redbrillian Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

3-Methoxy-1-propanol Specification: CAS No.: 1589-49-7;1320-67-8 ; Other Names: 3-Methoxy-1-propanol ; MF: C4H10O2 ; EINECS No.: 215-306-1 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Flavor & Fragranc. ; Purity: 99.5%min ; Application: organic intermediate ; Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid ; Product Name :3-Methoxy-1-propanol CAS :1589-49-7;1320-67-8 Appearance : Colorless transparent liquid Purity:99.0%min Water:0.5%max Application :Intermediate of Rabeprazole Chinese most ...
Company: Wuxi China ShipBuilding Material Co., Ltd.    China

4-Fluorotoluene Specification: CAS No.: 352-32-9 ; Other Names: p-Fluorotoluene ; MF: C7H7F ; EINECS No.: 206-520-6 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% ; Application: Pharmaceutical Intermediates ; Appearance: colorless clear liquid ; 4-Fluorotoluene CAS NO.:352-32-9 M.F:C7H7F M.W:110.13 Appearance:colorless clear liquid hazard symbols:F,Xn,Xi risk codes:11-20/21/22-36/37/38 safety description:7-16-36/37-37/39-26 hazard note:Flammable hazardclass:3
Company: Hangzhou ICH Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.    China

Piperazine Specification: CAS No.: 110-85-0 ; Other Names: 1,4-Diazacyclohexane ; MF: C4H10N2 ; EINECS No.: 203-808-3 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 98% ; Application: pharmaceutical intermediate ; Appearance: white powder ; Name Piperazine Synonyms 1,4-Diazacyclohexane Molecular Formula C4H10N2 Molecular Weight 86.13 CAS Registry Number 110-85-0 EINECS 203-808-3 Melting point 107-111 ºC Boiling point 146-148 ºC Flash point 65 ºC ...
Company: App-Chem Bio (Tech) Co., Ltd. (Xian)    China

2,3-pyrazindicarboxylic Acid
2,3-PYRAZINDICARBOXYLIC ACID Specification: CAS No.: 89-01-0 ; Other Names: 2,3-PYRAZINDICARBOXYLIC ACID ; MF: C6H4N2O4 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% ; Appearance: white crystalline powder ; Items Standard of Specification Result: Appearance white crystalline powder Pass Water ≤0.5% 0.20% Residue on Ignition ≤0.2% 0.10% Pruity ≥98.0% 99.18% Assay ≥98.0% 99.52% Melting ...
Company: Wuhan Fortuna Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Toluene Diisocyanate 99.8%
Toluene Diisocyanate 99.8% Specification: CAS No.: 584-84-9 ; Other Names: Toluene Diisocyanate, TDI ; MF: CH3C6H3(NCO)2 ; EINECS No.: 209-544-5 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99.8%min ; Application: prevent inhaling,vapor or skin con. ; Appearance: colorless or pale yellow liquid ; Item TDI 80/20 TDI 100 Purity%≥ 99.8% 99.8% Isomer Ration 80/20 100 Chloride%≤ 0.01 0.01 Acidity%≤ 0.004 0.005 ...
Company: Shijiazhuang Weini Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Coal-tar Fine Chemicals
Coal-tar fine chemicals Specification: CAS No.: 85-01-8 ; Other Names: Crude fluorine ; MF: C13H10 ; EINECS No.: 201-695-5 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 95% ; Appearance: white ; Coal-tar fine chemicals: fluorine, dibenzofuran. ; NINGBO NINGSHING INTERNATIONAL INC. is one of whole subsidiary companies of Ningbo Ningshing Holding Corporation headquartering in CBD, Ningbo. NINGSHING INTERNATIONAL is a group company mainly specializing in international trade. It ...
Company: Ningbo Ningshing International Inc.    China

Biscarbonate, Phosgene
Biscarbonate, phosgene Specification: CAS No.: 32315-10-9 ; Other Names: Triphosgene ; MF: C3Cl6O3 ; EINECS No.: 250-986-3 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: above 99.5% ; Appearance: white crystal ; color: white crystal ; MP.: 79-83℃ ; Molecular Weight: 296.75 ; Boiling Point: 203 - 206 deg C @ 760 mmHg ; It's a kind of Acyl chlorination reagent Moisture sensitive. Can decompose violently at elevated temperatures. Reacts with water. Heat sensitive high ...
Company: Changzhou Good-Job Biochemical Co., Ltd.    China

fipronil Specification: Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% ; colour: white ; Name: fipronil fipronil is a highly active, broad-spectrum insecticide from the phenyl pyrazole family. It can be used against major lepidoterous and orthopterous pests on a wide range of field and horticultural crops and against coleopterous larvae in soil. It is also employed for cockroach and ant control. Welcome to contact with us to establish business relations for our mutual ...
Company: Qingdao Dacon Trading Co., Ltd.    China

7-dehydrocholesterol Specification: CAS No.: 434-16-2 ; Other Names: Provitamin D3 ; MF: C27H44O ; EINECS No.: 207-100-5 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Syntheses Materia. ; Purity: >95%, 97% ; Application: Important intermediate for synthes. ; Appearance: white powder ; yellowish: yellow ; Specification: >95%, 97% Usage: Important intermediate for synthesis of Vitamin D3, additive for skin-care cosmestics to prevent from UV radiation and skin disease. Or lab-purpose ...
Company: Shandong Nebot Biotech Co., Ltd.    China

Ethylene Urea
ethylene urea Specification: CAS No.: 120-93-4 ; Other Names: 2-Imidazolidinone ; MF: C3H6N2O ; EINECS No.: 204-436-4 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Flavor & Fragranc. ; Purity: 99% ; Application: it is used as a starting material . ; Appearance: white acicular crystals ; color: white ; Ethylene Urea 1. Product code: CZKZ-004 2. 2-Imidazolidinone 3. CAS NO.:120-93-4 4. EINCS NO.:204-436-4 5. Molecular Formula: C3H6N2O 6. Molecular Weight: 86.09 7. Specifications: Appearance: white ...
Company: Cangzhou Kangzhuang Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

3-chloro--1 2-propanediol
3-Chloro--1 2-Propanediol Specification: Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Characters It is colorless liquid with certain odour, it can become yellow liquid with light green when stored certain while , its condensing temperature is -40°C,boiling point is 213°C(decomposed),specific density is 1.3204(20/4°C),refractive index is 1.4809. It can disolve in water, alcohol, ethyl ether acetone etc,lightly disolve in toluene’not disolve in benzene ...
Company: Weifang World Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

M-aniline Specification: CAS No.: 98-16-8 ; Other Names: 3-AMINOBENZOTRIFLUORIDE ; MF: C7H6F3N ; EINECS No.: 206-884-6 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% ; Application: Agrochemical Intermediates ; Appearance: colourless liquid ; type: colourless liquid ; M-(Trifluoromethyl)aniline Product Name: 3-AMINOBENZOTRIFLUORIDE Synonyms: 3-AMINO-A,A,A-TRIFLUOROTOLUENE;3-AMINO TRIFLUORO METHYL ...
Company: Yancheng Huan Yu Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

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