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Ceramic Random Packing:cascade Mini Ring For Absorb Tower
ceramic random packing:cascade mini ring for absorb tower Specification: Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Product description Cascade-mini ring has excellent acid resistance and heat resistance.It can resist to corrosion of various inorganic acids,organic acids and organic solvents except hyhrofluoric acid,and can be used in high or low temperature conditions. Consequently the application range is very wide.It can be used in chemical industry,metallurgy industry,coal ...
Company: Jiangxi HH Petrochemical Packing Manufacture    China

cis--1,3,6-THPA Specification: CAS No.: 935-79-5/85-43-8 ; Other Names: THPA ; MF: C8H8O3 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% ; Application: Coatings, epoxy resin curing agent. ; Appearance: white flakes ; Properties: Soluble in benzene and acetone ; Name: cis-1,2,3,6-Tetrahydrophthalic anhydride, Tetrahydrophthalic anhydride, cis-4-Cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboxylic anhydride, THPA. Product No: B1001 CAS No: 935-79-5 /85-43-8 Formula: C8H8O3 Formula Weight: 152.16 ...
Company: Puyang Huicheng Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Formaldehyde Specification: Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Flavor & Fragranc. ; Chemical formula: HCHO Weight: 30.03 Formaldehyde is a colorless, have a strong odor of gas stimulus type. Soluble in water, alcohol and ether. Formaldehyde is a gas at room temperature, usually in solution form. Formaldehyde can be absorbed through the respiratory tract, known as the 40% formalin solution, the solution boiling point is 19 °C, it is highly volatile at room temperature
Company: Anqing Fengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Salicin ,white Willow Bark Extract 10%-98%hplc Cas:138-52-3
Salicin ,white willow bark extract 10%-98%HPLC CAS:138-52-3 Specification: CAS No.: 138-52-3 ; Other Names: Salicin ; MF: C13H18O7 ; EINECS No.: 202-737 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Flavor & Fragranc. ; Purity: Salicin 15% 25% 98% Test By HPLC ; Application: Pharmaceutical Intermediates ; Appearance: white powder ; Purity: : Salicin 15% 25% 98% Test By HPLC ; Characteristics: white powder ; CAS: 138-52-3 ; Molucular weight: 286.29 ; Salicin safely be taken long-term at recommended ...
Company: Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Meta Cresol
Meta Cresol Specification: CAS No.: 108-39-4 ; Other Names: 3-Methyl Phenol ; EINECS No.: 203-39-4 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99 % + ; Application: antiseptics,Disinfectants ; Appearance: White to yellow liquid ; Meta Cresol White to Pale yellow liquid. Density :- 1.034 Assay: - 99% by G.C. P-Cresol :- 1.0% max Water 0.05 %max Boiling Point 200° C Packing 200 Kgs Drum Use :- Solvent for Dissolving Polymers Fiber & wood ...

H Acid
H acid Specification: CAS No.: 5460-09-3 ; Other Names: 1-amino-8-naphthol-3,6- ; MF: (C2H3Cl)n ; EINECS No.: CH10H8NaO7S2 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Purity: K-66-68 ; Application: dyestuff intermediate ; Appearance: White to gray powder ; H ACID [Performance] Grey powder, slightly dissolves in water, can dissolve in the sodium carbonate solution. Dilute the H-acid monosodium salt will present blue and red fluorescent light. Reacts with the nitrous acid will turn into the yellow ...
Company: Zhengzhou Flworld Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

O-chloroaniline Specification: CAS No.: 95-51-2 ; Other Names: CAS No.: 95-51-2 ; MF: C6H4ClNH2 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Flavor & Fragranc. ; Purity: 99.8% ; Application: Used as dyes intermediate ; Appearance: colourless oily liquid ; o-chloroaniline CAS No.:95-51-2 Structural formula:C6H4ClNH2 Molecular weight:127.57 Boiling Point: 209°C Melting Point: 2.3°C Appearance:colourless oily liquid Moisture:0.1%max Content: 99.8%min Package:250kg/plastic drum Use: ...
Company: Jiangyin City Sunping Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Tert-Butylbenzene Specification: CAS No.: 98-06-6 ; Other Names: 2-Methyl-2-phenylpropane,Trimethyl. ; MF: C6H5C(CH3)3 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% ; Application: Intermediate for organic synthesis. ; Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid ; Product Name: 1-Bromo-4-tert-butylbenzene Chemical Name: 1-Bromo-4-tert-butylbenzene Other Name: 4-tert-Butylbromobenzene; 4-Bromo-tert-Butylbenzene CAS No. 3972-65-4 Molecular Formula: C10H13Br ...
Company: Seebio Biotech Inc.    China

1-Acetamido-7-hydroxynaphthalene Specification: CAS No.: 6470-18-4 ; Other Names: 1-Acetamido-7-naphthol ; MF: C12H11NO2 ; EINECS No.: 229-293-5 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Pharmaceutical In. ; Purity: 95%min ; Application: Pharmaceutical and dyestuff interm. ; Appearance: grey powder ; Melting point: ≥190 degree ; Water: 0.3% max ; Insoluble matter(in NaOH solution): 0.1% max ; 1-Acetamido-7-hydroxynaphthalene, CAS: 6470-18-4, soluble in alcohol, ether, acetic acid, benzene. The ...
Company: Hangzhou Garden Corporation

2-Pyrrolidinone Specification: CAS No.: 616-45-5 ; MF: C4H7NO ; EINECS No.: 210-483-1 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Pharmaceutical In. ; Purity: 99% ; Application: pharmaceutical intermediates ; Appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid ; water soluble: miscible ; 2-Pyrrolidinone Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Assay(GC) ≥99.0% 99.5% Moisture ≤0.30% 0.15% Density(25) 1.097-1.117 1.113 The index of refraction 1.4830-1.4850 1.4842 ...
Company: Tianjin Tiankai Chemical Industries Import And Export Corporation    China

Dicyclohexyl Sulfide
Dicyclohexyl Sulfide Specification: CAS No.: 2550-40-5 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 98% ; Application: produce CTP ; purity: 95% ; Dicyclohxyldisulfide Molecular Formula: C12H22S2 Molecular weight:230 English name:Dicyclohxyldisulfide CAS No: 2550-40-5 Properties the material is pale yellow liquid with special smell.It is organic synthesis intermediate.The boil point is 280 ° C , the relative density is 1.019.It is mainly used in the production of ...
Company: Xinxiang Huarui Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

2-Chloro-2-methylpropane Specification: CAS No.: 507-20-0 ; Other Names: 2-Chloro-2-methylpropane ; MF: (CH3)CCl ; EINECS No.: 208-066-4 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% ; Application: intermediates ; Appearance: Liquid ; Molecular Fomula:(CH3)CCI Molecular Weight:92.57 CAS No:507-20-0 Appearance:colorless liquid Melting point:-26°C Boiling point:50-52°C Flash point:18°C Relative density:0.840 Purity:99%
Company: Nanjing Yeshun Industry & International Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Sodium Hydride
Sodium Hydride Specification: CAS No.: 7646-69-7 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Purity: 60% ; Sodium Hydride M.F. : NaH Mol.wt : 23.99 Specs. Items Standard Appearance Silver gray ointment Silver gray solid granule Silver gray powder Purity by weight % ≥50;≥60;≥80 Active hydrogen purity % ≥97 Application:Sodium Hydride is used in organic and inorganic fine chemical synthesis as a powerful base. It is used as condensation agent, ...
Company: Langfang BLD Trade Co.    China

Pyrazole 99.9% Cas:288-13-1 Intermediate Of Metazachlor
Pyrazole 99.9% cas:288-13-1 intermediate of Metazachlor Specification: CAS No.: 288-13-1 ; MF: C3H4N2 ; EINECS No.: 206-017-1 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99.9% ; Application: intermediate of pharmaceuticals, d. ; Appearance: white crystalline powder ; common name: Pyrazole; Appearance: white crystalline powder Content:99.9%; water content:0.5% Molecular formula: C3H4N2 Molecular weight: 68.08 CAS No. 288-13-1 EINECS NO:206-017-1 Melting point: 66-70°C ...
Company: Shanghai Linkoon Chemical Trading Co., Ltd.    China

2-Cyano-4-Nitroaniline Specification: CAS No.: 17420-30-3 ; Other Names: 5-Nitroanthranilonitrile ; MF: C7H5N3O2 ; EINECS No.: 241-446-8 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Purity: 98% ; Application: Intermediates ; Appearance: Yellow Powder ; 2-Cyano-4-Nitroaniline Molecular formula: C7H5O2N3 Molecular weight: 163.14 Physical and chemical properties: The appearance is yellow uniform powder. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in othanol, acetone, soluble in (DMF)N,N-Diethyl ...
Company: Qingdao Chengxinhong Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Nitromethane Specification: CAS No.: 75-52-5 ; Other Names: Nitrocarbol ; MF: CH3NO2 ; EINECS No.: 75-52-5 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Pharmaceutical In. ; Purity: 99%,99.5%,99.9% ; Boiling point 101.2: hardening point -29 ; Physical and chemical property:Colorless transparent liquid, water solvents with PH value less than 7, and its density of 1.14. Boiling point 101.2, hardening point -29, flash point 35, ignition temperature 415, soluble in water and ethanol. Usage:It can used as ...
Company: Zhanhua Binbo Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Edta Zinc Water Treatment 9%
EDTA zinc water treatment 9% Specification: CAS No.: - ; Other Names: ZN EDTA 9% ; MF: EDTA-Zn(NH4)2 ; EINECS No.: - ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: Zinc chelated: 9% ; Application: Agriculture,Gardening,Pharmaceutic. ; Appearance: colorless or light yellow and trans. ; Color: Colorless or Light Yellow and Transparen. ; Appearance: Liquid ; Product Name: EDTA-ZN-9 Formula: EDTA-Zn(NH4)2 Molecular Weight: 389 Application: In agriculture as micronutrient,and ...
Company: Sichuan Highlight Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

GBL Specification: CAS No.: 96-48-0 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% 98% ; Appearance: white liquid ; Butyrolactone (GBL) Cas No.: 96-48-0 Application: One kind of important fine chemicalintermediate, simultaneously also is one kind of performance fine highboiling point solvent, namely ideal antioxidant, plasticizer,extracting agent, absorbent, dispersing agent, solid stain, Coagulation Reagent.It has the boiling point high, dissolving power greatly ...
Company: Henan Puertai Animal Medicine Co., Ltd.    China

1546-78-7 Specification: CAS No.: 1546-78-7 ; Other Names: 6-TRIFLUOROMETHYL-4-PYRIMIDINOL ; MF: C5H3F3N2O ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% ; Application: As agrochemical intermediate and p. ; Appearance: white crystal ; Specification: 4-Hydroxy-6-(trifluoromethyl)pyrimidine Synonyms: 6-TRIFLUOROMETHYL-4-PYRIMIDINOL CAS: 1546-78-7 Purity: 99% MF: C5H3F3N2O MW: 164.09 EINECS: Product Categories: Pyrimidine series;Boronic Acid;Heterocyclic ...
Company: Stoller (Shanghai) Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.    China

L-theanine3081-61-6 Specification: CAS No.: 3081-61-6 ; Other Names: N-gamma-ethyl-L-glutamine ; MF: C7H14N2O3 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% min ; Application: improve sleep quality, Anti-anxiet. ; Appearance: white or almost white powder ; color: white ; website: About L-theanine: Name:L-theanine CAS:3081-61-6 Molecular:C7H14N2O3 Residue on ignition:≤0.2% Chloride:≤0.05% Loss on drying:≤0.5% Heavy metal(Pb): ...
Company: Jiangsu Agro Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.    China

J Acid Urea
J Acid Urea Specification: CAS No.: J Acid Urea ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Application: preparation Direct Orange S and Re. ; Appearance: dry off-white powder ; Appearance: dry gry-white powder, Content:80%min, Free Jacid:0.2%(HPLC) max, Insoluble solid:0.3%max, Chloride Value:5%max. Package: 25kgs PE/PP bag Used as azo medium. Mainly used for the preparation of Direct Orange S and Direct Acid-proof Bright Red 4BS.
Company: Weifang Graceland Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Dicyclohexylamine Specification: CAS No.: 101-83-7 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Purity: 99% MIN. ; Dicyclohexylamine is an organic intermediate used in the manufacture of dye intermediates, delayed rubber sulfuration-accelerating agents, nitrated fiber paints, insecticides catalysts, antiseptic agents, gas corrosive agent and additives for fuel oxidation resistance. We can also supply Cyclohexylamine packed in 175 kg net drums. Packing: 190kg net steel drum or 900kg net IBC.
Company: Nanjing Tichem Industry Co., Ltd.    China

tert-Pentanol Specification: CAS No.: 75-85-4 ; Other Names: 2-Butanol-2-Methyl ; MF: C5H12O ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; color: colorless ; tert-Pentanol Alias: tertiary amyl alcohol; tert-amyl alcohol , 2-Butanol-2-Methyl; Ethyl Dimethyl Carbinol; 3-Methylbutan-3-ol; Amylene Hydrate, 2-methyl-2-butanol, t-Amyl Alcohol, CAS No.:75-85-4 Formula: C5H12O Molecular Weight: 88.15 Appearance: colorless transparent liquid Spec.: 99.0%min Chrominance /( ...
Company: Zhenjiang Agrosinic Co., Ltd.    China

2-chloro-N--Acetamide Specification: CAS No.: 2832-19-1 ; Other Names: 2-chloro-n-hydroxymethylacetamide ; MF: C3H6NO2Cl ; EINECS No.: 220-598-9 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Pharmaceutical In. ; Purity: ≥99.5% ; Application: Pharmaceutical and dye intermediat. ; Appearance: white crystals ; SpecificationsN-Hydroxymethylchloroacetamide 1.CAS No.: 2832-19-1 2.Molecular formula:C3H6NO2Cl 3.Structural formula: Molecular Weight 123.54 Appearance white crystals Purity ...
Company: Shandong Shida Shenghua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.    China

SODIUMSACCHARINE Specification: CAS No.: 128-44-9 ; EINECS No.: 204-886-1 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99%MIN ; Specifications 99% Sodium Saccharin is a sweet taste agent.Its sweet degree is about 500 times sweeter than that of sugar 99% Sodium Saccharin (SDSC) Molecular Formula : C7H4O3NSNa.2H2O CAS : 128-44-9 Appearance: white crystal or powder Specifications: Items Index Appearance white crystal or powder Purity ≥99% ...
Company: Shijiazhuang Zhongshuo Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.    China

Isocyanuric Acid 98.5%
isocyanuric acid 98.5% Specification: CAS No.: 108-80-5 ; Other Names: CYA ; MF: C3H3N3O3 ; EINECS No.: 203-618-0 ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 98.5% ; Application: swimming pool chemical ; Appearance: white ; color: white: content: 98.5%min, 99%min ; Cyanuric acid (CYA CA ICA) 1,3,5-Triazine-2,4,6(1H,3H,5H)-trione Molecular formula:C3H3N3O3 Dosageform: White powder,granular Packing: Plastic woven bag: 25kg,1000kg(big bag) 20'FCL: 25kg woven bag ...
Company: Juancheng Ouya Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Xylenol 99%
Xylenol 99% Specification: Other Names: Xylenol ; MF: C8H10O ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Dyestuff Inte. ; Purity: 99% min ; Appearance: colorless transparent liquid ; colorless transparent: liquid ; It is mixture of 6 kinds xylenol isomer, can make all kinds chemical. It can be used directly to make phenolic resin, plasticizer, medicine, insulating varnish, antiseptic, insecticide, solvent, gasoline additive,lubricant, wetting agent and dyestuff, etc.
Company: Yantai Suny Chem International Co., Ltd.    China

Aninoguanidine Hicarbonate
Aninoguanidine hicarbonate Specification: CAS No.: 2582-30-1 ; Other Names: Aninoguanidine Hydrogen Carbonate ; MF: CH6N4 H2CO3 ; EINECS No.: 3569869 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Purity: 99% ; Application: DYESTUFF INTERMEDIATE ; Appearance: WHITE TO REDDISH CRYSTAL POWDER ; LOSS ON DRYING: 0.2% ; RESIDUE ON IGNITION: 0.09% ; Aninoguanidine hicarbonate is an importan dyestuff ,pesticide and medical intermediates. It is white to reddish crystal powder. The basic raw material is ...
Company: Chemstar Enterprises Co., Ltd.    China

p-Pheylenediamine Specification: CAS No.: 106-50-3 ; Other Names: 1,4-benzendiamine ; MF: C6H8N2 ; EINECS No.: 203-404-7 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates ; Purity: 99% ; Application: dyestuff intermediates ; Appearance: wihte crystal ; p-Phenylenediamine Basic information Product Name: p-Phenylenediamine Synonyms: 1,4-benzendiamine;1,4-Di-aminobenzol;4-phenylenediamine;Aminogen II;BASF Ursol D;basfursold;BASFUrsold,DS;benzene,1,4-diamino- CAS: 106-50-3 MF: C6H8N2 ...
Company: Jiangsu SOHO International Group Corporation    China

O-Chlorobenzonitrile Cas NO : 873-32-5 Purity : 99% Properties: Analogical White Needle Crystal Packing: 200kg/drum Usage: Mainly used for svnthesis of dye-intermediates, medicines and other fine chemicals. Emily Liu Cangzhou Goldlion Chemicals Co., Ltd
Company: Cangzhou Goldlion Chemicals Co.,Ltd    China

P-Chlorobenzonitrile Cas NO : 623-03-0 Purity : 99% Appearance: colorless transparant liquid or crystal Usage: Dyes intermediates Emily Liu/ Victor Lee Cangzhou Goldlion Chemicals Co., Ltd
Company: Cangzhou Goldlion Chemicals Co.,Ltd    China

Beta Naphthol
CAS No. 135-19-3 Other Names B-NAPHTHOL MF C10H3O EINECS No. 205-182-7 Place of Origin Hebei, China (Mainland) Type Other Purity 99.1% Brand Name Baoxiang grand Application intermediate for dyestuffs&pigments tobais acid, J acid and azo dyes.. Appearance Gray and white flake,dark yellow while storing colour Gray and white flake SPECIFICATION Item Excellent grade Measured Value appereance Gray and white flake,dark yellow while storing First melting ...
Company: Tangshan Baotie Coal & Chemical Co., Ltd.    china

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