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List extensive product information of Explosive (include Ammonium Nitrate, Firework, Firecracker), provided by Explosive manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Stage Fireworks and Fireworks
We offer you Fireworks, at the present to ready Tri Nitro Toluene at quantity 1000 MT. Also supply fountains with smokeless, various effects, shapes and height.
Product Group: Stage Firework
Company: Monkey Fireworks Manufacturer Co., Ltd.    China

Ammonium Nitrate
It is supply the ammnium nitrate porous prills. Which manufacturer in china this goods is produce by us.
Product Group: Ammonium Nitrate
Company: Raywell Explosive    Hongkong

Confetti Cannons
1) Uses compressed nitrogen in a steel gas cylinder as its launching power ; 2) A simple twist of the two parts of the confetti tube will trigger the switch inside and boost the confetti and streamers into the air at a height ranging from 10 feet to 80 feet ; 3) No pyrotechnic, nothing explosive ; 4) Designed for both indoor and outdoor celebrations ; 5) Easy to use ; 6) Safe to enjoy ; 7) Regarded as a new age of flameless fireworks
Company: Raywell Explosive    Hongkong

Stage Fireworks
We can make use of many occasions to display fireworks from china. Now The stage fireworks are very popular in many cities, we can use Musically Choreographed & Electronically Synchronized in the whole display show. We believe it will take you into an artistic paradise.
Product Group: Stage Firework
Company: Monkey Fireworks Manufacturer Co., Ltd.    China

China Non-voice Explosives For Rock
We are glad to introduce NON-VOICE EXPLOSIVES for rock. The goods is in high quality, used in China 3-Gorges engineering.

The most traditional of the fireworks, it is first used as somewhat to lustrate evils and diseases. It is also be looked upon a symbol of auspiciousness. We do strictly control the sound and the bursting rate of the every single cracker to meet the smoothness and sound requirements.
Product Group: Firecracker
Company: Monkey Fireworks Manufacturer Co., Ltd.    China

White Granulated Porous Ammonium Nitrate
Appearance: white granules ; assay in dry NH4NO3 min. 98,5% ; moisture acc. drying method max. 0,5% ; pH of 10% water solution min. 4,5 ; iron (FE) max. 0,04-0,06% ; organic porous agent max. 0,15% ; Mg(NO3)2 as MgO max. 0,4% ; oil/fuel absorbtion capacity min. 10,0% ; oil/fuel retention capacity min. 5,6% ; bulk density max. 0,76-0,84 g.cm3 ; static strength of the granules min. 0,4 kg/granule ; friability 100% ; granulometry: granules 1-3 mm min. 90,0% ; 3 mm max. 10,0%.
Product Group: Ammonium Nitrate

Fireworks Sparker
Sparkler from 4''-36''inches. Packed in bag or box. Thunder, golden, silver, blue, and colorfull effects.
Product Group: Firework
Company: Skysong Fireworks Manufacture Co., Ltd    China

Ammonium Nitrate
Ammonium Nitrate. Molecular Formula: NH4NO3. Molecular Weight:80.04. Crystallized prill: NH4NO3(NH4) >= 99.5 % . Moisture (Dissociative water) for crystallized prill = = 4.0 - 5.0 . Infusibility within 10% Nitric acid liquid = = 5 N/prill . Size for crystallized prill, 1.0-2.8 >= 85 %. Porous prill: NH4NO3(NH4) >= 99.5 % . Moisture (Dissociative water) for porous prill = = 4.0 . Infusibility within 10% Nitric acid liquid = = 90 % . oil absorptivity for porous prill, >=7 %, 8 % . ...
Product Group: Ammonium Nitrate

Display Shells, Fireworks
We are very professional in production of the Class B fireworks. We have one display shells' factory which can provide all most one thousands of effects. Also we can design the pattern as clients' meaning.
Product Group: Firework
Company: Skysong Fireworks Manufacture Co., Ltd    China

Fireworks, Firecrackers, Firework Mountain
We are Fireworks, Firecrackers, Firework Mountain, Display Shell, Mines & Shells manufacturer and exporter in china. Package: Standard Export Carton ; 12/1. Also supply Fireworks-Green Fuse: Different effects, different sizes, from 1.8-3.3mm diameter. No sparks or with sparks.
Product Group: Firework
Company: Monkey Fireworks Manufacturer Co., Ltd.    China

Mega Confetti Blaster
1) Mega CO2 confetti blaster 2) Continuous flow units can blast confetti and streamer 65-75 feet into the air (1 pound of confetti per second for approximately 40 seconds) 3) Wide range of confetti shapes and sizes can be used 4) Great for large venues: amphitheaters, stadiums, arenas, clubs, auditoriums, sound stages 5) Requires two 50lbs siphoned CO2 tanks 6) The tanks can be purchased or rented at your local area 7) Closed case dimensions (L x H x W): 25'' x 53'' ...
Company: Yongkang Joyful Craft & Gift Co., Ltd.    China

Match Crackers No.1
Match Crackers, it's popular with children and youngmen. We can produce them from K0201-K0202 from china.
Company: Yongkang Joyful Craft & Gift Co., Ltd.    China

Non Explosive Demolition Agent
Welcome to contact us one of the most strongest expansive mortar producer in China. Competitive price and the world first class quality. It is safe, easy to use, stable.
Company: Raywell Explosive    Hongkong

Confetti Cannon And Paper Streamer For All Celebration
We are very pleased to introduce you our latest patent safety-fireworks named confetti cannon, it is a new generation of environmental celebration goods which does not have powder, pollution and noise. This product utilizes compressed gas to power its launch. When you turn on the switch, the contents will be spurted to the sky 4-26 meters with thousands of colored flowers, strips, umbrellas and other lucky things floating in the sky, ensure the festival to utmost joyful atmosphere. It not ...
Company: Yongkang Joyful Craft & Gift Co., Ltd.    China

Sulphur Powder
Sulphur Powder Specification: CAS No.: 7704-34-9 ; Application: For production of fireworks, dye, . ; Molecular Formula: S Appearance: light yellow crispy crystal or powder, with special odour Applications:For production of dye, fireworks, pesticide, , rubber, rayon, medicine, fertilizer etc Packing; 40kgs/bag or paper box or in accordance with the client's requirement
Company: Greatwall Fireworks Co., Ltd.    China

Potassium Chlorate
Potassium Chlorate Specification: Commodity : Potassium Chlorate Our National Quality Standard : GB-752-94 Specification : [Appearance]: White Powder [ Content of Kclo3 ] : 99.5%Min [ Moisture ] : 0.05%Max [ Water Insoluble ] : 0.03%Max [ Chlorides ] : 0.02%Max [ Sulphates ] : 0.01%Max [ Bromates ] : 0.03%Max Ferrum( as Fe): 0.003% Max [ Sieve Residue-125um ] : 0.5%Max [ Usage ] : for the production of Safety Match .

Sodium Chlorate
Sodium Chlorate Specification: CAS No.: 7775-09-9 ; Application: paper chemical ; Molecular weight: 106.44 ; Commodity: Sodium Chlorate Molecular Formula: NaClO3 Molecular Weight: 106.44 Appearance: White crystal UN Hazardous Class 5.1 UN Pack Group II Specifitation: 1) Purity: 99.5% min 2) Moisture: 0.3% max 3) Water insolubles: 0.03% max 4) Chlorides: 0.15% max 5) Sulfates: 0.02% max 6) Chromates: 0.02% max 7) Iron: 0.03% max ...

Amomnium Nitrate
amomnium nitrate Specification: CAS No.: 6484-52-2 ; Other Names: amomnium nitrate ; MF: NH4NO3 ; EINECS No.: 229-347-8 ; Application: explosive ; white: powder ; Physical Form:PPAN Appearance:No visible impurities Dangerous Goods Class:5.1 Oxidize Agent
Company: Wuhan Kangzheng Science And Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Non Explosive Demolition Agent
non explosive demolition agent Specification: CHEMSHINE is an alternative to explosives and other dangerous materials. CHEMSHINE does not cause fly rock, noise, ground vibrations, gas, dust, or any other environmental pollution. As requirements for demolishing rock or reinforced concrete in construction increase, the use of explosives and explosive agents are becoming more restricted as far as safety and environmental pollution problems are concerned. CHEMSHINE is the solution. When ...
Company: Xiamen Chemelite Enterprises Co., Ltd.    China

Ammonium Nitrate
Ammonium Nitrate Specification: Ammonium Nitrate Molecular Formula of Ammonium Nitrate: NH4NO3 Molecular Weight: 80.04 CAS Number : 6484-52-2 EINECS : 229-347-8 Density : 1.725 Melting point : 169 Boiling point : 210 Water solubility : 190 g/100 mL (20) Number of dangerous goods transport: UN 1942/2426
Company: Shanghai MEG Import and Export Corporation    China

Magnalium Alloy Powder
Magnalium Alloy Powder Specification: CAS No.: 12604-68-1 ; Other Names: Mg-Al alloy powder ; MF: Mg4Al3 ; Application: fireworks materials ; appearance: gray powder ; Product Code: ZS-FM-C02 magnalium powder Physical Form: silver-gray powder Application: colorant (red) Purity: 97% min CAS No: 12604-68-1 Mesh Size: 180-200mesh
Company: Hunan Centre Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Sorbitan Monooleate
Sorbitan Monooleate Specification: CAS No.: 9005-65-6 ; Other Names: Sorbitan Monooleate ; MF: C64H124O26 ; EINECS No.: None ; Application: explosive agent&spinning ; pale brown: oily liquid ; Product name:Sorbitan Monooleate Other name:Span 80 Specification: No. Item Analysis result 1 Apperance Brown,Non Toxic,Non Solve water 2 Acid Value mgKOH/g 3.8 3 Hydroxyl mgKOH/g 217 4 Specification mgKOH/g 146 5 ...
Company: kunming jiaxinde chemicals corporation

Mortero Trueno Silbador Cake Fireworks
Mortero trueno silbador CAKE fireworks Specification: Application: celebration ; this kind of product can make loud voice and up to very high sky,this product is your right choose if you want to other's attention you or want you celebration wonderful. We have always been awarded as " Stick to contract and credibility " unit by liuayng City and Changsha City People's Govenment .In 2006, we are awareded as top ten enterprise of Top 100 china fireworks ...
Company: Liuyang Highlight Fireworks Co., Ltd    China

Anfo J.1 Dm
ANFO J.1 DM Specification: Anfo explosive packed in 25 kg bags. Explosive, Blasting, For mining, Type B. Very good performances. Special type of granulated explosive for pneumatic loading. Mining-Tehnical propreties: Density of explosive kg/dm3--0.90-0.95 Velosity of detonation m/s-2000-2500 Gas volume dm3/kg1045 Oxigen balance %-balanced Heat of explozion kj/kg-3872 Minimum booster cm-80 Min.diametar in use (f)-50
Company: Hunan Centre Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Promotion 1000pcs/lot 2m Display Igniters
Promotion 1000pcs/lot 2M display igniters Specification: Application: fireworks display ; orange: chemical ; stable: high power ; 2M: display ; pyrogen: ematch ; display igniters: for fast fuse ; Fireworks Display Igniters Technical Parameters: 1. 21°C(70°F)resistance: 1.3±0.15Ω — 1.7±0.15Ω 2. Fire current: 0.40A /0.37A 3. Safety current: 0.25A 5S/0.18A 5S 4. Testing current: 0.5MA Specifications: GW: 13 kg ...
Company: Liuyang Happiness Fireworks Co., Ltd.    China

Sodium Chlorate 99.5%
Sodium Chlorate 99.5% Specification: CAS No.: 7775-09-9 ; Other Names: Sodium Chlorate ; MF: NaClO3 ; EINECS No.: 231-887-4 ; Application: fireworks, explosive, match and dy. ; 1.NaClO3 2.Sodium Chlorate 3.99.5% . 4.Use as fireworks, explosive, match and paper and pulp processing and calico printing. Sodium Chlorate Formula: NaClO3 Appearance: White or yellowish crystal powder or particle. Specification: Item Superior class First class Qualified class Purity,% ...
Company: Hunan Centre Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Explosive Firecracker #1 Match Cracker
Explosive Firecracker #1 Match Cracker Specification: Recipient: Adult ; Application: Outdoor ; Technique: Handmade ; Power Source: Non Power ; Material: Fireworks ; Explosive Firecracker #1 Match Cracker PKG:24/20/6 CBM:0.03m3 G.W.:13kg With the most Variety All the Perfect Effects All the Excellent Quality All the Safely Controlled All conformed to International Standards All that you need we have C&L INT'L INDUSTRIAL is always active and creative in the fireworks industry ...

Explosive Additive Span80
explosive additive span80 Specification: MF: C24H44O6 ; color: transparency ; status: liquid ; 1. Snonyms:span-80 Sorbitan Monooleate Molecular formula: C24H44O6 Molecular weight:428.59 Characteristics:It is a kind of straw yellow mucilaginous oily liquid with the smell of fat,which dissolves in general organic solvent,but not a bit in water.It is an excellent emulsifier,which can work well with Emulsifier S-60,especially with Emulsifier T-80,and adjust the performance of emulsion.Its ...
Company: Changzhou Yinguang Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Low Molecular Weight Polyisobutylene
Low Molecular Weight Polyisobutylene Specification: CAS No.: 9003-29-6 ; Other Names: Polybutene ; MF: C4H8 ; Application: emulsion explosive emulsifier, lub. ; transparent no additional substances: nontoxic . ; density 0.92 15°C (g/cm3): freezing point -54 °. ; flash point of 248°C: heat capacity 1.95 kJ / . ; A good light fastness, heat: oxidation resista. ; Physical and Chemical Properties: This product is a kind of colorless or yellowish, transparent semisolid ...
Company: Shandong Hongrui Petrochemical Co., Ltd.    China

Aluminum Powder
aluminum powder Specification: CAS No.: 7429-90-5 ; Other Names: aluminum silver powder ; Application: for fireworks and other chemical i. ; purity: 92-99.9% ; Appearance: Silver-grey flaky aluminum powder ; Product Code: ZS-FM-C03 aluminum powder Physical Form: silver-gray powder Application: colorant (white) Purity: 97%min CAS No: 7249-90-5 Mesh Size: 320 mesh Appearance Silver-grey flaky aluminum powder Applications By special processing, giving strong metallic luster and for surface ...
Company: Hunan Centre Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Non-explosive Demolition Agent
Non-Explosive Demolition Agent Specification: CRACK.DEXPAN is a soundless and safe demolition agent which is quite different from ordinary demolition agents such as explosives and dangerous materials. It does not cause any fly rock, noise, ground vibration, gas, dust or any other environmental pollution when used properly. As requirements for demolishing rock and reinforced concrete in construction increase in tight quarters, the use of explosives and explosive agents is becoming more ...
Company: S.U.G Trading Co., Ltd.    China

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