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Detailed Propylene Glycol Description:

1) Molecular formula: C3H8O2 ; 2) Relative molecular mass: 76.09 ; 3) Description: a colorless liquid with steady viscosity and good water absorption, nearly odorless, inflammable and minutely toxic, can be mixed and solved with alcohol, water and various organic agents ; 4) Viscosity: 20°ree;C ; 5) Specific heat capacity: 20°ree;C ; 6) Latent heat of vaporization: 101.3kpa (respectively 60.5mpa.s) 2.49KJ/kg °ree;C and 711KJ/kg ; 7) Applications: raw material for preparing unsaturated polyester resin, plasticizer, surface active agent, emulsifying agent and demulsifying agent, can also be used as mould inhibitor, antiseptic for fruit, ice inhibitor and moisture preserving agent for tobacco.

Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Propylene Glycol in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Baoji Fufeng Bio-tech Co. Ltd
Address: 18/F, Jianguo Rd
Region: Baoji, Shannxi, China

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