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Detailed Silk Powder Description:

Common name: Silk powder
INCI name :Silk Powder (CAS NO. 9009-99-8)
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Solubility : Light Soluble in water
Particle size : Aver. 40µm / Aver. 10µm / Aver. 5µm / Aver.2 / Aver.350nm
Key Properties:
- Moisture modulating capability
- UV absorbing & Anti-bacterial effect
- Highly compatible with skin
- Stabilizes pigments
- Certain function of antianaphylaxis.
- Unique ability of keeping the oil, therefore, it is suitable for the cosmetics applied to the oily skin
Application : Colour cosmetic and skin care(Foundation, Lipstick )
Recommend dosage : 0.5% ~ 3%
Package: 1kg/poly bag;30kg/drum It should be kept in cold, dry & no direct light place for two year’s period of quality guarantee.

Silk Powder
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  • Post date: Sep 17, 2009
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Silk Powder in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Huzhou Xintiansi Bio-tech Co.,ltd.
Address: No.487 Tianheng Road,Chuangye Ave. Economic&development Zone
Region: Huzhou, China
Contact Person: Mr William Yan
Telephone: 0086-572-2127876

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