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List extensive product information of Food Colorants, provided by Food Colorant manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Ammonium Bicarbonate
Ammonium Bicarbonate Specification: CAS No.: 1066-33-7 ; Other Names: ammonium bicarbonate ; MF: C3H8N2O9Zn2 ; EINECS No.: 213-911-5 ; Type: Colorants, Flavoring Agents, Nutrition En. ; Apperance: : White crystalline powder ; Characteristic: White crystalline powder, specific gravity is 1.586,soluble in water. insoluble in alcohol and acetine. PRODUCT AMMONIUM BICARBONATE FOOD GRADE PRODUCTION DATE JUL 10, 2009 BATCH NUMBER 20090710 EXPIRY DATE JUL 10, 2011 BATCH ...
Company: Sure Chemical Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang    China

Benzoyl Peroxide
Benzoyl peroxide Specification: Type: Colorants ; Benzoyl peroxide purity 28%,32% for flour brightening, reliable quality, regular supply. Content:≥28% or ≥32% Moisture:≤5.0% Granulation ( 200 micron):≥90% pH value ( 10% water-solution):6.0~9.0 Heavy metal content:≤10ppm
Company: Wuxi General Corp. of Supply & Marketing    China

Product Name:pyridinium Bromide Perbromide
product name:Pyridinium bromide perbromide Specification: CAS No.: 39416-48-3 ; Other Names: Pyridinium bromide perbromide ; MF: C15H18Br3N3 ; EINECS No.: 254-446-8 ; Type: Colorants, Preservatives, Stabilizers ; 39416-48-3 Pyridinium bromide perbromide product Name Pyridinium bromide perbromide Synonyms Pyridine hydrobromide perbromide; Pyridinium tribromide; Pyridine Hydrobomide Perbromide; Pyridinium Hydrobromide Perbromide; pyridine, bromide, hydrogen salt (1:3) Molecular ...
Company: Sinosource Import & Export Corp.    China

Red Food Coloring
Red food coloring Specification: Type: Colorants, Other ; form: liquid ; Red food coloring 7SKY food coloring are incorporated in food preparations like food stuffs, ice creams, dairy products, soft drinks, beverages, confectionery, medicines, restaurants, bakeries,etc. It comes in consumer pack of 28ml for households, parties,etc available pack size: 12 x 12 x 28ml clear glass bottle. available colors: Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Chocolate brown, Green, Blue, etc.

Paprika Oleoresin Oil Soluble
Paprika Oleoresin Oil Soluble Specification: Type: Colorants, Flavoring Agents, Nutrition En. ; Paprika oleoresin 1. Appearance: Dark Red viscous liquid 2. Color value: 40, 000-200, 000 c. U. Application: Mainly used in foods like instant-noodles, biscuits, baked foods, canned-foods, desserts and chili sauced meat and sea products, cosmetics and high-grade animal feeds. Characteristic: Soluble in organic solvents like oils, ethanol, acetic acid and acetone. Insoluble in water; Stable ...
Company: Anhui Ruisen Biological Technology Co., Ltd.    China

D-aspartic Acid
D-Aspartic Acid Specification: CAS No.: 1783-96-6 ; Other Names: D-Aspartic Acid ; MF: C4H7NO4 ; EINECS No.: 56EV2 ; FEMA No.: E5G67 ; Type: Acidity Regulators, Colorants, Nutrition . ; Optical rotation: -24.22 ; D-Aspartic Acid BP/USP D-aspartic acid is formed when the enzyme aspartate racemase converts L-aspartic acid into D-aspartic acid in the testes and other glands within the body. D-aspartic acid plays a vital role in the manufacturing of sperm cells and sex hormone production. Human ...
Company: Sino Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Chromium Picolinate
chromium picolinate Specification: CAS No.: 14639-25-9 ; Other Names: Chromium picolinate ; MF: Cr(C6H4NO2)3 ; EINECS No.: no ; Type: Acidity Regulators, Antioxidants, Coloran. ; color: Violet-red powder ; Grade Standard: Food Grade, Medicine Grade ; Purity: 98% ; Efficacy: Promote Healthy & Growth ; Function: Immune & Anti-Fatigue ; Chromium Picolinate We specialized in manufacture of DL-Chromium Methionine. Excellent quality, service and competitive price. Chromium ...
Company: Xian Yuensun Biological Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Supply High Quality Sodium Metabisulfite 7681-57-4
supply high quality Sodium Metabisulfite 7681-57-4 Specification: CAS No.: 7681-57-4 ; Other Names: sodium pyrosulfite/sodium metabisu. ; MF: Na2S2O5 ; EINECS No.: 231-673-0 ; FEMA No.: --- ; Type: Acidity Regulators, Antioxidants, Chewing. ; Color: White ; Product name: sodium metabisulfite; sodium pyrosulfite/sodium metabisulphite CAS NO.:7681-57-4 MF: Na2S2O5 Packing: in 25kg/1000kg poly woven bag lined with plastic film, 25MT/20'FCL Specification: Item Specification ...
Company: Tianjin Lifengying Trading Co., Ltd.    China

2-hydroxypropanoic Acid
2-hydroxypropanoic acid Specification: CAS No.: 79-33-4 ; Other Names: Lactic acid ; MF: C3H6O3 ; EINECS No.: 20-196-2 ; FEMA No.: 2661 ; Type: Colorants, Emulsifiers, Flavoring Agents,. ; solubility: soluble in water ; 1.CAS No. 79-33-4 2.FEMA No.2661 3..solubile in water 4.sklton symbol CH3CH(OH)COOH appreance liquid color colorless light( or pale) yellow light brown BOILING POINT (°C) ~125 RELATIVE DENSITY 1.19 - 1.25 VISCOSITY 5 - 60 mPas 25 SOLUTION <2 Stable under ...
Company: Wuhan Kangzheng Science And Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Sodium Erythorbate
Sodium Erythorbate Specification: CAS No.: 6381-77-7 ; Type: Antioxidants, Colorants, Preservatives ; Specifications: Appearance: white odorless, crystalline powder or granules Specific rotation: +95.5 - +98.0º pH value: 5.5 - 8.0 Assay(on dried basis): 98.0 - 100.5% Heavy metals: 10ppm max. Lead: 5ppm max. Arsenic : 3ppm max.
Company: EGC RELIANT INC    United States

Sodium Metabisulphite, Sodium Metabisulfite
sodium metabisulphite, sodium metabisulfite Specification: CAS No.: 7631-90-5 ; Other Names: sodium pyrosulfite ; MF: NaHSO3 ; EINECS No.: 231-673-0 ; Type: Acidity Regulators, Antioxidants, Coloran. ; Color: white powder ; (1)Molecular formula: Na2S2O5 (2) Physical appearance: white powder (3)Purity(Na2S2O5): 96% min food grade (4)Content of SO2: 65% (5)Main use: Dyeing mordant; antichlor fabric after bleaching; food preservativesreducing agent and sulfonating agent in chemical, medicine ...
Company: Tianjin Tiankai Chemical Industries Import And Export Corporation    China

Aluminium Potassium Sulphate
aluminium potassium sulphate Specification: CAS No.: 7784-24-9 ; Other Names: Potassium alum ; MF: KAl(SO4)2 ; EINECS No.: 233-141-3 ; FEMA No.: not available ; Type: Colorants, Preservatives ; color: white ; Molecular formula: K2SO4 • Al2(SO4)3 Second name: burnt alum Chemical name: aluminium potassium sulphate Food for production licence: (98 Z.X.Z.zi. NO.45) International advanced level in 2000 Summary: Dehydrating potassium alum(alias dry alum) is a kind of rawmaterial of ...
Company: Shanghai Richem International Co., Ltd.    China

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Specification: CAS No.: 7758-16-9 ; Other Names: SAPP ; MF: Na2H2P2O7 ; Type: Acidity Regulators, Colorants, Flavoring . ; Purity: 95.0 ; appearance: monoclinic white crystalline powder ; Usage: Used as rapid ferment agent, quality improver in food industry. Applied to acid component of synthetic swelling agent, such as, bread, cake. Builted with other phosphates can be applied to water retention of meat product, such as canned meat, cooked ham, meat can and instant ...
Company: Lianyungang Dongtai Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.    China

Lipase Specification: CAS No.: 9001-62-1 ; Other Names: Lipase ; EINECS No.: 232-619-9 ; Type: Colorants, Emulsifiers, Enzyme Preparatio. ; Activity: 10000-30000 u/g ; Biological body fat is always with starch, cellulose, xylan, beta glucan, protein, pectin DuoZhong complex molecules such as polymer symbiosis, used alone lipase although also can play the role of hydrolysis, but the fat effect is with other relevant enzymes lipase composite use clear, use cost is not economic. The ...
Company: Imperial Jade Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Calcium Sulfate Chemical Additive A-1
calcium sulfate chemical additive A-1 Specification: CAS No.: 10101-41-4 ; Other Names: plaster ; MF: CaSO4 ; EINECS No.: 10101-41-4 ; Type: Colorants, Flavoring Agents, Stabilizers,. ; COLOR: WHITE ; % CaSO4 99.0 CaCO3.MgCO3 0.3 CaCO3 0.2 Free Moisture at 45°C 0.1 Combined Moisture at 225°C 0.3
Company: Hebei Xingtai Shuanghua Gypsum Products Co., Ltd.    China

Potassium Sorbate
Potassium Sorbate Specification: CAS No.: 24634-61-5 ; MF: C6H7KO2 ; Type: Colorants, Preservatives ; Potassium Sorbate FCCIV/BP93/USP23 China Formula: C6H7KO2 Mol. Wt: 150.22 Description: White, regular granular. Solubility: Very soluble in water; slightly soluble in ethanol. Functional use: Preservative. Packing and storage: 25kg net in cardboard box with inner PE bag. Protected from light. Analysis: Assay (on dry matter) ...
Company: China Chem Source (HK) Co., Ltd. Dalian Office    China

Sodium Pyrophosphate
Sodium Pyrophosphate Specification: Type: Colorants, Flavoring Agents, Stabilizers ; Standard:HG 2923-1999 Characteristics standard Analysis result Content(Na4P2O7) 96.5% min 98% min Water Insoluble 0.2% max 0.02% max Ortho Phosphates pass test past test Arsenic 0.0003% max 0.0002% max Heavy metal as Pb 0.001% max 0.001% max Fluoride as F 0.005% max 0.002% max PH value 9.9-10.7 9.9-10.7 ...
Company: Nanning Stull Co., Ltd.    China

Dl-malic Acid
DL-Malic Acid Specification: CAS No.: 617-48-1 ; MF: C4H6O5 ; Type: Colorants, Preservatives, Stabilizers ; DL-Malic Acid Specifications Appearance: White crystal or crystal powder Assay: 99.9% min Specific Rotation[α]25/D: −0.10— +0.10 Insoluble in Water: 0.1% max Residue on Ignition: 0.1% max Heavy Metals(as Pb): 10mg/kg max Arsenic(as As): 2mg/kg max Fumaric Acid: 1.0% max Maleic Acid: 0.05% max
Company: NeoSources Inc.    China

Sodium Hexametaphosphate
Sodium hexametaphosphate Specification: CAS No.: 10124-56-8 ; MF: (NaPO3)6 ; EINECS No.: 233-343-1 ; Type: Colorants, Flavoring Agents, Stabilizers ; Molecular formula: (NaPO3)6 ; Molecular weight: 611.77 ; CAS No.: 10124-56-8 ; H.S CODE: 28353911 ; EINECS No.: 233-343-1 ; Appearance: White, odorless, crystalline powder ; Density: 2.484 g/cm3 ; Melting point: 550 °C ; It can be used as quality improvement agent of can, fruit, milk product, etc. It can be used as PH regulator, metal ...
Company: Hefei Longcan Chemistry Co., Ltd.    China

Creatine Ethyl Ester Hydrochloride
creatine ethyl ester hydrochloride Specification: CAS No.: 15366-32-2 ; Other Names: creatine ethyl ester hydrochloride ; Type: Colorants, Nutrition Enhancers ; creatine ethyl ester hydrochloride(CEE) Product: Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL Appearance: White powder Assay >95.00% Loss on Drying: 1.0%max Heavy Metal(as Pb) <10ppm As <1ppm Usage: Nutrition or Food Additive Update Date:29/10/2010 2:43:17
Company: Shanghai Waseta Int'l Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Astaxanthin,organic Products
astaxanthin,organic products Specification: CAS No.: 472-61-7 ; MF: C40H52O4 ; Type: Antioxidants, Colorants, Nutrition Enhanc. ; dark red: powder ; astaxanthin CAS No: 472-61-7 Molecular weight: C40H52O4 Molecular weight :596.85 Appearance:dark red powder Specification:1.0%,1.5%,2.0% and 4.0% How to get? It is from haematococcus pluvialis
Company: Xian Feida Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.    China

Chicken Seasoning
chicken seasoning Specification: CAS No.: chicken seasoning ; Other Names: chicken seasoning ; Type: Colorants, Emulsifiers, Flavoring Agents,. ; white or light yellow powder: white or light ye. ; chicken seasoning Instant noodles seasoning Nitrogen supplements (food grade) PROTEIN VEGETABLE HYDROLIZATED POWDER FOOD GRADE The raw material is soybean protein, divided protein into 18 kinds of amino acids and some small peptides, and then after deodorization, decolorization, ...
Company: Chengdu Chelation Biotechnology Co., Ltd.    China

EDTA Specification: CAS No.: 60-00-4 ; Other Names: Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid ; MF: C10H16N2O8 ; Type: Colorants, Other ; Description: Full Name: Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid Molecular Formular: C10H16N2O8 Appearance: White crystal powder CAS NO.: 60-00-4 Specifications: Items Specifications Purity ≥ 99.0% Residue on ignition ≤ 0.30% Chloride (Cl) ≤ 0.10% Sulfate(SO4 - ) ≤ 0.10% Fe ≤ 0.001% PH Value 2.8-3.0 ...
Company: Zhengzhou Sigma Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate
sodium acid pyrophosphate Specification: CAS No.: 7758-16-9 ; Other Names: SAPP ; MF: Na2O7P2 ; EINECS No.: 231-835-0 ; FEMA No.: 756 ; Type: Colorants ; sodium acid pyrophosphate Usage:Used as rapid ferment agent, quality improver in food industry. Applied to acid component of synthetic swelling agent... Specifications: SAPP Appearance White Powder Disodium Dihydrogen Pyrophosphate %(w/w) min. 95.0 Water Insoluble %(w/w) max. 1.0 Arsenic (As) mg/kg max. 3 Heavy Metal (as Pb) mg/kg max. 15 ...
Company: Lianyungang Mupro Fi Plant    China

Msm/dimethyl Sulfone
MSM/Dimethyl Sulfone Specification: CAS No.: 67-71-0 ; Other Names: dimethyl sulfone ; MF: C2H6O2S ; EINECS No.: 200-665-9 ; Type: Colorants, Emulsifiers, Flavoring Agents,. ; white crystalline: a little bitter ; melting point @ 760mm Hg: 108+/-1: Feed Grade,Fo. ; Name: methyl sulfony thane /MSM CAS NO:67-71-0 ENS NO: 200-665-9 MF: C2H6O2S MW: 94.1328 Specification: 1 Feed Grade, Food Grade, industrial Grade 2 Purity :99 min 3 White crystalline, odorless 4 Certification : GMP,ISO ...
Company: Zhuzhou Xiangqi Minerals Processing Technology Development Co., Ltd.    China

Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate Specification: CAS No.: 7722-88-5 ; MF: Na4P2O7 ; Type: Acidity Regulators, Antioxidants, Chewing. ; Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate TETROSODIUM PYROPHOSPHATE FOOD GRADE CHEMICAL NAME:TETROSODIUM PYROPHOSPHATE CHEMICAL FORMULA: Na4P2O7 PROPERTIES: White powder , easily soluble in water, density at 2.45, melting point at 890, SPECIFICATIONS: Item Food grade Main content(Na4P2O7),% 96.5-100.5 Orthophosphate content ,% Pass PH(1%) 9.9--10.7 ...
Company: Shanghai Merry Yang Enterprise Co., Ltd.    China

Red Kojic Rice Powder
red kojic rice powder Specification: Other Names: red rice powder ; MF: C24H36O5 ; Type: Colorants ; color: red ; color value: 800-3000 ; form: powder ; Red kojic rice powder is a kind of natural food additive made through solid fermenting. Now it is widely used in meat products like sausage and ham, fermented bean curd, wine making, cakes, medicine and cosmetics etc. It can obtain ideal result due to its features of good coloring, bright and lustrous color and it is not easy to become ...
Company: Hangzhou Twin-Horse Bioengineering Co., Ltd.    China

Sodium Saccharin
Sodium saccharin Specification: CAS No.: 128-44-9 ; MF: C7H4NO3S ; EINECS No.: 204-886-1 ; Type: Acidity Regulators, Antioxidants, Chewing. ; Powder: colorness ; Product:Sodium Saccharine Packing: 25kg/bag or carton,20mt/20”Fcl Payment:L/C,TT Delivery:Prompt,within 15days after payment Quality: Assay 99%~101%,Comply with USP32/BP2010/EP32 Specification: Ammonium salt <0.0025% As <0.0002% Metal <0.0010% Moisture <15% Granularity ...
Company: Jiaxing Suns Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Paprika Red Coloring
Paprika Red coloring Specification: CAS No.: 10002 ; Type: Colorants ; Red color: edible pigment ; Purity: 100% ; Properties: No pungent taste, bright tinct, stable, heat resistant, light of variation of PH value, strong coloring of grease products. The product is refined with repeatedly deodorizing so that it can be added to foods with no foreigh taste. Application: Coloring of seasoning, cream product, meat, seafood, surface coloring of biscuit, as well as feedstuff and cosmetics. ...
Company: Aafud Import and Export (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.    China

Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade 99%
sodium bicarbonate food grade 99% Specification: CAS No.: 144-55-8 ; Other Names: baking soda ; MF: NaHCO3 ; EINECS No.: 205-633-8 ; Type: Colorants, Flavoring Agents ; appearance: white powder ; 1.Product name:Sodium Bicarbonate 2.Purity:99%min 3.Origin:China(mainland) 4.Appearance:white powder 5.Packing:25kg/bag,50kg/bag.100kg/bag 6.Delievery time:15days-20days 7.Price:FOB Huangpu 285$ 8.CAS:144-55-8 9.EINECS:205-633-8 Use:It is mainly used in ...
Company: Hengnan Shenglong Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Tricreatine Citrate
Tricreatine Citrate Specification: CAS No.: none ; Other Names: Tricreatine Citrate ; MF: (C4H9N3O2)3.C4H6O5 ; EINECS No.: none ; FEMA No.: none ; Type: Acidity Regulators, Antioxidants, Coloran. ; appearance: White crystal or crystalline powder ; Assay: 99.0%min ; Loss on Drying: 1.0%max ; Chemical Formula (C4H9N3O2)3·C4H6O5 Molecular Weight 527.48 Appearance White crystal or crystalline powder Assay ≥99.0% Loss on Drying ≤1% ...
Company: AHS Enterprise Co., Ltd.    China

Astaxanthin Specification: CAS No.: 472-61-7 ; Other Names: 3,3'-Dihydroxy-beta,beta-carotene-. ; MF: C40H52O4 ; EINECS No.: NA ; FEMA No.: NA ; Type: Antioxidants, Colorants, Flavoring Agents. ; Purity: 99% ; Medical Use: Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that it is 10 times more capable than other carotenoids, so it is beneficial in cardiovascular, immune, inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. It also crosses the blood-brain barrier, which makes it available to the eye, ...
Company: Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd.    China

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