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Edible Skin Gelatin
Edible Skin Gelatin Specification: CAS No.: 9000-70-8 ; Other Names: gelatine ; Type: Flavoring Agents, Nutrition Enhancers, St. ; Certification: : ISO9001: 2000, HACCP ; Primary Ingredient: Protein ; Form: : Powder or Grain ; Color: : Light Yellow or Yellow ; Smell: : Odorless ; Purity: : 100% ; Shelf Life: : 3 years ; Edible Skin Gelatin: The versatility of gelatin in the food industry makes it an ideal choice for confectionery, dairy, desserts, bakery, cereal, and meat products. In ...
Company: Luohe Wulong Gelatin Co., Ltd.    China

MSM Specification: CAS No.: 67-71-0 ; Other Names: Dimethyl Sulfone ; MF: C2H6O2S ; EINECS No.: 200-665-9 ; FEMA No.: unkonwn ; Type: Antioxidants, Flavoring Agents, Nutrition. ; white color,powder,bitter,odorless: white cryst. ; melting point@760mmHg: 108+/-1: boiling point @ . ; Human Suppliment: Food Grade ,Feed Grade ; Name: MSM CAS NO: 67-71-0 ENS NO: 200-665-9 MF: C2H6O2S MW: 94.1328 Grade: Food Grade,Feed Grade,Industrial Grade Application: Material of organic synthesis,food ...
Company: Zhuzhou Xiangqi Minerals Processing Technology Development Co., Ltd.    China

Sucralose Specification: CAS No.: 56038-13-2 ; Other Names: Sucralose ; MF: C12H19O8Cl3 ; EINECS No.: 259-952-2 ; FEMA No.: 3237 ; Type: Sweeteners ; Color: White ; Product Name : Sucralose Chemical Name :1',6'–Dichloro-1',6'–dideoxy-β–D-fructofuranosyl–4–chloro–4–deoxy–α–D–galactopyranoside Synonyms : TGS;4,1',6'– ...

Fumaric Acid
Fumaric acid Specification: CAS No.: 110-17-8 ; Other Names: trans-2-Butenedioic acid ; MF: C4H4O4 ; EINECS No.: 203-743-0 ; FEMA No.: 116.07 ; Type: Sweeteners ; White: Powder ; Fumaric Acid Molecular Formula: C4H4O4 CAS No.: 110-17-8 Packed in 25KG/PP BAG Application: 1, tech grade is mainly used to produce unsaturated polyester resin, synthetic resin. 2, food grade is widely used in as asparaginic acid, sweetening agent, malic acid, tartaric acid, food additives etc. Specification: ...
Company: Henan Tianfu Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Acesulfame-k/cas No.:55589-62-3
Acesulfame-K/CAS No.:55589-62-3 Specification: CAS No.: 55589-62-3 ; Other Names: acesulfame potassium ; MF: C4H4SKNO4 ; EINECS No.: ********** ; FEMA No.: ********** ; Type: Sweeteners ; CAS NO: 55589-62-3 ; Molecular Formula: C4H4SKNO4 ; Molecular Weight: 201.24 ; standard: FCCV, BP, EP, FAO/WHO JECFA96 ; Purity: 99.8% ; Acesulfame-K CAS NO.: 55589-62-3 Molecular Formula: C4H4SKNO4 Molecular Weight: 201.24Byname: Acesulfame PotassiumAppearance: White, odorless, freely flowing ...
Company: Yurui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd.    Hong Kong

Acesulfame Potassium
Acesulfame Potassium Specification: CAS No.: 55589-62-3 ; Other Names: Acesulfame Potassium ; MF: Acesulfame Potassium ; EINECS No.: no ; FEMA No.: no ; Type: Sweeteners ; color: white crystal powder ; purity: 99% ; Purity: 99% ; name:Acesulfame Potassium color: white crystal powder purity:99% cas:55589-62-3 functions and usage: Calorie Control Council reports that people around the world are to eat delicious, low calorific value of food as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, more ...
Company: Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd.    China

High Maltose Syrup For Beer
High Maltose Syrup for beer Specification: Type: Sweeteners ; DE Value: more than 42% ; Moisture: 20-25% ; PH Value: 4-6 ; Residue on Ignition: less than 0.2% ; Sulfate: less than 0.05% ; Arsenic(As): less than 1.0mg/kg ; High Maltose Syrup for beer(80%) High Maltose Syrup is made from refined starch by biochemical technology. The concentration is more than 50% of maltose. Characteristics: It has the characteristics of Soft sweet, fine taste ,stable at high temperature and ...
Company: Wuhan Jindege Sugar Co., Ltd.    China

AsPartame Specification: CAS No.: 22839-47-0 ; Other Names: APM=L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine met. ; MF: C14H18N2O5 ; EINECS No.: 245-261-3 ; FEMA No.: N/A ; Type: Sweeteners ; Appearance: White Powder ; AsPartame Aspartame is a low calorie sweetener that helps people to control their weight. It is made from two building blocks of protein, just like those found naturally in many everyday foods such as meat, fish, cheese, eggs and milk. Aspartame is digested by the body in exactly the same way ...
Company: Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd.    China

Sorbitol 70%
Sorbitol 70% Specification: CAS No.: 50-70-4 ; Other Names: Sorbitol Solution ; MF: C6H14O6 ; Type: Sweeteners ; Sorbitol 70% inspection standard GB 7658--2005 index requirement results Apperance Transparent, sweety,viscidity qualified Dry solds,% 69.0-71.0 70.2 Sorbitol content,% ≥70.0 77.9 Ph value 5.0-7.5 6.2 Relative density(d2020) 1.285-1.315 1.295 Dextrose ,% ≤0.21 0.15 Total dextrose,% ≤8.0 6.7 ...
Company: Tianjin Huaruide International Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Aspartame Specification: CAS No.: 22839-47-0 ; Other Names: APM ; MF: C14H18N2O5 ; EINECS No.: 245-261-3 ; Type: Flavoring Agents, Sweeteners ; stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxi. ; color: white ; form: Crystalline powder ; Chemical Name: N-a-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine-1-methyl ester Molecular Formula:C14H18N2O5 Molecular Weight:294.31 Character: 1.Tastes pure, cool and like sucrose. No peculiar smell, fresh and tasty. 2.200 times sweeter than sucrose. 3.Low calorie, and ...
Company: Tianjin Tiankai Chemical Industries Import And Export Corporation    China

Acesulfame K
Acesulfame K Specification: CAS No.: 55589-62-3 ; MF: C4H4KNO4S ; EINECS No.: 259-715-3 ; Type: Sweeteners ; Appearance: White Crystalline Powder ; Chemical Name : Acesulfame K CAS No.: 55589-62-3 EINECS: 259-715-3 Molecular formula: C4H4KNO4S Molecular weight : 201.24 Molecular Structure: Specification: Standard: FCCIV, E9 1) Appearance : White Crystalline Powder 2) Assay: 99.0~101.0% 3) Loss on Drying(105°C,2h): 1.0% max 4) ...
Company: Ceresking Ecology & Technology Co., Ltd.    China

High Quality Stevioside
High Quality Stevioside Specification: CAS No.: 57817-89-7 ; Other Names: Stevioside ; MF: C38H60O18 ; EINECS No.: 260-975-5 ; Type: Sweeteners ; Stevioside is a natural sweetener extracted from leaves of Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Bertoni This is a goods has been widely used sweeteners, and the sweetness of sucrose 300 times, as the goods are sweet, no heat value, it applies to diabetes, obesity and other patients use sugar substitute.
Company: Amax International Co., Ltd.    China

Food Additive Precipitated Silica
food additive precipitated silica Specification: CAS No.: 2811-22-0000 ; Other Names: white black carbon ; Type: Sweeteners, Other ; TheFINE-SIL520 food additive use Silicon dioxide, professional using in dairy, creamer, etc., it has a good anti-caking, anti-precipitation effect FINE-SIL520 Index Appearance white powder SiO2 % ≥98 Loss on Drying(105oC) 4.7 Loss on Ignition(950oC) 5-6 Heavy Metal(Pb)Content 0.003 Pb Content 0.001 As ...
Company: Huiming Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd. Wanzai County    China

Acesulfame-k Sweetener
Acesulfame-k sweetener Specification: CAS No.: 55589-62-3 ; Other Names: acesulfame-k ; MF: C4H4KNO4S ; EINECS No.: 259-715-3 ; Type: Sweeteners ; Acesulfame-k: Target Appellartion Technical Standard Color And Shape White Crystalline Powder Assay Content% 99.0-101.0 Loss on Drying% ≤1 Sulfate% ≤0.5 Potassium% 17.0-21 Heavy Metals mg/kg ≤5 Arsenic mg/kg ≤3 Fluoride mg/kg ≤3 Selenium mg/kg ...
Company: Qingdao Sunrise Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Sucralose Specification: CAS No.: 56038-13-2 ; Other Names: Trichlorosucrose ; MF: C12H19Cl3O8 ; EINECS No.: 259-952-2 ; Type: Sweeteners ; apperance: white ; Sucralose can be found in more than 4,500 food and beverage products. It is used because it is a no-calorie sweetener, does not promote dental cavities,is safe for consumption by diabetics,and does not affect insulin levels.Sucralose is used as a replacement for, or in combination with, other artificial or natural sweeteners such as ...
Company: Choriway International Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Aspartame Specification: CAS No.: 22839-47-0 ; Other Names: Nutrasweet ; MF: C14H18N2O5 ; EINECS No.: 245-261-3 ; FEMA No.: 000000000 ; Type: Sweeteners ; color: white ; commodity name:Aspartame molecular formular:C14H18N2O5 molecular weight:294.31 packing: in laminated drum/carton of 25kgs net each with plastic bag application: food additive,a new kind of low calorie,nutritive, intense sweetener appearance:white crystal or crystalline powder
Company: Qingdao Sanhuan Colorchem Co., Ltd.    China

Sorbitol Specification: CAS No.: 50-70-4 ; Type: Sweeteners, Other ; Sense index Items index Vc grade Food grade Daily chemical industry grade Appearance Colourless or yellowish , clear and transparent liquid Chemical and Physical index Items Unit index Vc grade Food grade Daily chemical industry grade Content ( dry basis ) % 98.5 70 80-92 Solid substance % 80-92 70 70 DE ( dry basis ) % 0.15 0.2 0.2 PH 5.0-7.0 ...
Company: Ningbo Jiangdong Hailinjinhua Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Xylitol Food Grade
Xylitol food grade Specification: CAS No.: 87-99-0 ; Other Names: Xylitol ; MF: C5H12O5 ; Type: Chewing Gum Bases, Nutrition Enhancers, S. ; color: crystal powder ; Xylitol food grade We can supply pharm grade and food grade xylitol ,for more details ,pls Specifications: Xylose (dry basis):>98.5% Melting point:145-150°C Loss on drying:<0.30% Specific rotation: +18.5°- +19.5° Residue on ignition:< 0.055 Transmittance: 95% Sulfate:< ...
Company: Zhengzhou Welcom Tech. Co., Ltd.    China

Insoluble Saccharin
Insoluble Saccharin Specification: CAS No.: 81-07-2 ; Other Names: O-Benzoic Sulfimide ; MF: C7H5O3NS ; Type: Sweeteners ; Specifications: Appearance: white crystal powder Purity: 98.5% min. Moisture: 0.5%, 1%, 15% Ammonium: 0.0025% max. Heavy metal: 0.001% max. Arsenous salt: 0.0002% max. Usages: The product is mainly used to produce sodium saccharin, pesticide etc. Packages: Packages are general plastic woven bags of 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag, or as requested by our customers.
Company: Jinzhou Jin Hong Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Acesulfame-K Specification: CAS No.: 55589-62-3 ; Other Names: Acesulfame potassium;AK;ASK ; MF: C4H4NO4KS ; EINECS No.: 203-213-9 ; FEMA No.: 2286 ; Type: Sweeteners ; colour: white ; Common Name: Acesulfame-K CAS No.: 55589-62-3 Molecular Formula: C4H4NO4KS Molecular Weight: 201.24 Appearance: White, virtually odourless, crystalline powder. Specifications: Content(%) 99.0-101.0 Loss on drying(%) 1.0MAX (Pb)% 0.0005MAX (As)% 0.0003MAX (PH)% 6.5-7.5 K(%) 19.0-21.0 Application: ...
Company: Richin International Trade (Dalian) Co., Ltd.    China

Industrial Grade Sodium Saccharin / Soluble Saccharin
Industrial grade Sodium Saccharin / soluble saccharin Specification: CAS No.: 128-44-9 ; Other Names: Saccharin ; MF: C7H4NNaO3S.2(H2O) ; EINECS No.: 204-886-1 ; FEMA No.: 2997 ; Type: Sweeteners ; Purity: 99% ; Sodium Saccharin The Items and Specifications are as follows: Items Specifications Content % 99.0 Water % 15.0 Melting point 226-230 Normal mesh: 5-8, 6-10, ...
Company: Zhengzhou P&B Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Ethylmaltol Specification: CAS No.: 4940-11-8 ; Other Names: Ethylmaltol ; MF: C7H8O3 ; EINECS No.: 225-582-5 ; FEMA No.: 225-582-5 ; Type: Sweeteners ; color: White crystalline powder ; Name:Ethylmaltol Molecular formula: C7H8O3 CAS No: 4940-11-8 Appearance: White crystalline powder. Melting point 85-95°C Packing:25kgs cardboard drum Application: Used in food, tobacco, cosmetic industry, increasing perfume, stable perfume, increasing sweet-well.
Company: Zibo Pulisi Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Ara Powder-food Additive
ARA Powder-food additive Specification: Type: Sweeteners ; Item: Ara powder ; CABIO food additive- Arachidonic Acid (ARA, 22:6 n-3), an omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), is the most important essential fatty acid for human beings. ARA is a major building block of cell membranes and can be found in high concentrations in brain, nerve tissue and in the retina of the eyes. It is also an essential component in breast milk. ARA is crucial to maintain important physiological ...
Company: Cargill Alking Bioengineering (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.    China

ERYTHRITOL Specification: CAS No.: 149-32-6 ; Other Names: meso-Erythritol ; MF: C4H10O4 ; Type: Sweeteners ; white: white ; ERYTHRITOL Appearance white crystalized powder Purity: 99%min PH Value: 5-7 Conductivity:μs/cm 20max Melting point:119-123°C Arsenic(ppm):2.0max Loss of water on drying:0.2max
Company: Qingdao Reliancechem Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Erythritol Specification: CAS No.: 149-32-6 ; Type: Sweeteners ; Purity: 99+% ; Erythritol ((2R,3S)-butane-1,2,3,4-tetraol) is a natural sugar alcohol (a type of sugar substitute) which has been approved for use in the United States and throughout much of the world. It is 70% as sweet as table sugar yet it is virtually non-caloric, does not affect blood sugar, does not cause tooth decay, and is absorbed by the body, therefore unlikely to cause gastric side effects unlike other sugar alcohols.
Company: China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Hangzhou Co.    China

Mannitol,2,4,6-hexanehexol,c6h14o6, Food Additive
Mannitol,2,4,6-Hexanehexol,C6H14O6, food additive Specification: CAS No.: 69-65-8 ; Type: Sweeteners ; Standard: BP2000 ; Purity: min98.0% ; Product Name Mannitol Chemical Name 1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexanehexol CAS Number 69-65-8 Molecular Formula C6H14O6 ITEMS SPECIFICATION Appearance White crystalline powder Color and Clarity of Solution Clear Melting Point 165.0 ~ 170.0 Nickel ≤1ppm Lead ≤0.5ppm Acidity ...
Company: Changzhou Comwin Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Sucralose Specification: CAS No.: 56038-13-2 ; Type: Sweeteners ; Sucralose 1.The only non-calorie sweetener made from sugar. Now a wide variety of foods and beverages can benefit from its natural sweetness. To meet the various requirements of consumers' individual dietary habits such as reduced calorie intake and health maintenance, the food and beverage industry strongly desires a non-calorie sweetener with superior heat resistance and stability. Sucralose, the only non-calorie ...
Company: Shanghai Dnd Pharm-Technology Co., Inc.    China

Dextrose Monohydrate
Dextrose Monohydrate Specification: CAS No.: 5996-10-1 ; Other Names: Dextrose Monohydrate ; MF: C6H12O6.H2O ; EINECS No.: 200-075-1 ; FEMA No.: LS002 ; Type: Sweeteners ; Dextrose Monohydrate Spec: Appearance: white, crystalline powder, with a sweet taste, freely soluble in water, sparingly Soluble in alcohol. Indentification: Conforms Specific Optical Rotation: +52.5-53.3° Acidity or alkalinity: 6.0g,0.1M NaOH 0.15ml Appearance of solution: clear, odourless Clarity Ethanol of ...
Company: Chemland Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Needle Sodium Cyclamate
needle sodium cyclamate Specification: CAS No.: 139-05-9 ; Other Names: sodium cyclohexanesulfamate ; MF: C6H12O3NSNa ; EINECS No.: 205-348-9 ; FEMA No.: 3791 ; Type: Sweeteners ; Color: White ; Appearance: Needle like/small flakes ; sodium cyclamate Purity : 98.5-101% Heavy Metals(Pb) : 10 ppm max. Sulfate(SO4) : 500 ppm max. Loss on drying : 1% max. PH Value : 5.5-7.5 As : 3 ppm max. Anline : 1 ppm max. Selenium : 30 ppm max. ...
Company: Shijiazhuang Lemandou Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Sodium Citrate Bp98
SODIUM CITRATE BP98 Specification: CAS No.: 6132-04-3 ; Other Names: Citric acid trisodium salt dihydra. ; MF: C6H5Na3O7.2(H2O) ; EINECS No.: 200-675-3 ; Type: Sweeteners ; appearance: white powder ; CONTENT,% 99.0-101.0 SULPHATES,% ≤ 0.015 HEAVY METALS,% ≤ 0.001 OXALATE,% ≤ 0.03 EASY CARBONIFY SUBSTANCE PASS TEST CHLORIDE, % ≤ 0.005 LOSS ON HEATING,% 11.0-13.0 .,,,,,,,,.,,,,..
Company: Nanjing Chemsbio International Co., Ltd.    China

Acesulfame K
Acesulfame K Specification: CAS No.: 55589-62-3 ; Other Names: Acesulfame K ; Type: Sweeteners ; Acesulfame K (AK) conforms to the standards of FCCIV. Major advantages: 1, High sweetness 2, Pure taste 3, High stability 4, No quantity of heat 5, No participation in the metabolization of human Quality Standard: Item Standard Acesulfame-K(%) 99.0-101.0 K(%) 17.0-21.0 105,2h(%) ≤1.0 PH(1%) 6.5-7.5 SO4-(%) ≤0.1 As(%) ≤0.0003 ...

Sodium Saccharin
Sodium Saccharin Specification: CAS No.: 128-44-9 ; MF: C7H4NO3S ; EINECS No.: 204-886-1 ; Type: Sweeteners ; Assay subject Index Assay results 1.Appearance White crystals or white crystalline powder Complies 2.Free acid or alkali 4.5~5.5ml Complies 3.Melting point No lower than 226-230D.C. 227.10-229.20°C 4.Heavy metals ≤0.001% <0.001% 5.Water ≤15.0% 13.98% 6.Sodium Saccharin Content 98-101% 99.56% ...
Company: Shanghai Yancui Import and Export Co., Ltd.    China

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