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List extensive product information of Alkali (include Caustic Soda), provided by Alkali manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Barium Sulphate
We also manufacture quality Caustic potash flakes(koh- 90%), Refined glycerine(usp/IP/BP, tech), Caustic soda (naoh 48%/98%), Precipitated barium sulphate(baso4), Various grades of stearic acid, Toilet soaps, Soap noodles(80:20,90:10) etc.
Company: Handan Youdai Material Co., Ltd.    China

Caustic Soda And Sodium Hypochlorite
Inorganic products-Caustic soda - liquid, solid, flakes, pearls; liquid chlorine; hydrochloric acid,Sodium hypochlorite;hydrogen peroxide; Macromolecular products-PVC (POLYVINYL CHLORYDE different grades) and CO -Polymers ; sulphydic polymers, thiocolic putties ; polyether polyols ; polycarbonate ; organic synthesis products-oxo-alcohols(octanoln- and iso-butanol) ; Dioctylphthalate ; chloroformates(methylethyl, octyl, cyclohexyl). Propylene oxide ; propylene glycol ; phthalic anhydrid ; ...
Product Group: Caustic Soda
Company: Handan Youdai Material Co., Ltd.    China

Soda Ash
We can supply good quality soda ash soda ash (light) 99% min, soda ash (dense) 99% min, soda ash (foodgrade, edible) from china.
Company: Handan Youdai Material Co., Ltd.    China

Potassium Hydroxide
Appearance: white or light green flake. Specification : super class first class ; KOH: 95%min 90%min ; K2CO3: 0.5%max 2.5%max ; Cl: 0.005%max 1.0%max ; Fe: 0.0005%max 0.05%max

Sodium Silicate Liquid Neutral Grade
We are exporters of sodium silicate liquid (neutral grade). We supply this product in net 320kgs steel drums both palletized/ unpalletized.

Caustic Potash (KOH)
Appearance: White flakes ; Origin: China ; Assay:90%min,95%min ; Packing: Net 25kgs PP woven PE lining bag ; Production capacity:40000 MT/a ; Certificate: Iso9001-2000 ; Qty/20'fcl:24mt without pallet or 22mt with pallet ; Product method: Ion membrane exchange method. We are the largest manufacturers and exporters of koh in China.

Magnesium Hydroxide
1. Appearance: white powder or particle; Specific gravity: 2.36, insoluble in water and alcohol, soluble in acid and ammonium salt solution; 2. Quality Index:(produced from brine water): Mg(OH)2, %: 90min ; MgO%: 66min ; Weight Loss on Ignition, %: 28min ; HCl-insoluble Matter, %: 1max ; Fineness: 325-1250 mesh ; Surface treatment or no surface treatment ; 3.Uses: used as flame retardant in plastic, rubber, glass-steel resin, paint, coating, ect., also used in the production of magnesium ...

Caustic Soda (Flakes, Pearl, Solid)
Our company is the main producer of caustic soda in China. And the capacity is about 260000mt per year. We have passed ISO9002 quatity standard in 1996. We can supply caustic soda with high quatity and large quantity.

MOP (Muriate Of Potash)
Element Units Fine ; K2O (min) % 60.70 ; KCl (min) % 96.00 ; Mg++ (max) % 0.20 ; Ca++ (max) % 0.02 ; NaCl (max) % 2.80 ; Moisture (max) % 0.35 ; Bromide (max) % 0.15 ; Anti Cake/Amine (max) KG/ton 0.25W. Insol. (max) % 0.10

Sodium Bicarbonate, Epoxy Propane
We are a leading supplier of sodium bicarbonate in China, our products mainly export in large quantity. Also supply Epoxy Propane: 1) Colorless liquid ; 2) Flammable and non corrssion ; 3) Wth strong dissolution.

Caustic Soda Flakes, Soda Ash (Light & Dense)
We offer caustic soda, soda ash light and dense, Caustic Soda Flakes from china. Caustic Soda Flake: 1) White color ; 2) Avoid humid ; 3) Used for papermaking, soaps, textiles, etc. Soda Ash (Light & Dense) Packing:in 40kg bag or jumbo bag.

Barium Hydroxide
Formula Ba (OH)2 8H2O ; Description White Crystals, easily soluble in hot water, hardly soluble in alcohol and accetone, solution gives to alkaline property ; M.W. 315 : 48 ; Carbonate Carbonate Salt .1.5%Max ; Chloride Chloride 0.3%Max ; Insoluble in water 0.1% Max ; Assay 98% ; Packing 25 Kgs Bags

Barium Hydroxide Monohydrate (Crystal Form)
Barium hydroxide monohydrate(crystal form) ; Formula: Ba(oh)2. H2o m. W.:189.47 ; Specifications: Purity:99.2% min ; Baco3:0.6% max ; Chloride(cl-):0.005% max ; Fe:5ppm,10ppm&15ppm max ; Insoluble matter in hcl:0.02% max
Product Group: Barium Hydroxide

Caustic Potash Flakes (KOH) 90%
It gives us pleasure to write to you from one of the leading producers of castor derivatives and chlor-alkali products in India. We manufacture quality Caustic potash flakes (koh - 90 %) with the following specifications. Specifications: Caustic potash flakes (koh): Appearance: Crystal white ; Physical form: Flakes ; Assay min:90.0% ; Carbonate as k2co3 max:1.00 % ; Chlorides as kcl max:0.10% ; Iron as fe max:20.0 ppm ; Sodium max:1.20%

Calcium Carbide
We are mainly specializing in supplying all the kinds of Calcium Carbide with fine quality and attractive price and excellent service in China for having exported many countries such as Japanese, Korean, Europe, Austrialia, the USA, Russia, etc.

Alumina Hydrates, Calcined ALumina, Refined Glycerine
We can supply Alumina Hydrates, Calcined ALumina from china. Also sale for refined glycerine 99 % min( usp, BP, cp grades) in full container load.

Aluminium Hydroxide
Appearance: White crystal powder ; Usage: Water treatment, paper miller, tile and ceramic industrial, etc. ; Specs.: Al2o3 64.5% min. Sio2 0.02% max. Fe2o3 0.02% max. Na2o 0.4% max. Moisture 8-10%. Particle size: About 325 mesh

Molecular Sieve
Molecular sieve 13x is the sodium form of the type x crystal and has a much larger pore opening than the type a crystals. It will adsorb molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than 10 angstrom (1.0nm) and exclude those larger. It also has the highest theoretical capacity of the common adsorbents and very good mass transfer rates. It can remove impurities too large to fit into a type a crystal and is commonly used to separate nitrogen from oxygen. Application: Molecular sieve 13x is ...
Product Group: Molecular Sieve

Potassium Hydroxide, Caustic Potash, Koh White Falkes
Specification: Item index index ; Appearance white flakes white flakes ; Koh 90.0%min 95.0%min ; K2co3 0.5%max 0.5%max ; Chloride (cl) 0.005%max 0.005%max ; Fe 0.0005%max 0.0005%max ; Sulfate (so4) 0.005%max 0.005%max ; Nitrate (n) 0.0005%max 0.0005%max ; Na 0.8%max 0.8%max ; Phosphate (po4)0.005%max 0.005%max ; Silicate (sio3)0.01%max 0.01%max ; AL 0.002%max 0.002%max ; Ca 0.005%max 0.005%max ; Ni 0.0005%max 0.0005%max ; Heavy metal(as pb)0.002%max 0.002%max

Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Oxide, Calcium Hydroxide
Our primary lines of businesses are environmental chemicals & services and we are the leading supplier for lime products like lime stone, quicklime, calcium carbonate powder, hydrated lime, calcium oxide powder, carbon additives and refractory products.

Caustic Soda Solid / Flakepearl 96% / 98% / 99% Min
We are one of the largest suppliers & exporters for the above item in China. Our chemical products have been exported to over 50 countries in the world and have won high reputation for the superior quality.

Sodium hydroxide
Provide sodium hydroxide with high purity (the content of NaOH can reach 99%), even particles, few impurity, good fluidity, easily to be matched in use with others.
Product Group: Caustic Soda
Company: Tianjin Bochuang Chemical Co.,Ltd    China

Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide)
Chemical Name: Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) Molecular Formula: NaOH Molecular Weight: 40 CAS No: 1310-73-2 Description: A white solid, available in Flakes, Pearls and Solid Specification: Assay: Solid class, 98%MIN Pearl and flake class, 99%MIN Packing: 25kg per PE/PP bag lined with Plastic film, or 200kg per Iron drum. Applications: Widely used in paper making, soap making, textiles, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, pesticides, petrol-chemical, medical and food ...
Product Group: Caustic Soda
Company: Changsha Honor Source Chemical CO., LTD.    China

Caustic Soda Flakes
Re: Caustic Soda Flakes99%Min CAS: 1310-73-2 H.S. Code: 28151100 Molecular Formular: NaOH Specification: NaOH: 99% Min. Na2CO3: 0.7%Max. NaCl: 0.1% Max. Fe2O3: 0.005% Max. Reference Price: FOB Tianjin Port USD300.00/MT Properties: Colorless crystalline with the shape of flake, block, and granule. Packing: 25kg in p.p. bag, 25MT/20' FCL, or as buyer’s request. Application: It is the main raw materials for the production of soap. In the papermaking ...
Product Group: Caustic Soda Flake
Company: Hebei Liancheng Chemical Co., Ltd    China

Caustic Soda
Name: Caustic soda Caustic soda 99% Assay as NaOH: 99% on dry basis Chlorides as Nacl: 0. 08% max Carbonate as Na2CO3: 0. 9% max Iron as Fe: 20% max Nickel as Ni: 5 %max Mercury as Hg: Ni Caustic soda 96% Assay as NaOH: 96% on dry basis Chlorides as Nacl: 2.8% max Carbonate as Na2CO3: 0. 9% max Iron as Fe: 0.01%max Nickel as Ni: 5 % max Mercury as Hg: Ni Packing:25kg in PP bag Appearance: Crystal White, white flakes Uses: it is widely used in petroleum, textile, light ...
Product Group: Caustic Soda
Company: Hebei Natural Chemicals Co., Ltd    China

Sell caustic soda
Caustic soda Product Name:Caustic Soda flake H.S.CODE: 28151100 CAS NO.: 1310-73-2 Molecular formula: NaOH Specification: Purity: 96%min 1) Na2CO3: 1.4% max. 2) NaCl: 2.8% max. 3) Fe2O3: 0.01% max. Purity: 98% min 1) Na2CO3: 1.1% max. 2) NaCl: 0.6% max. 3) Fe2O3: 0.01% max. Purity: 99% min 1) Na2CO3: 0.9% max. 2) NaCl: 0.15% max. 3) Fe2O3: 0.01% max. Packing: In 25kg plastic woven bag lined with one layer polythene bags. Property: white solid or ...
Product Group: Caustic Soda
Company: Hebei meida Chemical Co., Ltd    China

caustic soda flakes
caustic soda flakes competitive advantages: 1) good reputation 2) high quality with reasonable price 3) prompt delivery 4) small order accepted 5) free sample available
Product Group: Caustic Soda
Company: Tianjin Zhongixang Ruida Chemical Co., Ltd    china

caustic soda pearl
caustic soda pearl 1) appearance: white pearl 2) packaging: 25kg/P.P bag, 25mt/20' FCL 3) lead time: within 15 days 4) free sample is available
Product Group: Caustic Soda Pearl
Company: Tianjin Zhongixang Ruida Chemical Co., Ltd    china

Caustic Soda Solid
Caustic Soda Solid 1, Caustic Soda 2, CAS No.: 1310-73-2 3, HS Code: 28151100 4, Type: Caustic Soda 99%min, 96%min Properties: Colorless crystaline with the shape of solid. Application: 1, It is the main raw materials for the production of soap; 2, in the papermaking industry, it can dissolve the impurity of the wood pulp, so that the pure fiber can be available the papermaking; 3, in Textile Industry it can be used in the production of the fabric; 4, in oil ...
Product Group: Caustic Soda
Company: Hebei Chuanghui Chemicals Co.,Ltd    China

Caustic Soda
Caustic Soda Flakes/Pearls/Solid, 96%,98%,99%. It is the main raw materials for production of soap; In the papermaking industry,it can dissolve the impurity of the wood pulp,so that the pure fibre can be available the papermaking; In the Textile Industry,it can be used in the production of fabric; In oil refining industry,it is used to remove the acids in the oil and improve the smell and the color of the oil & petroleum products;
Product Group: Caustic Soda
Company: Shijiazhuang Ruixin Chemical Co.,Ltd.    China

Sodium Hydroxide
After we did much Sodium Hydroxide research, we have found many Sodium Hydroxide uses, welcome to buy Sodium Hydroxide from Yuanrun Chemical. We are a professional manufacture of 96% / 99% caustic soda(caustic soda flakes ,solid and pearl),sodium hydroxide and NaOH, and we can supply you high quality exportable products for you. The following is our product introduction Product name: caustic soda ----- Caustic soda flakes/solid/pearl Formula: NaOH Main uses: 1.the manufacture of ...
Product Group: Caustic Soda,Sodium Hydroxide,CAS No. 1310-73-2 ,NaOH,Hydrox
Company: China Yuanrun Group Corporation    china

sodium metasilicate
Yuanrun Chemical Co. is offering a range of high purity Lead Oxide, welcome to inquire and buy Lead Oxide from us. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Product Group: Sodium Metasilicate,Polarized Sodium Silicate,CAS No. 6834-9
Company: China Yuanrun Group Corporation    china

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