Sodium metabisulfite

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Detailed Sodium metabisulfite Description:

Sodium metabisulfite
Sodium metabisulfite CAS: 7681-57-4
1.Food Grade: Bleach agent; Loose agent; Antiseptic and germicide;
Inhibitor and freshen agent.
2.Industry Grade: Mordant of printing and dyeing; Dechlorinate of textile
after bleaching; Sulphonated agent and reducer of chemical industry
and pharmacy; Bleach of paper pulp, bambooand timber bleach of Stap;
Treatment agent of waste water; Rubber solidifying agent Perfume
industry is served as hydro carbon perfume aldehyde
Purity: 90%,94%96%,99%
Packaging: 25kg bags, 25MT/20'FCL

Sodium metabisulfite
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Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Weifang Banghua Chemical Co., Ltd
Address: Binhai economic development Zone Weifang City Shandong Province
Region: weifang shandong, china
Contact Person: kathy
Telephone: 86-0536-5312129

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