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List extensive product information of Lab Supplies (include Lab Equipments, Funnel, Container, Flask, Laboratory Glassware), provided by Lab Supplies manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Measuring Wheel
1) Rubber wheel, telescopic aluminium handle (three sections) ; 2) Circumference: 0.622m ; 3) Measuring range: 9999.9m ; 4) With carrying bag ; 5) Weight: 1kg
Company: Hailun Bio-Medical Apparatus Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Speed Mixer, Electric Stirrer
Speed Mixer, Electric Stirrer: 1) Power: 10W ; 2) Timer: 0-120min ; 3) Speed: 3,000rpm ; 4) Work plat: 130mm ; 5) Materials: stainless steel.
Company: Hailun Bio-Medical Apparatus Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Container, Filtering Bucket For Chemistry Industry
12L Container: 1) Dimensions: 640 x 510 x 415mm ; 2) N.W: 6kg ; 3) G.W: 7.5kg ; 4) Quantity: 18pcs/ctn.Filtering Bucket For Chemistry Industry: Material: HDPE ; Weight:13kg ; Qty/40':500pcs.
Company: Hailun Bio-Medical Apparatus Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Glass / Lab Products
Our factory can supply glass/lab instruments: Burning instruments, Volumetric instruments, Bottles, Condensers, Series of desiccator, Standard jions, Synthetic instruments and other concerned products such as beakers, boiling flasks, conical flasks, measuring cylinder, funnel& bottle series, tube, petril dish, alcohol lamp, transfer pipette, plastic instruments, Thermometer and many others.

Centrifuge Machine
1) Main power: 220V x 10% 50Hz 2A ; 2) Max speed: 14000RPM ; 3) Max RCF: 17300xg ; 4) Power input: 350W ; 5) Power output: 250W ; 6) Capacity: 1.5ml x 24 ; 7) Type of centrifuge head: fixed angle rotor 45 degree ; 8) Time range: 0-30min ; 9) Weight: 11.5kg ; 10) Dimensions: 26.5 x 29 x 20cm ; 11) Regulation: step

Synonyms: hemin chloride, chlorohemin, ferriheme chloride, ferriporphyrin chloride, ferriprotoporphyrin and chloroporphyrin IX iron (III). A fine chemical that can be used as a food additive for iron supplement, pharmaceutical intermediate and for lab use. Features: 1) Molecular formula: C34H32ClFeN4O4 ; 2) Molecular weight: 652 ; 3) Source: porcine ; 4) Quality standard: 95 - 99% ; 5) Moisture (KF): 8.3% ; 8) Pb (Plumbum): <0.5mg/kg ; 9) As (Arsenic): <0.3mg/kg ; 10) Hg (Mercury): ...

Boiling Flask, Glass Slides / Covers
Boiling Flask: 1) 1111,1115,1118 ; 2) Boiling flask ; 3) Flat bottom, long narrow neck ; 4) Round bottom, long neck. Glass Slides and Covers: All types of microscopes slides and covers, in all kinds of packages.

Lab Glassware
The glassware instruments produced by the factory include the series of beakers, boiling flasks, conical flask, measurements, funnel series, burette series, bottle series, adapter&joints, condensers, hexagonal measuring cylinder, microscope slides and cover glass and test tube, medicine ampoule bottle and so on.

Constant Temperature Incubator
Features: 1) Impact and corrosion resistant ; 2) Automatic defrost function ; 3) Perfect audible / visual alarm systems Specifications: 1) Capacity: 80L ; 2) Dimensions (W x D x H): 620 x 635 x 745mm ; 3) Net weight: 54kg ; 4) Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 50℃ adjustable ; 5) Refrigerant: R134a ; 6) Mode of heating: direct electirc heating + air jacket

Microscope Series
A manufacturer of various optical products, such as binoculars, microscopes, night vision devices, rifle scopes, golf scopes, medical optical instruments, telescopes, laser range finders, etc.

Capacity Slide Box
25 capacity slide box: Sturdy ABS plastic box with our exclusive sell locking lid holds up to 25 slides and has cork lined bottom. Index paper in lid corresponds with embossed numerals on bottom of box. Designed to stack. Features: 1) 97-0025, white ; 2) 97-0026, blue ; 3) 97-0027, green ; 4) 97-0028, red ; 5) 97-0029, yellow

Testing Screen
This testing screen has many uses in laboratory work, scientific research departments and in the industries of food, medicine, chemicals, pigments, ceramics, abrasives and metallurgy.

Laboratory Porcelain
Procelain crucible ; Procelain casserole ; Procelain buhner funnel ; Procelain mortar ; Procelain evaporating basin ; Procelain combustion boat ; Procelain combustion tube.

SMA-0.75 Style Lab Basket Milling Machine
1) Used in small volume dispersion and mill (1.0-5.0L) ; 2) Air-proof operation, sampling analysis is available in production process ; 3) Normally configured with 2.8L jacketed tank ; 4) Electric or manual lift available, operation stable ; 5) With brand inverter ; 6) Basket capacity: 50ml ; 7) Milling medium: zirconia (imported)

Rotary Evaporator
Hahnvapor hs-2000 is a rotary evaporator of large capacity that well designed to distill the water evenly at the stage of boosting. At the request of users or depending on characters of metrial to be distilled a cold trap or a condenser can be installed additionally. Especially, we have drastically improved safetyness in the instrument.

Beaker, Funnel, Fume Hood
Fume Hood: 1) Steel Casework ; 2) Phenolic Worksurface ; 3) Chemical Resistant. Funnel, Laboratory Wares: 100% quartz glass ; Thick wall ; Without white dots ; Without air bubbles ; Without ripples ; Good clarity. Beaker: 1) 1101, 1102, 1103 ; 2) Beaker, with spout, with printed graduations for 50-100ml.

Table Electric Centrifuge (High Speed)
1) Power: 100W ; 2) Capacity: 0.5ml x 12 1.5ml x 12 ; 3) Time, 0-60min ; 4) Speed: 16,000rpm ; 5) Max centrifugal effect: 17,000g ; 6) Noise: >75dB(A) ; 7) Materials: Stainless Steel

Petri Dish
Compact high contrast petri dish with pad: Featuring a new concept in space saving, this petri dish is extra low and compact, avoiding use of expensive space. A stack of 4 our petri dishes is high as a stack of 3 other suppliers dishes (11 mm vs.15mm). The base is made of blue crystal, which enhances contrast when microorganisms are counted. Product is delivered after gamma beam sterilization, and each dish contains a pure cellulose pad for impregnation with 3 ml of selected liquid culture ...

Digital Minilab has advance LCOS exposure technical and high super LED cold light source, the function is steady and the photo is bright-colored, gradation plentiful, also select the more higher resolving p ower LCD digital head. (2560*2048 ). Outstanding the color management software to be sure to get the major quality photos. The whole system interface simple, operate easy, also it has the function as follows: Certificate photo, Black-and Cwhite photo, Ancient photo, Index photo etc.. So ...

Scientific Instruments And Lab Equipments
Manufacturers and exporters offer quality scientific instruments and lab equipments, glassware and plasticware, lab microscope, soil& cement testing app. Agriculture lab testing equipments at very competitive prices.

Pfu DNA Polymerase Expression System
E.coli strain carrying a plasmid with the cloned gene encoding Pyrococcus furiosus DNA polymerase.The enzyme catalyzes the incorporation of nucleotides into duples DNA in the 5'=>3' direction in the presence of Mg2+ at 70-80 centigrade temperature.Pfu DNA Polymerase exhibits 3'=>5' exonuclease(proofreading)activity, but has no detectable 5'=>3' exonuclease activity. Expression System ; Host cell: BL21(DE3) ; Expression Plasmid: PET vector ; Selection ...

Laboratory Glassware And Plasticware
Manufacturer and supply all kinds of lab glassware in china. Main products includes beakers, conical flask, boiling flask, reagent bottle, measuring cylinder, volumetric flask, measuring pipette. Ect.

Ivf Lab Guard, Fornax
Ivf Lab + Guard,Fornax Concept The LAB + GUARD is developed to improve the laboratory air quality making it nearly equal to clean air. Thus replenishing and subsequently nourishing the entire laboratory, making it safe for the sensitive procedures to be executed. This is achieved by a number of inclusions and their applications all of which are simple, cost effective and user friendly. The positive pressure system uses the basic principle of "Over Pressure or positive pressure in a ...
Company: Shivani Scientific Industries Pvt. Ltd.    India

Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide Concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide 85.0%±1.0 Special use Hydrogen Peroxide As associated products of color picture tube 35.0%-36.0% Chemical Reagent Hydrogen Peroxide 30% min Industrial hydrogen peroxide 27.5%-50% Colorless transparent liquid, freely soluble in water and alcohol; it is a strong oxidant with corrosivity; will be decomposed into oxygen and water when exposed to heat, sunlight and heavy metals.
Product Group: Hydrogen Peroxide
Company: Xingtai Shengbang Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.    China

Aluminium Sulphate
Aluminium Sulphate 1---Industrial aluminium sulphate (1)Specification:Al2O3;15.8%min;Fe:0.5%max;PH:3.0min; Water Insolubles:0.15%max。 Grain size:15mm max(Flakys) (2)Specification:Al2O3;17%min;Fe:0.5%max;PH:3.0min Water Insolubles:0.15%max Grain size:2---5mm。 Use: Used in papermaking , printing and dye , tanning leather , fire-fighting equipment , drug and wood preservation ,etc。 2---Water-treatment aluminium sulphate Specification: Al2O3:15.80%min; ...
Product Group: Aluminium Sulphate
Company: Xingtai Shengbang Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.    China

Copper Sulfate
Copper Sulfate Feature: Formula : CuSo4 . 5H2O CAS : 7758-98-7 Specification : CuSO4 .5H2O: 98% Min (Cu) copper: 25% Min (Ni)Nickel: 0.05% Max (Fe)Ferric: 0.05% Max (Zn)Zinc: 0.001% Max (Pb)Lead: 0.001% Max (As)Arsenic: 0.002% Max Water insolubles: 0.2% Max Usage:It can be applied as the mordant of cotton and silk printing, and for making green and blue pigments. It also can be used as water bactericide, wood antiseptics, and for copper electroplating, battery, ...
Company: Xingtai Shengbang Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.    China

Calcium Chloride
Calcium Chloride Calcium Chloride Anhydrate Content% 94Min Magnesium & alkali metal chloride% 2.5max Water-insoluble Matter% 0.1max Sulphate% 0.1max Alkalinity% 0.2max Calcium Chloride Dihydrate Content% 74 min Magnesium & alkali metal chloride% 2.5max Water-insoluble Matter% 0.1max Sulphate% 0.1max Alkalinity% 0.2max Appearance: White Flake or Blocks or Granular or Powder Usage: Mutli-use Dryer, Dehydration agent, cryogen, removing agent, dust ...
Product Group: Calcium Chloride
Company: Xingtai Shengbang Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.    China

RE-52AARotary Evaporatary
Model:RE-52AA Main Machine:0-150r/min,Stepless speed regulator,Micro-motor,Auto-rise/drop. Condenser: vertical condenser with feed in pipe, big condensing pipe,big evaporating pipe,evaporating rate is more superior than rank instruments. Temperature: Auto-controlling, Environment temperature to 99 ℃. Heating Bath: Teflon and stainless steel combined pot, Transparent cover. Power Supply: 220V/50Hz, Power:1KW
Company: Xi'an heb biotechnology Co.,Ltd    China

Heating Bath
The heating bath especially used to rotary evaporator can be also used to the heating of various reactions. The pot can be lifted freely. The pot and heating wires are made of whole stainless steel. The probe is inner. The temperature of the heating bath is controlled intellectually. The wave change of the temperature is merely ±2℃
Company: Xi'an heb biotechnology Co.,Ltd    China

1-5LRotary Evaporator
Lifting heating bath-Glass ware is fixed firmly, which decreases damage. Collecting bottle sinks in ice water, thus the second evaporation is decreased. 2. Vacuum metre - fixed type vacuum metre has good looking and clear digitals. 3. Ball mouth-Collecting bottle is combined by grinded ball, they can be assembled or disassembled easily, the sealing is perfect. 4. Sealing for prolonged use in high temperature-It insures the anticorrosion and long life of moving sealing. The sealing ...
Company: Xi'an heb biotechnology Co.,Ltd    China

Water Jet Aspirator Pump
Characteristics of uses: Considering the small size of labs, our company has designed this new type bench water circulating vacuum pump, its functions and uses are the same as B type pump. The main machine is made of stainless steel.It is installed with outer circulating device.The vacuum degree is stable.It has an elegant, unique and appearance, delicate and fragile. (1) the machine is installed with two vacuum meters and two sets of tips which can be used independently or in parallel ...
Company: Xi'an heb biotechnology Co.,Ltd    China

11 Low Temp Pump(Chilled water circulator)
Characteristics of uses: DLSB Series Low-temperature Cooling Liquid Circulating Pump is a low-temperature liquid circulating equipment adopting mechanical cooling. It plays the role of low-temperature liquid and water bath. It can be combined with rotary devaporizer, vacuum freezing and drying box, water circulating multipurpose vacuum pump, magnetic treater and other instruments to conduct multipurpose low-temperature chemical reaction operations and drug storage. With constant flow, ...
Company: Xi'an heb biotechnology Co.,Ltd    China

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