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List extensive product information of Ester, provided by Ester manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Ethyl Acetate
Appearance: Transparent liquid without contamination ; Colority 5 ; Density, +20C, KG/m3 0,898-0,900 ; Content of main substance, %, min 99,8 ; Content of acid (acetic), %, max 0,004 ; Content of fixed residue, %, max 0,001 ; Temperature limits for distillation (pressure 760 millimeter of mercury) 75-78 ; Content of water, % 0,1 ; Cmparative volatility 2-3 ; Content of ethyl alcohol, %, max 0,015
Product Group: Ethyl Acetate
Company: Wuxi Shuanghui Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Palm Methyl Ester
Palm Methyl Ester is a family of material that is used as a base for producing Bio Diesel. Palm Methyl Esters is produced from palm oil and is made through a chemical process called transesterification. The conversion of these oils to methyl esters involves the use of methanol as a raw material and a basic catalyst. As Palm Oil cannot be used directly as a diesel engine fuel because it has a higher viscosity than fuels obtained from petroleum products, it is converted into smaller molecules ...

2 - Hexanone
Features: 1) S. F.: CH⊂3(CH⊂2)3COCH⊂3 ; 2) M.W.: 100.16 ; 3) Appearance: transparent liquid ; 4) Technical indicators: quality index, physical property index ; 5) Boiling point: 128°C ; 6) Content (wt): >=99% ; 7) Melting Point: -57°C ; 8) Moisture (wt): =<0.3% ; 9) Flash point: 25°C ; 10) Acidity (wt): =<0.05% (by acetic acid) ; 11) Density (20°C/4°C): 0.811 ; 12) Refractive index (n020): 1.401. Cautions: 1) An inflammable liquid, this product may explosively mix with ...

Dimethyl Carbonate
Features: 1) Formula: C3H6O3 ; 2) Under normal temperature, it is a colorless, transparent liquid. ; 3) It can be mixed with such organic solvent as alcohol, ketone, ester, etc. at any proportion but it is slightly soluble in water ; 4) It must be stored in a cool and well-ventilated place ; 5) It must be dealt with in the same way as inflammable chemical products. Specifications: (Conform to ISO9001) ; 1) Appearance: colorless, transparent, liquid ; 2) DMC content, %: >=99.5 ; 3) ...

Propylene Carbonate
Industrial grade standard: 1) Content: >=99.5% ; 2) Moisture: =<0.3% ; 3) Bromide(as Br-): =<0.1 ; 4) Density 20oC (g/cm3): 1.2000±0.005 ; 5) Chromaticity: =<10 ; 6) Index of refraction: 1.420-1.422 ; 7) Ash: =<0.005% Reagent grade standard: 1) Density 20%(g/cm3): 1.2006±1.2060 ; 2) Index of refraction: 1.420-1.422 ; 3) PH (170kg/L solution 25oC): 5.5-7.5 ; 4) Moisture: =<0.1% ; 5) Slag remains burned% =<0.05

We can offer you ethyl acetate with the following characteristics: results ; appearance transparent liquit witiiout mechanical impurities ; Ethylacetate content 99,74 ; Hazen colour 0 ; Density at 20 c, g/cm3 0,900 ; Water content, % 0,035 ; Acidity (as asetic acid) 0,002 ; Nonvolatile components, % 0,0008 ; Aldehydes (as acetic aldehyde) 0,008 ; Relative volatility (as ethyl ether) 3,0 ; Destillahion range at 101325 PA (760 mm hg):95,0% of the product by volume to be destilled between 75,0-76,7

Soyabean Lecithin
Manufacturer of Soyabean Lecithin from China. Features: 1) Acetone insoluble: 60% min. 2) Acid value: 30mgKOH/g max. 3) Moisture: 1% max.

Soyabean Fatty Acid Methyl Ester
We can supply phytosterol and natural ve from china. Our by product soyabean fatty acid methyl ester has a capacity of 1200tons annually. It can be used as lubricant, biodiesel, etc.

Methyl Formate And Formic Acid 85%
We offer Methyl Formate in Bulk as well as in drums of 200kgs in container loads. We offer Formic Acid 85% packed in 35 Kg Carboys in 20' and 40' containers.

Butyl Acetate
Appearance: Transparent liquid without contamination ; Colority 10 ; Density, +20C, KG/m3 0.882 ; Content of main substance, %, min 99,9 ; Content of acid (acetic), %, max 0,003 ; Content of fixed residue, %, max 0,001 ; Temperature limits for distillation (pressure 760 millimeter of mercury) 125,8-127 ; Content of water, %, max 0,1 ; Cmparative volatility 2-3

Phytosterol Sterol Ester
We can supply high quality phytosterol and natural vitamin e. Our capacity for phytosterol is 200tons per year. The raw material is gmo soyabean.

Soya Bean Fatty Acid Methyl Ester
Our company in China stock market main list, is the largest phytosterol, natural vitamin e oil. Our by product is fatty acid methyl ester. Currently the capacity for our fatty acid methyl ester is 1200 tons per year. It can be used as biodiesel and lubricant. Our current content is higher than 90%.

Fatty Acid Methyl Ester
As the largest fatty acid methyl ester manufacture in China, we produced fatty acid methyl ester the index as follows: Standard: Fatty acid methyl ester ; Assay % 95 ; Acidity mg koh/g 3 ; Saponification value mg koh/g 150-180 ; Moisture % 0.5 ; Iodine value g/100g 70-130

Ethylene Carbonate & Propylene Carbonate
Sale for Ethylene Carbonate And Propylene Carbonate from china. Ec: 99.9%min, packing: 200kg/drum ; PC: 99.9%min, packing: 200kg/drum.
Company: Wuxi Shuanghui Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

DMC (2-methacryloyloxyethyltri-methylammonium Chloride)
Introduction: DMC is the abbreviation of methacryloyloxyethyltri-methylammonium chloride. It is produced through the Menschutkin reaction between DMAM and chloromethane. Its quality indexes reach the standard of the same kind of products imported fiom Japan, satisfying the processing requirements of homopolymerisation or copolymerization. DMC is a cationic monomer. It can homopolymerize or copolymerize with other monomers to produce cationic polymers, which have very strong polarity and ...
Company: Wuxi Shuanghui Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Isooctyl Acetate, Isooctyl Ester and 2-Ethyl Hexyl Acetate
1) Colorless liquid with a pleasant fruit fragrance ; 2) Color (APHA): = =98.0% ; 4) Moisture: =<0.05% ; 5) Acidity: =<0.02% ; 6) Specific gravity (d25): 0.872- 0.874

Biodiesel(Methylester) From Wasted Or Virgin Vegetable Oils
We manufacture two types of biodiesel systems to process any wasted or virgin vegetable oil with the innovative savoia bd jet protocol in china.

Triethyl Phosphate (TEP)
Appearance: Achromatic transparent liquid ; Assay:99.5%min ; Acidity:0.05 ; Refractive index:1.405-1.407 ; Packing:200kgs/iron drum ; CAS No.:78-40-0 ; Application: Used as fire-retardant, strength agent of rubber and plastic and the material of pesticides, aging and steady agent of resin.

N-Butyl Ether
Features: 1) M.F.r: CH&sub3;(CH&sub2;)3O(CH&sub2;)3CH&sub3; 2) M.V.: 130.2 ; 3) Appearance: transparent liquid ; 4) Technical indicators: quality index, physical property index ; 5) Boiling point: 142°C ; 6) Content (wt): >=99.5% ; 7) FNP: -95°C ; 8) Moisture (wt): =<0.05% ; 9) Flash point: 25°C ; 10) N-butyl ether (wt): =<0.05% ; 11) Density (20°C / 4°C): 0.769 ; 12) Refractive index (n020): 1.399. Cautions: 1) An inflammable liquid, this product may ...

Glycerol Triacetate
Slightly soluble in water, Soluble in many kinds of organic solvents. This product is mainly used as filter tip of cigarette- plasticizer of secondary cellulose. Also used as flavor, essence, fixative and lubricate of cosmetics. Also used as plasticizer and solvent of printing ink, coating, cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate, ethyl cellulose and cellulose acetate butyrate. Colorless transparent oily liquid, with bitter taste, nontoxic,1) Color (APHA): = =99.0%3) Moisture: =<0.15%4) ...

Chloro-methoxy fat diethylene glycol dinitrate
Chloro-methoxy fat diethylene glycol dinitrate Appearance: Yellowish transparent oily liquid; It is macromolecular weight product with well compatibility with PVC. It has well plastic effect, fire resistant, nontoxic and environmentally friendly. It has ester structure, so it can be used for plasticizer. It also has chlorine element, so it has fire resistance and electrical insulating property 200L plastic drum, net wt 180kg/drum, non-hazardous chemicals.
Company: Jiangsu Changyu Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Triethyl Phosphate
Triethyl Phosphate Appearance: colorless transparent liquid Usage: fire retardant of rubber and plastic, plasticizer, material of insecticide, curing agent of resin and stabilizer. Productivity: 500tons/month Package: 200KG/drum, 16T/container
Company: Jiangsu Changyu Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Antioxidant BHT
Antioxidant BHT CAS No: 128-37-0. Appearance: White crystal. Content: 99.4% min. M.P.: 69-70℃. Free Cresol: 0.02% max. Moisture: 0.1% max Incandesced residue: 0.01% max. Sulfate (as SO4): 20ppm max. Heavy metal (as Pb): 4ppm max. As: 1ppm max.
Product Group: CAS No: 128-37-0
Company: Wuhan star trading co.,ltd    China

Irganox 1010
Irganox 1010 CAS No: 6683-19-8. Appearance: white crystalline powder. Melting point: 110-125oC Volatile(105 oC,2h): 0.5% max. Toluene solubility(2.5g/25ml toluene): clear. Ash: 0.1% max. Transmittance(425nm): 96% min. Transmittance(500nm): 98% min. Effective content: 98% min.
Product Group: CAS No: 6683-19-8
Company: Wuhan star trading co.,ltd    China

Ethylene Glycol
Molecular Weight: 62.07 Cas No.: 107-21-1 HS Code: 29094200 Properties : The ethylene glycol family of products are clear, moderately viscous, hydroscopic liquids at room temperature, For your convenience, below is a summary of specifications and typical properties of the three major ethylene glycols: Ethylene Glycol(EG), Diethylene Glycol(DEG), and Triethylene Glycol(TEG). Applications : 1. Freeze protection, heat transfer and hydraulic fluids; natural gas and hydrocarbon ...
Company: LY Chemicals Co..Ltd.    China

Ethylene Glycol Diacetate Mixture
Ethylene Glycol Diacetate Mixture Specification: CAS No.: 111-55-7 ; Other Names: High Boiling Solvent ; MF: 146 ; Grade Standard: Industrial Grade ; Purity: 99% ; Appearance: Clear Colorness Liquid ; Application: Solvent,Thinner,Auxiliary, Acceler. ; EGDA is a new generation high boiling point solvent with environment protect specialty, which is researched by Zhuhai Feiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. in 2008. Compare to DBE, It&rsquo;s advantage is comfortable smell, wide boiling range, ...
Company: Zhuhai Feiyang Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Ethyl Acetate 141-78-6 Ea
Ethyl Acetate 141-78-6 EA Specification: CAS No.: 141-78-6 ; Other Names: Ethyl Acetate ; MF: CH3COOC2H5 ; EINECS No.: 205-500-4 ; Grade Standard: Agriculture Grade, Food Grade, . ; Purity: 99.9% ; Application: paintings, adhesives. ; Ethyl Acetate 141-78-6 EA CH3COOC2H5 CAS: 141-78-6 PACKAGE: 180KGS/IRON DRUM, 14.4MTS/20FT CONTAINER HAZARD CLASS: 3 (Packing Group: II) UN: 1173 specifications: ITEM SPECIFICATION (%) RESULTS (%) Ethyl acetate 99.5min 99.89 Density at ...
Company: Wuhan Chujiang Chemical Company Limited    China

N-propyl Acetate
N-Propyl Acetate Specification: CAS No.: 109-60-4 ; Other Names: N-Propyl Acetate(NPAC) ; MF: C5H10O2 ; Grade Standard: Electron Grade, Food Grade, Ind. ; Purity: 99.5% ; Appearance: Clear liquid ; Application: Elasticity base stock,Intaglio-use. ; Clear liquid: acetate ; N-Propyl Acetate(NPAC) Specifications Molecular weight: 102.13 Molecule Formula: C5H10O2 Molecule Weight: 102.13 CAS NO.: 109-60-4 Constitutional Formula: CH3COOCH2CH2CH3 Synonyms: N-PROPYL ...
Company: Zhaoxian Yongjin Chemicals Factory    China

Ethyl Acetate99
Ethyl acetate99 Specification: CAS No.: 141-78-6 ; Other Names: Ethyl acetate ; MF: C4H8O2 ; EINECS No.: 205-500-4 ; Grade Standard: Industrial Grade ; Purity: 99.5% ; Appearance: Clear transparent liquid ; Application: solvent,painting,ink,coating etc ; Clear transparent liquid: 99.5 ; Actual Purity over 99.9%,meet customers demandand abroad. Can supply cargos packing in bulk,ISO tank,drum,IBC drum 1.Commodity name: Ethyl Acetae. (This products is only for industrial use,not used as ...
Company: Shijiazhuang Baicheng Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Ethyl Acetate
Ethyl acetate Specification: CAS No.: 141-78-6 ; Other Names: acetic ester ; MF: C4H8O2 ; Purity: 95%min ; Appearance: Transparent liquid ; Color: Transparent ; Index Test result Ethyl acetate &ge; 99.0 99.5 Acidity by acetic acid &le; 0.004 0.004 Water &le; 0.10 0.06 Density g/ cm3 0.897-0.902 0.900 Evaporation deposits &le; 0.001 Passed Qualified Color APHA &le; 10 10 Appearance Transparent liquid, ...
Company: Hebei Shengweilong Commercial & Trade Co., Ltd.    China

S Plasticizer Dbp
s plasticizer DBP 99.5% Specification: CAS No.: 84-74-2 ; Other Names: DBP ; MF: C16H22O4 ; EINECS No.: 201-557-4 ; Grade Standard: Industrial Grade ; Purity: 99.5% ; Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid ; Application: plastic ; MF: C16H22O4 ; apperance: Colorless transparent liquid ; DBP Dibutyl Phthalate. 99.5% Strong solvent plasticizer, can be used in PVS, nitro cellulose, rubber, PEC, ethyl cellulose. Item Index Appearance Transparent oily liquid ...
Company: Shijiazhuang Golden Color Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Sorbitan Trioleate
sorbitan trioleate Specification: CAS No.: 26266-58-0 ; Other Names: span 85, STO ; MF: C60H108O8 ; EINECS No.: 247-569-3 ; Grade Standard: Agriculture Grade, Food Grade, . ; Purity: &ge;98 ; Appearance: clear oily liquid ; Application: emulsifier ; Sorbitan trioleate (span 85)--Technical specification Parameters Standard Value Acid value(mg KOH/g)&le; 15.0 Saponification value (mg KOH/g) 165~180 Hydroxyl value (mg KOH/g) 60~80 Moisture(%)&lt; 2.0 ...
Company: Guangzhou Runhua Food Additive Co., Ltd.    China

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