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List extensive product information of Hydrin, provided by Hydrin manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Glycerin and Refined Glycerine
Glycerine, Refined to USP Grade. Direct offer from producer , Indonesia. Ready for shipment. Glycerin: Raw glycerin available. (80%) ; Impurities arise as water, ash, salt.
Product Group: Glycerine
Company: Eastar Holding Group Co., Ltd.    China

Neopentyl Glycol
Our factory produce neopentylene glycol all year around. The product have many advantages: High quality, low price, huge quantity, the specification is 50kgs/bag,100kgs/bag or drum,180kgs/bag or drum.
Company: Eastar Holding Group Co., Ltd.    China

Ethanol AR Grade, Epichlorohydrin
We are suppliers of ETHANOL AR grade 99.99% from china. Also supply Epichlorohydrin: Purity: minimum 99.9%. Packing: in 220kg drums or in ISO tank.
Company: Eastar Holding Group Co., Ltd.    China

Refined Glycerine (Usp / BP / Technical)
It gives us pleasure to write to you from one of the leading producers of Castor Derivatives and Chlor-Alkali products in china. We manufacture quality Refined Glycerine with the following specifications. Specifications : Refined Glycerine (USP / BP). Chemical analysis : Norms. Appearance : Clear. Odour : Odourless % glycerol by mass min : 99.5. Colour (APHA) max : 10. Fatty acid and ester : <1 ml of 0.5 N NaOH. %Chloride max : 0.001. %Chlorinated Compounds max : 0.003. %Sulphates max : ...
Product Group: Glycerine

Maleic Anhydride
1) Density: 1.48 ; 2) Boiling point: 200 centigrade ; 3) Melting point:52.8 centigrade ; 4) Packaging: 50KG/bag or 25kg/bag.

Fatty Alcohol
Aliphatic alcohol with low and medium carbon can be packed in zinc plating pail,160kg/pail. Aliphatic alcohol with high carbon can be packed in compound bag or woven bag,25kg/bag. 4, Technical requirements. 1) Appearance: Flaky, Powdery, granule or liquid state.

Fufuryl Alcohol
We can supply than 10 varieties of products for export. Among our catalogue, Melamine, Furfuryl alcohol, Urea,2-Furaldehyde, Nitric acid, Flange etc. Fufuryl Alcohol. Purity:98%min. Moisture:0.2%max. Furfural:0.5%max. Acidity:0.01 mol/L max. Cloud point:6 C max

Propylene Glycol
It forms polyester reacting with biatomic acid, nitric acid, nitrate, hydrochloric acid, chlorohydin; Heating with dilute sulfuric acid at 170oC, it forms propionaldehjyde while become carbonyl acetic acid under the impact of oxidizing acid. Specifications: 1) Appearance: Water-white stick-thick liquid ; 2) Content: >=99.5% ; 3) Moisture: =<0.2% ; 4) Specific weight: 1.035 - 1.037 ; 5) Acidity: =<0.50ml ; 6) Slag remains burned:=<0.007% ; 7) Chloride(Cl): =<0.007% ; 8) ...
Product Group: Propylene Glycol

Mannitol, Sodium Alginate
We one of our manufactory can supply you mannitol: Bp93, bp98, usp24, Sodium alginate: Food additives. For printing and dying ; For textile ; In large quantity.

Superfine And Industrial Alcohol
Our production unit is installed to produce Superfine Alcohol min.96% vol. As a bi-product we also produce a quantity of B-grade(Industrial Alcohol) min.94% vol. We carry out production 313 days an year and produce 80 tonnes or 100,000 liters of Superfine Alcohol a day. We supply B-grade/Industrial alcohol locally and the superfine substance is supplied to an array of clients Internationally.

Grain Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol
We make and sell grain ethyl alcohol: Rectified the maximum clearing, Extra, Lyuks in china. Also sell genuine Sugar Cane Ethanol, that can be used in the chemical industry, among others.

Crude Glycerine
We can offer Crude glycerine of American Origin at great prices. The glycerine which is a popular seller from us at the moment has 80% glycerol content, but we can make the crude glycerine to your exact specs.

Pentaerythritol 95% And 98%
We are a good supplier for penta 95%, and our prodcuts are according the following standard. If it is for your demand. Please let us know freely. A) pentaerythritol 95%min. 1)specification: Pentaerythritol:95% min, Hydroxyl value:47.5%min , Ash content 0.1% max, Reduce in weight after heating:0.1%max, phthalic color:2max

High purity pentaerythritol: Description: Pentearythritol is white crystalline maiwly used as the material for alkyd resin, rosin esters, printinginks. Specification: Appearance: White crystalline odorless solid or powder ; Mono-pewt%:98min ; Hydroxyl value%:48.5min ; Moisture wt%:0.2max ; Ash wt%:0.05max ; Phthalic color:1max. Industrial pentaerythritol: Description: It's white crystalline, as the material for alkyd resin, rosin esters, PVC stablizers and fire-refardant etc. ...
Product Group: Pentaerythritol

Packing: Mainly used in the production of Alkyd resins, rosin esters, dry oil, coating, etc. Properties: white crystalline odorless solid or powder. Specifications: Mono pentaerythritol, %: 95.0 min. Hydroxyl content, %: 47.7min. Moisture content, %: 0.5max. Ash content, %: 0.1max. Phthalic color: 1max. Packing: in PP woven plastic bags with PE liner, net weight 25kg
Product Group: Pentaerythritol

Menthol And Menthol Balm
We can supply series high quality Chinese origin menthol produucts with famous brand, such as natural menthol crystal, menthol balm, peppermint oil, etc.

Glycerine: Purity: 99.5% Min. Color APHA (25C): 5 Max. Density (20C): 1.2598 Min. Viscosity (Mpas): 70 Min. Refractive index (ND20): 1.4400-1.4700. PH Value: 6-8. Pb: 0.001% Max. As: 0.00005% Max. Quantity of Germs (unit/ml): 50 Max. Chlorides: 0.001% Max. Sulfates (SO4): 0.001% Max. Fatty Acid and Ester: 0.5ml. Residues on Ignition: 0.005% Max. Heat resistance: 250C. Freeze resistance: -12C to -8C. Most of our clients used our Glycerine in pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry and ...
Product Group: Glycerine

Ethanol Anhydrous 99.6% / Hydrous 96%
We have available Ethanol at SOFT prices as below: Anhydrous 99.6%, Hydrous 96% from china. Also supply Methanol: Commodity = Methanol ; Quantity = 5,000 MT.

Properties: White crystal powder without any visible foreign matters. Soluble in water, slightly soluted in alcohol, dissolvable in benzene, ether and petroleum ether etc., Esters will be formed by reaction with common organic acid; no reaction take place when it is heated with dilute caustic solution. INDEX CONTENT MONOPENTAERYTHRITOL 98% min HYDROXYL GROUPS 49%min ASH 0.03% max loss on heating 0.2%MAX Melting point 250 ÂșC PHTHALIC COLOR ...
Product Group: Pentaerythritol
Company: Aoqi Shijiazhuang Chemical Co.,Ltd    China

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