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Tri allyl Iso cyanurate(TAIC)
The product is stable under normal temperature. It can be stored under room temperature over a long period of time. Its function is triallyl when initiated by oxide, TAIC is easier to take homopolymer reaction than other allyl to produce faint yellow, transparent and solid homopolymer. TAIC can also take homopolymer reaction with vinyl monomer. It can change to be homopolymer in block after being heated to 140() in the air. 1)Cross link and modifier of polyolefin ; 2)Vulcanization aid for ...
Company: Jiangsu Ruijia Chemistry Co., Ltd.    China

Ferrocene Carboxylic Acid
1) CAS No. [1271-42-7] ; 2) Molecular formula: C11H10O2Fe ; 3) Molecular weight: 230.04 ; 4) Appearance: yellow crystal powder ; 5) Purity: 98% min. ; 6) Melting point: 205 - 210oC ; 7) Usage: a) Important synthetic intermediate and electronic chemical ; b) Widely used in attributive material of VCD & DVD, and in liquid crystal material components of liquid crystal equipment ; c) Also used in the preparation of enzyme attributive electrode ; d) Used as catalyst in the asymmetric reaction ...
Company: Jiangsu Ruijia Chemistry Co., Ltd.    China

Hydroxylamine HCL (High Purity)
A white crystal substance with easy liquefaction and a specific gravity of 17/4oC; 1.67. Its melting point is 152oC and it dissolves in water, ethanol and glycerin, and is reconstituted in ether. Details: 1) Appearance: white crystal ; 2) Content: 99%min. ; 3) Moisture: 0.4%max ; 4) Iron: 0.0005%max ; 5) Sulfate: 0.02%max
Company: Jiangsu Ruijia Chemistry Co., Ltd.    China

Diacetione Acrylamide
1) Appearance: while or slight yellow crystal ; 2) Boiling Point: 120°C ; 3) Melting POINT: 54°C ; 4) Flash Point: 126°C ; 5) Viscosity: 17.9mpa.s ; 6) Purity: >=99% ; 7) Moisture: =100 ; b) Methanol (g/100g solv): >=100 ; c) Methyl cyanide (g/100g solv): >=100 ; d) Terahydrofuran (g/100g solv): >=100.

Zinc Sulfate(Seven-water Molecule)
Used mainly in mordant,wood antiseptic,manufacture of Zincate, adhesive fiber, vinlylon,zinc-micro-fertillzer,printing and dyeing, galvanization, monosudium glutamate ,doze of anti-insect-harm etc. Seven-water zinc sulfate ZnSO4.7H2O:99%min

Diisopropyl Xanthogen Disulfide
Synonyms: Diproxid ; Isopropyl xanthogen disulfide ; Cas no.:105-65-7 ; Formula: C8h14o2s4. Appearance: Slightly yellow white crystalline powder. Purity:96% min. Melting point:53 deg. Ash:0.3% max. Moisture:0.5% max. Specific gravity:1.31

Applications: As a medium of polymers, monomer polymerization inhibitor, dyestuff and auxliary, as anti-oxygen in food processing and medicine, petrol anti-coagulator, as well as film, photo and X-ray film developer.
Product Group: Hydroquinone

Thiourea 99.0% Min
Commodity: Thiourea 90%min ; Loss after heated: 0.4%max ; Ash content: 0.05%max ; Insoluble in water: 0.02%max ; CNS-: 0.02%max ; Melting point: 171Deg. C. Min ; Packing: 25kg or 50kg PP woven bags

1) Porduct name: (1S,2S)-(-)-1,2- Diphenylethylenediamine ; 2) CAS no.: 29841-69-8 ; 3) MF: C14H16N2 ; 4) FW: 212.29 ; 5) Properties: colourless needle crystals with the smell of amine and not solube in water but easily soluble in methanol and ethanol; it is easily oxidated in the air ; 6) Product specification: a) Purity: 97.0% min. b) Ee: 99.0% min. c) Specific rotation: [a]D20 =+100 ~ +103° (C=1, EtOH).

Tert-Butyl Chloride
1) Purity wt, %>=99.0 ; 2) Color APHA=<50 ; 3) Isobutene wt, %=<0.7 ; 4) Other impurities wt, %=<0.3 ; 5) Moisture ppm=<300. Used to synthesize organic perfume, musk xylene, medicine pesticides and other fine chemicals.

Diacetone Acrylamide
1) Diacetone acrylamide is an important kind of refined chemical industry product ; 2) Widely used in coating, adhesive, epoxy resin curing agent, light-sensitive resin auxiliary agent, textile auxiliary agent, medical sanitation as well as many other fields. Specifications: 1) Appearance: white or light yellow acicular or sheet crystal ; 2) Melting point: 53 ~ 57 C ; 3) Content: >=99%

Organic Intermediates
We are manufacturer of Organic Intermediates in china. Basic red 9 ; Specifications: Quality conternt>=99%; Moisture content<=15%; Appearance: Brown red powder.

Ethylene Glycol Methyl Ether
1) Appearance: colorless transparent liquid ; 2) Purity: ≥99.50% ; 3) Moisture: ≤0.2% ; 4) Distillation temperature range: 123.5 to 127oC

Acetic Anhydride
This product is used in various industries mainly in the production of cellulose acetate and pharmaceuticals such as Aspirin, Acetaminophen and etc.

Maleic Anhydride
We supply Maleic Anhydride with high quality. The specification of maleic anhydride as follows: Appearance: White pastille. Purity wt%:99.7 min. Melten colour:20max. Solidifying point 52.4 degree min. Ash 20 ppm max. Iron 5 ppm max.

Chemical Intermediate
Available chemical intermediates from china: 1) P-bromophenol ; 2) Imidazole ; 3) Octanoic chloride ; 4) P-Cyanophenol ; 5) 98% Bifenthrin alcohol

1) Appearance: light yellow crystal powder ; 2) Assay: 99% min. (HPLC) ; 3) Moisture: 0.5% max. ; 4) Ash: 0.2% max. ; 5) Application: pharmaceutical intermediate

Hydroxylamine HCl
Spec1: Content: 98%min. Moisture: 0.5%max ; Spec2: Content: 99%min. Moisture: 0.4%max Iron: 0.0005%max Sulfate: 0.02%max. ; Spec3: Content: 99%min. Moisture: 0.3%max Iron: 0.0005%max Sulfate: 0.002%max

Ludigol S (Meta-Nitro Benzene Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt)
1. Specification: Diazo value (concentrated): 90%min. Moisture: 3.0%max. Impurity: 0.2%max. PH value: 7 - 9. 2. Packing: 25kg net weight plastic woven bag. We also can supply DSD Acid, Chromic Acid, Sodium Dichromate Dihydrate, Cyanuric Chloride, Sulfanilic Acid.

N-methyl Pyrrolidine
Properties: B.P.80-81℃, Gravity: 0.819, soluble in many organic solvent. Specification: Conten%: >=99 ; Moisture%: =<0.5. Application: Mainly used as intermediate of medicine and other organic synthesis.

1-Hydroxy-2-Naphthoic Acid
1) Formula: C11H8O3 ; 2) Molecular weight: 188.2 ; 3) Appearance: white or pale grey powder ; 4) Melting point: 183°C ; 5) Assay: 97.0% min ; 6) Water content: 0.3% max ; 7) Application: used for anti-oxydation reagent

Laurly Bromide
Features: 1) CAS No.: 143-15-7 ; 2) Organic synthesis intermediate. Specifications: 1) Appearance: colorless transparent liquid ; 2) Assay: ≥99.0% ; 3) Moisture: ≤0.1% ; 4) Color: ≤20APHA ; 5) Non-volatile residue: ≤50ppm ; 6) Free acid: ≤50ppm.

Methyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Butyl Paraben
We are the suppliers for Methyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben and its sodium salts, Butyl Paraben with very competitive prices from china.

Thiourea is the diamide of thiocarbonic acid that resembles urea but contains sulfur instead of oxygen. Thiourea is the main raw material of producing thiourea dioxide, which presents a white sheen slice, pillar or needle form shining crystallize body. It can dissolves in cold water, ammonium sulphur prussic acid and alcohol, also easily dissolves in hot water, but hardly dissolves in aether. Thiourea is a fine chemicals product with high additive value,which is widely applied in various ...
Company: Henan Hongye Chemical Company    China

DL-Panthenol Other Name: (±)-2,4-dihydroxy-N-(3-hydroxypropyl)-3,3-dimethy1(±)-Pantothenylalcohol INCI Name: Panthenol Molecular Formula: C9H19NO4 Formula Weight: 205.25 CAS NO.: 16485-10-2 Inspection Standards Appearance White Crystal Powder Assay 99.0% - 102.0% Melting rang 64.5 and +68.5°C Specific Rotation -0.05° to +0.05° Loss on dry max. ...
Product Group: DL-Panthenol
Company: Hangzhou Wan Jing New Material Co., Ltd    China

Zinc Pyrithione
Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) Chemical Name : Bis(1-hydroxy-2(1H)-pyridineselonato-O,S) zinc; 1-hydroxypyridine-2-thione zinc Other Name: Pyrithione Zinc; zinc bis(pyridine-2-thiol) di-1-oxide; zinc bis(1,2-dihydro-2-thioxo-1-pyridyl) dioxide; Zinc Omadine; Mercaptopyridinenoxide zinc salt; 98%; Zinc Pyrithione; 2-Mercaptopyridine N-oxide zinc salt CAS number : 13463-41-7 Specifications : Name ZPT- 50 ZPT Powder Appearance white paste ...
Product Group: Zinc Pyrithione
Company: Hangzhou Wan Jing New Material Co., Ltd    China

Hydroxyacetic acid
Hydroxyacetic acid Hydroxyacetic acid is the smallest α-hydroxy acid (AHA). This colorless, odorless, and hygroscopic crystalline solid is highly soluble in water. It is used in various skin-care products. Specification: CAS NO.:79-14-1 ITEM NO. VK-G01 VK-G02 Appearance white crystal colorless liquid Assay ≥ % 99.5 70 Insolvable ≤ % 0.01 0.01 ignition ...
Product Group: Hydroxyacetic Acid
Company: Hangzhou Wan Jing New Material Co., Ltd    China

Dehydroabietylamine 1. Properties: a. Yellow liquid b. It is the main ingredient of rosin amine c. Solve in most of organic solvent, such as mellow wine, ether, hydrocarbon and chlorine solvent. d. Not solve in cold water, and slightly solving in warm water. 2. Specification: Name Dehydroabietylamine Appearance Light yellow liquid Specific rotation [a]D20 ≥+56°(C=2.4 pyridine) Total ...
Company: Hangzhou Wan Jing New Material Co., Ltd    China

Fasudil Hydrochloride API Intermeidates
We are Manufacturer & Supplier of Fasudil Hydrochloride API+Intermeidates CAS 103745-39-7 with following detail: Product Name:Fasudil hydrochloride CAS No :105628-07-7 (103745-39-7) Molecular formula:C14H17N3O2S.HCl Molecular weight :327.83 Standard: State Specification Application:Antihypertension Loss on Drying: Not more than 2.5 % Residue on Ignition: Not more than 0.1% Heavy Metals: Not more than 20ppm Related Substances: Not more than1.0% Assay: 99% ...
Company: Chengdu Sino-Strong Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.    China

Zofenopril Calcium API Intermeidates
We are Manufacturer & Supplier of Zofenopril Calcium API+Intermeidates CAS 81938-43-4 with following features: Zofenopril Calcium CAS:81938-43-4 Molecular formula:C22H22NO4S2 1/2Ca Molecular weight: 448.59 Application:Antihypertension Zofenopril calcium Specification Product Zofenopril Calcium Reference standard Enterprise standard Items Specification Appearance White or whitish crystalline powder Loss on drying Not more than 0.5% Heavy metals Not more than 20ppm ...
Company: Chengdu Sino-Strong Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.    China

Dolasetron Mesylate USP3.0 API Intermeidates
We are Manufacture & Supplier of Dolasetron Mesylate USP3.0 API+Intermeidates CAS 115956-13-3 with following detail: Dolasetron Mesylate CAS 115956-13-3 Molecular formula: C19H20N2O3S.H2O Molecular weight: 438.50 Application: Antiemetic Dolasetron Mesylate (Specification): Product Dolasetron Mesylate Reference standard Specification Of USP 30 Items Specification Appearance White or whitish powder Water content:Not more than 4.7% Residue on ignition Not more than 0.1% ...
Company: Chengdu Sino-Strong Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.    China

Atracurium Besylate API+Intermediates
We are Manufacturer & Supplier of Atracurium Besylate API+Intermediates CAS 64228-81-5 with following detail: Product Name:Atracurium Besylate CAS No :64228-81-5 Molecular formula:C53H72N2O12.2(C6H5O3S) Molecular weight :1243.48 Standard: State Specification Specific optical rotation Between -50 ~ -60° Heavy metals Not more than 20ppm Water content Not more than 5.0% Residue on ignition Not more than 0.2% Total impurities Not more than 3.5% Single impurity ...
Product Group: Atracurium Besylate
Company: Chengdu Sino-Strong Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.    China

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