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Detailed Fluorobenzene Description:

Specification: CAS No.: 462-06-6 ; Other Names: Fluorobenzene ; MF: C6H5F ; Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Pharmaceutica. ; Purity: 99.9% ; Application: For insecticidal, ovicidal agents,. ; Appearance: colourless liquid ;
Fluorobenzene can be used for identification of plastics and resinous polymer. Fluorobenzene and -chloro can be condensed to produce chlorinated flubendazolum butyl ketone which is used for producing antipsychotic drugs. Fluorobenzene and phenyl lithium react in diethyl ether, make fluorine atoms be replaced by phenyl through benzyne and then produce biphenyl. 2, 4-dinitrofluorobenzene which is nitryl derivant of fluorobenzene can be condensed with amino and form N-2,4-binitro derivant. It has important significance on structural research of protein and peptide, being used for the research of sucrose degradation. It is mainly used for making specific psychotolytic drugs like haloperidol, etc. It can be used to produce chlorinated flubendazolum butyl ketone, biphenyl, 2, 4-dinitrofluorobenzene.

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