Polyene propyl amine hydrochloride

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Detailed Polyene propyl amine hydrochloride Description:

Polyene propyl amine hydrochloride
English name Poly real (allylamine hydrochloride)
Product name poly (acryl amine hydrochloride)
Molecular formula (C3H7N) n.x HCl
The molecular weight of 10000-10000
The CAS login number 12-71550-4
Specification: content of 98%
Specification: 49-52% solid content
Appearance is colorless to light yellow viscous liquid or light yellow powder.
Series of widespread use of the product. Can be used for the following industries,
1) fabric and textile industry as a direct and reactive dyes fixing agent; Used as antistatic agent
2) metal surface treatment used in metal processing and lubricating oil additives, metal chelating agent
3) printing ink used for printing ink, toner, fade resistance and waterproof
4) electronic material with all sorts of detergent and resist additive
5) water treatment can be used in the production of new type water treatment agent is used
6) other: formaldehyde absorbent, paint and ink additives, all kinds of polymer bridging agent, and pharmaceutical intermediates, and so on
Packing of 200 kg/barrel, 25 kg/barrel

Polyene propyl amine hydrochloride
  • Packing: 200/桶
  • Products ID: 140307
  • Product Category: Organic Intermediate
  • Post date: Dec 2, 2013
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Polyene propyl amine hydrochloride in China.


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Company: Zouping Mingxing Chemical Co. Ltd.
Region: , China
Contact Person: Mr.chengpu
Telephone: 86-15054380796

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