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List extensive product information of PVC Profiles, provided by PVC Products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

PVC Clear Rigid Sheet
1) Adopting internationally advanced extrusion equipment production ; 2) Product specifications: 0.30 ~ 2.00mm x 1530mm ; 3) Because of fine proportions in thickness, the width can be slitted according to customers' requests ; 4) Transparent fin, colorful arts and crafts fin, and Christmas tree leaf, various custom-made half-hardness sheets available ; 5) Widely applied to cultural and sport articles, various packing, and decoration fields, multi-purpose post-processing backing.
Company: Zhejiang Huazhijie Plastic Building Material Co., Ltd.    China

PVC Decoration Board, PVC Crystal Sheet
PVC Decoration Board: 1) Widely used to decorate furniture and vehicles ; 2) Easy to install ; 3) Colorful ; 4) Long lasting. PVC Crystal Sheet: 1) Thickness: >=0.5; = =1000; =<1370.
Company: Zhejiang Huazhijie Plastic Building Material Co., Ltd.    China

PVC Resin In Emulsion To Sieve
We can supply PVC Resin from china. 18.500kg. available in our warehouse. Material packed in big-bag.
Company: Zhejiang Huazhijie Plastic Building Material Co., Ltd.    China

PVC Self-adhesive Foil, PVC Seal Strip
PVC Self-adhesive Foil For Lettering: Sizes: 0.10mm x45cm x 15m. Packing: 12rolls/carton. Weight: 14kg/carton. PVC Seal Strip: 1) Odorless ; 2) No pollution to the environment ; 3) High flame retardance.

PVC / POF Shrink film
PVC shrink film are mainly used in color printing , producing and other products' outer package, POF shrink film are used in stationary, electric and package.

PVC Non-Adhesive Electric Insulation Tape
1) Dimensions: 0.10 x 20 x 2,000mm ; 2) Uses: car wire harness, household electrics and other uses ; 3) Accords with China State Standards for inflammability and aging

PVC Compound
PVC Compound: 1) Stable extrusion ; 2) Can be extruded in various cross-sectional shapes according to requirement

PVC Cup Pad, PVC Bag
Our company are specialized in manufacturing PVC Pad, PVC bags and pvc promotion gifts etc. Fruit Model PVC Bag Material: transparent pvc and colored pvc ; It used for install coin or other small things.

PVC Logo
Can be used with a variety of materials, the process being extremely flexible. Special features include light reflective, fluorescent, three-dimensional decals and liquid formed, air formed and eiderdown filled labels. They can be used as chest badges, shoulder labels, hang tags and tags. Such labeling appears on a diverse range of products, and has wide application in gifts, children's wear, casual wear, eiderdown garments, suitcases, boxes, shoes and hats. All products are tailored to ...

PVC Flame-Retardant Cable Ducts
1) PVC troughs and ducts ; 2) Mainly made of PVC, CaCO3 and by processing aids ; 3) Used for protection and insulation of wires, cables, and telecom lines.

PVC Card
PVC Card: 1) Material: PVC paper ; 2) Custom requirements are available ; 3) Dimensions: 80 x 50mm, 85.5 x 54mm

PVC Recycled Pellets And Mixing Powder
We offer PVC pellets and PVC Mixing powder. All the product can be use without add any additives. 1. Formula of Rigid: PVC 100 ; TiO2 8.5 ; Filler(CaCO3) 7.0 ; Processing Aid 2.0 ; Impact Modifier 8.5 ; Tin Stabliser 1.8 ; Pigments 1.0. 2. Formula of Soft: PVC K60 100 ; DINP 70 ; DOP 1.5-2 ; CaCO3 8-10 ; Stearic Acid 0.1-0.2 ; Pigment 1

PVC Rgrind
1. Origin of material: Regrind from cable. 2. Material details: -mixed colours, -lead content <1 %, -pe content <2%. 3. Supply quantity per month:100 MT. 4. Loading quantity: Per 40ft container:24/25 MT. 5. Pricing:151.00 euros/MT FOB Barcelona. 6. Export packing details: Big bags on pallet. 7. Loading port of shipment: Barcelona. 8. Payment terms: Irrevocale L/c,30 days. 9. Delivery time after receipt of payment:30 days max. After the reception of L/c. 10. Sample policy: We have no ...

PVC Pipes
We have available PVC pipes (post industrial). 2 containers per month. Different sizes. Bulk loaded in export sea container. Mix colors (cannot separate colors ).

PVC Coated Polyester Fabric, PVC Film, PVC Tape
PVC Coated Polyester Fabric, usually made for bags and cases (with different specifications). PVC Colored Marble Effect Self Adhesive Film: Used for furniture, book covers, in kitchens, bathrooms and nurseries, etc. PVC Pressure-Sensitive Electric Insulation Tape: 1) Thickness: >=0.10mm ; 2) Widths: 17, 18, 19, 20, 25 and 31.7mm.

PVC Foam Sheet
1) Dimensions: 1.22m x 2.44m, thickness: 1 to 20mm ; 2) Type: PVC free foam board, PVC co-extrusion foam board ; 3) Application: screen printing, laser engraving, ad boards, exhibition display, sign boards, can work as the substitution of wood material.

PVC Bags
PVC Bags: 1) Material: PP ; 2) With various beautiful printings according to customer's requirements ; 3) Used to pack toiletry, etc.

Pvc Transparent Sheet (Rigid & Flexible)
Pvc Transparent Sheet (Rigid & Flexible), Rigid PVC transparent sheet, pvc sheet, pvc clear sheet, pvc transparent sheet, pvc board: Thickness: 1.5mm-20mm; Size: 1300x2000mm, 1220X2440mm or other. Feature and Application: 1. High strength, good transparence and fine heat resistant, non-toxic, sanitation, physical property is better than organic glass. 2. The product is widely used as equipment protecting cover, decoration materials, water tank, liquid crystal display ...
Company: Cangzhou No.3 Plastic Co.Ltd    China

Color pvc celluca board
Introduction: PVC Celuka Sheet is the developed products of pvc foam board.Compared wiht pvc free foaming board, pvc celuka board not only has much more somooth surface, but also has better hardness.So it has become an extremely versatile material and suitable for internal and some external applications. It is available in white,and very popular in the international market, it's in matte and glossy finish in selected sizes. It has excellent UV resistance outdoor. Features: ...
Product Group: Pvc Foam Board, Pvc Foam Sheet
Company: Jinan Huixue Plastic Co.,Ltd    China

PVC celling panel
PVC celling panel adopts macromolecular PVC blended with a certain proportion of foaming agent , stabilizing agent , UV absorbent , antioxidants , antiseptics and anti-impact modifiers , which are polymerized under high temperature . The products are heat insulating , sound proof , fire retardant , worm resistant and aging resistant with assorted colors and beautiful appearance .
Product Group: Pvc Panel
Company: Jiaxing Aokai Construction Material Co., Ltd.    CHINA

Dibasic Lead Phosphite
Diphos is particularly effective in inhibiting the degradation of PVC exposed to UV radiation, thus it may be used as the primary stabiliser in products intended for outdoor applications. It is effective in both rigid and flexible formulations for mouldings, extrusions and calendered products such as cable sheathing, rainwater fittings and window frame profiles. Diphos is very effective when used in conjunction with Tribasic Lead Sulphate.
Company: ShiJiaZhuang TaiChang Non-ferrous Metal Co.,Ltd    China

Tribasic Lead Sulphate
White powder, smell sweet, slightly dissoluble in water and dissoluble in nitric acid, hot chloric acid, ammonium acetate and sodium acetate solutions, Lost crystallization, Tribasic Lead Sulphate, 3PbO, PbSo4, H20, is the most popular and versatile lead stabilisers for PVC. It is one of the most cost effective stabilisers available, and is used in both rigid and flexible PVC compounds for a wide range of end product applications.Main application is used for PVC heat stabilizer in plastic ...
Company: ShiJiaZhuang TaiChang Non-ferrous Metal Co.,Ltd    China

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