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List extensive product information of Paint (include Acrylic Paint, Emulsion Paint, Spray Paint, Glow Paint), provided by Paint manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Paint Paddles And Paint Stir Sticks
Available sizes:6"; 7"; 9"; 12"; 14"; 21". Available in pine, poplar, basswood, birch and hard wood. Some products can be round edged(Straight no grooves). We can also supply the paint paper strainers.
Company: Chongqing Huahui Paint Co., Ltd.    China

Luxury Emulsion Paint
1) Environmentally friendly ; 2) Premium quality ; 3) Long lasting fungus and alkali resistance ; 4) Excellent adhesion and water resistance.
Company: Chongqing Huahui Paint Co., Ltd.    China

Interior & Exterior Paints
The surfaces which emulsionPaint is to be applied on should be sound, smooth, dry, clean and suitable to painting. Otherwise, surface should be cleaned from old and loose paint residues. Cracks and roughness on the surface should be smoothed with satin gypsum or Viola Prima Interior and Exterior Surface Putty . After this pretreatment, the surface should be sanded and sand dusts should be removed from the surface. In order to decrease the paint consumption, surface should be primed with ...
Company: Chongqing Huahui Paint Co., Ltd.    China

Paint Tools Kit, Paint Brush
We supply Paint Brush, paint rollers, scrapers, extension poles, and other painting tools from china. 5-Piece Paint Brush: 1) Size: 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" ; 2) Plastic filaments ; 3) Handle: Wood handle ; 4) Ferrule: Copper-plated, nickle-plated, tin-plated

UV Coating Varnish
UV coating for wooden goods, plastic and ABS, paper and UV vacuum film coating, high-grade UV coating for mobile phone.

Decorative Shell Fireproof Paint
1) A new and efficient fireproof paint, made of acrylic resin with the addition of various fire retardants and fireproof materials ; 2) Excellent expansion and foaming performance meet the fireproof requirements of national standard level one for wet brushing of 500g/m2 ; 3) Good water resistance, alkali resistance, weatherproof and decoration performance ; 4) Widely applicable fore fire protection of wood structures, PVC pipes and cable surfaces used in general industrial and civil ...

Printing Stretched Canvas
1) Printing stretched canvas ; 2) Material: 100% cotton, 280gsm ; 3) Staples on the back ; 4) Any design and size available.

Interior and Exterior Spray Paint
1) A fast drying lacquer spray that creates a smooth, professional finish on metal, plastic or wooden objects ; 2) Fast to dry, durable, excellent weatherability ; 3) Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

PE Powder Coating
Thermoplastic powder coating. Excellent flexibility, insulating property and resistant to chemcial and low temperature. Suitable for thick coating. Non-poisonous. Types Available: A, Standard type; B, weather resistant type; C, engineering type ; A: suitalbe for bike parts, toy, tools, etc. ; B: suitable for exterior structures, air conditioner casing, etc. ; C: suitable for road grid, exterior grille, chemical equipment, pipe, etc. ; Application condition: Pre-heat the part to be coated to ...

Paint Roller
9" foam paint roller with pad (metal and foam material) from china. Relative items: HD0122, HD2201, HD2202 and more.

Lyssolen 8 Polyurethane Varnish
Two components (a+b) polyurethane varnish for parquet and wood floors. Higly resistant to abrasion and household chemical products. Tough and stain-proof. Quick drying all year round. Based on no harmful for health dissolvents. Glossy, satin, semimatt or matt. Plastic bottled or tin of 0.5,1,5,10 and 20 litres.

Glow In The Dark Paint
Photoluminescent water-based acrylic paint is a novel environmentally friendly paint developed by our company. Adopting water as the medium, with the advantages of non-toxicity, hard-flammability, good adhesion, good weather-resistance, outstanding luminous effect, it can be used on the surface of such materials as cement, wood, metal and plastic etc.

Emulsion Binder For Paint
We are offering a water based emulsion binder for paint. It is an excellent base for interior and exterior emulsion paint imparting water resistance, wash ability, longer life penetration and applications.

Advanced Matt Outer Wall Paint
This product which is made by the most advance technology in the world currently, is the best choice of high-quality raw materials. It is a high-quality constructive outer wall coating and has the function of scrubbing-enduring and aging-resistant. Features: 1) Strong coverage: scrubbing-enduring ; 2) Film rigid: mold and algae resistant ; 3) Color lasting: best price for good quality ; 4) Matt effect

Chloridize Polyethylene Antisepsis Lacquer
Composition: This lacquer is made of hi-chloridize polyethylene resin as basic material, and add with denatured resin, anti-rust pigment, filling agent, plasticizing agent and solvent. Speciality: This lacquer has good resistance of chemical atmosphere, salt fog, cauterization of acid, alkaliand salt, ozone, aging, water, heat, cold. Also it has drip-dry film and convenient with construction. Type: Fldg52-10-d iron oxide red, mica-iron antisepsis priming coat fldg52-10-z antisepsis mid-coat ...

LAT Glow Paint
We main R&D and produce related luminescent products, including LAT glow paint (water base paint), decoration items, glow safety signs, glow light fittings and glow canvas. We produce all of our products local in China. All of our products have an unique character, after they absorb strong ray such as sunshine or daylight lamp for 15-20 minutes, they can glow in whole dark for more than 10-12 hours.

Harmless Natural Paint
Hometerior water based paint helps users express an elegant and beautiful interior with a wide spectrum of colors. It is harmless to people who stay at home for long hours such as children or women and has the property of fungus resistance.

GTN Natural Wood Stain
Almost every existing wood stain contains harmful materials to human body from it's petrochemical contents. But GTN oil stain guarantee no toxic volatile materials since it is very environment friendly material made of vegetavle oils. The waste of petrochemical products cannot be recycled and become main cause for earth pollution. On the contrary, the waste of GTN wood stain can be recycled into high quality manyre. Besides, it has excellent performance in antisepsis, water proof and ...

Automatic Clamping Paint Shaker
1) Application: 0.5L ~ 20L barreled paint ; 2) Height range: 80 ~ 410mm ; 3) Vibration frequency: 710 times/min ; 4) Rated voltage: 220V ; 5) Frequency: 50/60Hz ; 6) Rated power: 750W ; 7) Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 900 x 820 x 1100mm

Special Flower Painting Liquid
We are paint manufacturer in china. The special painting liquid is used for painting on flowers with vivid pattern. The definition is up to 4,800dpi.

Cardanol, CashewPhenol For Paints, Epoxy, Laminates, Resins
Fiberglass drywall joint tape is a kind of woven fiberglass alkali-resistant netlike fabric that has been coated with adhesive and cut into the required sizes. It is widely used for reinforcing wall surfaces in buildings, and is an ideal material for preventing wall cracks. This self-adhesive mesh tape is applied directly to drywall joints and then covered with setting compound.

Happion HiAnHaNae Paints
HiAnHaNae is an all natural paint which is different from existing regular paint. The main compound of HiAnHaNae paint is derived from all natural minerals and is not harmful to human body. Using the Natural anion element addition technology, HiAnHaNae releases 600ion/cc semi-permanently therefore it is a new conceptual product. HiAnHaNae is water-based paint to be used indoor for well-being of your health. Due to generation of anion in the air, it neutralizes all positive ions which harms ...

Marine & Industrial Paint, Building Paint
We have excess inventory of new JOTUN Paints from china. Also producer and exporte of building paints with all kinds of colours.

Chrome Effect Spray Paint
Application: The paints can dry fast and provide coatings with metal (chrome) effect. They can be applied on surfaces that need chrome plate. The films can resist UV irradiation, prevent deterioration and corrosion of the materials applied. It can also be applied for glass and plastics, with films that can be compared with the chrome plated surfaces. The films should avoid be scratching or clashing to avoid the damage of metal effect. Directions: 1. Clean surface thoroughly, removing all ...

Car Paint, Plastic Paint, Acrylic Varnish
Car Paint: 2k paint products ; N. C products ; Clear coat ; Hardner ; Thiner. Acrylic Varnishes: High-quality acrylic varnish, made in Germany, 10 different colours, packed 6 pieces per carton. Also sell Plastic Paints ofr interior & exterior.

Paint Colour Charts
Thanks to its Colour Analysis and Management System applied in the laboratory environment using modern technology, We Offset has the means to produce high quality colour charts. We professionals tackle scientific work according to the LAB values as well as DE values. That is the secret of how we are able to provide you with the alternatives of opaque, semi-opaque, silky, satin and bright products.

Viper Paint For Steel And Wood
We distribute steel/iron and wood paints used for home buildings and industrial. We accept making custom colors by request as we have facilities to do the researchs and experiments required to produce hi-quality paints suitable for both interior and exterior.

White Interior / Exterior Acrylic Paint
For Sale: 3960 gallons of Water based vinyl/ acrylic emulsion (White Only) for interior/ exterior architectural coatings in Flat (3060gals. ) and Semi-Gloss (900gals. ) Finish. Product is fresh white surplus paint (in5-gal. Packaging).

Micaceous iron oxide grey and red as additive in antirust paints
We are one biggest of mica ferric oxide ash and mica ferric oxide red OEM in Anhui China. These two products all are used in chemical industrial like painting and coating industrials. The detailed specifications of them are as below: Mica ferric oxide ash Fe2O3: 85-93% Min; Water 0.5%Max; Water mixture 0.1%Max; pH 6.0-8.0; Oil Absorption 9-12%; SiO2 3.0% Color Steel grey Size 325mesh, 400 mesh and 500 mesh. Mica ferric oxide red: Fe2O3 85-90% Min; Water 0.5%Max; Water ...
Product Group: Paints Additive
Company: Tongling Yuguo Minerals Co.,Ltd    China

Chromium Oxide Green
Name:chromium oxide green Purity%:99.0Min Water soluble matter%:0.40Max Residue on 325 mesh%:0.30Max Moisture%:0.30Max Appearance:Green powder or Granular Packing:25kg in net PP bag, 20MT in the 20'FCL Uses:Used in the chrome smelt and chromium carbide, the dyeing agent of porcelain enamel and ceramic, leatheroid,structure material,sunlight fast coating,abradant,green polish paste,ink,catalyst.
Company: Hebei Natural Chemicals Co., Ltd    China

Titanium DIoxide
Titanium Dioxide Titanium DIoxide Anatase Type Tio2 98%Min Volatile Content 0.4%Max Water Soluble Matter 0.5%Max Oil Absorption 26%Max Suspension PH 6.5-8.0 Titanium DIoxide Rutile Type Tio2 93%Min Water Soluble Matter 0.3%Max Oil Absorption 22%Max Suspension PH 6.5-8.0 45umsieve Residue 0.1% Chemical Formula: Tio2 Appearance: White Powder Usage: it is widely used in the industries of aqueous and solvent-based paints, electro-deposition paints, coating, ...
Product Group: Titanium DIoxide Anatase Type
Company: Xingtai Shengbang Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.    China

Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue Productions data Type Ultramarine blue 29 Molecular formula Na6Al4Si6S4O20 C.I.Name Pigment Blue 29 Object form Powder shape CAS NO. 57455.37.5 Water dissolves thing 300 0 resistance to elements 8 Level Disperse Good Cover High Put colour force 100%+2% Applicability Ultramarine Blue Used in tinting applications of blue paint, rubber, plastic printing, ink, paper, papermaking, soap, and beautification on ancient architecture
Product Group: Ultramarine Blue
Company: Xingtai Shengbang Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.    China

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