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List extensive product information of Pigment (include Pigment Color, Titanium Pigment, Organic Pigments, Inorganic Pigments, Oil Pigment), provided by Pigment manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Glass Colors
1) BF-BL- series of glass colors ; 2) Stable quality ; 3) Widely selected colors ; 4) Lead or lead-free is available ; 5) Firing temperature range, 540-580oC, 580-630oC ; 6) Suitable for directly printing, screen printing, hand printing, spray printing on glasses ; 7) Particle size: D90=8um±1um.
Company: Huabei organic pigment Co.,Ltd    China

Fluorescent Pigment
1) Appearance: powder, paste ; 2) Applications: a) Used for plastics, rubber, printing paste, etc. (powder) ; b) Used for fabric printing, ink, etc. (paste).
Company: Huabei organic pigment Co.,Ltd    China

Iron Oxide Black -729
Fe 2 0 3 %: 94% min. ; WATER SOLUBLES% max: 0.7 max. ; 325 MESH RESIDUE (% max): 0.5 % OILABSORPTION: 15-25% max. ; Ph: 6.0 - 8.0. MOISTURE % max.: 1.5 ; APPLICATIONS: Paint, Construction Material, Rubber, Plastics, etc.
Company: Huabei organic pigment Co.,Ltd    China

Phthalocyanine Blue B PB
1) Tone: similar to state standard ; 2) Color strength: 100±3% ; 3) Moisture content: ≤1.5% ; 4) Oil absorption: 35 - 45% ; 5) Water soluble salts: ≤1.5% ; 6) P.C.B: 0 ; 7) Magnetic metals: ≤10ppm ; 8) Over-sieve (120-mesh): at least 95% passing through ; 9) Reddish α blue, bright ; 10) Has high dispersive ability ; 11) Suitable for plastic, rubber, paste of synthetic fiber, coating and printing paste

Hexagon Glitter
As a unique surface-layer material, glitter powder is widely used for Christmas crafts, art products made of wax, cosmetics, fabric printing, glass artwork, painted decorations, and furniture. The key function of glitter powder is to enhance and enrich the visual effects and make decorative products more attractive. We closely follow fashion trends to create new varieties and colors to satisfy customers' needs. Features: 1) Glitter size: 1/256-1/8" ; 2) Colors: rainbow, golden, ...

Ultramarine Blue, Indigo Blue, Pigment Red
We have 20 years experience of producing Ultramarine Blue, Indigo Blue, Pigment Red from china. Pigment Red: 1) Red fine powder ; 2) For coloring of paint, ink, plastic, etc.

Color Shade of Embroidery Thread
1) 1680 kinds of colors available for your choice ; 2) Can be made according to your color samples (within 500 kinds)

Titanium Pigment Anatase Grade
1) Color (compared with standard sample): better than ; 2) TiO2 content % (m/m): 98.0 min ; 3) Tint reducing power (compared with standard sample): 100 ; 4) Oil absorption (g/100g): 26 max ; 5) 45um mesh residue % (m/m): 0.10 max ; 6) Water soluble objects %: 0.5 max ; 7) Suspending ph value: 6.5 - 8.0 ; 8) Volatile in 105c % (m/m): 0.5 max
Product Group: Titanium Pigment

Ceramic Pigment, Oil Pigment
Ceramic Pigment: 1) Wide selection of colors ; 2) Stable quality ; 3) Applying temperature: 800 - 1300°C. Oil Pigment: 1) Oil pigment and acrylic pigment in 12sets and 18sets ; 2) 12ml, 250ml, 120ml and 180ml available. OEM order welcomed.

Natural Pigment Color
Colors have application in number of industries like food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics etc. Our products include Carthamus Yellow, Xanthophyll Oleoresin, Gardenia Yellow, Red Cabbage Color, Paprika oleoresin, Red Radish Color, Purple Sweet-potato red color, Amaranthus Red, Spinach Extract as well as natural herbal extract of Chlorogenic Acid, Tartary Buckwheat Flavnoid, Buddleog Lucoside, Geniposide, Rodix Isatidis, Perilla Red, Red rice Red, Gardenia Yellow, Safflower Yellow, Lac dye and ...

Aluminium Tripolyphosphate Anticorrosive pigment
Aluminium dihydrogen tripolyphosphate, is a new non-toxic white anticorrosive pigment for paint. The product quality has been tested, and according to the standards of Volkswagenwerk, Germany, results showed that it's performance of anticorrosion is better than that of lead red or zinc yellow. Properties: very fine crystalline nonvolatile white powder,unsoluble in water,density 2.6-3.0g/cm3,nontoxic,nonirritant to skin,thermally stable. Character: Excellent anticorrosion, low ...

ECO - Sol Pigment Ink
ECO-Sol pigment ink have developed to meet the customer requirement all over the world, low cost, environment, outstanding durability, Compatible with alizarin solvent media can produce economic, indoor and out durable, high quality graphics.

Liming Pearlescent Pigment
1) Components: TiO2/Al3KH2(SiO4)3 ; 2) Bulk density: 0.17 - 0.32g/cm3 ; 3) Heat resistance: 800oC ; 4) Chemical resistance ; 5) Light resistance ; 6) Weatherability ; 7) Non-metallic decorative pigment ; 8) Non-poisonous ; 9) Smaller specific gravity ; 10) Good dispersibility of granules ; 11) Particle size uniform and loose ; 12) Powder

Titanium Dioxide Rutile
Primarily used in hard plastic, color material, gusset plate, pipe and fitting, paint coating, water-based coating and emulsion paint. Specifications: 1) Good at luster ; 2) High whiteness & gloss ; 3) High dispersion & dyeing force ; 4) Strong covering capacity ; 5) Sunlight & UV light resistant ; 6) White powder ; 7) Insoluble in water ; 8) Non-toxic & stable ; 9) Surface treated with silicon ; 10) Aluminum compounds modified with organic compounds ; 11) Hiding power & ...

Photoluminescent Pigment, Mica Titanium Pigment
Professionally manufacture and export various grades of mica-titanium pigments. Also supply high quality photoluminescent pigment yellow green color 25-35 um.
Product Group: Titanium Pigment

Chrome Oxide Green GM Grade
1) Cr6 + :0ppm ; 2) Average particle size: a) GM-205: approx. 0.6μ ; b) GM-505: approx. 0.7μ ; c) GM-505: approx. 0.9μ ; 3) Particle shape: spherical ; 4) Color scope: light green, bright green, medium green ; 5) Applications: a) Preparing middle and high-grade coating ; b) High temperature resistant coating ; c) Anti-counterfeiting coating ; d) Pigment ; e) Paint ; f) Plastic ; g) Glass ; h) Enamel ; i) Ceramic glaze ; j) Cement ; k) Rubber ; l) Food-grade ceramics

Pigment Blue 15,15:1,15:3 and green 7
We are in good position to supply regularly pigments blue and green with strict quality control and at favourable prices from china.

Photo-Luminescent Pigment
Photo-luminescent pigment is a light-yellow powder, turns to green color after being excited by light ; Smaller the particle size is the lower the luminance will be Compared with other pigments, photo-luminescent pigment can be easily and widely used in many fields ; High initial luminance, long afterglow time (test according to DIN67510 standard, its afterglow time reaches 10,000 minutes) Light resistance, aging resistance and chemical stability are all good.

Iron Oxide Red, Black Stain, Green Pigment
Iron oxide pigment red, black and green colour available at competitive price. Suitable for paint and coating, concrete, ceramics etc. Black Stain: 1) Wide selection of colors ; 2) High-quality ; 3) Temperature range: 1,200 - 1,300oC.

Phosphorescent Pigment
We are a manufacturer specializing the phosphorescent pigment, phosphorescent film, phosphorescent fiber, phosphorescent plastic masterbatch, phosphorescent Ceramic tile, phosphorescent safety signs.

Lead Chrome Yellow
1) Lead chrome yellow (yellow 34) pigments include: a) Lemon chrome yellow ; b) Light chrome yellow ; c) Medium chrome yellow ; d) Deep chrome yellow ; e) Orange chrome yellow ; 2) Application: maily used in paint, ink and plastic

Iron Oxide Pigments
1) Molecular formula: Fe2O3 ; 2) Colors: red, yellow, black, brown ; 3) Types: a) Iron oxide red: 100, NS110, 132, Y101, 120, H101, H130, YX130, 190-6, 190-2, 190-1, 190-8, 190-9, 129 ; b) Iron oxide yellow: 313-R, 313-S ; c) Iron oxide black: 330, 5330, 722 ; d) Iron oxide brown: 860 ; 4) Applications: concrete, colored cement, roofing, bricks, blocks and tiles, wood, paint

Organic and Inorganic Pigments
Organic Pigment: Yellow: 1) Hansa Yellow G: P.Y.1 ; 2) Benzidine Transparent Yellow: P.Y.12 GTF: 1) Permanent Yellow GR: P.Y.13 ; 2) Permanent Yellow G: P.Y.14 ; 3) Permanent Yellow GG: P.Y.17 ; 4) Permanent Yellow RN: P.Y.65 Red: 1) Permanent Red F2R: P.R.2 ; 2) Brilliant Fast Red: P.R.22 ; 3) Fast Rose Red: P.R.23 ; 4) Lithol Scarlet: P.R.49: 1 ; 5) Permanent Red F5R: P.R.48: 2 ; 6) Lithol Dark Red: P.R.49: 2 ; 7) Bronze Red C: P.R.53: 1 ; 8) Lithol Rubine BK: P.R.57: 1 ; 9) ...

Pigment Yellow H 10G
Specifications: 1) Benzimidazolone pigment ; 2) Light: 7 ; 3) Heat: 200°C ; 4) Water: 5 ; 5) Linseed oil: 5 ; 6) Acid: 5 ; 7) Alkali: 5

Pigments - Lithopone, Chrome Yellow, Chromium Oxide Green
Chromium oxide green, Iron oxide, red, black, brown, Chinese Blue, Ultramarine blue, Lead oxide, red, yellow, Phthalocyanine Blue, B, BGS, BS, Chrome Yellow, Deep, Medium, Light, Lithopone, B301, B311, Pigment green B.

Elderberry Pigment
Cyanin haematochrome is the main part of the elderberry color. We can see purple red powder with our naked eyes. It is easily water-soluble. It is absolute a natural pigment abstracted from the raw peel of the Sambucus Williamsii Hance by modern biotechnology.Widely used in acid drink and sparkling wines, fruit wines. This product has been exported to EU, Japan, USA, Asia etc. The physical level and microbiological level can meet the export standards well.For avoiding fakes,this product ...
Company: DaXingAnLing Koralle Bioengineering Co., Ltd.    China

1. Fucoxanthin exists in many kinds of edible brown kelp/seaweed, marine phytoplankton, hydrophily testacean animals. 2. It is brown yellow powder, and we can see it with our naked eyes. It is easily soluble in ethanol. 3. It can be used in Food coloring agents. In addition, fucoxanthin has strong anti-diabetes effects and, by a separate biological mechanism, it appears to kill prostate cancer cells in culture. And promote weight loss by reducing the accumulation of fat and other health ...
Company: DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.    China

Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin
1. The main component:: Copper chlorophyll trisodium and Copper chlorophyll tartrate 2. Character: greenblack powder, and easily soluble in water. 3. Origin: It is absolute natural pigment and used by spinage as raw material, adopt modern biotechnology. And we can produce the different specification from other raw materials, for example, bamboo leaves, or according to the requirement of our clients. 4. Purpose: (a). As medicine raw material: It can promote the healing of ...
Company: DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.    China

Blueberry Anthocyanin
Blueberry Anthocyanin is plant extract, health care product, herb extract, medicine. 1. The active ingredient: Anthocyanin 2. Specification: 5% Anthocyanin, 10% Anthocyanin, 15% Anthocyanin, 20% Anthocyanin, 25% Anthocyanin, 33% Anthocyanin, our highest content of Anthocyanin up to 35%, or according to the requirement of clients. 3.. The Latin name: vaccinium uliginosum, Vaccinium Oxycoccus Pigment。 4. The Blueberry P.E widely exists in plant's flower, the fruit and the rhizome, ...
Company: DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.    China

Zeaxanthin is plant extract, natural pigment, food additive. 1. The Alias name: β-carotene-3, 3'-diol, Meso-zeaxanthin 2. Character: It is metalescent yellow rhombus tabular crystal, extracted from ethanol with our naked eyes. It is hardly dissolve in water. 3. Origin: It is pure natural pigment and consist in corn, spinage, eggs, fishes, algae, etc. many kinds of plants and animals by modern biotechnology. 4. Purpose: Widely used in foodstuff industry and cosmetis as natural ...
Company: DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.    China

1. Lutein is a carotenoid, meaning a natural colorant or pigment, found in dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, egg yolks, various fruits and corn. Lutein is the active carotenoid in this potent, natural source antioxidant. It is naturally derived from marigold flowers and contains a normal blend of carotenoids including zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin. Lutein also filters the high energy blue wavelengths of light from the visible light spectrum. 2. Main Function: (a). Promote healthy ...
Company: DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.    China

Elderberry Anthocyanin
1. The test method: UV 2. The active ingredient: Anthocyanin 3. The content of Anthocyanin is up to 35%. In addition, we have others, for example, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, or according to the requirement of clients. 4. The main purpose is anti-oxidation, free radical scavenger, Anti-ageing and relief asthenopia. 5. Elderberry anthocyanin are extracted by advanced CO2 supercritical extraction technology from wild nature Elderberry origin of Daxinganling Region in China. 6. This ...
Company: DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.    China

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