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List extensive product information of Printing Oil (include Screen Printing Ink, Gravure Printing Ink, Offset Ink, Textile Printing Ink), provided by Printing Oil manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Super-Quality Offset Ink and High Grade Offset Ink
THC Gloss Fast Set Offset Printing Ink is suitable for printing on coated and uncoated paper using single and multi-color sheet fed presses. With printing speeds in the range of 12,000-15,000 sheets per hour it is an ideal choice for printing pictorials, magazines, trademarks, instruction books and high quality paper products.
Company: Zhongyi Ink & Paint Co., Ltd.    China

Textile Printing Inks
We are the first indigenous manufacturer of plastisol inks in china. Plastisol inks are 100% solid, solvent less, smell free and Screen printers friendly. These inks determine film forming rubbery characteristic Which will never dry itself, so therefore it has to be heat cured. Plastisols dont colour or dye the substrate but creates a Surface film or mechanical bonding with the fabrics. These inks are widely used by tshirt screen printers jeans and Transfer stickers manufacturers. ...
Company: Zhongyi Ink & Paint Co., Ltd.    China

Spray Ink
We are specialized in kinds of spray ink with 2000 L of day output, the manufactor with bigest output and sales amount.
Company: Zhongyi Ink & Paint Co., Ltd.    China

Printing Oil
Consealment fidelity phosphor printing ink is a kind antifabrication printing ink that can shine under the ultraviolet. Its products are consealment antifim anti-fabrication plastic bags, concealment antifabrication adhesive tapes, concealment anti-fabrication seal shrink.

Offset Ink
Printing ink provides customers with superior quality, consistency and performance. The products have a broad spectrum high-quality inks and coatings. They are excellent for their color, clarity, rub resistance and printability. Our main line of products includes: Quick-Set and High-Gloss Offset Ink; Resin Offset Ink, Quick Drying Sterilization-Resistance Tin Ink, Letterpress Ink for Plastic Films, Gold and Silver Offset Ink, Glass Printing Ink, Screen Printing Ink, Offset Flushed Color, UV ...
Product Group: Offset Ink

Ink Made Of Nc Pigment Dispersion Chips
Ink made of nc pigment dispersion chips with developed technical process of printing, gravure printing has occupied the most on OPP film printing field, nowadays, there are market demands for various packages as well as inks.

Screen Printing Inks
Pulp matt-matt inks-paper and boards. Pulp gloss-gloss inks-paper and boards. Viny matt-matt inks-pvc and polystrene surface. Viny gloss-gloss inks-pvc and polystrene surface. Pearl shine-metallic pearl inks paper, board, PVC and polystrene surface. Foil shine-transparent inks-foil sheets and metalised polystrene films. Flopulp-flourescent inks-paper and boards. Vinyflo-flourescent inks-foil sheets and metalised polystrene films. Polyfix-gloss finish inks-plastic surfaces. ...

1) Produced by Jiangyin Pigment Chemical Plant. 2) Dragon brand printing dope: used in fabric painting, as well as in leather painting, paper painting and leatheroid painting. 3) Dragon brand color paint: widely used in painting, coating, plastic, rubber, chemical fiber and stationery.

Roto / Flexo Gravure Printing Ink
We are exporters/ manufacture of roto/ flexo printing inks. We also manufacture solids forms inks, Heat Transfer Inks. 1) Types: 6-color, 4-color ; 2) 100ml/bottle.

Super-Quality Offset Ink, High Grade Offset Ink
NS Gloss Quick Set Overnight Offset Ink is suitable for printing on coated paper and for printing high quality pictorials, trademarks, instruction books and beautifully packaged decorations. Suitable for high speed offset four color printing, it possesses the properties of quick setting, fast drying (paper) and slow drying (printing machinery). Product in the ink fountain of machines will not skin within 48 hours. After stopping the machine for 9 hours, machines can be restarted without ink ...
Product Group: Offset Ink

Beautyflex Plastisol Inks
Plastisol inks are 100%solid&solventless inks. Contains ink vehicle having flash point greater than 400 degree(f)these inks determine film forming rubber characteristic which will never air dry therefore they must be heat cured. Plastisols dont colour or dye the substrate by penetration but create surface film or mechanical bonding with the fabric.

Printing Ink
1) For use with web offset printing machines. 2) Suitable for printing books, magazines, newspapers, etc. 3) Quick setting and brilliant color. 4) Excellent results and perfect dot sharpness.

Printing Inks, Textile Chemicals
No formaldehyde no pthalates eco friendly [plastisol] screen inks for tshirt And other fabrics 100%cotton cotton blend polyester Polyester blend and with some modification and addition [available with us] Can be printed on nylon and other substrate. *water based plastisol. 1. good printability. 2. excellent coverage. 3. no choking and clogging. 4. self drying needs final flashing cure. 5. optimum results. 6.healthy working environment. 7. no health hazards. 8. clean air breathable. 9. good ...

Gravure Inks
Gr lam ester -reverse laminatable inks -polyster film. Gr lam PP -reverse laminatable inks -bopp and polyster film.

Printing Ink Varnish
1) Refined synthetic resin, dry vegetable oil, high boiling point petroleum solvent and auxiliary. 2) Good gloss, anti-attrition, anti-water, and anti-solvent. 3) GK-8016, GK-903, CT-905: diluent transparent white. 4) 427 dryer: used when the dryness of printing ink is low - usage 1%. 5) 8045 tack reducer: a) Cream reduces the tack with no increase of fluidity; b) No effect on dryness and gloss; c) Usage is no more than 5%. 6) UV varnish. 7) 8018 mat varnish.

Ink And Solvent
It is applicable for domino a jet printers to mark on paper, plastic, iron and aluminum cans for its compatibility. It is matched with w-110b.

Screen Printing Media, Medium Oil, Printing Oil
1. Medium oil use for printing oil of design tile (wall & floor). 2. Application: silk printing medium ; silicon roll printing medium ; silk roll printing medium ; screen type glue for grits-granule bonds.

No Phthalate No PVC Textile Printing Screen Inks
Manufacturer and Exporters of non Pvc Non Phthalate Eco Friendly plastisol inks.This high performance product is non hazardous and do not harm ur health.

Precipitated calcium carbonate for paint
Fillers of Paper-making,Adhesives,Paint,Print ink,Plastic,Rubber,Pharmacy Usage Fillers of Paper-making,Adhesives,Paint,Print ink,Plastic,Rubber,Pharmacy,Fodder,polyethylene(PE),polypropylene(PP,)ABS,Building material,Injection mould, extrusion & injecting mould, PVC profile & pipe, FRP etc. Characteristic 1 Identical grain size low oil absorption value. 2 To reduce the cost of products ; to make products have good foamed effect. 3 To enhance ...
Product Group: Calcium Carbonate
Company: ShenZhen ZhongBaoDa Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd    CHINA

Tung Oil
We recommend Tung Oil instead of linseed oil, varnish, lacquer or shellac. The largest application for the oil is paint and varnish, and also wide utilized by soap ,inks, electrical insulators. We are pleased to offer as follows: Re: Chinese Tung Oil Export Grade Spec: Color: Not darker than Gardner 8 . Specific gravity (20/4*C): 0.9360--0.9395 Refractive Index (20*C) : 1.5170--1.5225 Iodine Value: 163--173 Saponification value:190--195 Moisture & Admixture ...
Company: Chongqing ChangXin Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd.    China

Uv Light-cured Ink
UV light-cured Ink Specification: Type: Solvent Based Ink ; Printing Type: Digital Printing ; Compatible Brand: heads of plate printer of Kon. ; Color: Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,White,LC,LM ; (1)Ink is manufactured using German BASF pigment. (2)Ink does not contain volatile organic solvents and be with low viscosity, non-irritating odor. (3)which could ensure printer head would not be blocked during printing process. (4)The Anti-UV grade of the ink could be up to 7-8. (5) Characteristic of ...
Company: Huizhou Dayawan Boyuan Ink Factory    China

Printing Inks _ Dyeing Chemicals, Printing Inks For Textile
Printing Inks _ Dyeing Chemicals, printing inks for textile Specification: Type: Water Based Ink ; Printing Type: Screen Printing ; < Printing Inks > Products for textile dyeing, printing, finishing 1.Products for textile printing Discharge agent for PE textile printing Resist agent for textile printing Binder for textile printing(Bronze,Glitter,Foil) Binder for textile printing(Flocking,pearl) Binder for textile printing(White printing) Ripple Binder, Discharge binder, ...
Company: HANSONG INDUSTRY CO LTD    South Korea

Printing Ink For Ceramic
Printing ink for ceramic Specification: Type: Water Based Ink ; Printing Type: Screen Printing ; Printing ink for ceramic Printing on ceramic tiles Firing above temp.400°C,remain max 0.1% Normal screen printing ink paste(powder to be water diluted & dissolved) M803 Rotor-color printing medium 801-Medium for third firing printing(powder to be water diluted & dissolved)
Company: Foshan Taoyi Colours & Glaze Co., Ltd.    China

Sublimation Ink For Wide Format Printer,1000ml
Sublimation Ink For Wide Format Printer,1000ml Specification: Type: Sublimation Ink ; Printing Type: Offset Printing ; Ink Properties: Sublimation Ink ; Color: Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,LC,LM,LB,LLB,M. ; Compatible Brand: Epson,Mimaki,Roland,Mutoh ; Sublimation Ink: (1) Completely use South Korea high quality sublimation dye material; (2) According to three-grade filter, the precision of pellet can reach to nanometer; it never blocks printer head; Here are the details of our products ...
Company: Huizhou Dayawan Boyuan Ink Factory    China

Imaje Cij Coding Inks
Imaje CIJ coding inks Specification: Type: Solvent Based Ink ; Printing Type: Digital Printing ; Using: Imaje inket printer ; Volume: 1L/0.8L ; Color: transparent,pink,purple,etc. ; Application: dilution ink ; Item number: 8188/8158/8181 ; Wuhan Widoda Co., Ltd. is professional in CIJ and DOD inkjet consumables. We are a factory offer ink, make up and wash down. SGS NON-Halogen certificate SGS NO Heavy Metal certificate IMAJE codes: Type Product Corresponding Specification ...
Company: Wuhan Widoda Co., Ltd.    China

Pigment Ink For Epson Inkjet Printers
Pigment Ink For Epson Inkjet Printers Specification: Type: Water Based Ink ; Printing Type: Digital Printing ; Volume: 100ml,200ml,500ml,1000ml,5L ; Printer model: CISS ink is pigment ink, use for epson desktop printers, provide CISS Colors: C M Y R OR GO PK MK Features: 1. Made of imported premium raw material 2. New red & orange present prints with greater vibrancy and better facial tones 3. Glossy optimizer provides a superior gloss finish for photos 4. ...
Company: Colorway Digital Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.    China

Blue Indelible Ink For Election
blue Indelible Ink for election Specification: Type: Indelible ink ; color: blue ; 1)indelible ink with silver nitrate 2)indelible ink without silver nitrate (new indelible ink for election) 3)indelible ink bottle 4)indelible ink bottle with brush 5)indelible ink pen 6)indelible ink pad Indelible ink is used for election voting.We have two kind of indelible ink. One has silver nitrate, another without silver nitrate. The silver nitrate indelible ink contents silver nitrate from 5 to ...
Company: Yuyao Fair Stationery Co., Ltd.    China

Imd/imd Mold Part
IMD/IMD mold part Specification: Type: IML IMD technology ; Printing Type: Screen Printing ; We are speciality in the development and tooling of IMD and IML technology, and has been provided with strong technical team in the area of IMD and IML mold design and making, as well as richly experienced production personnel who have been engaged in plastic/glass screen printing work for many years. The advantages with IMD (in-mold decoration)/IML (in-moldlabel) technology are outstanding: ...
Company: MAYROLL (HONG KONG) LTD    China

The Metal Gold Color
the metal gold color Specification: Type: Other ; Printing Type: Gravure Printing ; the metal gold color1. particle size : D50 :6-12UM 2.water covering power : larger than 7000cm2/g 3.application: gravure prings 4. it is widely used in textile pring , screen printing ,gold paintings 5. brozne powder process: Bronze copper is a copper zinc smelting, the raw materials, mainly through spray powder, ball grinding and polishing process of extremely slight flake metal powder, also called copper ...
Company: Mengde Electroplate Chemical Products Co., Ltd. Jiangsu    China

Cross-stitch Ink
Cross-stitch ink Specification: Type: Solvent Based Ink ; Printing Type: Digital Printing ; color: red ; 1.Adopts the high quality imported 100% 2.cotton cloth, 3.grid finishing, 4.won't tilt, clarity, 6.ensure can clean, 7.product as a detailed descriptions and cleaning embroidered method that, please broad consumer trust to purchase
Company: Hangzhou Sunshine Computer Co., Ltd.    China

Crystal Flatbed Digital Printer
A0 crystal flatbed digital printer Specification: Type: Solvent Based Ink ; Printing Type: Digital Printing ; eight colors: CMYK,LC,LM,LK,LLK ; The A0 crystal digital flatbed printer can print on any materials directly, ceramic,glass,acrylic,crystal,plastic,pvc,DVD/CD,USB Print size: super A++ Format largest printing,A0 crystal digital flatbed printer range 1.18mX2.5 m Print head: 180 Nozzles 8 color, intelligent transformation of the Droplet Technology Print color: 8 color (green, bright ...
Company: Shenzhen Orient Longke Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Printing Ink For Epson
printing ink for Epson Specification: Type: Water Based Ink ; Printing Type: Digital Printing ; volume: 65ml ; 1).non clogging to the print head 2).Excellent flowing property 3).With high stability 4)Vivid color. Quality of the natural color are similar to the original. 5)6colors are available.Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Light Cyan,Light Magenta
Company: Quanzhou Xinhao Plastic Co., Ltd.    China

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