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Detailed Epoxy Resin Description:

HY302# epoxy resin is composed of two components, resin and curing agent,  with mix ratio of 4: 1 ( Resin : Cure Agent = 4: 1 ) , suitable for and amine curing agents or their additive , It can be cured at room temperature and heated Cured.

Widely used in Painting such as for floor, coating ect , It can also used for electronic potting , such as
power transformer, reactor, CCL, insulating paint, electrical appliances and laminated products and other fields.

Technical Parameters
配比 Mix Ratio 树脂: 固化剂=4: 1
颜色Color A: 、B:

外观     Appearance 无明显机械杂质  / 液体
no visible mechanical impurity / liquid Form
环氧值 (eq/100g)Epoxide Value   0.48—0.54
无机氯值(eq/100g)Unhydrolytic Chlorine  ≤300
环氧当量 weight per epoxy equivalent (WPE)(g/eq) 185-210
粘度 Viscostiy(mPa.S) 10000-11000
挥发物      (%) Volatile   ≤1.8
色泽号Colour   ≤3
软化点(℃) Softening Point  

*Strong adhesion
*Good chemical corrosion resistance
*Thermal stability and electrical insulation.
* high toughness
*Low Shrinkage

Operation instructions
1. Clean the surface of your products , make it  clean and dry
2: evenly mixing the seasoning ratio A:B=4:1
3 Introduction resin mixing evenly to the electronic equipment inside, so that it can be estimated

Warm tips :
1 It is forbidden to pour back the material into the Original packages even it is unused ;
2 construction to be dry and well ventilated space, Far away from the fire source;
3 stored in a cool dry place,Far away from light , and close the packages well .
4 Don’t contact with skin or eyes , Otherwise clean the skin with alcohol scrub, and wash with plenty of water and go to hospital in necessary

20KG/drum package
220KG/drum package

Shelf life
Six (6) months when stored under dry and cool place by original package under 25℃

For more information please contact Anna at:
Tel: +86-755-89311348

Epoxy Resin
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Company: ShenZhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd.
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