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Detailed Pipe Coated Felt Fiberglass Description:

BFZ050 # pipe coated felt fiberglass is used to protect the pipelines underground for transport of oil, natural gas , asphalt, etc., BFZ050 # pipe coated mat has excellent anti-infiltration and resistance to various environmental media capabilities, and extend the shelf life of the pipeline, reducing maintenance and replacement costs, after testing the technical indicators of BFZ050 # pipe coated mat ,it meet and exceed standards set forth in China-related technical indicators. Thus, BFZ050 # pipe coated mat is the most substrate material for pipelines.

Protect the pipelines underground for transport of oil, natural gas , asphalt, etc

Technical Parameters

品名 Code 类型/ Types 克重(g/m2)Weight 幅宽(mm) Wide
BFZ050# 无碱 / alkali-free 50 50-1000

*Fiber distribution,
*Strong tensile strength
*Good tensile strength
*Good flexibility


300 m / roll , 15KG / Roll

Shelf life
Twelve (12 ) to Twenty-Four( 24) months when stored under dry and cool place by original package under 25℃

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Pipe Coated Felt Fiberglass
  • Model: BFZ050 #
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  • Post date: Sep 18, 2014
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Pipe Coated Felt Fiberglass in China.


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Company: ShenZhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Building A, No.3, Hongling First Road, Liulian Shibi, Pingdi Street , Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Region: shenzhen, China
Contact Person: Wendy
Telephone: 18938867613

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