Liquid Pad Printing Silicone Rubber Material

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Detailed Liquid Pad Printing Silicone Rubber Material Description:

price: 8-20usd/kg

- Durable
- Good effects for printing
- Good quality without any impurity
- Good resilience
- Adjustable hardness

Liquid Pad Printing Silicone Rubber Material

1. Applications of liquid pad printing silicone rubber
Pad printing silicone rubber is mainly use for printing irregular patterns of plastic toys, electroplating toys and trade makers . Pad printing silicone rubber as a carrier which transfer patterns on the steel plate to the toys products surface.

2. Features of liqiud pad printing silicone rubber
a. resistance to deformation, high-temperature
b. high printing times
c. good aging resistance
d. exceptional elasticity
e. great printing effect

3. Operation Instructions of liquid pad printing silicone rubber
Pad printing silicone rubber is two-component silicone, part A is liquid silicon rubber, part B is catalyst. The usual mixture of silicone rubber and catalyst is 100: 2 or 100: 3. E.g. we take 100g of liquid silicon rubber and 2g-3g catalyst, mix them and pour it to your mold. A fter 2-4 hours, you will get a Pad printing silicone rubber.

4. Technical datasheet of liquid pad printing silicone rubber
Model Appearance Viscosity (cs) Hardness (Ao) Tensile Strength (kgf/c) Tear Strength (kgf/cm) Shrinkage (%) Elongation (%) Mixing Ratio(%) Operating Time(H) Curing Time(H)
HY918 White 18000~20000 22~24 ≥32 ≥20 ≤0.3 ≥500 2~3 0.5 2~4

Model Color Mixing ratio (%) Pot life (mins) Demould time (hrs) Hardness(A0) Tensile-stength (N/m2) Tear-strength (N/mm) Viscosity (cps) Elongation (%)
HY928 red 9:1 30 4±1 30 5.5 27 17000-20000 500

5. FAQ of pad printing silicone rubber
Why the silicon pad is non-durable?
This problem is caused not by the liquid silicon rubber itself, but in the process of filtering, the filtering handled not properly and impurities are not all filtered out; or in the process of packing as containers not cleaned thoroughly.
As the silicon oil will break the molecular chain of the silicon rubber. More silicon oil added, softer the pad printing will be, meanwhile nondurable and easy ageing it will also turn to be.
Some customers do not know well about the performance of silicon rubber. Actually, the durability of printing pad is closely related to the size of printing pattern. Some factories do not want to take the trouble to change the printing pad. While in fact, for large pattern, large silicone pads should be used, otherwise, use small one.(Generally, the ratio of the silicone pad to printing pattern is 3:1)

6. Other details of pad printing silicone rubber
Place of Origin Guangdong China
Brand Name Hong Ye Silicone Rubber
Model Number HY901, HY902, HY912, HY916, pad printing silicone rubber
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilogram
Price: FOB shenzhen USD 18/kg
Packaging Details: 20kg/drum, 25kg/drum and 200kg/drum
Delivery Time: within 3 days after payment confirmed in our bank
Payment Terms: L/C at sight, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 8 Ton per Day
Certifications:RoHS, MSDS, SGS, ISO9001:2000

Please dont hesitate to ask if you have any questions about rtv liquid moulding silicone rubber , here Ms Brenda is at your service:
Tel: +86-0755-89212380
Mob: +86-18079610557
Skype: brenda199288

Liquid Pad Printing Silicone Rubber Material
  • Model: HY918 HY928
  • Packing: 1kg, 5kg, 25kg, 200kgs
  • Terms of Payment: L/C T/T
  • Delivery Time: 3 days
  • Products ID: 144746
  • Product Category: Silicon Products
  • Post date: May 27, 2014
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Address: Building A, No.3, Hongling First Road, Liulian Shibi, Pingdi Street, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong
Region: shenzhen, china
Contact Person: brenda
Telephone: 18079610557

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