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Detailed Silicone Rubber For Tyre Molding Description:

HY- E series addition molding silicone is generally named two-components silicone
rubber, Part A and part B. It features an exceptional fluidity and good operability.
The mixing ratio is 1:1 (10:1),mainly be suitable for making molds application.

Typical Applications
HY- E series addition molding silicone could be mainly used for making concrete
stones, wax molds, PU molds, resin molds, gypsum casting, candle molding and
chocolate , candy and any other FDA food product mold making,prototyping etc.
HY-E620 Silicone Rubber is has been used for years to make tire pattern molds .

1.Low shrinkage (less than 0.1% )
2.High tensile and tear strength with high copy times
3.Easy for operation (mixing ratio at 1:1 /10:1)
4.Very good flow and easy for pouring operation
5.Fast and non-shrink cure at room temperature which can be accelerated considerably by the application of heat
Operation instruction of HY-E Series molding silicone:
1. Pls clear the model and tool totally before operation to prevent cure inhibition.
2.Weigh the two part correctly by electronic weight in two separate container .
3. Mixing the two part in 1:1/10:1 and stir part A and part B evenly in 2-3 minutes .
4.And get the mixture for vacuum-pumping for de-air the bubble in around 2-3
minutes . (If there is no vacuum machine, pls pour the mixture carefully and slowly
down the side of the mold frame so that less bubbles caused)
5. Enclose the product (the original model) with four plastic plates or wooden plates.
6. Clean your products and brush a layer of release agent(detergent or soap water) on
your product.
7. Pour the vacuumed mixture into the model frame from the side of the mold frame .

Notice :
As our E-series silicone is platinum cure silicone , which is very easy to cause
cure inhibition , so pls do remember thoroughly clean the model and tool before
operation . Besides , pls avoid the liquid E-series silicone contact or mix with the
following material , otherwise the silicone won’t be cured :
1. Liquid condensation silicone ( condensation silicone not completely cured or organic
tin compounds )
2 .Sulphur, sulfide and sulfur rubber materials.
3. Amine compounds as well as contains the amine materials.
4 .Pewter solder flux.

8-10 months when stored under 24 degree in original unopened packages.

If ratio is 1:1 :Packed in 20kg/pail + 20kg/pail and 200kg/pail + 200kg/pail.
If ratio is 10:1 :Packed in 20kg/pail + 2kg/pail and 200kg/pail + 20kg/pail.

For more information , pls feel free to contact Hugo:
SKYPE: hugo.chen007

Silicone Rubber For Tyre Molding
  • Model: E620
  • Packing: vacuumed thick PE bag inside and iron barrel outside and 25kg/drum and 200kg/drum
  • Terms of Payment: L/C, T/T,Western Union
  • Delivery Time: Within 3 days after payment confirmed in our bank.
  • Products ID: 142232
  • Product Category: Silicon Products
  • Post date: Mar 27, 2014
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