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List extensive product information of Solvents, provided by Solvent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Cellulose Solvent
We are manufacturing solvents, thinners, for paint industry we have products and chemicals from low quality up to highest quality demands of our costumers.
Company: Guangzhou Jingfeng Industry & Trading    China

Propylene Carbonate
1) Purity: min. 99 - 99.5% ; 2) Moisture: max. 0.20% - 0.30% ; 3) Density 20°C (g/cm3): 1.2000.006 ; 4) Dioptre (nD20):1.420 - 1.422 ; 5) Color (Pt-Co): max. 30 - 50 ; 6) Applications: a) Solvent for taking off carbonate in petro, oil field gas, petroleum pyrolysis gas as well as feed gas of synthetic ammonia ; b) Fixation and aids of synthetic fiber ; c) Perfect medium of lithium cell in battery industry ; d) Solvent of polymer in macromolecule industry.
Product Group: Propylene Carbonate
Company: Guangzhou Jingfeng Industry & Trading    China

Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate
This is a pollution-free solvent with functional groups that are indispensable for enhancing the quality of coatings. It is widely used in high-grade paints for cars, TVs, freezers and airplanes. Specifications: 1) Chemical formula: CH3COOCH2CH(CH3) OCH3 ; 2) Appearance: colorless transparent liquid ; 3) Purity: >=99.5% ; 4) Moisture: =<0.05% ; 5) Distillation temperature range: 145 - 149oC ; 6) Acidity: =<0.02% ; 7) Specific gravity (d420): 0.966 ; 8) Flash point: 51oC
Company: Guangzhou Jingfeng Industry & Trading    China

We are offering the following solvents: 2-ethyl hexyl, Acetonitrile, Butyl Acetate, Butyl Acrylate, Calcium Propionate, Chloroform, DEG, Di ethyl ketone, Epoxy Hardener T-31,593, Epoxy resin, Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl acrylate, Ethylene Oxide, Ethylene Oxide(Propylene oxide), Hexane, MB68 MEK, Methanol, Methyl acrylate, Mono Ethylene Glycol, Polyester resin, Sodium ferrocyanide Industry grade, Sodium Propionate, Tert-butyl alcohol. Tert-butyl alcohol. , TGIC , TMA Trimellitic Anhydride , ...

Special Alkane Solvents
We can supply all kinds of DCA, special oil like MOA series (low sulfur, low arene, aluminum rolling oil), SMD series (low sulfur, low arene, environmental mineral spirit), 200# paint mineral spirit, 270# printing pink mineral spirit, 300# coarse crystal wax, 6# extract oil, 120# rubber mineral spirit, 2# whit oil, and 3# white oil from china.

Nigrosine Oil Soluble (Solvent Black 7)
Dyes: Nigrosine MS Conc. Black 2), Nigorsine Alcohol Soluble(Solventblack 5), Nigorsine Oil Soluble(Solventblack 7), Methyl Violet 2B Powder/Crystals(BasicViolet 1) etc.

Magnesium Carbonate
a) Mainly used in antacid medicine, neutrality hydrochloric acid in gastric juice medicine, and may be the raw material of confecting man-made nephridium dialysate, disinfectant solution, especially for bulk solvent ; b) In food industry, it can be used as additive of flour with 10-15% ,to improve its fluidness and preserving, also it can be used as loosening agent to prevent agglomerating.

Solvent Dyes
We perennial sell the following solvent dyes: solvent orange 3, solvent brown 41, solvent blue 4,5, solvent yellow 34, solvent green q from china.

N-Butyl Chloride
1) 1 butyl chloride wt %>=99.0 ; 2) Isomers wt, %&le0.50 ; 3) Alkenes wt, % =<0.20 ; 4) Alcohol wt, %=<0. 20 ; 5) Ethers wt, %=<0.10 ; 6) Acidity wt, %=<0.001 ; 7) Moisture wt, %=<0.06

Dextrose Monohydrate
1) Appearance: white crystal ; 2) Solubility: a) Water: high ; b) Alcohol: low ; c) Ether, chloroform and other organic solvents: insoluble ; 3) Taste: sweet ; 4) Shows neutral reaction to litmus ; 5) Specific rotation: 52.0 - 53.5o ; 6) Acidity: 1.2ml (max.) ; 7) Chloride: 200ppm (max.) ; 8) Sulfate: 200ppm (max.) ; 9) Loss on drying: 9.0% (max.) ; 10) Heavy metal: 20ppm (max.) ; 11) Iron: 20ppm (max.) ; 12) Arsenic: 2ppm (max.) ; 13) Color dot: 100/50g.

Dimethyl Disulfide
1) Formula: CH3SSCH3 ; 2) Molecular weight: 94.2 ; 3) CAS: 624-92-0 ; 4) Properties: a) Slightly yellow transparent liquid ; b) Melting point: -98°C ; c) Boiling point: 110°C ; d) Density: 1.065 (20°C) ; e) Soluble in alcohol, ether ; f) Non-soluble in water ; 5) Content: >= 99.5% ; 6) Moisture: =< 0.1% ; 7) Dimethyl sulfide: =< 0.1% ; 8) Methyl mercaptan: =< 0.1% ; 9) Dimethyl trisulfide: =< 0.1% ; 10) Applications: used as solvent, intermediate of agricultural chemical ...

Solvent Type Acrylic Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive
It is mainly used for oil dual-side adhesive tape, sponge adhesive tape and aluminum foil adhesive tape. 1) High peel strength and good dwell tack ; 2) Good initial adhesion and wide applications ; 3) Low film forming temperature, good coating ability, suitable for direct for direct coating and transfer coating ; 4) Good storage performance and not liable to cake.

Tech grade : 99.5% min, packed in 150 kgs net Iron drums ; ACS grade: 99.95% min, packed in 150 kgs net Iron drums or IBC tunks ; HPLC grade: 99.6% min, packed in 150 kgs net Iron drums or other containers.

Methanesulfonic Acid
Used as a solvent, alkylation catalyzer, esterification and polymerization. 99% MSA is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, while 70% MSA is mainly used in electric plating and other electronic industries.

Aromatic Solvent Oil
1) Appearance: transparent fluid, without mechanical impurities, and insoluble in water ; 2) Density (20oC):, 850 - 890 kg/m3 ; 3) IBP: 140min ; 4) EBP: 180 max ; 5) Aromatic Content: 98.0% min ; 6) Flash Point (closed cup): 40oC min ; 7) Color: saybolt +28 min

Ethanol Solvents, Paint Solvents
We are manufacturer of any kind of ethanol based solvents according to your requirements. Also supply paint solvents for industry and home use.

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate
HS No.: 3402120000 Usage: Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate is a kind of anionic surfactant with excellent performance. It is widely used in liquid detergent, such as dishware, shampoo, bubble bath and hand cleaner, etc. It can also be used in washing powder and detergent for heavy dirty. Using SLES to replace LAS, phosphate can be saved or reduced, and general dosage of active matter is reduced. In textile, printing and dyeing, oil and leather industries, it is the lubricant, dyeing agent, ...
Company: Puyang Hongsen Chemical Co., Ltd    China

Caustic Soda
Chemical Formula: NAOH Appearance: Bright white flakes, solid or peals Application: It is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, paper making, textile, printing, dyeing, Soap industry, food industry etc. Packing: 25kg in net P. P bag, 25MT in the 20' FCL Email: hs03 at hongsenchem dot com
Company: Puyang Hongsen Chemical Co., Ltd    China

Pharmaceutical Excipients,PEG600
Specification: PEG600 Appearance(25℃): Colorless viscous liquid or Translucent soft waxy material Clarity and color of solution: Non-concentraded, not deeper than 2 # standard solution: Average molecular weight: 560-640 Viscosity: (m㎡/s): 56-62 PH value: 5-7 Ignition Residue: ≤0.2 Storage: This product is non-toxic and flame retardant. Regarded as a general shipments of chemicals, it should be sealed and stored in dry place. ...
Company: Wuhan Xinhenglong Technology Co.,Ltd    China

lubricating agent, Polyethylene glycol(PEG)
Specification: PEG400 Appearance(25℃): Colorless viscous liquid Clarity and color of solution: Non-concentraded, not deeper than 2 # standard solution Average molecular weight: 370-430 Viscosity: (m㎡/s): 37-45 Ethylene glycol or diethylene glycol ≤0.25% PH value: 4-7 Arsenic salts(ppm):≤3 Ignition Residue: ≤0.2 Heavy metal(ppm):≤5 Quality standard: CP2000 Storage: This product is non-toxic and flame retardant. ...
Company: Wuhan Xinhenglong Technology Co.,Ltd    China

Sk4 Ink Solvent With Four Colors For Infinity Machine
sk4 ink solvent with four colors for infinity machine Specification: Type: Solvent Based Ink ; Printing Type: Digital Printing ; color: C M Y K ; type: solvent based ink ; humidity: 25%-60% ; standard: 5000ml ; sk4 solvent based printing ink with four colors for infinity machine 1. ink solvent : color and density consistency between different batches 2. ink solvent : vibrant brilliant colors 3. ink solvent : Low odor and keep long time ink solvent Suitable Printers ...
Company: Zhenfeng (Guangzhou) Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Solvent Specification: Other Names: Surfactant &amp; Emulsifiers ; MF: Functional monomer ; Main Raw Material: Acrylic ; Usage: Electrical Insulating Varnish, Plastic C. ; Application Method: Brush ; State: Liquid Coating ; Surfactant &amp; Emulsifiers: Functional monomer ; FSolvent Glycol ether : Cellosolve or Carbitol Glyme : Emulsifiers Surfactant Functional monomer
Company: HANNONG CHEMICALS INC    South Korea

Eco Solvent Pigment Ink Suit For Epson Ps6000, Mimaki, Hp 8000
Eco solvent pigment ink suit for Epson PS6000, Mimaki, HP 8000 Specification: Type: Water Based Ink ; Printing Type: Digital Printing ; color: C M Y K LC LM ; Printer Model: Eco solvent pigment ink for piezo printers is especially for Epson PS6000, Roland, Mimaki, HP 8000, etc. eco-solvent plotters, and normal Epson printers after changing certain spare parts. Color: C M Y LC LM LK LLK KFeatures: 1. No HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) 2. Direct printing on various materials 3. ...
Company: Hongsam Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Eco Solvent Ink For Mimaki,mutoh And Roland
Eco solvent ink for Mimaki,Mutoh and Roland Specification: Type: Solvent Based Ink ; Printing Type: Digital Printing ; Eco solvent ink for Mimaki,Mutoh and Roland best quality and competitive price our eco solvent support following printers: Mimaki:JV3-160/1600SP/250SP/75SP/75SPII/130SL/250SPF/JV5-160S/250S/320S,JV33-130/160 Roland:Solijet Pro III XJ 740/XJ640/XC540 Versa CAMM SP300/SP300V/SP540V/VP300/VP540 Pro IIV SC5450EX/SC540EX/SJ6400EXM/SJ740EX PROII ...
Company: Jiaxing Baichuan Printer Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Eco / Mild Solvent Ink
eco / mild solvent ink Specification: Type: Solvent Based Ink ; Printing Type: Digital Printing ; color: C M Y K LC LM ; outdoor durability: 24 month ; certificate: Xaar, PALL, MSDS, RoHS. ; eco / mild solvent ink Eco solvent ink Eco solvent inks for Epson, Konica and Seiko printheads. More environmental friendly products, odorless and user-friendly. Wider color gamut and bright color. 2 years outdoor durability uncoated. High quality and competitive price. Color Range: Cyan (C), Magenta ...
Company: Shanghai BPink Technologies Co., Ltd.    China

Solvent Green B /solvent Green 3
Solvent GREEN B /Solvent Green 3 Specification: CAS No.: 128-80-3 ; Other Names: Solvent Green 3 ; MF: C28H22N2O2 ; EINECS No.: 204-909-5 ; Type: Solvent Dye ; Usage: Ink Dyestuffs, Paint Dyestuffs, Paper Dy. ; WEIYI SOLVENT DYES exhibit good solubility in water and can be applied to different kinds of fields such as leather,silk,nylon, fabric ,wool and fur, etc. WEIYI SOLVENT DYES are produced with advanced chemical technology. we believe that this product will satisfy you with excellent ...
Company: Hangzhou Weiyi Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Tinta Base Solvente For Xaar Printheads
Tinta Base Solvente for Xaar printheads Specification: Type: Solvent Based Ink ; Printing Type: Digital Printing ; Color: Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow ; * The inks have a higher density. Minimum income of more than 20% compared to original inks. * Increased adhesion. * Resistance to UV radiation over 2 years. * Increased storage time over 1 years. * Getting rich colors that value their work. * Quick drying ink that prevents problems in folding the print media and works best on uncoated ...
Company: Shenzhen NXY Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Alkyd Resins,pigments,titanium Dioxide
alkyd resins,pigments,titanium dioxide Specification: we are purechem company,loacted in sadat city,egypt,specialized in tradig and distriution of chemicals espicially the chemicals of paints and coatings like titanium dioxide,alkyd resins.homopolymer,copolyneers,organic solvents,pigments,and paint additives
Company: Hangzhou Weiyi Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Solvent Black 27
solvent black 27 Specification: CAS No.: 12237-22-8 ; Other Names: solvent black 27 ; MF: C24H16Cl3N3O2 ; EINECS No.: 224-867-1 ; Type: Solvent Dye ; Usage: Ink Dyestuffs, Leather Dyestuffs, Paint . ; solvent black 27 1.CAS:12237-22-8 2.Strength:100%&plusmn;2% 3.Moisture:&le;1% 4.Insolubility:&le;0.15% Packed in 25drums/cartons -- We also can supply you the followng solvent dyes: Yellow 2,12,14,16,18,19,21,25,33,43,56,79,82,90,93,114,146,163,167 Orange ...
Company: Qingdao Sanhuan Colorchem Co., Ltd.    China

Amine Solvents
Amine solvents Specification: Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent ; Purity: 99.99 ; Type: Other ; Usage: Coating Auxiliary Agents, Electronics Ch. ; Triveni Chemicals is one of the leading industrial chemicals manufacturer and supplier, meeting the demand of various industries. We deal in both organic and inorganic chemicals, and therefore our horizon of trade in the market has widened. We are engaged in the manufacture and supply of Fluoride, Fluoborate, Slico Fluoride, Cryolite, ...

Chemical /cas No.38083-17-9
chemical /cas no.38083-17-9 Specification: CAS No.: 38083-17-9 ; Other Names: 1-(4-clorophenoxy)-3,3-dimethyl-1-. ; MF: C15H17O2N2Cl ; Type: Alltagschemie ; Purity: 99% ; Application: intermediates ; Appearance: White crystal powder ; powder: White crystal powder ; Climbazole Common Name: Climbazole Chemical Name: 1-(4-clorophenoxy)-3,3-dimethyl-1-(imidazole-1-yl)-2-butanone CAS NO.: 38083-17-9 Molecular Formula: C15H17O2N2Cl Molecular Weight: 292.76 ...
Company: Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Methylene Chloride As Excellent Solvent
methylene chloride as excellent solvent Specification: CAS No.: 75-09-2 ; Other Names: methylene chloride ; MF: CH2Cl2 ; EINECS No.: 200-838-9 ; Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Pharmaceutical In. ; Purity: 99.9% ; Application: Excellent solvent ; Appearance: colorless ; color: colorless ; Methylene Chloride 1)Properties: colorless transparent solution with mild sweet odour,evaporate very quickly,not easily burn. 2)Specification: Item Excellent Grade Color(APHA),Pt-Co 10 ...
Company: Zibo Bainaisi Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

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