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List extensive product information of Computer (include Desktop Computers, Personal Computer, Mini Computer), provided by Computer manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

This computer uses the latest Intel 865GV CMOS chip group and all material used is aluminum with gold, creating an elegant appearance. The computer has TV capabilities and FM frequency modulation broadcast REC functions With IEEE1394 interface and seven card compacted readers, it can satisfy the request of almost any user. It can support 5.1 track output, SPDIF output,10M/100M/1000M network cards, and as much as 1GB high speed internet.
Company: Shenzhen Hasee Computer Co., Ltd.    China

Auto Power Inverter
1) Input voltage: DC 12V ± 10% ; 2) Output voltage: AC 220V ± 10% ; 3) Output frequency: 50Hz ; 4) Durative output power: 400W ; 5) Twinkling maximum power: 750W ; 6) Maximum working efficiency: 90% ; 7) Small in size ; 8) Can transform on-board DC 12V to AC 220V ; 9) No refitment to car ; 10) Applied to digital cameras, laptop computers, MP3 players, electronic shavers, cellphone chargers, etc. ; 11) Convenient to users especially in travels or working in cars
Company: Shenzhen Hasee Computer Co., Ltd.    China

Travel Easy Cable Bag
Applications: fire wire 1394 6P/M, SB A/M to A/M connetor, RJ45 to USB A/F connector, earphone microphone, firewire 6P/F to 4P/M connector, USB A/M to B/M connector, for external floppy disk, external hard disk, external CD, VCD, DVD or R/W device, USB memory card reader/writer, ram disk, MP3 player, USB 800dpi mini optical mouse, USB hub, modem, ADSL modem, digital vidio, digital camera, web camera, USB scaner, USB printer
Company: Shenzhen Hasee Computer Co., Ltd.    China

Low Cost Thin Client Terminal
1) Able to network up to 10pcs of TC-18 per host PC which runs on WinXP. 2) Bundles with 8.4 VGA , 800x600 LCD Monitor (Japanese LCD Panel). Other LCD sizes are available upon your request. 3) Able to run on any Windows applications, internet browsing, games, instant messenger, email, etc. 4) Security/Password protection. 5) High performance under simultaneous operation for all 10pcs of TC-18 terminals. 6) Saves hardware/software cost. 7) Saves energy cost, i.e near to 95% power saving . 8) ...

100% New Lenovo Compatible Cartridge
1) Lenovo 11 black, 13 color ; 2) Lenovo 6001B, 6002C also available ; 3) Beautiful outlook ; 4) True live color ; 5) Pigment black ink ; 6) Lowest price available

Personal Desktop Computer
Pentium 4 - 2.66 GHZ with HT Technology. 915 Intel Chipset Motherboard - (Inbuilt) Intel Extreme Graphics Video Card - AC-97 Sound Card, LAN, USB, 40 GB Hard Drive, 256 MB RAM, 52x CD-RW, 3 1/2 Floppy Drive, 15 in CRT Monitor, IKey Multimedia Keyboard, Iball Optical Mouse, IBox ATX Cabinet, Creative Speakers.

Computer Shuttle P-4 Mini PC System 3.4 GHz
Processor: Intel Pentium-4 3.4GHz (775) Hyper-Threading ; Memory (RAM):2GB PC3200 400 MHz DDR Memory ; Hard Disk Drive:200 GB 7200 RPM IDE Hard Disk Drive ; Optical Drive:16X DVD-RW Drive Double Layer ; Floppy Drive:1.44 MB Floppy Drive ; Video:64 MB Built-in Video Sound: Built-in 3D stereo sound ; Network Adapter: Built-in 10/100 Ethernet Adapter ; USB Ports:4 USB ports (2 front & 2 rear) ; Firewire:2 (1 front & 1 rear) ; Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home ; Keyboard: ...

Apple 3g/4b/Mini Ipod Case
1) Protect the iPod from scratch. 2) High Quality Silicone case for best protection. 3) It is silicone skins for ipod MP3 players. 4) It is fitted to 3 Generation,4 Generation and Mini ipod with various colors as well.

IBM Silver Black TFT Alin In One System
We import all in one TFT system form japen. In this all ine one system totel CPU is inbilt in TFT. So u have to care only TFT. U can save the space and save money and go to high performans with IBM brand. There in system config is that. P3 450,500,550 MHz org mobile CPU,256 MB RAM,80 GB HDD, CD ROM (whom work with oreginal CD ),1.44 FDD, bilt in speakers, bilt in LAN,15" real TFT,2 port USB, silver black also avalable. And comply system price only 385 USD for minimum 5 pcs. If u take up ...

Computer Desktop, Refurbished Slim Form Factor
O/S: Windows 2000 Pro. w/SP 4. CPU: Intel Celeron 2.0 Ghz. HDD: 60 Gb. Memory: 512 Mb. Drives: multi combo drive DVD ROM/CDR FDD. Ports: USB (7). IEEE1394. Serial and parallel. Network: Ethernet Lan ,internet broadband ready. Peripheral bundle: mouse,keyboard. Software bundle: MS Office 2003 (Word.Excel,Access,Publisher,Powerpoint Outlook,etc, etc.). Monitor: Brand new Acer 17" flat monitor.

Apple Power Computer
Apple power mac g5 desktop m9455ll/a(dual2.0-ghz power PC g5,512 MB RAM,160 GB hard drive, superdrive): Processor:2.0 ghz powerpc g5 ; Number of processors:2 ; RAM:512 MB ; RAM type: DDR SDRAM ; Max RAM:8 GB ; L2 cache:512 KB ; Memory slots:3

Motherboard PT800
1) Type: ATX ; 2) Supports FSB 800, Intel Pentium 4, Celeron, Northwood, Hyper-thread - Prescott CPU ; 3) Memory: 2 x DDR 266, 333, 400 ; 4) HT CPU support ; 5) 8X AGP ; 6) Serial ATA ; 7) 6 channel audio ; 8) Dimensions: 30.5 x 19.5cm

IBM Computers
We can supply Cheap IBM Computers, sony computer, dell computer, toshiba computer, hp computer, acer computer, benq computer, fujitsu computer, etc...

High Performance Computer
We have very short delivery lead times and export worldwide. We have specialized computers for gaming, video editing, sound editing,3D graphics, file servers, CAD stations, etc.

Sbc Single Board Computers
Selling single board computers (sbc). Pls. Email us for full datasheet of: 486dx-133. Intel pentiun up to 233mmx ; Pentium II 333mhz slot1 ; Pentium iii 550mhz slot1 ; Pentium iii 600mhz (& up to 1ghz) fga370 (ppga 370). Leading manufacturers, most include CPU & memory chips.

Sony VAIO Intel Pentium 4
The Sony VAIO VGCV617G Intel Pentium 4 540HT 3.2EGHz Computer gives you a flat panel LCD TV with high- performance PC. It's all in one. The VAIO TV-PC brings high-quality television along with integrated program listings and on-screen navigation using the remote control.

1U and 2U Industrial PC / Computer
Industrial type PC, with rackmount on the back of flat panel display unit. Able to install a video card for playing multimedia. Ultracomp uc300b-p4 pentium M embedded PC ; Slim anodized aluminum chassis ; Industrial pentium-m embedded board with vga & LAN ; Built-in intel vga & intel gigabyte LAN ; Built-in IDE, [2] serial, [1] parallel & [2] USB ; Relative humidity:10% to 90% (non-condensing) ; Operating temperature:0c to 60c ; Intel pentium M 1.6ghz CPU with fan ; 512mb ddr266 ...

Recon Desktop Computer
Intel pentium iii 1ghz ; 256mb SDRAM ; 20gb HDD ; 1.44mb FDD ; Cdrom drive ; Integrated sound and display ; 17" digital monitor ; Keyboard and mouse.

Attention container buyers: Dell, compaq, IBM & HP ; In stock and ready to ship! ; 20' & 40' desktop containers ; Tier one PIII desktops all speeds ; 14" and 15" untested monitors.

Fanless Rigid IPC System
Fanless computer for space-concerned, pollution-concerned and loudness-concerned market. Built-in lower power CPU Celron 650 CPU,128M memory, COM x 5 port, USB x 4ports. Supports dual LCD panels. Work with wall-mounting LCD panel through one cable( supports power, VGA and touch signals)

Multi-Laptop Performer
PL-680 Multi-Laptop Performer. Key Specifications/Special Features: Characteristics: 18 fun learning activities ; Real piano keyboard to play melodious music ; Musical tutor anytime ; With nice-printing music book included ; More than 200 words for entertainment ; Basic arithmetic for learning with fun ; Portable with laptop design ; Teaches: Language x 5 ; Math x 4 ; Music(piano) x 5 ; Games x 2 ; Logic and memory x 2

Everex AMD Complete Personal Computer System
Everex eXplora GS28 Complete Personal Computer System w/ 17 Inch CRT Monoitor ONLY $379.00 While Supplies Last!! AMD Sempron 2800+ Processor, 256MB Memory, 80GB Hard Drive, 17" CRT Monitor, CD-RW, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition NEW w/ 1 Year Warranty.

Used Computer
We supply and export all kinds of used branded computers, laptops, computer accessories to worldwide markets. All computers have been tested and certified they were in good condition before they can be delivered to our customers. If you are interested in any of our computer or laptops, kindly provide the specifications of computer that you would like to order and we will then provide you with a quotation.
Company: Access Computer Marketing    Malaysia

Damier Geant Canvas Albatros Black M93073
- Jacquard canvas in high tenacity polyamide and polyester - Calf leather trim - Brushed aluminum hardware - Perfect for weekend getaways - Rolled leather shoulder straps - Large canvas shoulder strap for a comfortable cross-shoulder carry - Exterior large zipped pocket for all travel documents - Interior two flat pockets - High tenacity polyamide canvas lining Size: W50 X H20 X D30 CM This Fake Lv Damier Geant Canvas Albatros Black Handbag comes with:Serial and model ...
Product Group: Fake Lv ,Damier Geant Canvas ,Albatros Black Handbag,Lv Hand
Company: teammade trading company in Guangzhou    china

Damier Geant Canvas Messager Black M93032
- Damier Geant canvas composed of ultra-strong technical fibers similar to those used in mountain-climbing ropes - Classic natural-cowhide trim - Aluminum hardware for lightweight strength - Thermo-compressed techniques create a smooth, supple, semi-rigid three-dimensional shell without added weight - Long flap closure with magnetic snaps - Durable textile lining - Adjustable shoulder strap - Three inside compartments, one designed for a laptop computer - Large inside pocket ...
Product Group: Knockoff Purses ,Damier Geant Canvas ,Messager Black Handbag
Company: teammade trading company in Guangzhou    china

ContourHD 1080p Full HD Helmet Camera Price 60usd
VholdR Contour HD 1080P Video Camera Contour HD 1080P Video Camera by VholdR. ContourHD1080p is the World’s First Full HD Wearable Camcorder to shoot and share 1080p video. Perfect for an outdoor enthusiast looking for the ultimate video quality you can configure. It features four HD settings (1080p, 960p, and two at 720p) with two frame rates (30fps and 60fps) and four configurable settings (metering, contrast, exposure, and microphone sensitivity). But, most important the ContourHD ...
Company: Kongsonic Electronics Supplies Co Ltd    china

GoPro\\\'s HD Motorsports HERO Price 50usd
GoPro's HD Motorsports HERO is the world's highest performance 1080p HD on-board video and still photo camera. Professional quality 1080p, 960p, and 720p HD resolutions record at 30 frames per second (60 fps in 720p). The HD Motorsports HERO easily mounts to any helmet, motorcycle, ATV, car, plane, jet ski, boat, snowmobile or other vehicle. The camera's quick-release mounting design makes it easy to re-position the camera around your vehicle for professional quality HD video ...
Company: Kongsonic Electronics Supplies Co Ltd    china

LM-CJ53-22NEK LM64C35P
LMCJ5322NEK LM64C35P 10.4INCH DSTN 31PIN, 10.4inch lcd panel for industrial use. We can supply it from stock. If you want to know more information about the lcd panel, please contact me at For more information about the lcd panel, please visit Karen Samfong Technology(HK)CO.,LTD MSN: Skype:karenpenghuiping Email: Google talk: +8613713543851 +8675583995632
Product Group: LM-CJ53-22NEK

Shenzhen Kuayue Electronic Co.,LTD--Thermal conductive insulators manufacturer
Shenzhen Kuayue Electronic Co.,LTD manufactures thermal conductive & insulation materials for several years, with the strength of High thermal conductivity pads, silicon pads, natural/ manmade Graphite Sheets, Adhesive Thermal sheets,etc. Specialized products can help you solve the thermal conductive/heat transfer/ components cooling problems! Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. FREE SAMPLES will be sent for your evaluation! Vae Mail: ...

Silicon thermal insulatons--Help you solve the thermal conductive /heat transfer problems
Shenzhen Kuayue Electronic Co.,LTD manufactures thermal conductive material for several years, with the strength of High thermal conductivity pads, silicon pads, natural/manmade Graphite films, Self-adhesive thermal sheets,etc. Specialized products can help you solve the thermal conductive/heat transfer/ components cooling problems! Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. FREE SAMPLES will be sent for your evaluation! Vae Mail: ...

Laptop CPU Self-adhesive Thermal conductive silicon pad & gap filler of high thermal conductivity
Shenzhen Kuayue Electronic Co.,LTD manufactures thermal conductive material for several years, with the strength of High thermal conductivity pads, silicon pads, natural/manmade Thermal conductive Graphite films, Self-adhesive Thermal conductive sheets,Thermal conductive gap filler,etc. Specialized products can help you solve the thermal conductive/heat transfer/ components cooling problems! Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. FREE SAMPLES will be sent for ...

Dell Inspiron Laptop
This laptop features a built-in 1.3MP webcam for keeping in touch with friends and a 500GB hard drive capacity for ample storage for data files, music, movies and more. The Intel Core i5 processor helps you quickly complete tasks. This model meets our Professional Series criteria - Compare. - Intel 4G Wi - MAX chipset built in for Internet access to go at next-generation mobile broadband speeds. Learn more about Wi - Wireless service plan required; sold separately. - MAX service not ...
Company: P.T. Anta, Tbk    Indonesia

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