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List extensive product information of Computer Hardware (include CPU, Hard Drive, Main Board), provided by Hardware Components manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Silicone Key Board
Finally a keyboard that can withstand all kins of abuse! This flexible keyboard is made of a high quality silicone. This keyboard is so flexible that you can roll it up and bring it everywhere you go. Lightweight, ultra-slim and compact, it is perfect for travel. The soft material allows a quick, reflective typing action which is silent and more comfortable than the traditional plastic board. The flat design also offers an ease in typing which eliminates negative-angel stress to your wrist.

SanDisk Sd 128GB Card
1) Available capacities: 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4.0GB ; 2) Comes with 1-year warranty ; 3) Meets CE and FCC approval standards.

DVB (SM-6068)
1.enjoy the satellite programs through PC screen ; 2.with funtion of recording ; 3.time-shifting ; 4.with electron selector programs.
Company: Hong Kong Yi Er Industry Ltd.    Hong Kong

Sound Card
1) We can offer over a thousand of top IT products and accessories ; 2) With our commitment to customer service, competitive pricing and providing quality products, we are able to ensure your complete satisfaction ; 3) We also offer microphone, headphone, speaker, sound card, and audio cable

Video Capture Card
1) Video Input: 1-4 channels, 1-16 PCS cards support ; 2) Audio Input: Single channel, 1-4 PCS cards support ; 3) Frame Rate: 1-25 fps (PAL), 1-30 fps (NTSC) ; 4) Compression Format: MPEG4 ; 5) Hardware Occupation: 100-200 M/h/Channels ; 6) Resolution: (PAL) 352 x 288, 768 x 288, 768 x 576 ; 7) Remote Mode: ISDN, DDN, PSTN, LAN, WAN, Internet, ADSL, Modem, etc. 256K-2M Internet bandwidth ; 8) Alarm Mode: 16 Alarm inputs, 3 Alarm Outputs, User-Defined Recording: Timing Recording, Moving ...
Company: Hong Kong Yi Er Industry Ltd.    Hong Kong

NEC Chipset
1) Supporting 1394-a/ottc1.0/PCI rev 2.1 standard ; 2) Transfer rates up to 400Mbps ; 3) Receive PAL/NTSC TV signal ; 4) Connect to PNP devices without driver ; 5) Transfer video and sound with synchronous speed ; 6) Image capture: 720 x 576 ; 7) Mpeg 1/2/iv/av compression support ; 8) Supporting Windows 98/ME/2000nt/XP ; 9) Compliant to PCI 2.0

ATI VGA Card X800Pro AGP
1) GPU: Radeon® X800Pro ; 2) Memory: 256MB 256bit GDDR3 SDRAM ; 3) Core/memory speed: 520/900MHz or 1.2GMz ; 4) Giga flops: 200 billion floating point operations/sec ; 5) Transform rate: 780 million vertices/ sec ; 6) Memory bandwidth: 35.8GB/s ; 7) Pixel pipelines: 16 extreme parallel pixel pipelines ; 8) Pixel fill rate: 8.3G pixels/sec ; 9) DirectX support 9.0 ; 10) OpenGL support 2.0 ; 11) RAMDACs: 400MHz DACs ; 12) Output: DVI-I / TV-Out / D-Sub/Video-In ; 13) Operating systems: ...

Hardware Components
We can supply quality computer hardware from china. Product include Main Board, Cpu, CPU Cooler, Hdd, Hard Drive, Sound Card, AGP card, Ethernet card and more.

5 Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch
1) Complies with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u Ethernet standards ; 2) 5 10/100M RJ-45 port ; 3) Supports Auto MDI/MDIX ; 4) Build in 1K MAC address, 2Mbit BUF ; 5) Any port can be uplink port ; 6) Transmission distance not less than 100m ; 7) Dynamic LED indicators ; 8) DC 7.5V/800mA Power supply ; 9) Paramates: a) Model: S3105PE ; b) Size: 91 x 83 x 26mm ; 10) N.W.: 0.11Kg ; 11) G.W.: 0.57Kg

HDD Enclosure
1) USB2.0 high speed data transfer ; 2) Supports Windows98SE/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 8.6 or later version ; 3) Ergonomic design, easy installation ; 4) Driverless (except of Win98) ; 5) Super slim, portable design ; 6) Enclosure for 3.5" desktop computer HDD ; 7) Interface rate: 480MBps/USB2.0 ; 8) Maximum capacity: 200GB ; 9) External power supply ; 10) AC input: 100 - 240V ; 11) Chip set: GL8111E
Company: Hong Kong Yi Er Industry Ltd.    Hong Kong

Computer Hub with 4 Ports
1) Made of aluminum alloy ; 2) Four type A USB 2.0 ports ; 3) Up to 500mA and auto current sharing by devices request over current protection ; 4) Compact design ; 5) With two IEEE-1394 ports ; 6) 480Mbps data transfer rate ; 7) Compliant with specifications for USB2.0 and backward compatible with USB1.1 ; 8) Connectible to 127 USB devices ; 9) Plug and play, auto system configuration ; 10) Auto installation for Windows 98/2000 ; 11) USB and ACPI compliant dimensions ; 12) Dimensions (L x W ...

Allround KT600 Motherboard
Specifications: 1) Type: ATX ; 2) Supports AMD Athlon, Duron FSB 266, 333, 400MHz socket 462 CPU ; 3) Memory: 2 x DDRAM ; 4) Dimensions: 29.5 x 19.5cm.

Motherboard 845gl, M245 ( With Lan)
Intel 845GL + ICH4 dominant chipset. 400/533MHz FSB bus frequency. Support Socket478 Intel Pentium4 processor. Support Hyper-threading technology. Integrated 2D/3D graphics card, core frequency of 200MHz. Support DDR266/200 memory technology. Supporting up to 2G DDR capacity. Dual terminals (COM1 and COM2). 4 USB2.0 ports. Supporting Ultra DMA 33/66/100. Embedded AC'97 encoders. Embedded AC'97 digital integrated audio control. Audio effect drivers. Support Lan

2.5" HDD Enclosure
1) USB2.0 high speed ( 480Mbps) ; 2) Dimensions: 128 x 75 x 15mm ; 3) Weight: 175g ; 4) Power: bus powered or self powered (5V, 2A) ; 5) Compatible with PC and Mac

Voltage Controlled Oscillator
1) Application: PHS ; 2) Operating frequency ; 3) = =233.15MHz ; 4) = =239MHz ; 5) Tuning sensitivity: 7±1MHz/V ; 6) Power output: 0±3dBm ; 7) Pushing figure (max.): ±2MHz ; 8) Pulling figure (max.): ±1MHz/V ; 9) Response: =<-14dBc ; 10) Phase noise (C/N) at 10kHz offset: =<-110dBc/Hz ; 11) Supply voltage (Vcc): 3.0±0.25V ; 12) Current (Icc): =<15mA ; 13) Tuning voltage (Vt): 0.5-3.0V ; 14) Temperature frequency ratings: 1MHz ; 15) Supply voltage: 6.0V ; 16) Dimensions: 6.0 x ...

P4 MB + CPU combo
Intel 845GL MB + P4/3.6G combo - Hot Sales! (P4/2.6/3.2G is optional). Intel 845GL motherboard: 1) Micro-ATX. PGA478 400/533MHz ; 2) Integrated Intel extreme graphics and AC'97 audio ; 3) Supports DDR333/266/200 ; 4) Supports UltraDMA 100/66 ; 5) Retail box, brand new with CD / manual / cable. P4/3.6G CPU: Brand new, remarked from Celeron, "P4/3.6G" printed on CPU top.exactly same as original P4 cpu. CPU show P4/3.6G for boot screen and Wdows/XP both(with software CD)

CPU Cooler
1) Heat sink: 83.5 x 69 x 35mm ; 2) Material: aluminum + copper ; 3) Weight: 180g ; 4) Rated current: 0.14A ; 5) Rated voltage: 12VDC ; 6) Speed: 3000rpm ; 7) Max. air flow: 28.50CFM ; 8) Application: Intel: Pentium 4 3.2GHz

MMC Memory Card
1) Usage conditions: operating temperature: 0 to 55°C (32 to 131°F) ; 2) Storage temperature: -20 to 65°C (-4 to 149°F) ; 3) Operation / storage humidity: -30 to 80% RH (no condensed) ; 4) External dimensions: 2.4 x 3.2 x 0.1cm ; 5) Weight: approximately 2g ; 6) Range: 64MB - 1.0GB

DC Cooling Fans
1) Models: RQD4010, RQD4020, RQD5010, RQD6010, RQD6015, RQD6020, RQD6025, RQD8032 RQD8025, RQD9225, RQD10825, RQD12025, RQD12038, RQD17250 ; 2) Materials: metal, plastic ; 3) Low noise, large air volume, save electricity, long life

Mobile Hard Disk Enclosure
1) Elegant and refined design and approved stable quality ; 2) HDD type: 1.8" HDD ; 3) Supports an incredible transfer rate of 480MBps ; 4) Geared for storing all of valuable pictures, videos and MP3 files ; 5) Small enough to be put in briefcase ; 6) With built-in power supply, you can easy to carry and travel ; 7) Great as a secure backup to internal hard drive ; 8) The auto-backup software supports regular scheduling backup to its high capacity 1.8" hard disk drive ; 9) The ...

TV Card (23881)
1) Integrated driving function 10 bit ADC video decode IC ; 2) Integrated strong audio collection function, it is needless to take up resource of sound card ; 3) It has AV and SV import interface, user can watch TV, capture from VCD, DVD, and camera to PC ; 4) Can search various channels, receive 136 TV channels at most; 5) User would clear up channels which are needless or when receiving quality is poor; 6) OSD function: display channel and volume on screen; 7) User can customize 100 ...

Intel Fsb 1mb Cache, Memory DDR
Intel 3ghz 775 P4 800 Fsb 1mb Cache: P4 processors tray product. I currently have 3 boxes.. Fast moving product. We also have cheapest memory module for ddr333/400 128mb/256mb/512mb, we will give you very competitive price in your market, the performance is very good.

CPU Intel P4
CPU intel p4 3.0ghz 800mhz 1mb cache 775pin lga ; Retail, original intel saeled box included fan and heatsink ; Brand new, status t1.

Accessory for Apple iPad
Accessory for Apple iPad Clear Crystal Hard Panel Shell Case for Apple iPad 1.The quality case is used to provide protection and prevent scratches, chips or dirt from accumulating on your iPad 2.Made from high-grade polycarbonate to compliment the surface with smooth texture 3.Precisely cut openings for the charger, side buttons and speaker to allow full access to all the functions 4.Multi-Colors available.
Product Group: Accessory For IPad
Company: Dingoo Digital Technology Ltd.    China

AMD FireGL V8650 Graphics Card
Introducing the ATI FireGL V8650 workstation graphics accelerators from AMD with Unified Shader architecture - the markets first graphics accelerator with 2GB of memory and stereoscopic 3D display capabilities is the ultimate in performance expanding the possibilities when working with large datasets for Medical Imaging, Digital Content Creation (DCC) and simulation. The ATI FireGL V8650 delivers industry leading features and performance unparalleled in the market today. General ...
Product Group: Ipad, Apple Ipad, Cell Phone, Mobile Phone, Pda, Laptop, Com
Company: Indo Best Trading Cv.    Indonesia

Executive DQ45EK Desktop Board
Intel Executive DQ45EK Desktop Board in mini-ITX form factor supports Intel vPRO technology which gives users the unprecedented ability to remotely maintain, manage, and protect their business PCs. Even with the small form factor, this board gives you the ability to enjoy new features such as dual-DVI video output and eSATA port on back-panel, as well as software enhancing security and remote management options for your system. General Information * Manufacturer: ...
Product Group: Ipad, Apple Ipad, Cell Phone, Mobile Phone, Pda, Laptop, Com
Company: Indo Best Trading Cv.    Indonesia

Motherboards, Mainboards, Boards
For Sale: Motherboards, Mainboards, Boards These units are packed on skids ready to move. Please email us for questions or prices. Thank You
Product Group: Motherboards, Mainboards, Boards
Company: RecoveryTTA .LLC    usa

HDD, Hard Drive, Hard Disk
For Sale: HDD, Hard Disk, Hard Drive These units are packed on skids ready to move. Please email us for questions or prices. Thank You
Product Group: HDD, Hard Disk
Company: RecoveryTTA .LLC    usa

CPU\\\'s Mixed P1,P2,P3,P4,486, etc
For Sale: CPU's Mixed P1,P2,P3,P4,486, etc These units are packed on skids ready to move. Please email us for questions or prices. Thank You
Product Group: Cpu, Processor, Chips
Company: RecoveryTTA .LLC    usa

Optical Drives, DVD,CDRW,DVDRW
For Sale: Optical Drives,DVD,CDRW,CD,DVD,Floppies These units are packed on skids ready to move. Please email us for questions or prices. Thank You
Product Group: Dvd,Cdrom,Cdrwdrives,Optical Drives
Company: RecoveryTTA .LLC    usa

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