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Detailed ECOM Routers Description:

1) Multifunctional broad band SOHO router, which provides a total solution for internet surfing and office-sources sharing ; 2) Suitable for SOHO business, easy to use and operate ; 3) Built-in DHCP server (dynamic IP address assignment) ; 4) Supports four ways to access internet: visual dialing, DHCP user terminal, fixed IP, PPTP ; 5) Supports internet games and multimedia technology in special port ; 6) Supports VPN function ; 7) Supports DMZ (coincident with IP) ; 8) Supports dynamic routing and static routing ; 9) MAC address clone function ; 10) Compatible with all kinds of operation systems and software ; 11) Built-in web server with friendly interface, easy to install ; 12) Complies with the IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, PPPoE standards, CSMA/CD, TCP/IP 111protocols

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