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List extensive product information of Joysticks & Game Controllers (include Usb Joypad, Wireless Controller, PC Joypad), provided by Joystick & Game Controller manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Xbox Controller
1) 2 analog thumbsticks ; 2) 6 analog cation buttons with pressure-sensitive controls ; 3) 1 eight-way directional pad ; 4) 2 analog triggers ; 5) 2 vibration feedback motors ; 6) 2 enu navigation buttons ; 7) 2expansion slots for peripherals ; 8) 9.8 feet (3 meters) of cable with inline release
Company: Shenzhen Chuyar Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

PS Wireless Controller
1) Wireless RF technology provides up to 30' range ; 2) Uses 2.4G mode ; 3) Dual vibration motors ; 4) Dual dhock 2 ; 5) Turbo and slow function ; 6) Mapping function ; 7) Analog and digital modes for maximum control ; 8) Uses AA batteries ; 9) Compatible with PS 1 and PS 2 ; 10) Capable of operation at 10m from the display ; 11) 3D vibrator.
Company: Shenzhen Chuyar Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Joysticks & Game Controllers
1) We can offer over a thousand of top IT products and accessories ; 2) With our commitment to customer service, competitive pricing and providing quality products, we are able to ensure your complete satisfaction ; 3) We also offer the following related accessories on PC peripherals including keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and PC game products
Company: Shenzhen Chuyar Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

USB Joystick
1) Newest type of PC USB joystick ; 2) 4 fire buttons + Turbo function ; 3) Analog Throttle + Turbo speed select ; 4) Supports Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP ; 5) Suitable for street fighting, adventure and flight games.

PS2 Program Joypad
1. 8-way direction control pad (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP-RIGHT, UP-LEFT and DOWN-LEFT) ; 2. Action buttons (Functions of action buttons are game-dependent) ; 3. 3D Analog control sticks (the 3D analog provide full 360-degree movement) ; 4. Analog knob

Playstation2 Controller
This is a game pad for playstation2, and this can be used with keyboard and mouse. You can enjoy the FPS game(SOCOMI, SOCOMII, GUNSURVIVOR etc. ) more easy with keyboard and mouse like a PC. Also, It is possible to save key adjust, you can enjoy different game more easily by using mode switch. You can enjoy realistic game with vibration function.

Interactive Tennis TV Game
1) Interactive tennis TV game ; 2) Wireless joypad ; 3) 39 Bonus Games ; 4) New design 16 bit color games ; 5) Accessories: 1 main unit, 1 IR tennis racket, 1 IR joy pad, AV cable, gift box.

USB Game-Pad
Smooth-control dual analog joysticks are complemented by an 8-way D-pad, 6 conveniently positioned buttons and 2 easy reach rapid-fire shoulder triggers for total control. Featuring an 'on-board' shift key, allowing each button to be programmed for 2 functions via Saitek's smart technology software. Ergonomic styling allows every game to be played in comfort and in style.

Dual Shock Game Controller
Features: 1) Comfortable analog controller ; 2) Buttons register both duration and amount of pressure ; 3) 2 convex analog thumb pads ; 4) 2 force-feedback solenoids, which rumble independently ; 5) Compatible with all PlayStation2 software, as well as Dual Shock-supported PlayStation software

Fighter Plane Game Player
1) 4 in 1 ; 2) Plane shape ; 3) Game programs: sea and aviation war, street overlord, helicopter, football

Mega Gun Game Console
Mega gun is direct plug & play TV games console with built in gun for ectra fun. Battery or adaptor operated.

Game Controller Rubber (Joystick Key)
Our company are specialized in the manufacture of semi finished articles including silicon rubber standard joystick (ps1,Ps2), dual shock joystick, rubber key, conductive insulator, mouse wheels and other rubber products.

Game Cub Controller
Fully analog action buttons and D-Pad: Dual analog joysticks ; Vibration feedback ; Macro and turbo function.

Home Racing Simulator
The vrx is more than just a racing and flight simulator; all types of games benefit from the added realism of tactile sound. Racing through a hairpin curve, body checking your opponent or blasting them with a rocket launcher

TV Games Console
UFO Station is TV games console with various built in games. Extra cartridge slot is available for other 8 bit TV games.

Combat Arcade Joystick
Available with P. S2 + NGC + XB + USB (4 in 1) ; Compatible with Windows 98/98SE/98me/2000/XP ; Analog and digital functions compatible ; Vibration feed back ; 8-way direction stick ; Turbo/clear function, Program function ; Direct-X 7.0a or upper version.

Plug And Play Video Game Console
1. Latest casino video game ; 2.12 most popular and classic casino games built-in ; 3. Easy plug'n'play operation

Mini USB Pad With Cable Winder
USB 2.0 - Plug n Play, compatible with ver. 1.1/2.0 USB ; Compatible with Win 98/2000/ME/XP ; 11 functional buttons for gaming use ; Special design of cable storage for easy storage and protability ; Two LED buttons

Football Game Player
1) Palm shape ; 2) 2 units ; 3) Rich acoustics and sufficient motion ; 4) Color background display ; 5) Optional single player of combined players ; 6) Automatically enters sleeping state ; 7) Game program: basketball game

PC/TV/Video Game Joystick Game Pad
Produced over 15 kinds of popular pc/tv game joystick and game controller. PC Joypad Features: 1) USB Interface ; 2) Various interface designs ; 3) Assorted colors available.

Electroic Game Player And Brick Game
Games including: Russian Break, Tank War, Ping Pang, Car Racing, Dragon Ball, Cross River,9999 in 1 Or 2000 in 1. Some items with calculator and clock function, some items with computer or phone shape.

PS2 RF 2.4G Wireless Pad
1) PS2 2.4G wireless controller for PS2, Psone and PS ; 2) Available over 7-meter range ; 3) Built-in dual vibration motor ; 4) Use 16 of setting at a region at the same time.

xbox 360 Wireless joystick/controller
Wireless joystick/controller for xBox 360 1. 2.4GHz wireless technology with 30-foot range 2. Use up to four controllers simultaneously on one console 3. Integrated headset port for xBox LIVE play 4. Adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life 5. New left and right shoulder buttons are designed for ease of use 6. Use the xBox 360 Guide button to keep track of your friends, access your games and media, or power on and off your xBox 360 console 7. Microsoft original ...
Product Group: Wireless Controller
Company: Golden Hongfa Electronic CO., LTD    China

XBOX joypad/controller/handle
XBOX game Joystick Joypad,Xbox game handle ,remote controller ,game controller,game accessories,video game we are the leading supplier for all the game controller , PS2 Joypads ,wireless joypad, Fan joypad,PS2/USB 2 in 1 Joystick,joypad cable,PS2 joypad extend cable PS3/PC joypad,PS3 wireless joypad,PS3 joypad charging cable XBOX360 joypad,X-BOX360 wireless joypad,X-BOX360 wireless joypad brand new WII Controller(L&R), WII Classic Controller ,wii remote control etc
Product Group: Xbox Game Handle
Company: Top Sheung Electronic Co.,LTD    China

wii remote controller and nunchuck
Wii joystick joypad L&R,Wii Remote and Nunchuck Controller,game controller,video game Product Features Remote Control: Beams money through Bluetooth up to 30 feet away Used as a remote, operates up to 15 feet away Built-in speaker Rumble Features expansion port for additional input devices, such as the Nunchuk controller Product FeaturesNunchukThe Nunchuk builds on the simplicity of the Wii Remote and goes an extra step to meet the needs of specific types of games. The Nunchuk ...
Product Group: Wii Joystick Joypad
Company: Top Sheung Electronic Co.,LTD    China

PS2 joypad
PS2 game Joystick Joypad,PS2 game handle ,remote controller ,game controller,game accessories,video game 1.Support PC and PS2 playstation. 2.Be compatible with PS1/PS2 console. 3.Programmable buttons can be set up into key combination to get unique skill. 4.12 analog sensitive buttons and 2 analog 3D control sticks.
Product Group: PS2 Game Joystick
Company: Top Sheung Electronic Co.,LTD    China

For Ps3 Guitar Hero
FOR PS3 guitar Hero Specification: Compatible Platform: PS3 ; Type: Guitar ; Color: black: package: color box ; Weight: 1.9kg: Size : 56*26*9.5cm ; QTY: 6PCS/CTN: key: 10keys ; Type: electronic guitar: Other: in stock ; Wireless guitar for PS3 /PS2/Wii 6 in 1 Universal Wireless Guitar hero (compatible with all editons of Guitar Hero and RockBand Games) 1. Super easy to operate when you play all the different games. Four guitar, you only switch to choose Guitar Hero or RockBand; For ...
Company: Shenzhen Gelin Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Wired Controller For Xbox360, For Xbox360 Game Controller Multicolors
Wired controller for xbox360, for Xbox360 Game Controller multicolors Specification: Compatible Platform: XBOX 360 ; Type: Joystick ; Condition: Brand New ; Color: muiti-colors ; Wired controller for xbox360, for Xbox360 Game Controller multicolors Specifications: Wireless Game Controller for XBOX360 An extra controller for all of the multi-player games Use wireless 2.4 GHz technology - up to 30 foot range for connecting with 360 console Built-in wireless receiver brand new and ...
Company: HONG KONG Z.S. GROUP LTD    China

Usb Double Vibration Game Joystick/gamepad
USB Double vibration game joystick/gamepad Specification: Compatible Platform: PC ; Type: Joystick ; Color: blue ; USB Double Vibration joystick,game joystick,USB vibration Joystick, USB Gamepad ,USB Vibration Gamepad .USB JOYPAD 1.USB Port,Plug and play. Double Models ,can play with friends. 2.Digital mode and analog modes. 3.Turbo Fire select and start functions 4.Cross-direction key replaces round key 5.Built-in dual vibration motors .support vibration feedback 6.Compatible ...
Company: Shenzhen Shenshijia Electronics Company Limited    China

Game Controller
game controller Specification: Compatible Platform: PC ; Type: Joystick ; Green,blue,: red,white ; Sticks: 2 analog 3D mini-stick ; Cable: 4mm*1.80m,whole copper wire ; Handle grip: Rubber-textured ; Fashionbal wired PC USB game controller with vibration Brand Name WELCOM Model Number WE-870S Compatible Platform PC Type Joystick Place of origin Guangdong, China (Mainland) Color Green,etc. Axis 4 Direction buttons 4 Action buttons 4 ...
Company: Shenzhen Yuchida Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

For Sony Playstation 3 Ps3 Wired Shock Game Controller
For Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Wired Shock Game Controller Specification: Compatible Platform: PS3 ; Type: Joystick ; Color: Black ; Material: ABS ; Feature: Wireless ; For Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Wired Shock Game Controller Features: 1.NOT have to spend more fortune on other gaming input device. 2.Ideal controller to play games on PS3. 3.Comfortable design with familiar button layout and provide you with realistic feeling. 4.Terrific looking translucent black shell. 5.Vibration function ...
Company: FX ELECTRONICS (HK) CO LTD    China

Classic Pro Controller
Classic pro controller Specification: Compatible Platform: Wii ; Type: Joypad ; Colours: Black, White, Red, Pink ; Classic pro controller They can be used on ALL console models. They are universal regardless of where your console is from. Features: 1.100% new high quality Classic Game Controller with grip 2.lends elements from the controllers for the Entertainment System, the Super Entertainment System 3.allows seamless control when playing the titles on the Virtual Console 4.Use the ...

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