80mm thermal printer head

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Detailed 80mm thermal printer head Description:

1.Easy paper loading design
2.Carbon fiber material plus metal stents: strong, resistant With high life
3.Print speed: 220mm / s
4.Motor voltage: DC24V
5.Power Supply: DC24V
6.Print high accuracy: (8dots/mm)
7.Mechanical wear life grew up in:100km
8.Low noise: brushless magnetic excitation stepping motor drive
9.High resistant to abrasion, temperature
10.Material special engineering plastics
11.Transmission gear set, drive a very low noise
12.Print multiple sizes of paper width (the narrowest width of paper40mm maximum 80mm)
13.More advantages than the LTP347:
1)Increase the detection of Black Label
2)Metal chassis structure, reducing the impact on the print head when shear twist
14.Cutter: optional IPI801, IPI803 cutOther cutter can be used in Japan, Taiwan Cutter
15.Application: POS receipt printer,Kiosk, deposit charter, Industrial equipment
16.Features: High-speed high-strength printing, black-left position Standard test, paper to make detection, detection of opening and closing roller Innovation: The paper can be used 80mm
17.Compatibility: LTP347

80mm thermal printer head
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of 80mm thermal printer head in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: LMP-POS Co., Ltd
Address: SZ
Region: Guangdong, China
Contact Person: Colin

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