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List extensive product information of Bricks & Tiles (include Stone Paver, Firebrick, Wall Tile, Paving Tile, Insulating Brick, High Alumina Brick), provided by Brick & Tile manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Natural Stone Pavers
Natural stone pavers made of travertine and cantera stone, available in many beautiful colors and sizes, in 1" and 2" thickness.
Product Group: Stone Paver
Company: Hebei Mountain Stone & Tile Co., Ltd.    China

Travertine Pavers
Naturallstones is manufacturer for travertine and marble pavers for your landcaping needs: We produce travertine/marble pavers for outdoor applications in: Honed with chiselled edges and Tumbled finishes. Marble pavers&tumbled travertine pavers are also available in 3/4,2 cm thicknesses. Travertine and marble colors: ivory travertine ; chiaro travertine ; moon travertine ; golden scabas travertine ; red scabas travertine ; walnut travertine ; noce travertine ; dark gold (yellow) ...
Company: Hebei Mountain Stone & Tile Co., Ltd.    China

Crystal Glass Mosaic
1) Sizes: 25 x 25 x 6mm, or 15 x 25 x 8mm ; 2) Sheet size: 315 x 315 x 6mm, or 315 x 315 x 8mm ; 3) 850-950oC glass glaze fired on the surface of quality clear glass ; 4) Color never fades
Product Group: Glass Mosaic
Company: Hebei Mountain Stone & Tile Co., Ltd.    China

Features: 1) Low iron oxide ; 2) Low thermal conductivity ; 3) Low density, shorter heat up and cool down time ; 4) High spalling resistance ; 5) High hot compressive strength. Typical applications: 1) Refractory back-up installation ; 2) Direct exposure to heat as furnace hot face lining ; 3) Furnace with high gas flow velocity ; 4) Hot face lining ; 5) General high temperature insulation
Product Group: Firebrick

Paving Stone
We can produce paving stones, rough blocks, and tiles with different marble and granite materials for indoor and outdoor use.

Equine Safety Surface Rubber Bricks
Attributes: Outstanding performance and longevity ; Excellent shock absorption and protection; particularly in wash-bay areas ; Ideal surface for replacing dirty, dusty, and hard slick surfaces ; Exceptional durability with comfort and resilience ; Slip-resistant even when wet ; Easy to install and maintain ; Can be adhered or loose laid depending on sub base ; Controls bacteria and dust ; Low cost and environmentally-friendly, made from 100% recycled tire rubber. Applications: Paddock areas ...

Archaize Tile
1) Low water absorption, high density ; 2) No static on its surface, thus it doesn't adsorb dunghill ; 3) The more it's rubbed and abraded, the more it's bright and natural

Tactile Paving Tiles
Material: Granite. Size; 30*30*3cm. Colours: Black, yellow, grey, pink. Surface finished: Tactile for wall, bathroom, blinder paver. Quantity: Large. Packing: Wooden pallets

Weldable / Unweldable Lining Bricks
1) Al2O3: >=95% ; 2) Density: >=3.7g/cm3 ; 3) EWT: = 2000MPa ; 5) Water absorption: =520kN ; 7) Hardness: 9 (MO) ; 8) Different shapes and sizes of weldable and unweldable lining bricks and tiles available

Pumice Stone Brick
We sell pumice stone very light porous volcanic scoria, usually of a gray color. And we sell brick made by pumice stone;very ligth and very good protection provide for sound and cold & hot condition.

Clay Bricks
1) compression strength:50mpa ; 2) absorbing water rate:14% ; 3) the lime burst: No ; 4) radioactivity: Shine index inside 0.3 and shine index outside 0.6 ; 5) coefficient of heat transfer: R=0.49sqm k/w, k=1.6w/sqm. K ; 6) resist the freezing:20 - 30oc

Gold Star Glass Mosaic
We are one of the biggest glass mosaic supliers in China who produce different kind of glass mosaic with fine quality and hundreds of colors. Both paper-mounted and mesh-mounted are available in our company. Not only we provide the single color, and also we can make mosaic designs, such as the borders and gradation lines and pictures.
Product Group: Glass Mosaic

Acid-resistant Brick
Ceramic bricks and plate are widely used as liners in reaction furnaces, drying towers, baths, floors and channels where corrosion resistance is needed. Ceramic strip arch are used as support structures for bottom packing in dry absorption towers of concentrated sulphuric acid. The product has the advantages of better compatibility, lower cast, easier design and manufacture, shorter overhauling period and longer life time than cast iron ball arches. Their hole-opening rate is more than 60%. ...

Artificial Brick, Cement Brick
Artificial Stone, Brick: Used brick veneer looks like full thickness brick, but since it`s only 10~15mm thick it can be installed anywhere. Cement Bricks: Include: concrete curb stones, pavers, vegetated blocks, pavers for the blind, bricks for tree pit etc.

Refractory Brick
We are supply magnesia carbon brick, alumina magnesia carbon brick, alumina carbon brick, burned magnesite brick, magnesia chrome brick, magnesia alumina brick, clay brick, silica brick, gunning mix and ramming mix and so on.

Floor Tile, Granite Tile
Supply various granite tile,construction stone,cubic stone, stepping stone, rankui, paving stone, curbstone etc. Specifications: Size: 30 x 30cm.

Paving Stones
There are more than 100 types of granite paving-stone products available. Specifications: 1) finishes: Polished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, machine-cut, etc.

Ivory Pavers And Ivory Travertine Tile
Travertine Pavers Unfilled Honed Face, Chiseled Edges, Yellow, Ivory, Noce Color available. 30x15x3cm

Chinese Clay Facing Tiles
We can supply chinese clay facing tiles, size: 215x60x12mm, 215x60x8--25mm, 240x55x12mm, 230x65x12mm.

Polished Tile, Wall Tile
Polished Tile: 300 x 300mm, 300 x 450mm, 400 x 400mm, 500 x 500mm, 800 x 800mm, 800 x 1,200mm, 1,000 x 1,000mm, 1,000 x 1500mm. Wall Tile dimensions: 25 x 33cm.

Insulating Fire Bricks
We offer insulating fire bricks, according to JIS standard and JM standard and Chinese national standard. The highest working temperature is ranging from 900C to 1650C. The bulk density is ranging from 500kg/m3 to 1.25kg/m3. The products can be widely used in hot-blast stove, silicon steel cp stove, hot-zinc-plating stove, ethylene-splitting stove, oxygen-making stove, first step-transfer stove, rolling-line kiln, and weaving kiln, etc.

High Alumina Brick, Fire-clay Brick, Insulating Brick
We is the refractory material base in China, we are in position to supply various kinds of bricks, such as high alumina and fireclay brick and insulating bricks with the catalogue as following: 1. fireclay brick ; 2. high alumina brick ; 3. unsintered phosphate brick ; 4. fused silica nozzle ; 5. Mg-C brick ; 6. Al-C sliding brick ; 7. insulating brick (fire-clay quality) ; 8. mullite nozzle ; 9. high alumina insulating brick ; 10.corundum nozzle ; 11.other refractory material.

Roofing slate
Product: Natural slate stone, Roofing slate, slate roof tile Optional Color: Black/Gray/Multicolor/Green Standard Shape: Square, Rectangle, U type and Fishing scale. Type: Roofing slate, Slate roof tile Standard Sizes(mm) Thickness(mm): 5-8, 6-9, 7-10 or others you need 600x300 500x250 400x250 400x200 300x300 300x150 Finish: Natural split Chamfered or not Pre-holed or not Package: Wooden crates Quantity per container: 1200sqm for 6-9mm ...
Product Group: Roofing Slate
Company: Beyard Slate Co.,Ltd    China

Slate roofing tile
Roofing slate: We offer natural cleft tiles as well as calibrated and honed. Roofing slate tile with resistance to acid and pollutants,low water absorption, easy installation heat-resistance and antifreeze, which made it become the first choice for outdoor using. Specification: 1.Optional color: Rusty,black,green gray and yellow. 2.Standard sizes: 300x150,300x200,300x300,400x250,500x250,600x300mm. Usual shapes: Square, Rectangle, U type and Fishing scale. 3.Other Shapes and ...
Product Group: Slate Roofing Tile
Company: Beyard Slate Co.,Ltd    China

Natual slate stone
Product: Natural slate stone Color: Black/Gray/Multicolor/Green Type: Roofing, Flooring, Wall cladding, Paving, Slabs, Mosaic Sandard Sizes(mm) Roofing: 200x400, 250x400, 250x500, 300x600 Flooring:300x300, 400x40, 300x600, 600x600 Finishing: Roofing: natural split, Chamfered or not, Pre-holed or not Flooring:Natural, polished, Brushed, back can calibrated or not Package: Wooden crates Quantity per container: About 1000SQM(25MT, 10mm thick)
Product Group: Slate Stone
Company: Beyard Slate Co.,Ltd    China

Quartzite Tiles
Quartzite is a hard metamorphic rock which was originally sandstone.Pure quartzite is usually white to grey, it often occur in various shades of pink, red, yellow and black. Quartzite is very resistant to chemical weathering and often forms ridges and resistant hilltops, so it is used as a popular public building and home apartment paving material.Such as yellow quartzite,pink quartzite,green quartzite,grey quartzite,black quartzite,white quartzite,golden quartzite,muti-color quartzite
Product Group: Quartzite Tile
Company: Fujian Homes Stone Co., Ltd.    China

Travertine Tiles
Travertine is one of the most frequently used stones in modern architecture, and is commonly seen as paving material, wall cladding, flooring tiles and garden paths. Travertine is characterized by pitted holes and troughs in its surface, which have yellow, beige, white, black colors.Such as beige travertine,Light travertine,red travertine,gloden travertine,black travertine,yellow travertine,white travertine.
Product Group: Travertine
Company: Fujian Homes Stone Co., Ltd.    China

Paving Stone
Paving stone is a kind of useful floor construction material, which is often used in public road, square area, garden road. The common products are cubic stone, mosaic tiles, paving tiles etc.
Product Group: Paving Stone
Company: Fujian Homes Stone Co., Ltd.    China

Offer mosaic tiles
1. Small piece size: 20*20mm, 30*30mm, other sizes are available 2. Sheet size: 12"x12" (305x305mm) 3. Thickness: 4mm, 7mm, 10mm, 15mm 4. Material: various kinds of Chinese marble, granite and imported marble and granite 5. Finish: polished, honed, tumbled, flamed, and natural split 6. Patterns and designs can be produced according to clients request Welcome your inquiry about marble mosaic tile.
Product Group: Mosaic Tile
Company: China Newstar Stone Company    China

Magnesia carbon bricks
Magnesia carbon bricks from MAGTALC MT-8 MT-10 MT-14 MT-18 MT-20 Please contact us for the details.- MAGTALC CORPORATION.
Product Group: Magnesia Carbon Brick
Company: China Haicheng City Magtalc Corporation    China

Alumina Grinding Ball and Lining Brick
Alumina Grinding Ball Specifications: 92% 80% 65% AL2O3: 92 80 65 Mosh Hardness: 9 8 7-8 Water Absorption: 3.60 > 3.26 >2.90 Wear Loss: <0.2‰ <0.25‰ <0.5‰ Diameter: 1-70mm 1-60mm 20-60mm Also alumina ball can be provided according to user's specific requirements on shape, chemical compositions and physical properties. Packaging: 25kg/bag Alumina Lining Brick Specifications: 92% 80% 65% Length: 150mm Width: 50mm or 50/40mm ...
Product Group: Lining Brick
Company: Super New Chemical Industry Co., Ltd    China

Sell-soluble salty polished tile(ADS651)
Foshan DongNuo Ceramic Co.,Ltd is a modern business enterprise which is specilized in producing the high-quality the polished tile.Our company has own factory and the annual output reaches as high as more than 20000000square meters.The porcelain polished tiles sell well at home and abroad by the good quality and excellent services.The tiles have the following features. 1. Product Feature:Clearly for texture, brightly coloured and lustrous, top for the 3-d layering. 2.Performance: lowly ...
Product Group: Polished Floor Tile,Building Ceramic Tile,Living-Room Tile,P
Company: Foshan Dongnuo Ceramics Co., Ltd    china

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