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List extensive product information of Building Glass (include Glass Panel, Glass Blocks, Laminated Glass, Float Glass, Decorative Glass, Tempered Glass, Tinted Glass), provided by Building Glass manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Crystallized Glass Panels
The crystallized glass panel is a kind of material made under high temperature though the process of sintering and crystallization, which is just similar to the conditions for the natural granite. Although the polished slab possesses a better finish than the natural stone material, and because of its special crystallized structure, light projecting in at any angle can result in a homogenous and concordant diffuse reflection, which is natural and gentle to the eye. It is a kind of homogeneous ...
Product Group: Glass Panel
Company: Qingdao Runwei Glass Co., Ltd.    China

Glass Wool Felt
Our fiber glass produced by centrifugal technology is the ideal thermal insulating and sound-absorbing material without dregs content and poison to hurt skin. The continuous production technique can be adopted here to produce different special products used for different purposes.
Company: Qingdao Runwei Glass Co., Ltd.    China

Fireproof Glass
1. Good fireproof performance: Our single-piece fireproof glass could last 90-180 minutes without breaking under1000-degree flame circumstance. Efficiently retard the spread of the flame and smog, safeguard our lives and property. 2. Good intensity: Same thickness, the intensity of Our single-piece fireproof glass is 6-12 times better than clear float glass,1.5-3 times better than tempered glass. 3. Good Light Transmissions: Our single-piece fireproof glass has the same light transmission as ...
Company: Qingdao Runwei Glass Co., Ltd.    China

Bulletproof Glass
Bulletproof glass is one kind of laminated glass which is combined with many pieces of glass sheet and PVB film with a total thickness of 20mm to 50mm for effectively preventing bullet from penetrating the glass even the glass has been smashed.

Glass Mosaic / Glass Tile
Over 100 designs of glass mosaic and glass tile available. Outer packing: Glass tile: 20pcs/carton (0.9sqm). Glass mosaic: 325 x 325mm, 0.105cbm/pc ; 20pc/carton

Stained Glass Panels ( Wall Decorations )
Stained glass panel (Wall decoration): Material: Organic stained glass ; Packing: Carton with polyfoam in inside.

Laminated Glass
1) Maximum dimensions: 2500 x 6000mm ; 2) Minimum dimensions: 400 x 400mm ; 3) The thickness of single slice of glass: 3 - 12mm ; 4) The thickness of intermediate layer glass: 6 - 40mm ; 5) Standard of the products: fit to GB9962-1999 ; 6) Products application: door, window, curtain wall, ceiling, floor, partition wall, roof daylighting, show window of the shop and roof window of factory building. There is extensive application in vehicle, steamer, bank, jeweler's shop, villa, etc.
Product Group: Laminated Glass

Tempered Glass
1) Material: tempered glass, high strength and safe ; 2) Color: transparent, blue, green, or other colors ; 3) Shape: flat or bent in square, round or other shapes according to customer's requirements ; 4) Thickness: 2.8-19mm. Maximum: 2,500 x 4,500mm. Minimum: 500 x 500mm. Radian: radius= 0.2:0.7.
Product Group: Tempered Glass

Decorative Glass
Our creation decorative glasses ready to use designer glass, provides three dimensional image, choice of over 3000 ready designs, creates matching contrasting or decorative appearance, available in 4 mm to 19mm thickness of 1220 x1440 size, life long image, opaque & back light able varieties, high scratch resistance, resistance to corrosion and chemical attacks,100% maintenance free. This can be easily cut and polished, beveling & drilling is possible with just any problem, alliance ...
Product Group: Decorative Glass

Tinted Glass
Tinted Glass is based on good quality clear float glass, color available: Ocean blue, ford blue, light green, dark green, light grey, dark grey, pink, bronze, etc.

Crystallized Glass Panel
DM Crystallized Glass Panel, is a new type and top grade architecture material, which adopted natural inorganic material, and made-up of high and new technology. There is a new concept of "green" and "environmental protection" sufficiency materialized from the splendid color, good weathering durability, and non-radiation elements, the excellent characters chemistry performance overstep the natural stones. Features and specifications: 1) Environmentally friendly, ...
Product Group: Glass Panel

Low-E Glass
We provide kinds of low-E glass, including traditional low-E glass, shading low-E glass, double silver low-E glass and low-E glass that can be processed in other place.

Bronze Float Glass, Aluminium Glass
We can supply the bronze float glass among 3-10mm thickness from china. We also supply the aluminium mirror and silver mirror.

Decorative Glass
1) Ordonnance: 18mm hollow toughened glass ; 2) Thickness: 20mm ; 3) Spec: user-defined ; 4) One-piece glass with opacity color glass like stone ,fundus is "MengSha" glass with some clarity lines and texture.
Product Group: Decorative Glass

Serigraph Glass
1) Description: one face covered, either partially or totally, with mineral pigments, giving the glass a translucent surface ; 2) Usage: glazing, cladding in facades and roofs ; 3) Material: 4mm-19mm float glass ; 4) Size: custom sizes ; 5) Treatment: can be tempered, curved and assembled into laminated glass

Clear Figured Glass
We supply clear figured glass, Diamond, Neshiji, Mitelite, Wanji, etc. There're about 30kinds of patterns. Thickness: 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm etc. Size:1500x2000mm,1524x2134mm etc.

Insulated Glass
Insulated glass is made by two or more piece glass through quadratic gum. The interspace of insulated glass is filled with dry air or other gas. During the making, insert the aluminum rack which has desiccant, and then fill the first layer of butyl rubber in air space and put the frame between two pieces of glass, and lastly make Thiokol, polyurethane rubber and silicone rubber. Insulated glass can decrease the heat transmission in the environment of indoor and outdoor, and lower the ...

Float Tinted Glass (Pink, Grey)
1) Colors: bronze, ocean blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, light grey, dark grey ; 2) Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm ; 3) Normal sizes: 2000 x 1500mm, 2134 x 1372mm, 2134 x 1524mm, 2134 x 1676mm, 2134 x 1830mm, 3050 x 1830mm, 3050 x 2134mm, 3050 x 2440mm
Product Group: Float Tinted Glass

Clear Louver Glass, Glass Block
We manufacture and export clear louvre glass. Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm. Width: 4", 6". Length: 24", 30", 36". Also have Metric and Imperial sizes, clear and colored from china.

Wrought Iron Decorative Glass
1) Size: 22 x 64" ; 2) Advantages: a) Modern style, unique ; b) Heat resistance, notice resistance, keeping warm ; c) Oxygenation resistance, bump resisitance ; d) Bear high & low temperature ; 3) Purposes: craft door, windows, folding screens for various kinds of high grade decoration
Product Group: Decorative Glass

Coated Pattern Glass
Pattern glass coated with gold or silver metallic coating. Especially good for luxury decoration in hotel, club house or night club.

Camed Glass And Beveled Glass
1. Exquisite, Crystal-clear, Luxurious and elegant and makes use of the European and American mosaic glass designers' artistic concepts, combining with the Eastern and Western culture and adopting the top modern craftsmanship. The products are bright and beautiful, full of strong value of artistic decoration. The craftsmanship is novel and unique, which creates endless uncommon warmth for modern life. 2. Offering natural lighting, Saving energy, Dustproof, Heat resistant, Frost ...

Safety Mirror Glass
Safety mirror, top quality safety mirror with vinyl back, silver mirror with cat I, or cat II backing, mirror with PE plain film or woven tape, mirror vinyl backing. Any cut size. Used for sliding door, or wall mirror.

Tempered glass
Tempered glass are made by forming compressive stress on the surface of the glass by heating the glass up to its intenerating temperature and then make the glass uniform cooling quickly. During the process of cooling, the exterior part of the glass is solidified because of the rapid cooling, while the interior part of the glass shrinks because of slow cooling, then forming compressive stress on the surface of the glass and tensile stress inside the glass, thus improving the intensity and ...
Company: AJJ Glass Products Co.,Ltd.    China

Laminated glass
Laminated glass is processed with special technology under high temperature and high pressure by adding one or more layers of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) with tough and strong binding between or among two or more glass layers. For the great binding performance, laminated glass could stop external force attack and the chips will be bind with PVB after breakage to avoid making harm to person. And even the glass could still resist attack from wind and rain in breakage status. Advantages: Sound ...
Company: AJJ Glass Products Co.,Ltd.    China

Insulated glass units
The insulating glass is made using the imported full-automatic production line. The aluminum bar is bent automatically. Automatic molecular-sieve filling system, vertical coupling and vertical automatic sealing can technically guarantee the production of high-quality insulating glass units. Compared with common insulating glass units, the sealing is reliable for homogenous coating without bulbs between the layers. The outward appearance index is remarkably higher than ordinary insulating ...
Company: AJJ Glass Products Co.,Ltd.    China

tempered glass
Our tempered Glass is tested and approved to Chinese Standard CCC & Europe Standard EC12150 for impact performance requirements for flat safety glazing materials for use in Class A buildings. Safety(tempered): When broken, it spits into tiny harmless pieces. Strong intensity: heat-strengthened glass is approximately twice as strong as annealed glass of the same thickness, and tempered glass is about 4 times. Outstanding performance in resisting thermal stress and wind-load. ...
Product Group: Tempered Glass , Toughened Glass ,Safety Glass
Company: Qingdao Rockyglass Co., Ltd    China

laminated glass
laminated glass safety glass Extremely high safety: The PVB interlayer withstands penetration from impact. Even if the glass cracks, splinters will adhere to the interlayer and not scatter. In comparison with other kinds of glass, laminated glass has much higher strength to resist shock, burglary, burst and bullets. Energy-saving building materials: PVB interlayer impedes the transmission of solar heat and reduces cooling loads. Create aesthetic sense to buildings: Laminated glass ...
Product Group: Tempered Glass , Toughened Glass ,Safety Glass
Company: Qingdao Rockyglass Co., Ltd    China

insulated glass
1.Window glass 2.Glass Curtain Wall 3.Much more alternative matches When multiple glass panes or lites are assembled into units,they are commonly referred to as insulated glass, double glazing/double glazed units (UK and Europe) or insulating glass units(IGU). Insulated glass is hermitically sealed unites that maximize the thermal insulating properties of a gas contained in the center space, formed by the unit while at the same time providing clear vision through the ...
Product Group: Insulated Glass ,Hollow Glass,Double Glazed Glass
Company: Qingdao Rockyglass Co., Ltd    China

reflective glass
Our reflective glass can reduce transmission of the sun's harmful rays by up to 80% thus minimizing fading to interior furnishings. Our reflective glass can be bent, tempered or heat strengthened and in addition can be silk-screened or enameled. Our reflective glass has a complete range of natural colors ,providing various degree of solar control and energy saving for modern buildings ,and providing an exciting and different look to new or existing buildings. Colors: Euro ...
Product Group: Reflective Glass , Low-E Glass
Company: Qingdao Rockyglass Co., Ltd    China

glass rods
1.Our glass rods have different length and O. D. 2. Competitively priced in China 3. High quality JINAN TYK UNITED SCIENCE CO., LTD(TYK)founded in 2001 is the supplier and exporter of 3.3 borosilicate colored and clear glass tubes & rods, neutral glass tube & rods (pharmaceutical glass tube & rods),lead and lead free glass tube &rods,pyrex glass tube&rods,soda lime glass tube &rods,glass ampoule&vial,glass instruments, glass crafts&glass houseware, ...
Company: Jinan Tyk United Science Co.,Ltd    CHINA

Clear Nashiji Patterned Glass
Rider Glass – Clear Nashiji Patterned Glass Patterned glass is a translucent glass which allows transmission of daylight, while obscuring visibility of object. It is manufactured by the Roll-Out-Process, whereby a roller imprints the pattern onto the glass surface. Rider Glass's Patterns Gonshi; Rose; Raindown; Diamond; Mistlite; Oceanic; Chinchilla; Nashiji; Masterlinge; Puzzle; Longcross; Flora; Moru; May Flower; Aqualite; Grain; Net; Traingless; Irregular Squares; Hishicross; ...
Company: Rider Glass Co., Ltd.    Chhina

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