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Detailed FM-12 Foamed concrete machine Description:

FM-12 Foamed Concrete Machine
I. Working Process
FM-12 mixes cement, fly ashes, and water in a ratio in the mixer into cement slurry, and then transport cement slurry to high pressure pipe through pump. After foaming agent dilutes by water, it will be mixed with compressed air in a certain ratio, and therefore causes high density, closed-cell foam in the pipeline. In the final step, this foam will mix with cement slurry and turn into final product, foam concrete. (See complete processing diagram):

II. Technical Parameters
Total power 18 kw
Max. output 12 m3/h
Vertical transport distance 80 m
Horizontal transport distance 220 m
Pump Pressure 5 mpa
Overall Dimension w/o Material Feeder (L×W×H) 3100×1350×1400 mm
Weight 1400 kg
Important Note: Above technical data are theoretical data, it depends on density of the foam concrete. Generally, lower density, higher pumping height.

III. Properties and Performance
With double cylinder hydraulic press to deliver concrete, FM-12 is able to meet higher construction needs because of its higher pumping ability.
1. Semi-automation controlling system controls mixing ratio of variety of materials refilling process;
2. Foam concrete’s density is easy to adjust;
3. high quality components; reliable after-sales services
4. Reduce construction cost;
5. Flexible mobility and positioning with road wheel
6. Unique pump head, easy for uninstallation and cleaning
IV. Foamed concrete is widely used in roof insulation, for instance, heat preservation and insulation. Its effectiveness is 20-30 times better than a normal material. Therefore, buildings from top to bottom floors have all year comfortable temperature. FM-12 is idealized equipment for producing lightweight concrete. Foam concrete machine has the most advanced technique in this industry which is a combination of hydraulic system, pneumatic system, photo electronic control and quantitative analysis.

V. It is desirable for construction. One could operate 1000 to 5000 square meters, with a 150 meters vertical delivery height and 500 meters horizontal delivery distance ability. Density is adjustable between 250 and 1000 kilogram per cubic meter. A variety flooring material can be directly paved onto lightweight concrete after solidification. Besides flooring, foam concrete machine can also be used in other related foam concrete products, such as casting, blocks, and wall panels.

FM-12 Foamed concrete machine
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of FM-12 Foamed concrete machine in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Beijing Trinity Construction Material Trade Co.,Ltd
Address: Duoyuan plaza D25, Rd 3 jingyuan, Daxing Industrial Development Zone
Region: Beijing, China
Contact Person: von zheng guo
Telephone: 8610-61271490

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