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List extensive product information of Slide Window, Security Door, Garage Door, Folding Door, Rolling Door, Glass Door, Gliding Windows, Aluminum Alloy Doors & Windows, provided by Doors & Windows manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Wooden door
Our factory can produce wood veneer door; wooden door; solid wood door; painting door; PVC door; steel door; security door; steel security door; armored door; and fire proof door. The interior door size: 2030x830/2050x860/2050x960 customer size available. Door leaf thickness: 40mm, 45mm, 38mm. Material: wood veneer; solid wood; PVC; HDF; MDF. The exterior door size. 2050x860/2050x960 customer size available. Door leaf thickness; 50mm, 70mm,80mm, 90mm. Material: steel; steel wood; and ...
Product Group: Wooden Door
Company: Shanghai Mainbon Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Security Door
1) Steel door with stainless steel doorsill 2) Cold-rolled steel door leaf and frame with heat transfer-printing, which looks like natural wood grain (steel sheet thickness available from 0.5mm - 1mm for door panel; 1mm - 1.8mm for frame) 3) Stuffing material: honeycomb material or polyurethane or silicic aluminum and anti-fire board material 4) Locks: specialist security lock with more locking points5) Design: diversified available 6) Color: diversified available 7) Door leaf ...
Product Group: Security Door
Company: Shanghai Mainbon Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Slide-on Concealed Hinge
1) ANSI/BHMA GRADE 2, KCMA ; 2) Made under ISO 9001, quality assured ; 3) Guarantee 50,000 times opening and closing ; 4) Material: cold-rolled steel ; 5) Antirust protection layer ; 6) Opening angle: 95 degrees ; 7) Slide-on, slip resistant ; 8) With torsion spring, two way ; 9) With functions of height and side adjustments ; 10) Full overlay, half overlay, inset models available ; 11) Mounting plates of various designs available ; 12) Mounting plate in different heights ; 13) Optional ...

PVC Door
1) Material: composite plastics steel plate door ; 2) Avoiding using the paint, the appearance takes the form of natural wooden line ; 3) Have not included the formal dehyde, toludene, no radiated pollution, green environmental protect ; 4) Protection against insects, dampproof, keeping warm, resist split, firm not to shape ; 5) The individual character is designed, the door leaf pattern, color, lock hold and door frame are free chosen.
Company: Sichuan Xingshifa Door & Window Co., Ltd.    China

Steel Fireproof Door
1) Materials: a) Frame: 1.5mm cool rolled steel ; b) Door plate: 1mm cool rolled steel ; c) Inner: fire resistant material filled according to the class rating of the fire. 2) Components: a) Fireproof gemel, fireproof lock, bolt ; b) Fire-resistant glass and door ; c) Closer are optional ; 3) Door surface door is rustproof, and fire-, smoke- and heat-resistant ; 4) Single door and double door opening and closing
Product Group: Fireproof Door
Company: Sichuan Xingshifa Door & Window Co., Ltd.    China

Solid Door
Handmade solid wood outside and inside doors.. Top quality, full solid wood used. All types of doors made in spruce, cherry, oak, beech, and pine wood. Dimensions are 210/110, but all doors can be made based completely on customers drawings. Outside doors can be delivered with security lock and coded key. All doors delivered with two coats of linseed oil and two coats of transparent pain. Features: 1) Different paintings possible as well ; 2) Doors are made in Bosnia & Herzegovina, ...

Security Doors
1) Material: cold-rolled steel ; 2) Thickness of the door leaf: 80mm ; 3) Frame outer size (H x W): a) 2050 x 960mm ; b) 2050 x 860mm ; c) 1970 x 960mm ; d) 1970 x 860mm. 4) Particular door plank design: a) A patented lockset with handle and multi-locking points from above, middle and bellow ; b) Fine isolation of noise and heat, as there is double-layer magnetic sealed strip around the door ; c) Bright, lustrous and durable appearance ; d) Super wide visual angle is easy for the owner to ...
Product Group: Security Door
Company: Sichuan Xingshifa Door & Window Co., Ltd.    China

Garage Door
1) Color: white. 2) Motor: a) 600N, 140W 433,92MHz ; b) 800N, 160W 433,92MHz ; c) 1000N, 180W 433,92MHz. 3) Altitude: a) 1780mm to 2100mm by 40mm increment ; b) 2225mm to 2625mm by 50mm increment ; c) 3185mm to 3675mm by 70mm increment +3155mm ; 4) Breadth: 1800-1600mm.
Product Group: Garage Door

Electric Rolling Door Motor Reserved Power Equipment
Intelligent Microcomputer Fireproof Rolling Shutter Reserved Power Equipments are widely used in Tubular Motor,Rolling Shutter Motor,Garage Door Opener and so on, it can also supply reliable reserved power for Rolling Shutter Motor, Tubular Motor,Garage Door Opener. Features: 1)Our reserved power equipment can supply reserved power for rolling shutter motors,tubular motors and openers ; 2)Offers charge and discharge protection, and can prolong the service life of an accumulator ; 3)In the ...

Profile for Side-Hung and Tilt Windows
1) System conforms with: G. Ronchetti's Euro-groove system ; 2) Surface treatment: a) Fluorocarbon (PVDF) sprayed ; b) Acrylic sprayed ; c) Powder coated ; d) Light or dull electrophoresis painted ; e) Wood-grain painted ; f) Anodized.

Roller door and accessories
Rolling Door: 1) Material: 6063-T5, T6 ; 2) Surface: powder coated ; 3) Anodized. Accessories: 1) Roller door curtain ; 2) Springs ; 3) Nylon drum wheel ; 4) Polyglide ; 5) Full width PVC weatherseal ; 6) Alumium rail ; 8) Fixture kits ; 9) Support bracket ; 10) PVC weatherseal
Product Group: Roller Door

Double-Leaf Security Door
Material: steel ; Frame outer size(height x width): 2050 x 960mm ; 2050 x 860mm ; 1970 x 960mm ; 1970 x 860mm ; Thickness of door leaf: 5+5cm ; Loading amount in container: 45pcs/20ft, 84pcs/40GP
Product Group: Security Door

Plastic-Steel Window / Door
1) Series sliding window shapes ; 2) Series casement window shapes ; 3) Series horizontally pivoted window shapes ; 4) Series sliding door shapes ; 5) Series casement door shapes

Electric Folding Door
Made of black stainless materials, the mysterious panther stands under the sky firmly and proudly. Who can match the stately manner in the world.

Glass Door
This wooden door can be made of 100% solid wood or covered with plywood. The interior is made from select fir wood that undergoes degreasing, drying and organic sorting treatment. Features joints without cracks and good shape retention performance. There are many styles and surface finishes available to choose from. Specifications: 1) Dimensions: 32 x 80 x 1-3/5", 36 x 81 x 1-3/4" ; 2) Available in normal to top grade qualities
Product Group: Glass Door

Armored Door
1) Standard dimensions including frame: a) Single door: 1022 x 2160 x 83, 972 x 2160 x 83, 922 x 2160 x 83mm ; b) One and a half door: 1280 x 2160 x 83, 1230 x 2160 x 83mm, 1330 x 2160 x 83mm. 2) Sizes could be according to customers' requirements. 3) Steel-wood compound

Industrial Door Opener
1) Middle installed ; 2) Adapts for standard sectional door ; 3) The height is less than 4.25 meters ; 4) The max. operation cycle is 12 times per hours ; 5) Horsepower: 1/2 ; 6) Voltage: 230V ; 7) Phase: 1 ; 8) Frequency: 50

Remote Control Garage Door
1) Using the advanced zinc-plated board, it's strong and beautiful ; 2) Clear and durable wooden line, long color-fastness ; 3) Resists atmosphere corrosion, bears ultraviolet ray, fire-retardant ; 4) Low noise, light weight, lifelike design, easy to wipe ; 5) It is a solid polyurethane foam on storey, which can keep warm and increase the sound insulation result ; 6) Sealed rubber tube at door bottom, insulates against heat and defends the wind ; 7) OEM orders are welcomed
Product Group: Remote Control Garage Door

Gliding Windows & Casement Windows
Features: 1) Widely used in residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, villa and apartments. 2) Material: wooden window; wooden window with aluminum cladding; aluminum window with wood cladding; aluminum window. 3) Style: German Style; Italian Style; Traditional Chinese Style; able to design to customer's requirement. 4) Series: IV68 series and 20-90 series for every kind of material. 5) Operates through rocker with free angle 6) Offer protection against dust, sand, ...
Product Group: Gliding Window

Revolving Door
1) Micro computer controller from Switzerland and transducer from china ; 2) Automatic speed adjustment or temporary stopping for 2 to 4 seconds for obstacles ; 3) Switch changes direction when urgent ; 4) Anti-clamp switch devices and buffer for preventing knocks ; 5) Variable speed device suitable for disabled persons ; 6) Urgent safety brake device ; 7) Fire fighting switch device ; 8) Technical indicator and parameter setting ; 9) Max. inverter output power: 750W ; 10) Work motor: 500W ...
Product Group: Revolving Door

Folding Door, Hung Door
Features (folding door): 1) Hinges are linked completely without any seams and the left, right and top door frame is added waterproof latex bars. 2) Unique and adjustable structure: left, right, top three directions of door frame can exend and spread by 20mm which applied to different door holes. 3) Brief modeling, saving space: 70% opening space of ordinary door can be saved according to the scientific calculate from engineers. 4) Matched with blinds which ventilates and brings fresh air. ...
Product Group: Folding Door

Aluminum Alloy Doors & Windows
We supply various kinds of door & windows, such as slide window, security door, glass Door, gliding windows. Aluminum Alloy Doors & Windows: 1) European style ; 2) Wind reistance ; 3) Insulates against heat and cold ; 4) Water resistant.

Industrial Lift Door
The door board is made of double-layer colorful steel plate with especially thickness to make sure intension of the door with large span. Wireless remote control or button on control box can ensure the door is exactly in its position. It will start-up the automatically protection system,if the chain was broken by accident. Infrared monitoring will make the door stop automatically during its movement, if any objects are getting across. The window can be designed on the door board to make sure ...

HDF door skin
Specifications: 1) Dimensions: A) Height: 1, 850 - 2, 150mm B) Width: 640 - 920mm C) Thickness: 3.2mm 2) Density: 900-950kg/m3 3) Moisture: 5 - 10% 4) Water absorption rate: <28% 5) Length tolerance: <2.0mm 6) Width tolerance: <2.0mm 7) Thickness tolerance: <2.0mm 8) Modulus of elasticity: <40MPa 9) Patterns: Plain or grain 10) Finishing: White prim coating or without any lacquer on the surface according to your requirements
Product Group: Door Skin
Company: Linyi Green I&E Corp.,ltd    China

Aluminium Sliding Window
Aluminium Sliding Window 1. Made of top quality aluminium profile(6063-T5),recyclable,environment friendly, suit for most architectural style. 2.flexible in any dimension,thickness 1.0mm, 1.4mm,2.0mm etc. 3.Matched with laminated glass, single/double,termpered glass or low-E glass optional. 4.Ideal in locations where there is restricted space, aluminium sliding windows can be your design statement in laundries, bathrooms and kitchens. 5. Diversified in colors of white/grey ...
Product Group: Aluminium Sliding Window, Sliding Window
Company: Foshan Tianchuang Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.    China

Aluminium Casement Window
Aluminium casement window 1. Profile: top quality aluminium alloy, recyclable.firmness,strenghened, strong with do not deform. 2. Used clear laminated glass, termpered glass, low-E glass etc. 3.Easy cleaning, dustproof, soundproof, seamless, moistureproof, windtight and ventilated. 4.Ideal in locations where there is restricted space, aluminium sliding windows can be your design statement in laundries, bathrooms and kitchens, apartments etc. 5. Diversified in colors of ...
Product Group: Aluminium Casement Window
Company: Foshan Tianchuang Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.    China

Aluminium Sliding Door
Our aluminium sliding doors are extra strong, easier to clean and provide excellent wheelchair and stroller access. Even our largest doors glide effortlessly on height-adjustable, heavy-duty nylon wheels, while condensation problems are non-existent. A choice of either two, three or four door combinations ensures suitability for any variety of design applications. Our unique double deadlocking system incorporating a removable key snib provides you with the confidence of improved home ...
Product Group: Aluminium Sliding Door
Company: Foshan Tianchuang Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.    China

Aluminium Folding Door
Our thermally broken aluminium folding doors are manufactured from dedicated profiles designed to offer slim sightlines and a robust and durable folding door solution. Visofold sliding folding doors are available up to 6 metres wide and can be manufactured to open inwards or outwards and the locking system and wheels are fully concealed when the door is closed. These Smart Systems Visofold doors have been used for many years throughout the UK and Europe and are widely accepted as a high ...
Product Group: Folding Door
Company: Foshan Tianchuang Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.    China

Aluminium Swing Door
The soft lines and smooth looks of Albed's Swing screen provide a welcoming and friendly feeling. Designed by Massimo Luca using modern techniques and traditional forms, the versatile and personalizable Screen swing door can be made to any specification and is available in a range of finishes. The Screen swing door's frame and support may be wood (wenge, walnut or bleached oak), anodised or natural aluminium, or lacquered RAL and the door itself comes in glass or wood. The ...
Product Group: Swing Door
Company: Foshan Tianchuang Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.    China

Aluminium Fixed Window
Aluminium Fixed Window · Can be single or double glazed for added thermal efficiency · Large panes of glass give you the ultimate benefit of capturing the view. · Windows can be coupled to other frames for added versatility. · Small or large panes to increase the levels of natural sunlight. · Transoms (horizontal) and mullions (vertical) can be added to enhance design and style. · Facetted glazing for maximum area of unimpeded visual outlook. · Higher levels of ...
Product Group: Aluminium Fixed Window
Company: Foshan Tianchuang Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.    China

Aluminium Awning Window
1. Adopt top quality aluminium alloy, lightweight, recyclable environment friendly. 2. Get real durability, dustproof, moistureproof, windtight, flexible, easy cleanning, seamless and ventilated even in rainy weather. 3. Adopt Single/double glass, low-E glass, tempered glass, tinted glass & sealed by Silicone. 4. Reduce energy consumption with our standard window, still enjoy fresh air in bad weather. 5. Optional in various color of white/grey powder coating, electrophoresis, PVDF, ...
Product Group: Awning Window
Company: Foshan Tianchuang Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.    China

Aluminum Single Hung Window
Aluminum Single Hung Window Specifications: General: The series 6063T-5 aluminum widnow shall comply and bear the quality certification label in accordance with the ANSI/AAMA Certification Program. Material: Aluminum window frames and sash members shall be of 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy within commercial tolerances. Integral fins to have suitable break-off and nailing grooves. Finish: Windows to be finished in natural aluminum extruded mill finish. Bronze or white acrylic ...
Product Group: Single Hung Window
Company: Foshan Tianchuang Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.    China

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