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Detailed Carbon fiber surface mat 30g/m2 Description:

Features and Performances:
According to the features of the carbon material with material with deversified usages,and its strcuturers. The carbon fiber mat has been made out by adopting the new processing technology of wet forming.which is characterized by the even fiber distributions,the level surface.the high air permcability,and the strong absorbability.It can be used in many fields and the compound materials,its exceeding performences can be fully brought into play,and its cost cut down effectively.

Applying Scopes:
1.Carbon fiber reinforced plastics(CFRP)
CFM can change various of the inner&outer CFRP surfaces,conccal the gauze's veins,its mockness can cause it to be fitted perfectly on the surfaces of the moudle products with compticated shapes,andentrust a level&smooth surface to CFRP.
2.Chemical vessdcls and filtration
CFM is suitable for the different pipes,tanks and sumps croded by strong acids& alkalis and seawater's corrosion,it is also used in the filtration of the corrosive gases or liquids.
3.Fuel cell and electronic instruments
Using the CFM with larger G.S.M. to manufacture the preimmersed materials,and conduct the pressing of the shells of the electronic appatatus,with the thin wall and light weight,whinc psssess the functions of the high strength and high stiffness to resist the creeping,and also has the synthetical functions of resistivities of the interference of electromagnetic wave and radio frequency
5.Electronic field
Using CFM to decorate the electronic appeartus area can obtain the multieffects of the electromagnetis or radio-frequency shielding,electrostatic protection,and the satellite raflection laryer.

Carbon fiber surface mat 30g/m2
  • Model: 004
  • Packing: carton
  • Terms of Payment: TT
  • Delivery Time: 10days
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  • Product Category: Fiberglass
  • Post date: Oct 15, 2013
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Region: tianjin, 中国
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