Fiberglass Stitch Mat (EMK380/450-1000)

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Detailed Fiberglass Stitch Mat (EMK380/450-1000) Description:

E glass and c glass fiber stitch mat, 300/380/450/580GSM, width upto: 2600mm.

Fiberglass stitched mats or knitting mat are composed of chopped e-fiberglass strands that are stitched together into mats with an organic yarn. These mats are used primarily for hand lay-up, pultrusion, rtm, and filament winding process, etc. Their many excellent characteristics have been used to provide superior performance in a broad range of end-use markets such as marine, transportation, recreation, construction, consumer and anti-corrosion. Stitched mats are designed to be compatible in unsaturated polyester system. They offer easy handling, high conformability, high resin permeability and fast wet-out. This reduces processing time and increases productivity in resin transfer, vacuum-assist and press molding methods. To help ensure the quality of customers? Products, the quality management programs of manufacturing stitched mats is controlled under the requirements of ISO 9001.

Stitched mats are wound into a roll on a cardboard inner tube with an inside diameter of 7.2cm (2.8"). All densities are 30cm (12") in diameter. Each roll is wrapped with a plastic bag and placed in a cardboard box. 12 boxes are placed vertically on a pallet, which is stretch wrapped.

Product data
ID number filament diameter (microns) sizing type compatible resin % moisture content density (oz/ft² , G/M² ) standard width (inch)
M10 13 silane polyester < 0.20 1.0/300 38, 50, 60
M15 13 silane polyester < 0.20 1.5/450 38, 50, 60
M20 13 silane polyester < 0.20 2.0/600 38, 50, 60
M30 13 silane polyester < 0.20 3.0/900 38, 50, 60

Special products are available according to customers' requirements. Maximum width available is 60 inches.

Quick wetting and rapid air release
Excellent thickness uniformity
Superb integrity
Multi-directional reinforcement
Available in a variety of widths and weight.

Fiberglass Stitch Mat (EMK380/450-1000)
  • Model: 001
  • Packing: carton
  • Terms of Payment: TT
  • Delivery Time: 10days
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  • Product Category: Fiberglass
  • Post date: Oct 15, 2013
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Fiberglass Stitch Mat (EMK380/450-1000) in 中国.


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Address: 4-2-302 Longtianyuan Qujiang Road, Hexi District,
Region: tianjin, 中国
Contact Person: Adela Xiang
Telephone: 8613512927406

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