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List extensive product information of Fireproof & Flameproof Materials (include Aluminum Composite Panel, Magnesium Board, Calcium Silicate Board), provided by Fireproof & Flameproof Material manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Fire Proof Board
We manufcature fire proof board, one is in Chinese standard with from 3mm up to 12mm, the material is made of plaster with fiber glass; the other one is in bs/as/nzs standard, it is solid board, and made of vermiculite.
Company: Shanghai Xiangpiao Fireproof Board Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Fire Resistant Sponge
1) The sponge has passed the American fire resistant standard CAL117 ; ) The sponge has passed the BS5852 fire proof resistant standard ; 3) This material is used for making furniture.

Fireproofing Calcium Silicate Board
Features: 1) Non-combustible, stable ; 2) Range of thicknesses from 6mm to 25mm ; 3) Will not warp ; 4) Water tolerant ; 5) Rot and vermin proof ; 6) Choice of fixing methods ; 7) Economical, dureable ; 8) Quick and simple to fit ; 9) Excellent workability ; 10) Attractive smooth finish ; 11) Easily decorated ; 12) Applications: Bath Infill Panels ; Airing Cupboards ; Pipe Enclosures ; Industrial Wall Linings ; Boiler Cupboards ; Eaves Soffits ; Integral Garages ; Ceiling Linings ; Canopies ...
Company: Shanghai Xiangpiao Fireproof Board Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Magnesium Fireproof Board
1) Dimensions: 2,440 x 1,220mm ; 2) Thickness: 3 - 12mm ; 3) Other specifications available ; 4) 100% asbestos free ; 5) Light texture ; 6) High intensity ; 7) Good fireproofing and adiabatic capability; fire-resistant limit reaches 2h above, if on fire, produces no smoke ; 8) Waterproof ; 9) Damp proof ; 10) Shockproof and is undamaged by insects and rodents ; 11) Acid resistant ; 12) Hygienic ; 13) Easily constructed

Cherrypan Calcium Silicate Boards
1) Dimensions: 2440 x 1220mm ; 2) Thickness: 5-20mm ; 3) Other specifications available ; 4) Density: 1.2-1.25g/cm3 ; 5) Slick and even surface ; 6) Process of border and angle: bevel or 45o of two or four borders, right angle of four borders ; 7) Forms of joints: dark joint, bright joint and decorative joint ; 8) Support components: aluminum alloy model case, timber keel and light steel keel ; 9) Decorative materials: wall paper, decorative facing board, oil paint, etc. ; 10) Landscape ...
Company: Shanghai Xiangpiao Fireproof Board Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

T/C Flame Retardant Finished Fabric
1) Fashionable and elegant styles ; 2) Both light and thick fabrics available ; 3) Various colors and designs available ; 4) Outstanding quality ; 5) Great services

Fire Retardant Veneer
There are many kinds of wood product with texture. the size is as following: 1220*2440 ; 1310*2440. the thickness is range from 0.5mm to 20mm

Silica Refractory Bricks And Fireclay Bricks
We can supply you kinds of high grade refractory materials mainly used in coke oven plant. Please find as followings: 1. silica bricks and silica mortar ; 2. fireclay bricks and fireclay mortar ; 3. thermal insulation bricks as request.

MG Fiberglass Fireproof Boards
1) Size:1220 x 2440mm ; 2) Thickness: 2.5mm-25mm ; 3) Heat resistant: 800-1000oC within one hour ; 4) Application: decoration, waterproof, fireproof, partition boards

Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
Advantages: 1) Excellent fireproof performance ; 2) All PE cores are new materials ; 3) Convenient installation, easy maintenance ; 4) Excellent heat insulation, sound insulation property ; 5) High plasticity, good impact resistance, quakeproof performance and reducing building load ; 6) Various colors. Specifications: 1) Panel thickness: 4mm ; 2) Aluminum thickness: 0.3-0.5mm ; 3) Width: 1220mm ; 4) Length: 2440mm (maximal length is 6 meter) ; 5) Color: various colors ; 6) Packing: in bulk ...

Magnesium Fireproof Board
Bo magnesium fireproof boards are with high quality, the specification for 2440x1220,2400x900,1800x900, the width for 3 Mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm,10mm,12mm.

Magnesia Board
Wonderful capability of fireproofing, light texture, heat and sound insulation, high strength, waterproof, heat preservation, corrosion resistance, easy access to curve, fineness and clear surface, can be nailed sawed, easy to install

Fiberglass Magnesium Cement Fireproof Board
We would like to introduce we are a manufacturer of FRP high pressure pipe, fiberglass-magnesia cement plate(fireproof board), melamine phenol formaldehyde resin foam aluminum foil compound insulation board and FRP pultruded profiles and SMC water tank in China.

Fireproof Materials
We are a company involved in the exportation of mineral products. Now we can supply mc-o mullite as customers request. The chemical composition of mc-o is similar to molochite(uk)and their properties are the same. In addition, we are handling all grades of brown fused alumina, calcined kaolin, sintered spinel, etc.

Fire Resistant & Heat Preservation Materials
Fire-resistant&heat-preservation products in various forms such as fiber paper, high temperature adhesive, alumino-siicate fiber blankets, fiber rope/strap/quilt made of alumino-silicate, textile products of aluminosilicate ceramic fiber, and fiber modules (containing zircon if required) as well as fiber board. Our products are widely used in insulation, seal and protective materials area. They also serve the best to lindustrial klin, heating equipment and high temperature pipeline, seal ...

Eco-Friendly Ceiling Boards
1) Dimensions available: 509 x 509mm; 605 x 605mm ; 2) Thickness: 3.5mm; 5.5mm ; 3) Other specifications available ; 4) Raw material: tobermorite, cement, quartz sand and fiber ; 5) Fire rating test: incombustible class A ; 6) Density: 1.0-1.3g/cm3 ; 7) Moisture content: <12% ; 8) Thermal conductive index: average 0.20W/MK ; 9) Radiation: accords with set standards ; 10) Anti-sagging, no distortion in high moisture area ; 11) No falling dust ; 12) Light weight and easily trimmed ; 13) ...

Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Composite Panels
Materials: 1) Front side: aluminum roll coated with PVDF or polyester ; 2) Core: plastic fireproof materials ; 3) Rear side: aluminum coated with polyester. Specifications: 1) Aluminum sheet thickness: a) 0.50 x 0.50mm b) 0.45 x 0.45mm ; c) 0.40 x 0.40mm ; d) 0.35 x 0.35mm ; e) 0.30 x 0.30mm ; f) 0.25 x 0.25mm ; g) 0.21 x 0.21mm ; h) 0.18 x 0.18mm ; 2) Panel thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm ; 3) Dimensions: a) Width: 1220mm, 1250mm, 1550mm ; b) Length: 2440mm, upon customers' ...

Fiber Paper
1) High flexibility ; 2) Uniform thickness ; 3) Resistant to thermal shock ; 4) High temperature gaskets ; 5) Model lining for filing glass and microcrystal glass ; 6) Thickness: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5mm ; 7) Width: 600, 1200mm.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board
Features: Elegance and excellent decoration Easy installation and convenient maintenance Best dope and coating Sound-absorbed and noise-reduced Specifications: Material: composite mineral fiber Surface coating: vinyl latex paint Color: white Decorative pattern: selection Density: 350 to 420kg/cbm Edge finished: square or tegular Noise reduced coefficient (NRC): 0.4 - 0.6 Fireproof grade: A (GB5464-85)/B1 (GB8625-88) Anti-sag: ≤3.5mm (JC670-1997) Thermal ...
Product Group: Mineral Board, Mineral Fiber, Mineral Ceiling
Company: Shi jiazhuang Jinhuan Decoration Material Co., LTD    China

HPL (High Pressure Laminate)
HPL sheets Widely used in the purpose of surface decoration on wooden based panels such as MDF, particle board, plywood,etc., applied in room, office, compartment, partition, kitchen, sideboard, furniture, lab work top, etc. Postforming, or post formable;Finish and texture of matte, suede, glossy, embossed, metallic surface, property of wear-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-static, etc. Sheet Size Available: 950mm*2135mm(3'*7') 1220mm*1860mm(4'*6') ...
Company: Grand Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd    China

Fireproof Insulation material
Foil bubble insulation, heat insulation material , home insulation , building insulation material is the new pattern of insulation. Comparing to the traditional insulation, its reflectivity is up to 97%.It can reduce the discomfort from fiberglass or expanding foam and the harm to environment. Moreover, the air bubble can play a role of cushion and the product is light, being easy to install. structure : AL foil +bubble +AL foil AL foil +bubble + PE AL foil + bubble +bubble +AL foil ...
Company: Qingdao Taiyue Plastics Co., Ltd.    China

PTFE Coated Architectural Membrane
Our PTFE Coated fabric architectural membrane is light ,highly tensile strength, peel strength and fine pliability, the premium properties of cleaning, light transmittance, reflectivity, tensile structures provide up to 20 years or more of reliable service. The width of the membrane is 4000mm, at present it is out of look in the world. We have own PTFE Coated fabric architectural membrane after technique backlog and effort that is unremittingly about twenty years. From choosing the glass ...
Company: Ningbo Superbright Technology Co., Ltd    China

Fiber Cement Board
Fiber Cement Board Specification: Feature: Perforated ; Type: Fiber Cement Boards ; Thickness: 4-18mm ; Fiber Cement Board 1. Size: 1220*2440mm, 1200*2400mm, 600*600mm, 300*600mm 2. Thickness: 4~18mm 3. Normal Density: 1.3~1.6 g/cm3 4.Surface Painting: Acrylic coating 5. Basic color: Gray 6. Fire Rating Test: Incombustible Class A 7. Moisture Content: &lt;10% 8. Thermal Conductive Index: Average 0.24W/MK 9. Radiation: Accord with standard(GB6566-2000) In addition, other sizes could be ...
Company: Tianjin Jintaite Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Vermiculite Sketch Plate
Vermiculite sketch plate Specification: Type: Other Fireproofing Materials ; size: as your stoves or heaters ; Density:400~1100kg/m3 Size: as your requirements Max Service Temperature:1100C (2012F) Cold Crushing Strength:1.0~9.0MPa Dimensional Tolerances:+/-1.5mm Anpplication:stoves and fireplaces and so on.
Company: Hebei Color Season Metals and Minerals Import and Export Co., Ltd.    China

Aluminum Vapor Barrier Backed With Fiberglass Cloth
aluminum vapor barrier backed with fiberglass cloth Specification: Type: Other Fireproofing Materials ; material: al-foil and fiberglass cloth ; The aluminum vapor barrier is al-foil backed with fiberglass cloth facing. The vapor barrier is a flame-retardant foil-glass cloth facing(18um foil &amp; 8x8 mesh glass cloth, laminated with F/R glue). It has good abrasive-resistance &amp; high tensile strength. Excellent for HVAC thermal insulation &amp; building thermal insulation. ...
Company: UN. Tex (Dalian) Co., Ltd.    China

Door Panel
door panel Specification: Panel Material: Nonmetal ; Hisun door panels Enjoy a good market home and abroad Green environmental friendly High quality,reasonable price Good effect on sound insulation and heat insulation Usual size:2000*800*40,accept OEM Fashion design,delicate material
Company: Deqing Hisun Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.    China

Pp Concrete Fiber
PP concrete fiber Specification: Type: Other Fireproofing Materials ; color: grey, white ; PP Fiber Product Description PP Fiber, is also called engineering fiber\concrete fiber\anti crack fiber\crack control fiber\synthetic fiber or plastic fiber, etc. It is a kind of high intensity bunchy monofilament fiber mainly made of PP by special technique Put PP fiber into the concrete or mortar, can effectively prevent temperature change, microcrack caused by ...
Company: Dezhou Li Yuan International Co., Ltd.    China

Ceramic Fiber Cloth
Ceramic fiber cloth Specification: Type: Other Fireproofing Materials ; different color: cloth,tape,rope,etc. ; Aluminosilicate ceramic fiber productsexcellent refractory,high temperature, good heat insulation performanceceramic fiber products are mainly cotton, cloth, rope, belt, and various special-shaped pieces of casing. Ceramic Fiber Cloth Parameter Colour white gray Material Aluminum Silicate Glass Fiber Aluminum Silicate Glass Fiber Thickness ...
Company: Deqing Guotai Fireproof Material Factory    China

Calcium Silicate Board
calcium silicate board Specification: waterproof: fireproof ; Calcium silicate board description: Features: 1 Fireproof:It is a frame resistant to combustion at 800 and remain flameless at 1200,non-flammability:Grade A 2 Water and Damp Resistance:The board still keep intact after being soaked in water for one month,the phenomenon of swelling and out of shape will not happen.It will not disintegrate when immersed in water or exposed to freeze/thaw cycles for prolong periods of time. 3 High ...
Company: Binhai Textile Fabric Co., Ltd.    China

Flame Retardant Basotec
flame retardant basotec Specification: Type: Other Fireproofing Materials ; color: white, gray ; Features: High flame resistance. Can be achieved without flame retardant Germany DIN4102B1 level. American UL-96V-0 grade high flame retardant standards. After contact with open flame in the combustion of surface layers and thus form a compact block of coke combustion, no drip, no toxic gas release, smoke density less than 15, from the fireself-extinguishing. Melamine foam is the most ...
Company: Puyang Co-Creation Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Calcium Silicate Board -fiber Cement Board
Calcium Silicate Board -Fiber Cement Board Specification: Type: Calcium Silicated Board ; Sound absorption and noise reduction: No dust /. ; Moisture proof: Incombustibility / Fireproof ; Calcium Silicate Board -Fiber Cement Board Bysink-Pan Calcium Silicate Board: + Completely contain no asbestos, smokeless and non-toxic if a fire occurred. + Superior in heat-insulating performance and economic in consumption of cooling and heating energy. + Good fireproofing performance, over the ...
Company: Sensink Enterprise Co., Ltd.    China

Fiber Cement Board
fiber cement board Specification: Type: Fiber Cement Boards ; Fiber Cement Board is mainly made of Portland cement and silicate materials as base and cellulose fiber reinforced, forming in one time then with high pressure (4000 ton) and fumigation(in autoclave 24 hours),so it has the advantages of high strength, anti- freeze, water-resist, fire-proof, damp-proof, sound-absorption , no distortion and no radiation...Etc. Used as suspended ceiling, partition, heat insulating board, base ...
Company: Feicheng Lutai Science and Technology Co., Ltd.    China

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