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List extensive product information of Flooring (include Floor Tile, Laminate Flooring, Bamboo Flooring, Solid Flooring, Emboss Flooring), provided by Flooring manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

PVC Roll Flooring
1) Thickness: 0.3-0.7mm (normal), 0.8-2.0 (non-woven) ; 2) Adopts hot rolled unweaving cloth or long fiber unweaving cloth as basic material, single side coating.
Company: Shanghai Dekorman Flooring Co., Ltd.    China

Crystal Glass Mosaic
1) Sizes: 25 x 25 x 6mm, or 15 x 25 x 8mm ; 2) Sheet size: 315 x 315 x 6mm, or 315 x 315 x 8mm ; 3) 850-950oC glass glaze fired on the surface of quality clear glass ; 4) Color never fades.
Product Group: Glass Mosaic
Company: Shanghai Dekorman Flooring Co., Ltd.    China

Mid-Emboss Laminate Flooring
Strong double click joints and green core. 1) Double click joint ; 2) Green core ; 3) Strong joint. Our wave grain embossed surface is concave and convex.
Product Group: Laminate Flooring
Company: Shanghai Dekorman Flooring Co., Ltd.    China

Polished Ceramic Floor Tile
Floor Tile: 1) Dimensions: 600 x 600mm ; 2) Ideal for commercial and household interior decorating

Oak flooring (Ordinary Grade)
1) Dimensions: 125mm x R / L x 18mm ; 2) Length: 300-1700mm, 2000mm ; 3) Grade: A/B mixed ; 4) Finish: Klumpp UV lacquer ; 5) Color: natural ; 6) Moisture content: 10% ± 2% ; 7) Board design: tongue and groove ; 8) Micro-beveled edge
Product Group: Oak Flooring

Vertical Striped Bamboo Flooring
1) Sizes available: a) 920 x 92 x 15mm, 24pcs/ctn ; b) 960 x 96 x 15mm, 24pcs/ctn ; c) 1,850 x 92 x 15mm, 12pcs/ctn ; d) 1,850 x 150 x 15mm, 8/10pcs/ctn ; e) 1,830 x 162 x 15mm, 8/10pcs/ctn. 2) Formaldehyde-free adhesive used in the lamination process that conforms to the stringent European E1 standards. 3) Coating: a) 5-coating finish system provides anti-wear protection of aluminum oxide with 2 topcoats of anti-scratch polyurethane ; b) Coating materials: water-based, solvent-free, 100% ...
Product Group: Bamboo Flooring

Hard Maple Flooring
1) Structure: 9-15 layers hardwood ; 2) Surface coating: UV anti-scratch ; 3) Properties: firm, durable, not easily deformed, easy to install ; 4) Different surface colors, thicknesses, widths, lengths and gloss levels are available according to clients' needs

Merbau Flooring
1) Origin: Merbau grows in the Indo-Malayan region, as well as in the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and many of the western Pacific islands. "Merbau" is the Malayan term for this wood. 2) Appearance: a) When freshly cut, the heartwood of Merbau is a yellowish to orange-brown color, but then darkens to brown or red brown ; b) The grain of this coarse-textured wood varies from straight to interlocked or wavy ; c) One of the distinctive properties of this wood is that surface of ...

Aluminum-Plastic Boards
1) Features of coating: high temperature resistant, weathering resistant and scrubbing resistant ; 2) Outer coating: fluorocarbon ; 3) Specification: width: 1200mm length: 2440mm ; 4) Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm ; 5) Surface layer: protective coating ; 6) Applications: applicable for use as advertising signs, external walls, curtain boards, recoating for external walls, roofs, private rooms, internal decoration of sound-insulated rooms, frame indicating signs, advertising boards, automobile ...

Porcelain Tile
1) Sizes available: 600 x 1,200mm, 800 x 800mm, 600 x 600mm, 400 x 400mm, 300 x 300mm ; 2) Adopts Versailles and Louvre jade veins ; 3) Applies the most modern technology ; 4) With new double loading feeding system ; 5) Reforms beauty of new jad stones ; 6) High quality and natural jade veins make fantastic new style ; 7) Provides new generation porcelain

Solid Ipe Wood Flooring
1) Flooring trade name: ipe (tabebuia spp.) ; 2) Grows in: Indonesia ; 3) Characteristics: a) Air-dry density: 0.81 - 1.02g/cm3 ; b) Tinted color ; c) Straight grain, with thin to rough and even structure ; d) Shiny, middle to heavy woodiness ; e) High strength and good stability ; f) Better corrosion resistance, termite-proof ; g) Not easily expanded ; h) Suitable for making flooring

Bamboo Flooring
1) Origin: South China. 2) Appearance: a) Patterns (markings on the floor panels) can be horizontal or vertical ; b) Patterns and colors vary from very light to very dark ; c) The bamboo also comes in the form of parquetry flooring, skirting boards, wall panelling, stair treads, architraves and all types of moldings. 3) Properties: a) Bamboo is harder than most hardwoods ; b) An ideal flooring product ; c) Bamboo is naturally moisture resistant and does not warp, buckle or twist due to its ...

Sandalwood Flooring
1) Brown core, crystal surface ; 2) Joints: tongue, groove ; 3) Abrasion resistance ; 4) Very simple design and installation ; 5) Three strip and one plank are available

Melamine Faced Maple Board
1) Thickness: 3-30mm ; 2) Specifications: a) 1,220 x 2,440mm (4 x 8') ; b) 1,530 x 2,440mm (5 x 8') ; c) 1,830 x 2,440mm (6 x 8') ; 3) Widely used for furniture, indoor decoration ; 4) Many options available according to your requirements ; 5) Heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and environment-friendly properties

Square Bamboo Surface Carpet
1) Warm in winter and cool in summer ; 2) Easy to lay out ; 3) With a touch of primitive simplicity ; 4) Dimensions (mm): 300 x 300, thickness 10mm ; 5) Nature color or other colors are available
Product Group: Bamboo Carpet

Teak Laminated Flooring
Specifications: 1) Green or white core ; 2) Abrasion resistant ; 3) Click. Inner packing: transparent plastic. Dimensions: 1,210 x 195 x 8.3mm, 1,210 x 192 x 12mm, 1,210 x 192 x 8mm. Outer packing: carton, pallet

Lacquered Flooring, Paint-piano Flooring
Natural, Vertical, Lacquered Flooring Product size: 920 x 92 x 15mm. Inner packing: Dimensions: 920 x 368 x 90mm. N.W.: 20kg. G.W.: 21kg. Paint-piano Flooring: 1) Brown core ; 2) Click joint ; 3) High abrasion.

Melamine Boards, Polyester Resin Boards, Slot Boards
1) Size: 4' x 8'. 2) Base wood: MDF, particle board, HMR. 3) Thickness: a) MDF: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm,18mm, 25mm ; b) Particle board: 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 25mm ; c) HMR: 16mm, 18mm.

Oak Solid Flooring
Oak solid flooring. Type: Solid wood flooring. Wood origin: America. Dimension:18mm x 76mm x 450~1200mm Random Length. Coating: 11 layer UV-cured Aluminum Oxide Finish. Type: Solid wood flooring (White Oak). Wood origin: China. Dimension: 18mm x 76mm x 450~1200mm Random Length. Coating: 11 layer UV-cured Aluminum Oxide Finish. Four sides tongue and grooved

Laminated Flooring
1) Material: vinyl. 2) Thickness: 0.35 - 0.8mm without foam, 1 - 2.5mm with foam. 3) Width: 1.8 / 1.83 / 2m. 4) Length: 30m or 30 yards
Product Group: Laminated Flooring

Flooring Tile
1) Available floor tiles, wall tiles, polished tiles, flamed tiles, granite tile marble tiles. 2) Dimensions: 305*305*10, 400*400*10, 457*457*10mm, 610*610*20mm. 3) Mainly applied for indoor and outdoor decorations, homes, hotels, restaurant flooring tile, wall, facade. 3) Finish: polished, flamed, antique, etc. 4) Other Material: Crystal Grey, Yellow Rust, Sesame Black
Product Group: Floor Tile

Paper backed veneer
Veneer Thickness:0.5-2mm; width:10cm and up; length:1.4M-2.7M and up Engineered veneer: 640mm*2500mm*0.5mm Veneer Edge banding : Thickness:0.2mm-2mm; length:100m or200m/roll;Pre glued is available. Upright line/grain is also available. Wooden inlay banding : Thickness:0.5mm-2.0mm;Width:3mm-150mm ;Length:1.2Meter Flooring veneer: 930mm*90mm*0.5-2mm Also we can supply you veneer in rolls with back fleece or paper back, fixed width or sanded. Our products will be your best choice for the ...
Product Group: Flooring Veneer
Company: Future wood co.,ltd    china

Up and Down 3 Layer 1 Strip Engineered Flooring Balance Structure
The wood species we have are oak, ash, elm, larch, chinese walnut 1). 1860x189x15mm top layer 4mm + 7mm pine + 4mm bottom finger joint 2). 2400x240x15mm top layer 4mm + 7mm pine + 4mm bottom finger joint 3). 1860x148x15mm top layer 4mm + 7mm pine + 4mm bottom finger joint 1. One life time guarantee to the flooring structure. 2. 25 years guarantee to the varnish. 3. If received products have problem, we change all problem products in time. 4. Qucik and punctual delivery time. ...
Product Group: Engineered Flooring
Company: Winworld international timber enterprises limited    China

3 Layer 1 Strip Engineered Flooring
The wood species we have are oak, ash, walnut A), white oak 1860x189x20/6mm 6mm+14mm poplar base 6mm+14mm poplar&birch base 6mm+14mm birch base B)Walnut 600-1500x127x20/6mm 6mm+14mm poplar base 6mm+14mm poplar&birch base 6mm+14mm birch base C)Walnut 600-1500x127x20/3mm 3mm+17mm poplar base 3mm+17mm poplar&birch base 3mm+17mm birch base D)Ash 1860x189x20/6mm 6mm+14mm poplar base 6mm+14mm poplar&birch base 6mm+14mm birch base E)White oak ...
Product Group: Engineered Flooring
Company: Winworld international timber enterprises limited    China

Flooring slate
Slate Floor, flooring slate, slate tile: Inside or outside, black slate floor tiles, features such a natural slip-resistant versatility, it is functional and complementary in any surrounding. Specification 1.Optional color: Rusty,black,green and yellow. 2.Sizes available on request. 3.Thickness(mm): 10,12,15,20,30 or others you need 4.Surface: natural cleft, Back cablibrate or not. 5.Packing: Wooden crate fumigated. 6.MOQ: 1*20' container, mixed size available.
Product Group: Flooring Slate
Company: Beyard Slate Co.,Ltd    China

laminate flooring
China leading supplier of laminate flooring (1) Wear-resistance of laminate flooring: AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4. (2) Thickness of laminate flooring: 7mm, 8mm, 12mm. (3) Surface Type of laminate flooring: Crystal surface, thin embossed surface, small embossed surface, medium embossed surface, feather grain surface, silk surface, mirror surface, light glossy surface, V-groove, U-groove etc. (4) Color Type of laminate flooring: Beech, Maple, Walnut, Pine, Cherry, Oak, Teak, Sandal, ...
Product Group: Laminate Flooring
Company: allstar industrial co.,ltd    China

Wood plastic composite flooring
Wood plastic composite (WPC) made of 50%wood fibre and 50% PP, PE, or PVC resin together with specialized ingredients, imported pigment, and anti-UV material. Product procrssing goes through material mixing, granulating and extrusion to finally become a new type of high technology involved environmental friendly construction material. Its application and promotion contributes to the earth ecological balance, achieve the harmony status between human beings and the earth.
Product Group: Wood Plastic Composite Flooring
Company: Jiaxing Aokai Construction Material Co., Ltd.    CHINA

Blue limestone tile
China lift stone co.,ltd. manufacture and export all kinds of blue limestone products,like tile,slab,border,step stone . The finishing can be honed,honed and tumbled,sandblasted,flamed,bushhammmerred etc.
Product Group: Blue Limestone,Hardsteen Tegel,Limesteen
Company: China lift stone co.,ltd.    China

vinyl floor tiles
Size: 12"x12", 16"x16", 18"x18", 24"x24", 12"x24", 3"x36", 4"x36", 6"x36", 8"x36", 9"x36", 6"x48", 8"x48", 9"x48" Thickness: 1.0-5.0mm Wear Layer: 0.07-1.0mm Surface: Various texture embossing, UV coating Backing: Dry back or Self-adhesive available Certificate: ISO9001, 14001, CE Function: eco-friendly, non-slip water proof, sound proof, wear-resistant, ...
Company: Taizhou HuaIi Plastic Co., Ltd.    China

Cork Floor Tiles
Cork Floor Tiles Model No.: CFT, CGT Series Product Origin: ShanDong,China Package: Carton 1.Click Floating Tiles Size:900MM*190MM*12MM 900MM*270MM*12MM 2.Glue down Floor Tiles Size:305MM*305MM*4MM Feature: A)Natural,random apperance creates an elegant,natural look B)Reduces noise C)Comfortable under foot and on your knees D)High resiliency E)Insulates against heat and cold F)Low thermal conductivity G)Highly resistance to moisture and liquid ...
Company: Shandong Panxin Cork Co., Ltd.    china

Anti-static Self-leveling Floor Coatings
Consist of superior solvent-free epoxy resins, curing agent and auxiliaries. Long-lasting anti-static function, regardless of the influence of time and temperature. Resists to acid, alkali, salt and oil. Flexible, wearing resistance, pressure withstanding and impact resistance. Suitable for the large scale factory where producing Anti-static electronics, micro-electronics, communication products, computer and precise instruments and where requires the environment super clean, dust-free, ...
Company: Guangzhou Master Building Materials Co., LTD    China

Epoxy Mortar Flooring Coatings
Dustproof, wearing resistance, damp resistance and abrasion resistance. Easy to clean, easy and quickly to apply and maintain. Cheap cost, super adhesion, excellent flexibility and impact-resistance. 1mm to 5mm thickness, suitable for general light industrial floors, such as medication, tobacco, feed, plastic, furniture, costume, life lobby, building corridor, warehouse, playground, gymnasium, electronics, printing, catering and so on.
Company: Guangzhou Master Building Materials Co., LTD    China

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