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Detailed Glass Wool, Rock Wool Description:

Glass Wool Blanket

Is a kind of scrolling materials made for the large area laying. Besides heat insulation and thermal insulation, it has other advantages such as excellent damping and sound absorption, especially for intermediate and low frequency and all kinds of noise concussion, noise reduction and working environment improvement.

Standard Size

Density: 10-48kg/m3
Length: 5m-30m
Width: 600mm, 1200mm
Thickness: 25mm-150mm

Glass Wool Blanket With Aluminum foil
Has the effect of heat radiation hardening, a lining material mainly used in high-temperature workshops, control room, inner wall of computer lab, isolated room and flat top.

It was the best material used for the insulation and sound absorption of steel structures. They are widely used in industrial plants, warehouse, public facilities, exhibition centre's, shopping centers, cold shores and a variety of indoor playgrounds, sports grounds and other buildings.
Meanwhile, they have effect of energy-saving insulation, sound-controlling and improving the indoor air quality.

Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Glass Wool, Rock Wool in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: China North New Material International Corporation
Address: China North New Material International Corporation
Region: Beijing, China
Contact Person: Alice
Telephone: 861085376664

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