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List extensive product information of Insulation & Heat Insulation (include Foam Insulation, Aluminum Foil Insulation, Porcelain Insulators, Adiabatic Board), provided by Insulation & Heat Insulation manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Press paper china manufacturer
Thickness 0.10mm to 0.60mm Width 500mm/800mm/1000mm/1010mm and etc. Sheet approx.1000mm*1000mm Tape from 10mm width upwards Press paper is a proven surface insulation material on cellulose basis for the insulation Class A.Depending on the cellulose,fiber conditioning and machinery setting. Product Images: Press paper
Product Group: Insulating Material,Press Paper ,Insulation Paper,Insulation
Company: Changzhou Hua R Sheng Reflective Material Co., Ltd.    china

WIRING AND OTHER INSULTORS 31-3 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Company: Minqing Ever Lightning Arrester Co., Ltd.    china

Pure Aluminum Multi Foil Pe Insulation
pure aluminum multi foil PE insulation Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Color: silver ; pure aluminum multi foil PE insulation IFB can be used to enhance U values in traditional cavity wall construction to meet and exceed current Building Regulations. Intech IFB is a multi-layer air bubble film insulation with aluminium bonded to either one face or both faces. The aluminium is coated with polythene to give durability and corrosion resistance. Therefore creating a ...
Company: Yixing Intech Foil Co., Ltd.    China

Fr-4 , Fr-4
FR-4 Copper Clad Laminate, FR-4 Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; colour: Yellow/white ; Name:FR-4 Copper Clad Laminate Specification: 1220mm*1020mm Thickness: 0.6~2.0mm Copper thickness : 1/3 OZ/ H oz/ 1 oz /2oz /3 oz /5oz Applications: computer communication equipment automatic If you have any question ,please feel free to contact me !
Company: Hangzhou Taiwei Laminated Plates Co., Ltd.    China

High Density Calcium Silicate Insulation Board
High density Calcium Silicate Insulation Board Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Color: white ; Apparent Density: 250kgs/m3 ; Heat Conductivity: 0.058 ; Highest Working Temperature: 1000 centi-degree ; Material: Calcium Silicate ; HIGH DENSITY CALCIUM SILICATE INSULATION BOARD With density range 800--1000kgs/m3 ,high density calcium silicate insulation board is developed for the non-ferrous industry used for feeding ,casting and molding of molten aluminum and other ...
Company: Laizhou Yongda High Temp. Insulation Material Co., Ltd.    China

Fiberglass Cloth
Fiberglass Cloth Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; weight: 880g/m2: weight: 830g/m2 ; weight: 800g/m2: color: sand yellow ; Highest Working Temperature: 550degree centigra. ; Material: fiberglass ; Fiberglass Cloth It is an ideal high tensile strenght materials with the excellent properties of fire proof, thermal resistant, good chemical resistant,durability. good electrial insulationand will not arise harm to health., also environment proection. Thus becomes the ...
Company: Yuyao Tianyi Special Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd.    China

Lg-standard Type Calcium Silicate Products
HCS-25 LG-Standard Type Calcium Silicate Products Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; COLOR: WHITE ; service temperature: 1000C ; Characterized by exceptional heat resistance, outstanding thermal insulation, very low bulk density, high specific strength, excellent durability and flexible construction, high temperature calcium silicate insulating slabs can be widely used as energy-saving materials for almost all types of industrial furnaces
Company: Laizhou Mingfa Thermel Insulation Material Company Limited    China

Xps Board/building Wall Material
XPS Board/Building Wall Material Specification: Type: XPS Boards ; Size: 600*1800mm; 1200*2400mm ; Thickness: 20-100mm ; compressive strength: above 250kpa ; Product introduction XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation board is comprised of import polyethylene and manufactured through a special plastic extruction process with high density. It is produced by environmental material, and generates no harmful gas, the leftover material can be reuse, will not be decompose and mildew, ...
Company: Juneng Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Magnesium Board
magnesium board Specification: The overall product leaves the plant from the raw material to the end product, the entire manufacture process all passed through the strict careful product quality examination, the examination. The product conforms to the national GA160 - 1,998 standards, international ISO0391-1-80 standard and national fire prevention GB8624-1997 standard, The examination conforms to the JC688-1998 stipulation requirement, is evaluated the A level not to burn the material, is ...
Company: Zhangjiagang Shenggang Environment Fire-Proof Construction Material Co., Ltd.    China

Insulation Pu 125mm
Insulation PU Panel 125mm Specification: Panel Material: Metal ; Type: Polyurethane Sandwich Panels ; Technical and suggestion Density of polyurethane is 40-42kg/m3. Thickness(mm): 125mm; To meet the different requirements of customers. Advantage thermal insulation performance, light weight, high strength, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, beautiful appearance. Polyurethane (PU) panel thickness 75mm 80mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm Max Length 12000mm; Width 300mm/950mm; Angle panel(max) ...
Company: Foshan Baoguan Cold Room & Insulation Panel Factory    China

Ar Fiberglass Reinforcement Mesh
AR Fiberglass Reinforcement Mesh Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Certification: CE ; Color: red,yellow,blue,etc. ; Properties: good alkaline-resistance, high stre. ; Material: fiberglass ; AR Fiberglass Reinforcement Mesh Features: 1) Uses C-glass or E-glass woven fabric, which is coated with acrylic acid copolymer liquid 2) Properties: good alkaline-resistance, high strength, good cohesion, excellent coating 3) Widely used to reinforce walls and roofs, as well as ...
Company: Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co., Ltd.    China

Thermal Insulation Material
PB02 Thermal Insulation Material Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Package: 25kg bag ; Heat Conductivity: 0.034-0.042W/mk ; Highest Working Temperature: 90℃ ; PB02 Thermal Insulation Material TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS 1. water resistant 2. Excellent adhesion 3. Good flexural strength 4. Good impact resistance 5. Easy to use WHERE TO USE Thermal insulation material is used as an embedding mortar applied over EPS (expanded polystyrene), XPS (extruded ...
Company: Gomix Building Materials (Guangzhou) Co., Limited    China

Polystyrene Sandwich Panel
Polystyrene Sandwich panel Specification: Type: Polyurethane Sandwich Panels ; Material: PU, Polystyrene and Rockwool ; We can supply corrugated and flat surface sandwich board with PU , Rock Wool and Polystyrene in interlayer. with low price and high quality. The Polystyrene Sandwich panelproduct information as follows: 1.The thickness can be supplied from 50mm to 150mm. 2.The panel can be used as wall and door. 3.It is very good heat insulation and acoustic insulation and also ...
Company: Foshan Nanhai Liming Color Steel Plate Profile Co., Ltd.    China

Fire Door Board
Fire door board Specification: Panel Material: Nonmetal ; Type: EPS Sandwich Panels ; color: white ; specification: 2100mmx900mmxthickness ; characteristic: insulation & fireproof ; certificate 1: non- toxic AQ1 ; certificate 2: non- combustion A1 ; property: perliter door core board ; Fire door board 1. Production Introduction Perlite fire door core consists of expanded perlite and inorganic glue. The burning behaviour of this product is classified as A1, non-combustible rate, ...
Company: Zhangjiagang Tianyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Glass Wool Blanket
glass wool blanket Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; color: yellow ; Owing to glass wool's good performance, e.g., thin and long inner fiber, low thermal conductivity, it can stop air flowing and heat transforming. Meanwhile, it can quickly reduce the transportation of sound to make effects of insulation and sound absorption. Centrifugal glass wool is divided into glass wool boards and glass wool blanket. It was the best material used for the insulation and sound ...
Company: Hebei Huamei Chemicals And Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.    China

Mineral Fiber Rock Board
mineral fiber rock board Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; rock wool: mineral wool ; insulation boards: heating insulation products ; Rock wool board; We have been secialized in exporting rockwool boards along the years,with our basic seving concetp: 1.Being specialized,and fully follow customers's request for orders. 2.Reasonable price and on-time delivery 3.Working as customers' best parterer Product normal data: Width:600mm Length:1200mm as standard or ...
Company: Qingdao United Tongsung Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Glass Wool Blanket
Glass Wool blanket Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Material: Glass ; Apparent Density: 10KGS / CBM ; Heat Conductivity: R3.5 ; Highest Working Temperature: 450 ; Glass Wool Standard: AS/NZ , RUSSIA We can supply many size of glass wool. Pls 1160*430*165 1160*580*165 1160*430*185 1160*580*185 6000*430*165 6000*580*165 6000*430*185 6000*580*185
Company: Guangzhou Longking Energy Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Fiberglass Mesh
fiberglass mesh Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Colour: White or colored ; Certification: ISO9001: 2000 ; Glass: C-Glass ; Material: Glass ; Experience: 11years ; Fiberglass MeshWe are a large scale fiberglass mesh factory with 73 platinum gold crucibles for fiberglass yarn drawing and 120 looms for fiberglass mesh, With the productivity for 8,000,000m2 per month,we supply best and very stable quality products. Our quality is platinum gold crucible drawing fiberglass ...
Company: Nankang Luobian Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.    China

Glass Wool
glass wool Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; other certificate: ISO9001 ; thickness: 25mm-200mm ; R-vallue: 1.5-4.0 ; density: 10-32kg/m3 ; length: 3000mm-30000mm or in accordance with cu. ; width: 600mm/1200mm ; Apparent Density: 10-20kg/cbm ; Heat Conductivity: 0.042W/m.k ; Highest Working Temperature: 400 centigrade ; Glass wool Types : 1).Air-conditioning Board 2).Glass wool Blanket/roll/felt 3).Glass wool Board/batts/sheet/slab 4).Glass wool Pipe/tube ...
Company: Langfang Yongxing Jiaye Chemical And Building Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Black Fire-retardant-sound Proof Water-proof Insulated Fiberglass Tissue
black fire-retardant-sound proof water-proof insulated fiberglass tissue Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Material: Fiber Glass ; ITEM: Black fiberglass cloth BFC-001/ BFC-001PTechnical DataWeight: 160gsmThickness: 0.18mmFire retardant property: B1Tensile Strength: MD: 800n/5cm Tensile Strength: XD: 500n/5cm Density: 12X12/cmSize: According to specific requirements ITEM: Black fiberglass tissue BFT-001/ BFT-001PTechnical DataType: E glassWeight: 65gsm+25gsm PEThickness: ...
Company: CNBM International Corporation    China

Hot Melt Felt
Hot Melt Felt Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Hot Melt Felt Features : 1) Suitable for lining in bed and sofa 2) mixed color or other single color A)Weight:500gsm -1200gsm B)Maximum Width : 2000mm C)Thickness : 2mm8mm or customized D)Export to Russia, USA,Europe,Asia Packing:asking size cut out or In rolls with PE film If required,patches or mattress cut as your sample.
Company: Cangnan Supermade Textile Co., Ltd.    China

Ceramic Fiber Special-shape Products
ceramic fiber special-shape products Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Color: White ; Grade: COM(Commom) ; Name: ceramic fiber special-shape products ; Classification temperature: 1260℃ ; Working temperature: 1100℃ ; Conventional Product specification: According to the users t. ; Processing: Vacuum forming ; Apparent Density: 300-400 ; Heat Conductivity: 0.055-0.170 ; YaoXing is the specialized manufacture and exporter of insulation and refractory material in north ...
Company: Zibo Yao Xing Fire-Resistant and Heat-Preservation Material Co., Ltd.    China

Rubber Foam
RUBBER FOAM Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Apparent Density: 50-90 ; Heat Conductivity: <0.036 ; Highest Working Temperature: 105 ; Material: NBR/PVC ; rubber foam Kingflex adopting NBR/PVC as the main raw material, is an environmental product .It has closed cell structure ,which make it has low heat conductivity ,high moisture resistance and excellent fire-proofing property. The standard products are black, with sheet, tube two types. Usage :Kingflex is ...
Company: Hebei Kingflex Insulation Co., Ltd.    China

Fiberglass Sleeving For Motors
fiberglass sleeving for motors Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Material: Glass ; Apparent Density: GOOD ; Heat Conductivity: GOOD ; Highest Working Temperature: GOOD ; fiberglass sleeving for motors The products are mainly used in laying and collecting electrical wires of motors,transformers,electric instruments ,home appliances for insulation and protection .With their excellent characteristics such as good flexibility ,heat and tremble and resistance,oil ...
Company: Shanghai Haiying Insulation Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.    China

Fiberglass Braided Silicone Rubber Sleeve
fiberglass braided silicone rubber sleeve Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; many colors: red,blue,yellow,green,black ; Product features Robert: 600V rated voltage Robert: rated temperature - 60 ° ~ + 200 ° c Using high temperature resistant, silicone, glass fiber Applicable, electronics, electrical appliances, lighting, electric ranju, etc Standard: Q / 320281ANX01-2003
Company: Jiangyin Runhua Cable Co., Ltd.    China

Double Bubble Insulation Material
Double Bubble Insulation Material Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Color: Silver ; Double Bubble Insulation Material Specification: Al Foil/Bubble/Bubble/Al Foil Bubble: 10mm diameter 4mm thicknessRegular Size: 1.2*30MSpecification and Size are customized.Functions:It can be installed on roof, wall or floor etc. It can resist over 80% heat outside the building and protect the building from shock and sudden change of the temperature. Characteristics:1. No odor and ...
Company: Shenzhen Star Packaging Product Co., Ltd.    China

Phenolic Panel Insulated Panel
Phenolic Panel Insulated panel Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Phenolic Panel / Insulated panel 1) Specification: 4,000 x 1,200 x 20mm 2) 80/80um aluminum foil, both sides embossed 3) Density: 65kg/m³ 4) Compressive strength: 448N/mm² 5) Thermal conductivity: 0.025W/m.K 6) Flame retardancy: A 7) Friction coefficient: 0.015
Company: Shanghai Haohai Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Eps Roof Sandwich Panel
EPS roof sandwich panel Specification: Panel Material: Metal ; Type: EPS Sandwich Panels ; colour sandwich panel: white gray/red/blue ; width : 950mm/970mm/1000mm: steel plate : from 0. ; Quality characteristics Lightweight , 10-14 kg / , equivalent brick wall of 1 / 30 Insulation, thermal conductivity0.035W/mK High strength, could be used for load-bearing structure, retaining structure, Bending, compression, in general house without section Bright color, no need surface design ...
Company: Weifang Xinfeng Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd.    China

Aluminum Pet Single Bubble Foil Insulation
aluminum PET single bubble foil insulation Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Certificate: SGS certificate ; aluminum PET single bubble foil insulation Structure: Width Length thickness 1.2m 40m 4mm Functions: can be installed on roof, wall, ceiling or floor, so as to reach moisture-proof, heat preservation and energy conservation purpose.
Company: Yixing Intech Foil Co., Ltd.    China

Calcium Silicate Brick
calcium silicate brick Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Shape: Arbitrary(Processing in accordance with . ; color: white ; Apparent Density: 240~1300 ; Heat Conductivity: 0.05~0,12 ; Highest Working Temperature: 1100 ; Material: calcium silicate ; JGGY Machinable products Typical Performance index Brand JGGY JGGY Classic temperature () 1000 1000 Density (kg/m3) 650 850 Cold crushing strength (Mpa) ≥7.5 ≥9.8 ...
Company: Beijing Finsulatech Co., Ltd.    China

Decorative Polyurethane Carved Cornice
decorative polyurethane carved cornice Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; COLOR: customized ; decorative polyurethane carved cornice Product Feature 1.Material:PU foam,rigid/hard polyrethane 2.rigid polyurethane foam for decoration 3.all kinds of rigid polyurethane products 4.customized size and color available We're professional factory specialed in polyurethane products. We can produce as sample, produce as drawing and cstomized. Welcome to your kindly ...
Company: Xiamen Xiangyu Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Bamboo Fiber Acoustic&, Heating Insulation Batts
Bamboo fiber acoustic&amp, heating insulation batts Specification: Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials ; Anti-bacterial deodorization: Mould prevention. ; Moisture absorption: Eco-friendly, and biodegra. ; Acoustic insulation: Heating insulation materia. ; Bamboo fiber acoustic& heating insulation batts Bamboo fiber insulation batts Made of natural bamboo fiber and eco-friendly polyester, which exercise on the functional properties of natural bamboo: Anti-bacterial ...
Company: Fujian Jianzhou Bamboo Development Co., Ltd.    China

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