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List extensive product information of Lime & Plaster (include Gypsum Board, Hydrated Lime, Plasterboard), provided by Lime & Plaster manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Gypsum, Hydrated Lime
We sell bulk gypsum and hydrated lime for cement manufacturing direct. The specifications of our gypsum are: Combined water ASTM c 471 20.65% ; Sulfur trioxide (so3) gravimetric 46.31% ; Purity (caso4.2h2o) 98.66% (95% min) ; Sulfur trioxide (so3):44% min ; Moisture: 4% max.
Company: Shandong Jinxin New Building Material Co., Ltd.    China

Gypsum and Accessories
We can supply Gypsum, Anhydrite in large quantities from Southern Thailand. Also supply accessories for gypsum ceiling boards: Light steel keels, including main tee, cross tee, aluminum alloy tee accessories.
Company: Shandong Jinxin New Building Material Co., Ltd.    China

Wood-Fibre Reinforced Gypsum Board
Gypsum Board Reinforced by Timber Fiber bears outstanding properties as compared with regular gypsum board. It's an ideal material used in damp environment. Excellent tensile performance makes it much stronger and suitable for various surface treatments. It also has better acoustic features, which is widely adopted by acoustic and office building designers. It's even certified with a higher fire-resistance rating. No adhesives are applied in the whole production process, totally ...
Product Group: Gypsum Board

Plaster & Gypsum
Our gypsum products are high quality and competitive price, be made with the best grade gypsum powder and mineral fiber. Be used for building inner decoration.
Company: Shandong Jinxin New Building Material Co., Ltd.    China

Plaster Ceiling Tile
1) We produce high intensity plaster ceiling tiles and PVC faced plaster ceiling tiles. 2) They can be applied to a wide scope range as Hospital, Hotel, Restaurant, Office, Public Building, Gymnasium, Shopping Mall, Station and Private home as well.

Wall Relief Paste Coating
1) Tough coating, water and mildew resistant, seepage-proof ; 2) High adhesion strength ; 3) Rich natural feeling ; 4) Good permeability ; 5) High grade quality

Pyesurface Joint Compound
Premixed asbestos-free finishing compound for tapping, topping and texturing gypsum wall board. Can be used for filling cracks or holes. May be used as skim coating.

Hydrated Lime / Calcium Hydroxide
As the manufacturer, we'd like to offer you our standard specs for Hydrated Lime: Calcium Hydroxide(Ca(OH)2)min 92% ; Carbonates max 4% ; SiO2 max 0.7% ; Magnesium Oxide(MgO)max 1.5% ; Al2O3 and Iron Fe2O3 max 1% ; Fineness sieve min 90% pass BS200mesh

Tunsian Super White Lime
We do export Tunisia lime: 1/Natural Hydraulic Lime CHN 6 ; 2/Fine Quick Lime/CaO ; 3/Hydrated Lime/Ca(OH)2CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS(on request)

Cornice Compound For Bonding
We produce Cornice Bonding for plasterworks. Easy to use and very economical. Good initial grab. Bonds almost immediately.

Plaster Of Paris
We are suppliers of high quality plaster of Paris of various types, viz. Pottery, cermaic, medical, fine, commercial and super fine.

Quick Lime
1. Chemical Composition: Calcium Oxide. 2. Active Component: CaO (Calcium Oxide). 3. Sieve (Sizing): * Size 1: 100% mesh 1 ; * Size 1/2: 100% mesh 1/2 ; * Size 1/4: 100% mesh 1/4. 4. Reactivity (Normc110 ASTM): * Maximum temperature: 70 - 75 C ; * Maximum time: 4 - 6 minutes. 5. Physical Characteristics: * Color: Off white ; * Texture: Granular ; * Apparent density: 1,000 KG/mt3. 6. Presentation: * Polypropylene big bags with a polyethylene inner liner ; * Big bags come in sizes of 1.5 MT each
Product Group: Quick Lime

Sandy Panel Series Gypsum Ceiling Board
1) We are the professional exporter of ceiling board and related products ; 2) Our products provide fully integrated solutions for structural fire protection, moisture resistance, space division, sound insulation ; 3) Fireproof, waterproof, heat insulation, sound absorbing, light weight.
Product Group: Gypsum Board

Gypsum Covings
Material: gypsum powder A grade & mineral fiber. Finish: clean white. Various shapes and sizes available upon request. We can produce this product according to clients' specifications. Our gypsum products be resistant to water and fire, and without change color and shape for a long period. Are green environmental products for building inner decoration.

1) Material: plaster + mineral fiber ; 2) Finish: clean white ; 3) Various shapes and sizes available upon request ; 4) We can produce this product according to clients' specifications

Features: 1) Made of quality gypsum material and elegant surface liner ; 2) Fireproof, sound insulation and heat preservation ; 3) Lower weight and much more beautiful appearance ; 4) Can be used for partition and ceiling, and reach excellent effect of decoration. Specifications: 1) 1,220 x 2,440 x 9mm ; 2) 1,220 x 2,440 x 12mm
Product Group: Plasterboard

Lime, Plaster - Colours Based On Natural Elements
Produces: Colourlime ; Marblelime ; Seasoned "grassello" ; Hydraulic lime ; Restoration materials ; Lime products ; Lime and hydraulic Areas ; Lime and mortar "grassello" ; Coloured plasters ; Lime colours ; Seasoned "grassello" ; Products for restoration ; Colouring powders. The mortar of lime is one of the most ancient and long lived materials used in construction. The huge masterpieces built by people through the centuries prove this material resistant ...

Leveling Putty
Skim coat with high strengthen, buffering the compressive stress caused by different substrates. Use to level up the interior and exterior cement wall or concrete wall, provide a better substrate for surface putty, reduce the consumption of finish putty and reduce the cost of project.
Company: Guangzhou Master Building Materials Co., LTD    China

High Elasticity Putty
Two-component, easy to work and polish. Exterior rendering wall of avoiding cracking. Suitable for applying on the cement mortar rendering surface, concrete surface, various heat insulation board, cement hollow brick and gypsum board. Protect the substrate from moisture and cracking.
Company: Guangzhou Master Building Materials Co., LTD    China

Damp-proof and Crack Resistance Putty
Skim coat for exterior and interior new and existing substrate. Strongly bonding to the wall and coating. Damp-proof and breathable, provide the wall and finishes dry, natural and exquisite,
Company: Guangzhou Master Building Materials Co., LTD    China

Internal Wall Waterproof Putty
White waterproof skim coat especially for interior wall. Super adhesion, no hollowing, good waterproofing and damp proof function. Environment-friendly without toxic. Accepted by PRC building industry standards JG/T3049-1998 and meets all these function index in N type of ‘construction internal wall putty’.
Company: Guangzhou Master Building Materials Co., LTD    China

Superior Two-component Putty
Superior flexible waterproofing exterior wall putty. Special for the high-grade flexible exterior wall coating. Super adhesion. Active ingredients permeate into the pore and micro cracks of the cement-based substrate and create chemical action, fusing together with the substrate, forms a layer of dense crystal waterproof coating, which provides flexible waterproof substrate for the coating.
Company: Guangzhou Master Building Materials Co., LTD    China

T-grids Specification: Item Specification: mm Packing Loaded quantity per 20′FCL Carton size Lengthxwidthxheight Main Grid 24-38-3600-0.30 27 216ctns 3650×215×46mm Main Cross 24-26-1200-0.30 75 468ctns 1250×200×100mm Small Cross 24-26-600-0.30 75 468ctns 650×200×100mm Wall Angle 22-22-3000-0.40 100 52ctns 3050×150×60mm In Total ...
Company: LY Diligence Building Materials Co., Ltd.    China

limestone Specification: Type: Quick Lime ; Application: Waste Water Treatment ; Shape: Lump ; Raw Material: Limestone ; Dear Sir / Madam, It is our honor to offer you, our best Limestone (CaCO3) Powder/Chips, from South Sulawesi,Indonesia.our mine area 400 Ha, with production capacity 100.000 mt/month and will increase as per client need Appearance: Powder Color: White Whiteness Degree: Super A grade: 90 Min. Melting Point: 1339 Celcius Specific Gravity: 2.7 Odor: Odorless ...
Company: CITIC Calcium Industry Co., Ltd. Shandong    China

Limestone Specification: Shape: Lump ; Raw Material: Limestone ; Application: Hydrated lime, Quick lime ; Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Agriculture G. ; We are a Malaysian based company supplying high grade limestone and its allied products to India. We have a strong base and excellent workforce in Malaysia for to maintain the constant supply of material with appropriate specification and quality. Due to our active logistic team, we are handling nearly about 30,000 MT/Month to ...
Company: LY Diligence Building Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Medical Supplies
Company: Shaoxing Jonathan Healthcare & Textile Co., Ltd.    China

Limestone Powder
Limestone powder Specification: Size: 25kg ; Type: Quick Lime ; Application: Architectural paint ; Shape: Powder ; Raw Material: Limestone ; White: bright ; MTM jsc., Vietnam is one of the leading manufacturer of limestone powder in Vietnam. We are mainly manufacturing and exporting the limestone powder into many countries in the world. The company has proved its prestige by passing the ISO 9001:2008 issued by DAS (UK). We commit to provide limestone powder products with best ...
Company: LY Diligence Building Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Quartz Powder
Quartz powder Specification: Color: clear quartz POWDER ; size: 0.3mm and up ; We,YANTAI KINGSTONE,FROM CHINA produce and export concrete opaque terrazzo glass chips,concrete glass chippings,aggregates,green aggragates,yellow aggregates,clear quartz powder,quartz chips,clear quartz pebbles,quartz blocks,quartz aggregtes,white quartz,casting glass powder,sand aggregates,blue color aggregates,yellow color aggregates,red color aggregates,green color aggregates,blue sand,blue glassbeads,red ...
Company: Yantai Kingstone Imp. and Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Limestone Specification: Type: Quick Lime ; Shape: Lump ; Raw Material: Limestone ; stone-gray: white ; Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the minerals calcite and/or aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Like most other sedimentary rocks, limestones are composed of grains; however, most grains in limestone are skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coral or foraminifera. Other carbonate grains comprising limestones are ...
Company: LY Diligence Building Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Jewelry Investment Powder Of Hk-1000
Jewelry Investment Powder of HK-1000 Specification: Features: 1 High quality and low price, high performance/price ratio, can lower cost in a big scope for larger processing factories. 2 The casting mold can bear temperature of 720oC(1328oF), and has higher thermal shock resistance. Casting mold can endure quick and direct temperature rising, while the mold cavity will not be fractured. 3 Mold cavity duplicates are very clear and smooth. No apparent drop marks, metal beads and ...
Company: Shenzhen King-Top Modern Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.    China

White Marble Blocks
White marble blocks Specification: Size: all size ; Type: Quick Lime ; Raw Material: Calcite ; marble block: White color ; Dear Sirs/Madams, We are now in positon to supply marble block with all sizes. Origin: Vietnam Quantity and price as per further discussion. Payment by L/C at sight or by T.T.R before shipment. Please feel free to com. vn We are pleased to be your partner. Best regards, Mr. Tuong - Import Export Manager Nghean import -export J. 15 Quang Trung, Vinh city, ...
Company: LY Diligence Building Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Calcium Carbonate
CALCIUM CARBONATE Specification: Size: CALCIUM CARBONATE POWDER ; Shape: Powder ; Raw Material: Limestone ; We are manufacturer, Exporters and importer of Natural, Coated and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate. We are in this feild since 1974. We are Based in Delhi, Haryana haveing manufacturing plant at Kundali, Sonepat Haryana. Our quality is among best supplier in India and our Brand “Famous Blues” enjoys a great repute in market.
Company: Shenzhen King-Top Modern Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.    China

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