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Detailed Landscape fabric Description:

Color: conventional products : dark green, white cloth professional production of sales cold landscape fabric , cold cold cloth , cold green cloth , green woven, non-woven cold , lawn woven, non-woven winter , winter woven, non-woven fabrics and other nursery stock non-woven products. The company has a strong non-woven fabric is good, excellent quality of the product , high bulk density , weight, on average , fabric formation , the thickness of the high intensity , good tensile , tear resistant and strong , breathable, non-toxic, no odor , non-irritating , and according to customer requirements, changes in product hardness feel, soft , soft , hard, and hard , and has a large variety of colors common stock . Environmentally friendly products , versatile and affordable.

Our Landscape Fabric is a 1.5oz / 3oz., UV Stabilized, Non Woven Polypropylene fabric. It is a strong heavy fabric, which allows it to be more resistant to tearing, puncturing and weed penetration. Landscape Fabric can also be used as an alternative to a frost blanket. When applied on top of plantings, it protects against light frost and cold temperatures by holding heat in during the day and by blocking wind at night. Landscape is permeable, allowing water and nutrients to pass through. It is excelent when used in plants growing operations.

Landscape fabric
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Landscape fabric in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Address: No.232 Liao Yang west Road
Region: Qingdao, China
Contact Person: jcppfabric
Telephone: 86-532-87687702

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