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List extensive product information of Plastic Pipe (include PVC Pipe, PPR Pipe, PEX Pipe, PTFE Pipe, PVC Hose), provided by Plastic Pipe manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

High Pressure Spray Hose
1) Material: synthetic rubber & PVC ; 2) Lightweight and soft ; 3) Herringbone weave designed ; 4) Nice durability in bad weather and chemical medium ; 5) Working pressure: 50 ~ 60Bar ; 6) Burst pressure: 150 ~ 200Bar
Company: Zhejiang Xinda Plastic Pipe Co., Ltd.    China

Polyethylene Pipe
Made from cross-linked polyethylene listed by PPI and NSF, Rifeng PEX tubing is flexible and easy to install, making it an excellent alternative to rigid piping system. Cross-linking is a permanent chemical change that occurs to Rifeng PEX tubing, so that Rifeng PEX tubing can stand high working temperature and pressure with satisfactory chemical resistance.
Product Group: Polyethylene Pipe

Silicone Rubber Tube
1) Size: according to customers' requests ; 2) Flexible, water-resistant and electric-resistant ; 3) Different colors available

PTFE pipe is formed by pushing and moulding. Pushing Pipe uses corrosive medium fluid pipeline, insulation sheath and drive shaft. Moulded pipe can be made into non-standard parts by mechanical working, also it can be used as non-sticking materials. It can be used at the temperature of -180°C to +260°C. It has the lowest frictional factor and the best anti-corrosive property among the known plastic materials.
Product Group: PTFE Pipe
Company: Zhejiang Xinda Plastic Pipe Co., Ltd.    China

1) PEX-AL-PEX pipe for hot water ; 2) PE-AL-PE pipe for cold water ; 3) Dust collector pipe for oil and water ; 4) Size: 1216, 1620, 2026, 2632 ; 5) Diameter: Ø35mm ; 6) Length: various lengths available.
Company: Zhejiang Xinda Plastic Pipe Co., Ltd.    China

Plastic Pipe
1) Material: PP, PVC, PE, PMMA, PS, AS, ABS, PETG ; 2) Can be manufactured in various standards and colors ; 3) Multi-color extrusion available

Flexible Connection Pipe
1) Used with explosive mixture elements including connecting electric transmitters and pressure gauges ; 2) Reliable sealing function, long service life

Oxygen / Acetylene Rubber Welding Hoses
1) Good pliability ; 2) Portable ; 3) Windable ; 4) Colors: red, black, green, blue, yellow. With best. Different size, best price.

Reinforced Rib Wound Hose
Features: 1) Transparent, black and other colors ; 2) Unbreakable core, long-lasting ; 3) SGS certification ; 4) Smooth inside wall ; 5) Material: PVC, PE, TPU. Usages: 1) Water delivery and drainage in construction ; 2) Electrical wires, cables protection ; 3) General uses in water transmission ; 4) Liquid, power, granule transmission.

BS Standard PVC Drainage Pipe and Fitting
1) Available from 1-1/4" to 6" in British Standard ; 2) Color per customer request ; 3) Please contact us for more information about our wide variety of BS standard PVC-U drainage pipes and fittings.

Washing Machine Tube
Applications: bowel cleaning machines and washing machines. 1) Available in any size you need ; 2) High quality standards ; 3) Double packaging.

PEX Pipe
1) Light weight ; 2) Easy to handle and install ; 3) Long-term reliability and economical price make it a leading alternative to traditional plumbing materials ; 4) Color coded with traditional orange and blue stripes for easy identification of hot and cold water lines

Pvc Ball Valve
Pvc Ball Valve: 1) Diameter: 1/2" - 4" ; 2) Standard: DIN, BS, ANSI, CNS, JIS ; 3) With socket and threaded end

PE-RT Pipe
1) Advantages, such as sanitary and non-poisonous, un-encrustation, high force, long service life, high and lower temperature resistance, good capacity. 2) Successfully used in ground heating, slush system and radiator heating

Reinforced Braided Gas Pipe
1) Best PVC and it's improved material, and produce with special techniques. 2) Figure is very beautiful and portability. 3) The hose can fit the temperature change from low temperature to high temperature. 4) The spec and wall of hose is very uniformity. 5) Inside layer: rubber and plastic compound; cauterization and oil resistant; abrasion and weather aging resistant; fire-retardant intermediate layer: high tensile synthetic terylene braid. 6) Outer layer: rubber and plastic compound; ...

Flexible PVC Corrugated Hose
1) Material: PVC ; 2) Length: 150cm ; 3) Connection: 1/2'F ; 4) Color: any color available ; 5) All the above features can be decided by your requirements

Steel Wire Spiral Reinforced PVC Hose
We are work--trading group corp in China, we have factory of ourself. It's head product include-- PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose, PVC fiber braided reinforced hose, PVC transparent hose and PVC high-grade pressurized hose, garden irrigation tools and plumbing pipes products.

Hydraulic Hose, High Pressure Hose
We offer hydraulic hose according to the American standards SAE100R1A/1AT, SAE100R2A/2AT, SAE 100 R12,SAE 100 R16, R17and German standards DIN 20022 EN853 1SN, DIN20022/EN853 2SN, DIN20023/EN856 4SP Applications: carrying hydraulic fluids such as mineral oils. 1) Tube: oil resistant synthetic rubber ; 2) Reinforcement: 2 high tensile steel wire braid ; 3) Cover: abrasion and weather resistant synthetic rubber ; 4) Temperature range: -40~+100oC ; 5) Applications: carrying hydraulic fluids ...

Air Hose / PVC Air Hose
1) Material: a) Inner: PVC or rubber ; b) Reinforcement: fabric braiding ; c) Outer: PVC or rubber. 2) Size:1/4", 1/2", 3/8". 3) Working pressure: 300Psi. 4) Burst pressure: 1200Psi, 1600Psi. 5) Working temperature: -10 ~ 120°C

12-Piece Hose Clamp Set
1) Material: stainless steel, carbon steel ; 2) We can supply 4, 6, 10 and 12-piece sets ; 3) Packing as buyers' requirements

Interlock High / Low Pressure Hose / Hose Connections
We are a leading China and exporter of Pvc Braided high and low pressure interlock hoses suitable for air pneumatic, chemical, water ,pesticide spray and other allied activities.

Plastic pipes, fittings and equipment
Pipes, pipe systems , fittings , valves, equipment in lined PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, PVDF; pipes and fittings in UPVC, CPVC , HDPE, PVDF, PP, PP-R , ABS and other plastic materials.

Steel reinforced HDPE composite pipe for mine use
Product introduction: It’s mainly used in coal mining. This product falls into coal-mine use water pipes, coal-mine use air pipes, coal-mine use guniting pipes and coal-mine use gas drainage pipes, etc. Product quality conforms to our enterprise standard Q/DHSY01-2008. Apprearance: outside surface smooth; no bubbles, scratches, uneven colors Specifications: Appearance: black or any color on request Pressure: 0.8-3.5Mpa Outer diameter: 50-630mm Wall thickness: 4.5-23mm ...
Company: Qufu Donghong Industry Co., Ltd    China

The Of Plastic
The of plastic tube Specification: Material: PVC ; Specification: 16-50 ; Length: 16 ; Thickness: 1 ; Type: General ; Plastic tube is successfully researched, designed and manufactured by us and reach the advanced technologies international on plastic tube production line. It is adopts high quality of imported material .we can offer different specification of tube .the diameter is between 16mm--50mm.tubes which we made are suitable for cosmetics ,medicine ,cleanness product, Chemical and ...
Company: Shanghai Sunway Science and Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Pu Tube
PU Tube Specification: Material: PU ; Specification: standard ; Orange: other colors ; Characteristic of PU tube: 1. Good resistance to high pressure . 2. Excellent flexibility, high lengthening rate and tensile strength. 3. Lower fluid resistance due to its smooth inner hose wall. 4. Hard to burn, Nontoxic, proof against strike and with good wearability. 5. With beautiful looks and smaller minimum bending radius, it is portable and easy to handle 6. Suitability: Air, Water , Chemical etc. ...
Company: Wuxi Jiunai Polyurethane Products Co., Ltd.    China

Aluminum Plastic Ppr Pipe
Aluminum plastic ppr pipe Specification: Material: PP ; Specification: 20 ; Length: 4m ; Standard: GB ; color: white ; Product performance: Pressure Rating:2.5MPa Applications:cold or hot water supply,heating system,wall heating and radiating system Easy intallation and reliable Higher flow capacity Specifications: PN2.5MPa Size 20 25 32 40 50 63 75
Company: Zhejiang Fuhua Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Coloful Pvc Shower Hose For Bath Room
coloful pvc shower hose for bath room Specification: Material: PVC ; Specification: 3/8" ; Length: 1-100M ; Thickness: 2-3mm ; color: any color available ; certification: CE,ROHS ; size: 8,9,9.5,9.8,10mm ; thickness: 2.2,2.5mm ; length: 1.5-100m ; shower hose: material:pvc and high tensile reinforced.working temperature:-5~70 Its used as accessory for the shower and sanitary wareds.Avaible size 7.5mm,8,8.5mm,9,9.5mm and so.
Company: Taizhou Ruisheng Plastic Co., Ltd.    China

Pe Pipes For Water Supply
PE Pipes for Water Supply Specification: Material: PE ; Certification: ISO9001 ; Certification: ISO9001 ; Features: 1) Corrosion resistant: polyethylene is inert material. Except for few strong oxidant, this material can resist many chemical matters, no electron chemical corrosion, and do not need corrosion proof layer. 2) Non-poisonous: there are not any heavy metal additives in PE pipe for water supply. It is not easy for PE pipe to be covered with dirt and ...
Company: Zhejiang Zhongcai Merchants Investment Group Co., Ltd.    China

Clear Plastic Cylinder With Sealed Bottom And Hanger Caps
Clear plastic cylinder with sealed bottom and hanger caps Specification: Material: PVC ; Specification: customized ; Length: customized ; Thickness: 0.3-1.2mm ; Standard: GMC ; color,: tailor-made ; size: 5.71cm ; thickness: bespoke ; clear plastic cylinder features: Products details 1. 10 years leadership of PVC/PET/PP folding box 2. Finest quality of folding box 3. cooperated with so many world-famous companies Crystal clarity - Better scratch resistance - Virtually no visual ...
Company: Shenzhen Oriental Industrial Manufacturer Co., Ltd.    China

Transparent Pvc Square Plastic Tube
RX-0033 transparent PVC square plastic tube Specification: Material: PC ; Specification: 18.5mm*27mm*1mm ; Length: according your quirement ; Thickness: 1mm ; Standard: --------- ; RX-0033transparent PVC square plastic tube Specifications Material:plastic PC color: any color is available Usage:Lighting/decoration Feature:High UV-resistant,good aging resistant,easy installation. Package:plastic bubble film,carton. Advantages: 1,High strength and stiffness 2,High impact and notch ...
Company: Dongguan Shipai Ruixin Plastics Factory    China

Corrugated Pvc Flexible Pipe
corrugated PVC flexible pipe Specification: Material: PVC ; Specification: diameter 6''(150mm) ; Length: as required ; Thickness: 4'' ; Standard: Rohs ; color: gray ; The product of PVC hose pipe mainly used for industrial vacuum cleaners, has the range of diameter from 2.5''to 7'', featuring light weight, weather resistance,good toughness and long-term service, it reaches the ROHS standard. The product has been exported to America, Europe ...
Company: Laizhou Goalson Metals & Plastics Co., Ltd.    China

Csa Approved Gas Connector
CSA Approved Gas Connector Specification: Material: AISI304 ; Specification: ID3/8'' ; Length: 12" to 72" ; Thickness: 0.25MM ; Standard: CSA 6.10/CSA6.27 ; Certification: CSA ; Color: yellow ; Material: AISI304 ; Features: 1) Gas Connector for in door and outdoor use 2) High flexibility, withstands corrosion, durable, reliable, safe, and withstands high and low temperatures 3) Because of the tie-in has airproof tightened metal tapers screw thread, the hose ...
Company: Ningbo Shengzi Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

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