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List extensive product information of Wallpaper (include Wall Covering, Bamboo Wallpaper, Decoration Paper), provided by Wallpaper manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

PVC Printed Flower Self Adhesive Film
1) Standard width: 30cm, 45cm, 90cm, 122cm ; 2) Standard PVC thickness: 0.08mm ; 3) Length can be changed. Size: 0.53 x 10m/roll.
Company: Shanghai Suwalper Wallpaper Co., Ltd.    China

Bamboo Wallpaper
1) Height: 100-263cm (14"-75") ; 2) Roll length: custom ; 3) Backing: gauze ; 4) Bamboo slat: 0.75-1.65cm.
Company: Shanghai Suwalper Wallpaper Co., Ltd.    China

Melamine Decoration Paper, Arrowroot Wallpaper
We supply a variety of melamine decoration paper, arrowroot wallpaper from china, and products according to your original samples.

PVC Grain Self-adhesive Foil
Thickness: 0.10mm ; Width: 45cm, 67.5cm, 90cm ; Length: 8m, 12m, 13m, and 15m and as your request.

Wooden Effect Self Adhesive Film
These films was made of PVC. They have adhesive on the back, so could be easily sticked to the surface of door, window frame, cabinet, ceiling, partition and any other surface you want.

Wallpaper Stocklots
We can offer stocklots of wallpaper. Several designs but they are always coming back because they are coming from one papermill. The material is all with PE Width is 60cm till 100cm

Light-Duty PE Fabric
1) Materials: 100% HDPE and LDPE ; 2) Weight: 90 - 130g/m2 ; 3) Density: 8 - 12in2 ; 4) Width: 1.2 - 4m ; 5) Coating: single or double sided ; 6) All colors available.

Modern Wall Coverings
Modern Wall Coverings offers the latest colors, designs and patterns; and are manufactured right here! We also warehouse the bulk of our products here in USA.
Product Group: Wall Covering

1) Sisal-jute wallpapers ; 2) Made from ratten ; 3) Made by man-made craft ; 4) Perspective quietude nature and elegancy ; 5) Showing the modern people's desire of perfect living enviromnent with natural and pretty.
Company: Shanghai Suwalper Wallpaper Co., Ltd.    China

Fiberglass Wallcovering
1) Fire insulation: class A fire insulation glass textile with natural and a inflammable property. Safe and innocuous. 2)Environmentally friendly: all natural, composite decorative material. 3)Air permeability: free breathing with an unique air permeability. 4)Shock resistant: shock, crack and insect bite resistant. 5)Anti-corrosive: repels the effects of acids and alkalis. 6)Water proof: can be washed with water over 10,000 times. Specifications: Weight: 100g/m2, 150g/m2, 180g/m2, 200g/m2

Hand Painted Silk
Hand Painted Silk is Soft and Gentle. Each piece is individually hand painted, a continuous motion of creativity and form and design. The finest of paints in rich pastel color are used to bring it to life. Painted Silk can be used for many decoration wishes such as wallpaper, framed picture, screen door and lamp shades.

Decorated Paper
Paint paper, PU paper, Poly paper, PVC paper and so on that are normally used as indoor decorative lines and decorate the front-panelfacing of door, window, furniture, etc. The hundreds of decorated materials with the grains of walnut, cherry, maple, oak, pointed zelkova, sandalwood and etc.
Product Group: Decorated Paper

Dynamic 3D Decorative Wallpaper, World Unique
We have the largest collection of 3D materials both for ceilings and walls. The materials are environmentally safe and economical in comparison with similar decorative items. This is easy to install, maintain and remove. The wall covers can be used for commercial, entertainment and home decoration purposes. The CIC has dual effects in the form of elegant murals in daylight and 3D panoramas under black lights. Also it has dual markets in the sense that it can be sold to both the industrial ...

Bamboo Weave, Wallpapers Heyten
Hand Made With Bamboo Stripe Weave And Laminated With Backing Paper. 100.000 rolls origin Heyten Wallpapers from china.

Activated Carbon Under Wall Paper
Bio charcoal underpaper bp-102 is processing in cahrge the activated carbon. pro-environment product for Purifying the air, smell, for room House. iodine 150mg/g

Wooden Effect Self Adhesive Products
1) Sizes available: 45cm x 10m, the length can been changed ; 2) Customer's order are welcome ; 3) Many patterns and designs available

Marble Effect Self Adhesive Sticker
These Marble Stickers was made of PVC. They have adhesive on the back, could easily be used to docorate kitchen, bathroom, hall of restaurants and any other surface you wonder.

Natural Plant Fiber Wallpaper
Natural plant fiber wallpaper is the classical article fashionable in Europe and America, symbolize health, civilization and wealth. This series of wallpaper is the handicraft exquisitely woven by professional artificers with hemp, vine, grass, bamboo, yarn and other natural fiber as raw materials. They have the peculiar decorative effect, being either natural/simple, or boorish, bold and unconstrained, having the color of nature's work completely and natural texture, give people nice ...

Bamboo Wallpaper
1) Bamboo strips with 4mm/5mm/7mm/12mm/17mm width (horizontal lamination) fixed on fabric in order to use as wallpaper decoration. 2) Roll length: 5m, 10m, 15m. 3) Width: 0.9m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 2.5m. 4) Thickness: 2.5mm. 5) Natural or carbonized color or new design. 6) Pre-finish or unfinished

Window Sticker
window sticker Specification: Type: PVC ; Function: Decoration ; Specification: Brand Name DC giftpuffy sticker,tattoo sticker,crystal sticker,glitter sitcker,PVC sticker,paper sticker Material Glossy coated art Paper(Upper:80gsm,128gsm,backing paper 100gsm,128gsm,157gsm,200gsm) Soft transparent/white PVC Hard transparent/white PVC(heigh:0.18MM,0.2MM,0.3MM) Laser PVC (Effect:small dot,small sand,snow flakes,tiny flower,star,plain laser) Static PVC Soft/hard ...
Company: Cangnan Longgang Dongchang Packing Material Co., Ltd.    China

Cork Wall Paper
cork wall paper Specification: Type: Natural Material Wallpapers ; Natural Material Wallpaper Material: Cork / Bar. ; Function: Moisture-Proof, Soundproof, Sound-Abs. ; Usage: Household ; Style: Classic ; Pattern: Red relief ; code: DFWT01 ; Detailed Product Description 1) Material:Nature Cork 2) Density:450kgs/m3 3)Specifition:Different size available 600x300x3~20mm 900x600x3~20mm 915X610X3~20 mm 4)Delivery:10-15days 5)Surface:Waxed 6)Characteristic: 0 ...
Company: Xi'an Dongfang Cork Co., Ltd.    China

Mildewproof Fashional Design Pvc Wallpaper
mildewproof fashional design pvc wallpaper Specification: Type: Vinyl Wallpapers ; Vinyl Wallpaper Type: Paper Back Vinyl Wallpape. ; Function: Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Mould-Pro. ; Usage: Administration, Commerce, Entertainment,. ; Style: Classic ; 1 0.53×10m/roll 2 Fire proofing: PVC coating proof to fire resistance, nonflammable, safe and innocuous; 3 environmentally friendly: all natural, composite decorative materials; 4 Air-ventilation: Free breathing with unique air ...
Company: Yangzhou Tianxi Plastics Co., Ltd.    China

Wallpaer Roller
wallpaer roller Specification: Type: Other ; Usage: Household ; Style: Classic ; COLOR: can be change ; Jiangmen Whole world Industrial Ltd. Specialized in professional wallpaper tools win a high admiration for its competitive price and best quality in the market. Now, Whole Worlde industiral produces following wallpaper tools. Horsehair brush, professional wallpaper cutter knives, professional wallpaper scrape board and stainless steel wallpaper pressure wheel.
Company: Jiangmen Whole World Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Golden Color Capiz Shell Wallpaper Normal Pattern
Golden color capiz shell wallpaper normal pattern Specification: Type: Natural Material Wallpapers ; Function: Waterproof ; Usage: Commerce, Entertainment, Household ; Style: Modern ; Sheet Size: 300 x 300mm ; Usage: Wall and ceiling ; Thickness: 1mm ; Backing: non-woven ; Name: Capiz shell tile, Capiz shell wallpaper Standard Size: 300X300mm, 600x600mm, 1000x2000mm. Thickness:1mm Project Photos: These natural shell passes through a meticulous process, to attain it's ...
Company: Tengjun Shell Arts And Crafts Co., Ltd.    China

Bamboo Wallpaper,bamboo Wainscot
bamboo wallpaper,bamboo wainscot Specification: Type: Natural Material Wallpapers ; Natural Material Wallpaper Material: Plant ; Usage: Administration, Commerce, Household ; Style: Modern ; This bamboo wallpaper cover is constructed with natural bamboo thin flat inner or outer slats with skin, the slats are averaging 1/2" wide and 1/12" thick, with a cotton net backing. Or, woven with rope like a bamboo mat / window blind. The skinless bamboo wallpaper come in two popular ...
Company: Anhui Shuanghui Bamboo Production Co., Ltd.    China

Wall Paper
wall paper Specification: Type: Paper Wallpapers ; Function: Mould-Proof, Smoke-Proof, Soundproof,. ; Usage: Administration, Commerce, Entertainment,. ; Style: Country ; wall paper MATERIAL: Paper SIZE OF ONE ROLL :Standard Specification : 10.05m*0.53m/roll I .e.5m2/roll ,the width is fixed ,and the length can be changed . PRICE RANGE:AVERAGE USD 8--12/roll for standard specification PACKAGE TYPE:carton QNT/PACKAGE:usually 12rolls/ctn for standard specification,the final data ...
Company: Shijiazhuang Beihua Mineralwool Board Co., Ltd.    China

High Quality Gypsum Board Paper
high quality gypsum board paper Specification: Function: Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Fireproof. ; Usage: Household ; Style: high quality ; color: brown or white ; We are a leading manufacturer specialized in gypsum board paper. Our capacity production is 350,000 ton/year. We have two factories,Shanxi Qiangwei Paper co., ltd and Taiyuan Qixing Weiye paper Co.,ltd. Our product including: 1. gypsum board paper , 180g/m2 , front paper 1180-1200, brown color back paper 1245-1270 2.gypsum ...
Company: Shanxi Qiangwei Paper Co., Ltd.    China

Glass Textile Wallcovering Specification: Type: Fiberglass Wallpapers ; Function: Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Fireproof. ; Usage: Administration, Commerce, Entertainment,. ; Style: Classic ; Material: E-glass Fiber yarn ; Function: Noise Deadening ; Textile Wallpaper Material: Yarn ; Glass Textile wallcovering is widely used in hospital,airport,hotel,subway,cinema, international exhibition center and office. [APPLICATION] Fiberglass wallcovering has more than 20 textures and patterns and ...
Company: Taian Fibtex Trade Co., Ltd.    China

High Quality Non-woven Wall Paper
High quality non-woven wall paper Specification: Type: Natural Material Wallpapers ; Function: Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Mould-Pro. ; Usage: Administration, Commerce, Entertainment,. ; Style: Modern ; This is a non-woven wallpaper, also called natural fibre wall paper. Special features: 1. Good -breathing and sound- absorbing; 2. Mildew resistant 3. Anti-dust or dust resistant 4. Durable and longer lifetime 5. No deformation, no discoloration and no corrosion 6. High resolution images ...
Company: Yiwu Vancol Oil Paintings & Giclee Co., Ltd.    China

Pvc Vinyl Wallpaper
PVC Vinyl Wallpaper Specification: Function: Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Mould-Pro. ; Usage: Commerce, Entertainment, Household ; Style: Modern ; Wall Covering is fully impact resistant and is therefore ideal for use as a cladding in large public buildings such as hospitals, care institutions, surgeries, clean rooms, stores and supermarkets, warehouse and storage areas. size:2m*20m*1mm ( width*length*thickness) wear layer: 0.1mm ITEM UNIT RESULT STANDARD Overall ...
Company: Shenzhen Bomei Decorate Co., Ltd.    China

Pvc Waterproof Wallpapers
PVC waterproof wallpapers Specification: Type: Vinyl Wallpapers ; Function: Waterproof ; Usage: Entertainment ; Style: Modern ; Material: PVC ; Size: 46 x 72.5 cm ; Technique: UV printing ; Color: Customized ; MOQ: 10000 pcs ; Usage: Home decoration ; Type: Modern ; Brand: JinCheng ; Modle: JC-S-002 ; PVC waterproof wallpapers 1.Sizes, thicknesses, designs and colors all can be made according to clients' requirements. Various stickers are available.All kinds of PVC. 2.material ...
Company: Zhejiang Jincheng Printing Co., Ltd.    China

Wall Tile
wall tile Specification: Type: Other ; Function: Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Mould-Pro. ; Usage: Administration, Commerce, Entertainment,. ; Style: Classic ; 500x500x80mm: SIZE ; Wall tile Easy to maintain and cost effective solutions for reception areas, hallways, corridors, activity rooms, cafeterias, auditoriums and classrooms If you are interested in what we do, please feel free to COLOR SAMPLE:
Company: KBI Kitchenware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

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