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List extensive product information of Water Proofing Materials (include Waterproofing Membrane, Waterproof Sheets), provided by Waterproof Material manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Compound geomembrane, a waterproof material, compound with geotechnological fabric and geomembrane, it is used for draining off water and adding the muscle mainly. It divides into one cloth one membrane and two cloth first membrane, width 4-6m, weight is 200-1500g/m2. The geomembrane is against drawing, tearing resistance, and high cbr plunger strength, can meet the need of civil engineering such as water conservancy, municipal administration, building, traffic, subway, tunnel etc. Because ...
Company: Xinda Luxin Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd.    China

SBS Water-Proof Sheet Materials
We have a modified membrane production line. We can manufacture SBS and APP modified membrances, also other products as ZT-polyurethane water proof coating (tar free), leakage blocking agents and etc..
Company: Xinda Luxin Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Geosynthetic Clay Liner
Gcl was one excellent hydraulic barriers consisting of a layer of bentonite or other very low permeability material supported by geotextiles and/or geomembranes, and mechanically held together by needling, stitching, or chemical adhesives. Gcl has high strength, fiber reinforced, bentonite composite which combines high quality geotextile outer layers with an inner layer of low permeability natural bentonite clay bonded together by needle-punching. It has been widely applied in enviormental ...

Drop Cloth Dust Sheet
It has been exported increasingly, which is sold to Europe and America, Japan, southeast Asia for more than 40 countries. It has a good sale. It is of antiseptic, dustproof, damp proof, waterproof character. 1) When you white wash the wall, spread it on the furniture or the ground to avoid paint pollution. 2) When you are out for a long time. Put it on the furniture to be dustproof; when you travel, bring it to be rain proof temporarily , rest and have dinner on it. 3) When drivers repair ...

Waterproof Material
We are exporter of waterproof material such as natural sodium bentonite, membrane, non standard type pile strip in china. Different sizes and colours, with special quality and best price.

Waterproof Materials
Our company is professional to produce waterproof materials. The products have got ISO9002 certification, including colored asphalt shingle, APP/SBS modified waterproof membrane, HY series polythene and polypropylene polymer compound waterproof membrane, JS waterproof coating, acrylic acid waterpoof coating.

Polyester Base Cloth
1) A kind of advanced waterproof material for making modified asphalt felt ; 2) Produced by advanced equipment and technology ; 3) Better tensile force, elongation and hot shrinkage ; 4) High strength for preventing thrust, anticorrosion and anti-aging ; 5) Bending function: no mark, breaking twined with the pole (R35mm) ; 6) Maceration function: homogeneous macerating ; 7) Outward appearance: homogeneous, white, no folding trace ; 8) Annual output (APP and SBS types): a) Compound ...

Dynamic APP Modified Asphalt Waterproof Sheets
Dynamic APP Modified Asphalt Waterproof Sheet uses the polyester felt or fiberglass felt as the original source, the APP, APAO and APO as the modifier, and covers the insulation material of polyethylene, fine grit, power or mineral particle (piece)(they are generally named as APP sheets). The product has high tension-strength, extension rate and tearing strength; it has large foundation crack enduring capacity. The product resists heat, low temperature, erosion and aging; it has good heat ...

Rain Gutters
Excellent qulaity complete range of PVC rain gutter system for your Roofs, available at very competitve price, the product in the range includes, Rain gutter - 4mtr, Down pipe - 4mtr, Elbow, Down elbow, Gutter end, Single Branch, Bracelets, Sockets, T connection etc. Made of High qulaity PVC resin, UV stabilised product guarantee 5 years.

Waterbase Waterproof Material For Brick
Brick Sealer is a water repellent, non-flammable, water-based and non-toxic. It is a high performance masonry protector. The constituents in the product react chemically with the carbon dioxide in the air forming an insoluble resin to protect the masonry surface. The complete chemical reaction takes about 24 hours. Besides that, the Brick Sealer can penetrate into the masonry substrate to a certain extent, depend solely upon the surface porosity of the substrate. The ultimate goal is that ...

Embossed Belt And PE Waterproof Membrane
1) APP/SBS modified bitumen waterproof membrane: a) Conforms to the national standards ; b) SBS modified bitumen waterproof membrane is specially used as waterproof material in cold area ; c) APP is specially suitable for areas of high temperature and of strong sun-shine ; d) Supply ability: i) APP waterproof membrane: 2,000,000sqm/year ; ii) SBS waterproof membrane: 2,000,000sqm/year ; 2) Embossed belt and PE waterproof membrane: a) Popular in Australia, Korea and the USA.
Company: Xinda Luxin Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Royalflex app/sbs modified bituminous membrane that is reinforced with either fiberglass, polyester, or fiberglass polyester combinations strategically located in the modified bitumen compound to incorporate additional performance characteristics into the membrane. The typical thicknesses available are 3,4 and 4.50 mm.

Waterproof Membranes / Asbestos Cement Tiles
We can supply various waterproof membranes and middle and small wave asbestos cement tiles, such as famous brand paper base petroleum asphalt roofing felt, sbs modified asphalt membrane, app modified asphalt membrane, self adhesive waterproof membranes, etc.

1) Heavy or light duty polyethylene ; 2) PP rope reinforced hem and heat sealed edges ; 3) UV-resistant ; 4) 1m aluminum eyelet interval around sheet ; 5) Each piece in a polybag ; 6) All colors available ; 7) Size: customizable
Product Group: Tarpaulin

Epdm Roofing
Epdm waterproof rubber material is the well-known waterproof material in the world. Our processing line with high technology, which involves technology of cool-feeding injection, multi-drum and continuous-vulcanization. The functions of epdm sheet include: Resistant to ozone, good durability, resistant to corrosioe, excellent stretching resistance as well as long service life(15-30years) and easy to install. Thickness:0.8-2.5mm. Width:1.2-5.0m (jointed if width over 1.2m). Length: As order

Osmotic High-powered Enviromental Waterproof
It is easy to use, just to spray or spread the surface of architecture. Because of strong osmosis of the JWG-1 Waterproof, it will quickly infiltrate into the interior 5-20mm, produce dehydrate crosslink reaction, form netlike macromolecule polymer. Then the polymer will expand rapidly inside and the resultant produced by expansion will fill capillary passage left by the evaporation of water and tiny pole in concrete, grout and brick stone, as a result, improving their compact, ...

Water Stop
Product Name: Water Stop Introduction: Water Stop is a polymer, which is made of inorganic absorbent materials and expansion of synthetic rubber and additives that have self-adhesive can be a new type of building waterproof materials, with water to water absorption, volume expansion, compaction of the gap between the old and new concrete itinerary impermeable plastic gel. Water stop has 1. the color is ashe black putty-like gel. 2. with good weather resistance, good anti-aging, ...
Product Group: Water Stop
Company: Beijing Dong Fang Wu Hai International Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Nonwoven fabric
Company name: Fly Bin Wire Mesh Co,Ltd. flydragon005@hotmail.com or www.papermachineclothings.com MSN: flydragon005@hotmail.com Owns advanced equipment and technology. The annual output of waterproof base-cloth of types APP and SBS: compound base-cloth: 100,000,000 square meter; polyester base-cloth: 18,000,000 square meter; filter: 3000 ton. USE:It‘s a kind of advanced waterproof material made of asphalt which its nature has been changed. Widely used in ...
Company: Fly Bin Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.    Chine

PTFE Coated Glassfiber Construction Top Film
Our PTFE Coated fabric architectural membrane is light ,highly tensile strength, peel strength and fine pliability, the premium properties of cleaning, light transmittance, reflectivity, tensile structures provide up to 20 years or more of reliable service. The width of the membrane is 4000mm, at present it is out of look in the world. We have own PTFE Coated fabric architectural membrane after technique backlog and effort that is unremittingly about twenty years. From choosing the glass ...
Company: Ningbo Superbright Technology Co., Ltd    China

K11 General waterproofing coating
Suitable for waterproofing and damp-proofing of all cement-based substrate, concrete surface and brick wall structure. Also can be the under layer of the flexible waterproof mortar.
Company: Guangzhou Master Building Materials Co., LTD    China

K11 Flexible waterproofing coating
Accepted by technique requirements in JC/T894-2001. Excellent water resistant ability, strongly bonding to the substrate. Resist to the slight shake of the construction and fill the micro cracks. Widely used for waterproofing of where might have small shake and micro-cracks, such as underground parking, tunnel, pipeline, wall, roof, floor, internal angle and external angle.
Company: Guangzhou Master Building Materials Co., LTD    China

K11 Cementitious waterproofing coating
Inorganic waterproofing mortar, forms dendritic crystal when there is water. This crystal combines with the concrete together to block out water and other liquid. When the surface and interior of the concrete come out micro cracks, the active substance can hydrated again and produce new hydrated crystal to block out water. So K11 CCCW can make concrete resistant to the water forever. Suitable for places dipping in water all the time, such as swimming pool, drinking water pool and so on.
Company: Guangzhou Master Building Materials Co., LTD    China

Flexible Polymer Cement Waterproofing Coating
High quality polymer waterproof latex as its main raw material, combine with many kinds of auxiliaries. Mixing the latex and cement and brushing it on the substrate, forms an excellent flexible waterproof layer. Economic material, easy and convenient to use. Suitable for waterproof, damp-proof and seepage prevention of exterior wall, roof, washing room and kitchen.
Company: Guangzhou Master Building Materials Co., LTD    China

Polymer Waterproofing Coating
Accepted by type JC-I in JC/T864-2000 Standard. Excellent flexibility and elongation, resist to the slight shake and micro-cracks of the construction and fill the micro cracks. Widely used for filling the gap on dry or wet concrete, metal, stone, splint, calcium silicate board, gypsum board and many other panel materials.
Company: Guangzhou Master Building Materials Co., LTD    China

Mgo Board
Mgo Board Specification: Mgo Board, US patented, is a new and revolutionary product family manufactured in China and imported solely by DragonBoard. US. Infused with American technologies, the product family consists of DragonBoard Roofing (under development), Dragon Board Wall & Ceiling, and construction panels are needed. It has been tested under ASTME-119 with 2.5 hr. fire rating for 7/16"(10mm) and 3hr. fire rating for 9/16(14mm) respectively. It also has been tested ...
Company: Forerunner Building Products Of Taishan Ltd.

Pvc Roofing Membrane
PVC roofing membrane Specification: Type: Waterproof Membrane ; Colour: grey or white ; Material: PVC ; Specification: 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm ; Tensile Strength: 10Mpa ; Breaking Elongation: 200% ; Watertightness: impermeable ; Size: 2.10mx20m ; Usage: waterproofing construction ; PVC membrane PVC waterproof membrane,PVC pond liner PVC liner Width: 2.05m, thickness: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, we can also deliver the membranes as per your requirements in sizes. PVC MEMBRANES (UV-Resistance) ...
Company: Shandong Jinyuwang Waterproof Material Co., Ltd.    China

Sbs Modified Bitumen Membrane
SBS modified bitumen membrane Specification: Type: Other Waterproofing Materials ; heat resistance: 105 ; shelf life: 12month ; Usage: waterproof ; Material: bitumen ; thickness: 3mm 4mm ; SBS modified bitumen membrane 1,Both the reliability of the bitumen, but also has the flexibility of rubber; 2,Excellent high and low temperature resistance. It is adapt throughout the years. 3,Waterproof layer has high strength, puncture-resistant, tear-resistant, aging-resistant. 4,High extension, high ...
Company: Zhongshan Qinglong Chemical Building Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Waterproof And Heat Insulating Coating
Waterproof and Heat Insulating Coating Specification: Type: Other Waterproofing Materials ; Color: More than 1000 colors ; Kuck KRC40 Waterproof and Heat Insulating Coating KUCK KRC 40 waterproof and heat insulating coating is a kind of special water –based waterproof coating. It can be used on different base materials of the roof, waterproof and heat insulation. It can be used both on the now build roof surface and on the surface of the existing roof waterproof system. System of ...
Company: Xiamen Kuck Coating Group Co., Ltd.    China

Epdm Waterproof Membrane
EPDM WATERPROOF MEMBRANE Specification: Type: Waterproof Membrane ; certificate: ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001: 2004 ; Specification: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm ; Tensile Strength: 9Mpa ; Breaking Elongation: 550% ; Watertightness: pass ; Size: 1.2*20m ; Usage: waterproofing ; Material: EPDM RUBBER ; EPDM WATERPROOF MEMBRANE Characteristics: 1, the excellent anti-aging, in the long term light, humidity, cold use of the natural environment, small changes in physical properties, used in the temperature ...
Company: Weifang Hongyuan Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Isonem Acrylic Repair Mortar
ISONEM MS MORTAR Acrylic Repair Mortar Specification: Type: Waterproof Membrane ; MORTAR: Acrylic Repair Mortar ; ISONEM MS MORTAR is an ready-to-use excellent mortar consisting of special mineral fillers and polymer components with high adhesion capacity. It never contains cement. Due to its structure, the adherence of ISONEM MS POLYMER REPAIR is excellent. Easily applicable in concrete and crack repairs and not affected by sun, snow, rain and water. High chemical resistance. If desired, ...

Self-adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Membrane
Self-adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Specification: Type: Waterproof Membrane ; COLOR: BLACK ; It is widely used for the waterproof and dampproof and dampproof of the foofs,basements, swimming poll,tunnels,etc,of industry and house building ,and the waterproofing of wooden and metal structure roof.The fire is strictly forbidden. Self-adhesion without bonding agent,torching. Good rubber elasticity,and elongation Excellent adhension bond Good self-coalescence Safe application,no ...
Company: Weifang Shengxuan Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Waterproof Membrane
PVC waterproof membrane Specification: Type: Waterproof Membrane ; COLOR: any color ; certification: ISO-9001 2008 ; Standard: national standard ; PVC waterproof membranes Product Description The PVC waterproofing rolls formulas are based upon polyvinyl chloride resin with other assistants added to provide flexibility and stability such as anti-oxidant,absorbent of ultraviolet light, plasticizer and plastic filling agent. u Product specifications name ...
Company: Qingdao Xinchuang Plastic Co., Ltd.    China

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