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List extensive product information of Dry Batteries and Disposable Batteries, provided by Dry Battery and Disposable Battery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Custom Battery
1) Top grade Ni-MH / Li-Ion / Li-Polymer cell ; 2) High capacity ; 3) Long cycle life ; 4) Reasonable quality/price ratio ; 5) Excellent design ; 6) Extends full capabilities ; 7) Competitively priced ; 8) Designed to customers requests ; 9) Suitable for use with new electronics and communication devices, such as cellular phones, notebooks, handheld computers, PDA, MP3, DVD and CD players, scooters, HEV, Smart Cards, wristwatches, earphones, R/C toys and others.

Carbon Batteries, Carbon-Zinc Batteries
Carbon Batteries: 1) Size: AA ; 2) Voltage: 1.5V ; 3) Discharge time: 95mins ; 4) Weight: 13g. Carbon-Zinc Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, 9V Sizes): 1) Extra heavy duty ; 2) All sizes available.
Company: Hangzhou Eternal Battery Co., Ltd.    China

R20 D Size 1.5V Metal Jacket Battery
1) Metal jacket ; 2) Mercury and cadmium free green battery ; 3) Full size available: D, C, AA, AAA, 9V ; 4) A variety of packages: a) Shrink pack ; b) Blister card ; 5) High performance with excellent reliability, safety, long life ; 6) Perfect leakage resistance ; 7) OEM order welcomed ; 8) Provide designing on customer special requirements
Company: Hangzhou Eternal Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Zinc-Manganese Battery (R6 UM-3)
Size: AA. Inner packing: 48pcs/inner box ; Blister card: 450g/sqm. Outer packing: 960pcs/ctn. Carton dimensions: 51.0 x 29.0 x 21.5cm. G.W.: 18.7kg

Dry Batteries, Dry Cell Batteries
We can supply a variety of zinc-Mn and alkaline-Mn batteries from china. Dry Cell Batteries: 1) Zinc manganese dry cell battery ; 2) Nominal voltage: 1.5V ; 3) Mercury free
Company: Hangzhou Eternal Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Manganese Dry Cell Battery
Jackets available: 1) PVC ; 2) Aluminum metallic foil ; 3) Metal. Packing available: 1) 2pcs/shrink wrap ; 2) 2pcs/blister ; 3) 2pcs/shrink card

9V Dry Cells
1) Chemical system: alkaline Zn/MnO2 ; 2) Dimensions (L x W x H): 24.5 - 26.5 x 15.5 - 17.5 x 46.5 - 48.5mm ; 3) Nominal voltage: 9V ; 4) Average weight: 50g ; 5) Hg content: =<1ppm ; 6) Discharge capacity: (discharge mode) 270Ω, 1h/d, e.v. 5.4V (initial) 17h

LR14 Alkaline Battery
1) Size C, LR14, AM-2 alkaline (Zn-MnO2) battery ; 2) Nominal voltage: 1.5V ; 3) Diameter: 24.9 ~ 26.2mm ; 4) Height: 48.6 ~ 50.0mm ; 5) Shelf life: 5 years

Disposable Emergency Charger Battery
1) Disposable battery of 1000mA ; 2) Built-in charger, without any other power supply necessary ; 3) An emergency power supply for continuous talking time of 2 hours ; 4) 1.5 hours charging gives 60% to 80% of the full power ; 5) Output: DC 6V ; 6) Current: 350mA to 400mA ; 7) 4 adapters included in the package ; 8) Nokia DC adapter built-in on the battery pack ; 9) Other 3 are built together as one adapter set ; 10) Compatible models are as follows: a) Nokia 3310/3330/3210/5210/6510 ; b) ...

Alkaline Battery
Type: LR03 / AAA / AM4. Inner packing: 5pcs/card, 100pcs/box. Outer packing: 400pcs/ctn. G.W.: 6kg. Volume: 0.012cbm. A005 Alkaline Battery: 1) Size AA, LR6 ; 2) Nominal voltage: 1.5V ; 3) Diameter: 14.5mm ; 4) Height: 50.5mm

Ni-Mh Batteries
1) Combined with different numbers of batteries to meet different demands ; 2) High capacity: 130 -4,000mAh ; 3) Rated voltage: 1.2 - 7.2V ; 4) More charge/discharge cycles available for normal use ; 5) Supports long-time operation for R/C small cars and planes

Power Tool & Toy Battery
1) High energy density ; 2) Low self-discharge ; 3) Long service life ; 4) Chargeable up to 500 or 1000 times ; 5) Excellent performance of high rate charge and discharge ; 6) Low internal resistance

R20 R14 R6 R03 PVC Jacket Battery
We producted all size,1.5v PVC jacket battery for exported, have d/um-1, c/um-2, AA/um-3, AAA/um-4, PVC jacket battery for exported, metal cap & metal button, plastic cap & metal button for choice. Brand "maxtell", "nikita", for choice.

Button Cells Batteries
We are one of the biggest manufactuer and exporter of button cells batteries & lithium batteries for flashlight & camera in China. A grade and low price. We produce: All ag alkaline button cells batteries, ag1, ag13, etc; All cr lithium button cells batteries, cr2032, cr2025 etc; All lithium batteries models, such as, cr123a, cr2, cr-v3, etc. ; Rechargeable cr123a batteries & cr123a charger ; Rechargeable cr-v3 batteries & cr-v3 charger ; 18650 etc li-ion batteries.

Lithium Coin Cell CR2025
Lithium coin cell CR2025, Used in remote device. nominal voltge: 3V Nominal capacity 150MAH, Weight: 2.6g Recommeding pulse Drain: 15mA. Quotation: 0.04USD/ PCS

Offer ER18505M high current dicharge watermeter lisocl2 battery. Lithium thiunyl chloride battery, Long storage, High energy density, No CD heavy metal, Long time to discharge

Dustbin To Reclaim Batteries
Our company export U. S. A. Canadas, Japans, and European Union, etc. Technology introduce from New Zealand, we had produce experience of different productsthat adopt the rotomoulded polyethylene(PE), we can produce plastic products of large-scale and complicated. We like making the plastic dustbin to reclaim batteries by OEM, we produce 1 specifications at present. It's high 0.7M, diameter 0.3M, weight 3KG.

6v Lantern-style Battery 4r25,4r25-2
Manufacture and development of super alkaline batteries in size of d, c, AA, AAA,9v, n, and is recognized as a leading manufacturer of a complete line of zinc manganese dioxide batteries, such as: R20, r14, r6, r03, 6f22, 3r12, 4r25.

Maintenance-Free Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries
Features: 1) Complete maintenance-free ; 2) Without free electrolyte ; 3) Wide operating temperature range ; 4) Independent position ; 5) Longer user life ; 6) Low self discharge ; 7) Supplies battery at wet-charged state ; 8) Explosion prevented. Applications: 1) Electronic equipment ; 2) Communication equipment ; 3) Emergency lighting system ; 4) Electric powered system ; 5) Solar powered system ; 6) Alarm system ; 7) Medical equipment ; 8) Control equipment ; 9) Fire and security system ...

Famous Carbon Aa Battery
famous carbon AA battery Specification: Battery Type: Zn/MnO2 ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: AA ; Nominal Capacity: 3.9&Omega; continuous discharge End. ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; shelf life: 2 year ; jacket: aluminum foil ; quality: good quality ; carbon AA battery: 365 R6 ; carbon AA battery AA: 3.9&Omega; continuous discharge End-point voltage: 0.9V 95MIN. 1. Description: R6 Mercury free Battery 2. Chemical System: Zinc-Manganese Dioxide 3. Nominal Voltage: 1.5V 4. Nominal ...
Company: Jiaxing Vestel Battery Co., Ltd.    China

1.5v Battery- Aa Um3 Battery
1.5V Battery-R6 AA UM3 battery Specification: Battery Type: Zinc Carbon ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: AA ; Battery Type: Zinc Carbon ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: AA ; Features: 1) R6 AA UM-3 1.5V, carbon zinc battery 2) Nominal Voltage:1.5V 3) Height:50.5mm 4) Diameter:14.2mm 5) Jacket:PVC 6) OEM orders welcomed Inner packing: 4pcs/shrink, 24pcs/color box Outer packing: 1200pcs/ctn Carton dimension: 31x19.5x28cm G.W.: 18kg
Company: Hangzhou Eternal Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Super Heavy Duty Aa R6 Battery
Super heavy duty AA R6 battery Specification: Battery Type: Zinc Carbon ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: AA ; Colar: green black ; certification: ROHS CE ; aa battery 1)R6P,SIZE AA,Super heavy duty battery 2)Shelf life:2 years 3)Discharge time:3.9ohm,24h/d,0.9V,&gt;95mins. aa battery SIZEAA , R6P Specification: 1)Nominal voltage:1.5V 2) Maximum dimention:14.5*50.5mm 3)PVC jacket,aluminum available 4)Expiry period:2years 5)Mercury,cadmium and lead free 6)Perfect leakage proof ...
Company: Shenzhen Kingkong Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Alkaline Primary Dry Battery
Alkaline Primary Dry battery Specification: Battery Type: Zn/MnO2 ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: AA ; Nominal Capacity: HIGH ; Dimension(mm): 13.5~14.5 ; Height(mm): 49.2~50.5 ; Average weight: 23g ; Jacket: Aluminium film ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: AA ; IEC: AM3 ; Battery Type: alkaline battery ; Alkaline Primary Dry battery Chemistry Alkaline Compliance ROHS Certification Duration AA 280-380 minutes. Test condition:3.9&Omega;,24h/d,till 0.9V Packing ...
Company: Guangzhou Yi Xing Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Civic Carbon Battery
civic carbon battery Specification: Battery Type: Zinc Carbon ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: D ; color: ashen ; civic carbon battery place of origin: Zhejiang,China(Mainland) battery type:zinic carbon nominal voltage: 1.5V size:D color: ashen packaging details:80packs/ctn
Company: Yiwu Gomai Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Aaa Dry Battery
AAA Dry Battery Specification: Battery Type: Zn/MnO2 ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: AAA ; Nominal Capacity: 1000mAh ; certificate: RoHS, CE ; R03 dry battery with metal jacket 1) metal top and metal bottom 2) Service life: according to your requests(under national standard) 3) Continuous discharge time 4) 0.000% mercury and cadmium Features: 1) R03, AAA, UM-4, 1.5V, carbon zinc battery 2) Nominal Voltage:1.5V 3) Nominal Height: 43.3~44.5mm 4) Nominal Dimension: 9.5~10.5mm 5) Jacket:PVC ...
Company: Jiaxing Ruiye Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Li-ion Battery Pack Icr18650 11.1v 4400mah
Li-ion battery pack ICR18650 11.1V 4400mAh Specification: Battery Type: Li-ion ; Nominal Voltage: 3.7V ; Size: pack ; Nominal Capacity: 4400mAh ; Combination: Column ; Li-ion battery pack ICR18650 11.1V 4400mAh Nominal voltage: 11.1V Nominal capacity: 4400mAh Diameter: 18.0mm Height: 65mm Rechargeable lithium ion batteries feature high energy density, high capacity, lightweight, and high power in all cylindrical and prismatic and button types The single cell capacity of Li-ion and ...
Company: Everwin Tech Co., Limited    China

3v 1/2 Aa Lithium Battery
3V 1/2 AA Lithium CR14250 Battery Specification: Battery Type: LiMnO2 ; Nominal Voltage: 3V ; Size: 14.5*25.0mm ; Nominal Capacity: 750mAh ; Batteries: CR14250 Batteries ; Lithium Batteries: CR14250 Lithium Battery ; 1/2 AA CR14250 Battery Main applications 1) Utility meters( electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, AMR) 2) Security systems(door lockers, smoke alarm sensors detectors) 3)CMOS memory and RTC backup 4) Vehicle tracking 5) Industrial clocks 6) Sea buoys, remote monitoring ...

Aaa Alkaline Batteries
LR03 AAA Alkaline Batteries Specification: Battery Type: Zn/MnO2 ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: AAA ; Nominal Capacity: 1000 mAh ; Battery Type: Zn/MnO2 ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: AAA ; Certification: ISO9001,SGS,CE ; AAA size battery: alkaline battery ; primary battery: AAA size alkaline battery ; AAA Alkaline battery Specifications: 1) Chemical system: Alkaline Zn / MnO2 2) Dimensions: &Phi;9.5 - 10.5 mm, h42.5 - 44.5 mm 3) Nominal Voltage: 1.5 V 4) Average Weight: 11.5 g 5) ...
Company: Changzhou Daily-max Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Cr123a Lithium Battery 3.0v
CR123A Lithium battery 3.0V Specification: Battery Type: LiMnO2 ; Nominal Voltage: 3.0V ; Size: 123/A ; Nominal Capacity: 1500mAh ; Capacity: 1500mAh ; CR123A Lithium battery 3.0v Model Size(mm) Max.mm perating Current max.mA National standard International standard Diameter Height CR17335 123A 17.0 34.5 20 Voltage (v) Nominal Capacity (mAh) Standard Current (mA) perating Current max.Ma Continuons Pluse 3.0 1500 1.0 2000 3000
Company: Telong Energy Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.    China

Lr20 Alkaline Battery
LR20 Alkaline Battery Specification: Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Battery Type: Zn/MnO2 ; Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001 ; Features: 1) Size D, LR20, AM-1 alkaline (Zn-MnO2) battery 2) Nominal voltage: 1.5V 3) Diameter: 32.3 ~ 34.2mm 4) Height: 59.5 ~ 61.5mm 5) Shelf life: 3 years Inner packing: Blister pack 2pcs/card Outer packing: 48 cards/ctn Carton dimensions: 32.1 x 18.6 x 23.7cm G.W.: 14.2kg
Company: Zhongyin (Ningbo) Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Gnc150 1.2v 140ah 1.2v140ah Alkaline Battery 1.2v Batteries
GNC150 1.2v 140ah 1.2v140ah Alkaline battery 1.2v batteries Specification: Battery Type: UPS ; Nominal Voltage: 1.2V ; Size: 139*79*362mm ; Nominal Capacity: 140ah ; Maintenance Type: Low Rate ; Weight: 9kg ; Usage: UPS ; Sealed Type: Sealed ; Size: 139*79*362mm ; Voltage: 1.2v ; Bosfa Industrial battery Alkaline battery series is equipped with a regulated valve to keep its pressure in a suitable limit, it also prevents the electrolyte from absorbing the CO2 in the air. This ensures the ...
Company: Bosfa Industrial Battery Co., Ltd.    China

Li/fes2 Battery Aaa 1.5v
Li/FeS2 battery AAA 1.5V Specification: Battery Type: Li/FeS2 ; Nominal Voltage: 1.5V ; Size: AAA ; Nominal Capacity: 1200mAh ; Shape of cell: cylindrical ; Li/FeS2 battery AAA size 1. 5v lithium iron disulphide batteries size AA and size AAA OEM brand is available Feature: 1)Direct Compatibility - can be used in any application using primary 1.5 volt battery types. 2)Longer service than other primary battery types, especially in moderate to heavy drain applications. 3)Wide operating ...
Company: Entitech Battery Co., Ltd.    China

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