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Detailed Solar Battery Charger Description:

Solar Battery Charger
Specification: Use: Digital Product Chargers ; Type: Solar ; Size: 65*40*19.5mm ; Weight: 32g ; Style: Solar ;
Solar Battery Charger (SB-2110) Features & Functions:With capacity of 480mAh
Powered by solar energy.
Suitable for products with voltage of DC 5 V±0.5V and current of ≤500mAh.
Can charge iPhone or Blackberry directly; it is also suitable for various digital products which have USB charging function
Super long lifespan, after 500 cycles of charge and discharge circle, the capacity remains more than 80%.
Smart protection chip: over-charging protection, over-discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection and low battery warning.

Main Parameters:
Time of being fully charged by adapter 45~70min
Time of being fully via computer USB port 55~80min
Time of being fully charged under sunlight(500W/ M2 ) ≤50hr
Rated USB Input Voltage DC5~5.2V
Rated Output Voltage of Mini USB Ipod Port 5.3V~5.6V
Max. Current flux of being charged by solar(750W/ M2 )≥20mA
Max. Load Current 500~600MA

  • Model: SB-2110
  • Packing: Export Standard
  • Terms of Payment: T/T,T/C
  • Delivery Time: 30 Days
  • Products ID: 109788
  • Product Category: Chargers
  • Post date: Aug 13, 2011
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Company: Zhejiang Shengbo Electronic Co., Ltd.
Address: No.2, Daqing Road, Ouhai Gaoxiang Industrial Zone, Wenzhou
Region: Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Contact Person: Mr. Jianjun Wu
Telephone: 86-577-86078986