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List extensive product information of Circuit Breakers (include Mini Circuit Breaker, Vacuum Breaker, Leakage Circuit Breaker), provided by Circuit Breaker manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
1) DZ108 (3VE) series moulded case circuit breakers adopt the advanced technology of low voltage circuit breaker from Germany ; 2) It is the replacing product of type DZ5-20, DZ5-50, and DZ15-60 circuit breaker in the country ; 3) Rated voltage: up to 660V ; 4) Frequency: AC 40-60Hz ; 5) Rated current: 0.1-63A ; 6) The circuit breaker does the make and break operation to the motor, distribution wire or other electrical device in the underload of AC3, with the protection of overload and short ...
Company: Chang Cheng Electrical Equipment Group Co., Ltd.    China

Mini Circuit Breaker
Our high breaking capacity miniature breakers are used to protect the circuit against short circuit and over load, and suitable for distribution systems of industrial and commercial lighting and electric machines. It has an elegant design, is lightweight and offers reliable performance, high breaking capacity, quick release and heat conduction installation. Its case and components are made of high fire retardant and shock resistant plastic and offer a long service life. It is mainly used for ...
Company: Chang Cheng Electrical Equipment Group Co., Ltd.    China

It is applied to switch on and off the circuit of the terminal boxes or control motors, electrical apparatus, and lighting systems. The superior thermal dynamic stability supplies more protection to the circuits safety. Specifications: 1) Standard: IEC 60947-3 ; 2) Rated current: 32, 63, 100A ; 3) Rated voltage: 230V / 400V ; 4) Poles:1, 2, 3, 4P ; 5) Withstand voltage: 4KV ; 6) Endurance: electrical: 1,500 times; mechanical: 8,500 times ; 7) OEM service: available

High Breaking Capacity Mini Breaker
DZ47-63 high breaking mini breaker is applied to protect the overload and short circuit in the lighting and motor power distribution systems with rated frequency of AC 50Hz or 60Hz, single-pole voltage of 240V, and max rated current of 63A. Under normal condition, it maybe also be applied as the unfrequented make-break electric device and lighting circuit. This product has the following features: beautiful appearance, light in weight, excellent and reliable function. The breaking capacity is ...
Company: Chang Cheng Electrical Equipment Group Co., Ltd.    China

High Voltage Outdoor Vacuum Breaker
Model VH7 vacuum breakers are outdoor high-voltage switchgears used in three phase AC 50Hz electric systems with rated voltage of 40.5kV. These products feature anti-condensation, anti-fouling, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, long service life, and stable, reliable, maintenance free operation. This model is primarily used for protection and control in industrial, mining and power facilities, particularly in locations that receive heavy use. A knob insulation method is used, ...

Miniature Circuit Breaker, Electron Leakage Circuit Breaker
Miniature Circuit Breaker: 1) Mainly applied to AC 50/60Hz circuits ; 2) With rated voltage of 230V or less, and rated current up to 32A. Electron Leakage Circuit Breaker: 1) 230 / 400V ; 2) Pole: 2P ; 3) Quantity: 5/40

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
1) Rated current: 25 / 40 / 63A ; 2) Rated voltage: 240 / 415V AC ; 3) Pole number: 2P, 4P ; 4) Rated operating current: 0.03 / 0.1 / 0.3 / 0.5A

Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
This earth leakage circuit breaker is used with circuits of 50Hz or 60Hz with rated voltages of 240V (single-phase) and 415V (2, 3 and 4 phases) whose rated currents are up to 100A. In the event of electric shock or excessive residual current the circuit will be broken in 0.1 seconds, automatically protecting persons and equipment.

Air Circuit Breaker Series
CDW7 multi-function circuit breakers are designed for protecting power distribution circuits and equipment against failures such as overload, under voltage and short-circuit.

Leakage Breaker
This type of breaker is applicable to a line of AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 230V and rated current up to 32 A. It is widely used as branch switch for overload, short circuit and leakage protection in hotels, dwelling houses, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.

Automatic Switching-Over Electrical Device
1) This electric device is applicable for a rated frequency 50Hz, rated working voltage of 400V, and rated current of 16A-100A. 2) In the power supply system of net-net and net-generator units there are economical and intelligent types. This product is a PC grade automatic switching-over electrical device that conforms to GB/T14048.11 and IEC60947-6-1 standards. 3) Testing qualified, it has strong environmental adaptability, high reliability, wide working voltage range, and 75%ue-120%ue. 4) ...

Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
1) The vacuum circuit breakers use vacuum interrupters embedded in resin poles ; 2) Embedding the interrupter in resin makes the circuit-breaker poles particularly sturdy and protects the interrupter against shocks, accumulation of dust and humidity ; 3) The vacuum interrupter houses the contacts and makes up the interrupting chamber ; 4) It serves as an indoor device and operates under the condition of rated 12/17.5KV three phase AC voltage and 50/60Hz frequency ; 5) It can control and ...

Lightning Arrester
1) MOA rated voltage: 24KV ; 2) MCOV: 19.5KV ; 3) 1/4μs steep current impulse: 82KV ; 4) 8/20μs lightning current impulse: 72KV ; 5) 30/60μs switching current impulse: 62KV ; 6) 2ms rectangular current impulse withstand: 150A ; 7) 4/10μs high current impulse withstand: 65kA
Product Group: Lightning Arrester

Illuminated Rocker Switch
1) Voltage resistance: 2000V AC, 1MIN ; 2) Operating temperature: T85 ; 3) Operating life: more than 10,000 cycles ; 4) Contact rating: UL, CUL - 16 /20A, 250/125V AC, 1/2HP, 125V AC; VDE---16A, 250V ; 5) Knob colors: black, red, green, orange and blue ; 6) Base colors: gray, black and white ; 7) Switch crust dimensions: 32.2 x 16.4 x 21.8mm ; 8) Panel installation dimensions: 28.0 x 13.4mm

Hydraulic Magnetic Mini Circuit Breaker
1) Hydraulic magnetic MCB is mainly used to protect circuit against overload and short-circuit. 2) Adopting hydraulic magnetic trip instead of bimetal, it has a high sensitivity, and will not be affected by the ambient temperature. 3) They are mainly used for illumination and distribution in industry or domestic to protect circuit against overload and short-circuit. 4) Under the circuit of 50/60 Hz AC, 240V for one, two-pole; 415V for three-pole, they are complying with IEC 157-1973, and ...

NF Domestic Fuse-Holder
1) STN fuse-holder for domestic protection ; 2) Rated voltage: 220V AC, rated current: up to 32A ; 3) NF standard ; 4) 10A for 8 x 23, 16A for 8 x 31, 20A for 10 x 25, 25A for 10 x 31, 32A for 10 x 38

Stannum Jointing Thread
We offer the stannum jointing thread without plumbum to pretect our environment, we also can supplier the thread mixed with silver or golden, the diametre is 0.8mm;0.9mm;1.0mm;1.1mm;1.2mm ;1.5mm or others; with packing 1 KG 1 core.

Residual Current Operated Circuit Breakers
1) Circuit: AC, 50Hz ; 2) Rated voltage: 400V ; 3) Rated current: 800A ; 4) Used for electric shock protection and indirect contact protection

Mccb Circuit Breaker
Ns series mould case circuit breaker is one of new type breaker which is adopted international advanced design, manufacture technology to develop, the rated insulating voltage is 950v. Suitable for AC 50hz(60hz). Rated working voltage 690v or below, rated working current is 12.5 to 630aof circuit. And use in distributing electric energy. On-frequent making and breaking in the normal conditions and protecting when circuit and installation are overload. Short circuit and lacking voltage. Rated ...

Surge Protector, Circuit Breaker
Surge Protector (10kA): 1) Continuance voltage: ~385V ; 2) Standard discharge current: 5kA ; 3) Max. current capacity: 10kA ; 4) Protection level: <1.8kV. Oil Cup Circuit Breakers available from 5A to 100A.

AHM1L Series Leakage Circuit Breaker AHM1L-400
It is a protective apparatus used to protect people from leakage, mainly used in the circuit of 50Hz, rated voltage 400V, rated current from 0 to 63A. It also can be used to distribute electricity and protect against overload and short circuit as well as for infrequent switchover of circuit. Specifications: 1) AC types ; 2) Rated voltage: 400V ; 3) Rated current: 50-600A.

Two Gang Multifunction Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
1) Module design and standard guide installation ; 2) Current transformer uses a beryllium membrane alloy material and has high reliability

Surge Protective Device, Surge Protector, Lightning Switch, Arrester
810_100 BT P C 255V Main Features: *Especially for 3+1 lines in TT system, installed between the port N and PE *Standard single chip structure, high discharge capacity, pluggable *Quick response *Multifunctional terminals for connection of conductors and busbars *Core components are from international well known supplier Application: For use in LZP 0B-1 or higher boundary. Prevent low voltage devices from surge . Applied in Class Ⅱ(Class C) power supply system, according to ...
Product Group: Lightning Arrester
Company: Telebahn Electrics (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.    China

6KV/10KV Metal Oxide Surge Arrester
Supply 6KV/10KV HY5W Metal Oxide Arrester, 20KV Metal Oxide Arrester, 30KV Metal Oxide Arrester, Lighting Arrester, Surge Arrester. Application is protect electrical equipment in power system from damage of over voltage and high voltage. Porcelain Housed . 6KV~30KV, Gap or gapless Metal Oxide Arrester is composed of metal oxide varistors, base, upper cover,grading ring etc. Polymer housed MOA manufactured by small size,lightweight,simple manufacturing process,good ...
Product Group: Surge Arrester
Company: Zhejiang Yuneng Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Outdoor high voltage Drop fuse
Outdoor high voltage Drop fuse is used for protecting for voltage transformer, protecting from overload amd short circuit for power circuit. Porcelain cut out fuse(Polymer drop out fuse) Certificate:ISO Standard:IEC Pay term:T/T.L/C RV:30-38KV RC:100(200)A Type : PRW15-12/100, PRW15-12/200 Rated Voltage (kV) : 12KV Rated Current (A) : 100A, 200A Breaking Current (A) : 12.5KA Impulse Voltage (BIL) Power- Frequency Voltage Leakage Distance (mm)
Product Group: Drop Fuse
Company: Zhejiang Yuneng Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Prototype and Mass Printed Board Assembly (PCBA)
Prototype and Mass Printed Board Assembly (PCBA) Detailed Product Description Services: Design and product engineering Bare PCB fabrication Component procurement Stock control and warehousing Production Quality control and test Packaging and dispatch Added benefits to using a turnkey solution: Facilities marketing objectives Reduces inventory Cost-effective Just-in-time (JIT) delivery The following information is requested for this service: Gerber files ...
Company: Leadsintec Co .,Ltd    China

Small Batch PCB Assembly
Detailed Product Description Services: Design and product engineering Bare PCB fabrication Component procurement Stock control and warehousing Production Quality control and test Packaging and dispatch Added benefits to using a turnkey solution: Facilities marketing objectives Reduces inventory Cost-effective Just-in-time (JIT) delivery The following information is requested for this service: Gerber files of the bare PC board Dimensional specifications for ...
Company: Leadsintec Co .,Ltd    China

Mini Circuit Breaker
Mini Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 2 ; Rated current(Ue): 230V/440V; 50/60Hz ; Breaking capacity: 10KA ; Certificate: CE ; Standard: EN60898(IEC898) GB10963-99 ; Electrial Life: not less than 8000 times ; Mechanical Life: not less than 2000 times ; APPLICATION The products of JDL7N belong to the advanced level of the nineties in the international instead of the older generation of JDL7N. They have protective function as shortage as overload, and are used in ...
Company: Jingda Electrical Group Co., Ltd.    China

Rccb Residual Current Circuit Breaker 16a 2p + N
RCCB Residual Current Circuit Breaker 16A 2P + N Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 2P+N ; Certification: ISO ; RCCB Residual Current Circuit Breaker 16A 2P + N Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection Construction and Feature Provides protection against earth earth fault/leakage current, short-circuit and overload High short-circuit capacity Provides complementary protection against direct contact by human body Effectively protects electric equipment ...
Company: Zhejiang Zhenghuo Electric Co., Ltd    China

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Moulded Case ; Poles Number: 3P 4P ; Application SM0 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker is one of the most advanced type breakers in the world, which adopts international advanced design and manufacture technology. They are suitable for short circuit and overload protection for circuit of AC 690V 50/60Hz, rated current from 12.5A to 630A.Its rated insulation voltage is 690V. It can make and break the nonfrequently circuit in the normal conditions. ...
Company: Yueqing Dongsen Electric Co., Ltd.    China

Hair Drier Alci
Hair drier ALCI Specification: Type: Residual Current ; Poles Number: 2 ; Use: Leakage Current Protector ; Certificate: UL ; ALCI (XY421-DV3) Name ALCI Model XY421-DV3 Specification 1) Rated Voltage:125VAC/250VAC 2) Rated Current:13A/6.5A 3) Rated Leakage Tripping Current :6mA 4) Rated Leakage No.Tripping Current:4mA 5) Max Tripping Time: &le;25ms Flexible Cord SPT-2, HPN,SVT 2C/105&prop; 16AWG~18AWG,1.83m~3.6m Tail According to customers' require ...
Company: Zhongshan Kaper Electrical Co., Ltd.    China

Miniature Circuit Breaker
ST-1020A Miniature Circuit Breaker Specification: Type: Mini ; Poles Number: 1 ; ST-1020A Miniature Circuit Breaker Specification: 1) Rating current: min. 5A, max. 50A 2) Working voltage: min. 5VDC, max. 50VDC 3) Application scope: it is widely used in the automotive industry Electrical goods, winch machine, DC power equipment, electric vehicles, chargers, motor , And other electrical products overcurrent protection of occasions. 5)Current: 5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 35A 40A 50A
Company: Cixi City Chaoxin Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

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